EXPERTISE Your affiant, Detective Joe Officer, is employed by the City of San Luis Beach, as a sworn police detective

, assigned to the Special Investigations Unit. The Special Investigations Unit is responsible for all narcotic related investigations. Your affiant has been employed by the City of San Luis Beach as a police officer since October 24, 1994. Your affiant during this time has received specialized training in the field of narcotics, including items such as, the use, possession, paraphernalia, sales, packaging and production of controlled substances. Your affiant has been involved in over 1000 narcotic related investigations culminating in the arrest of approximately 200 persons for the use, possession, sales, packaging and production of controlled substances, i.e. methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy, GHB, PCP, LSD, anabolic steroids and other illegal narcotics/controlled substances. During these investigations and arrests, your affiant has spoken to hundreds of subjects that use, sell, package and produce controlled substances. Your affiant has had the opportunity to listen as witnesses, informants, and suspects would divulge their method and mode of operation as it relates to the means by which narcotic offenses are perpetrated and concealed from law enforcement officers. Your affiant has completed over 250 hours of formalized narcotic law enforcement education/training including police academy classes, California Narcotic Officers¶ Association classes, P.O.S.T. certified instruction, police sponsored in-service training conducted by senior officers, an 80 hour narcotic investigators course and your affiant is a Drug Recognition Expert. Your affiant possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, Long Beach. During that course of study, your affiant took several semester long courses encompassing narcotic identification, packaging, sales, transportation, trafficking, abuse and addicts. Your affiant has participated in several surveillances in which narcotics were sold or purchased. Your affiant has worked and conferred with experienced officers in narcotic investigations and has drawn from their knowledge and expertise. Your affiant maintains contacts with fellow narcotic investigators from local and state agencies for the exchange of information regarding narcotic activity. Your affiant is a current member of the California Narcotic Officers¶ Association and participates in their training when appropriate.

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