NURSING CARE PLAN-1 Patient Name: - Rab Dino S/O Mola Bux Medical Diagnoses: Leukemia ASSESSMENT SUBJECTIVE: I’ve

noticed that I bruise easily and also I feel weak and tired all the time. As verbalized by the patient. OBJECTIVE: • Irritability • Pallor of skin and mucous membranes • V/S taken as follows T: 37.1 P: 80 R: 19 BP: 100/80 NURSING DIAGNOSIS Risk for infection related to inadequate primary defenses.

Age: 50Y Sex: Male Ward No: 12 Bed No: 12 Marital Status: Married Address : SAKRAND OCCUPATION: Farmer Date: 19--03-2007 INTERVENTION SCIENTIFIC RATIONALE EVALUATION After 8 hours of nursing interventions the patient was able to identify actions to prevent or reduce the risk for infection.


After 8 hours of 1. Place the patient in 1. Protect patient from nursing private room. Limit potential sources of interventions the visitors as indicated. pathogens or infection. patient will Prohibit use of live plants identify actions to or cut flowers. Restrict prevent or reduce fresh fruits and the risk for vegetables or make sure infection. they are washed or 2. Prevents crosspeeled. contamination or reduce 2. Require good hand risk for infection. washing protocol for all 3. Prevents stasis of personnel and visitors. respiratory secretions, 3. Encourage frequent reducing risk of turning and deep atelectasis or breathing. pneumonia. 4. Prevents sheet burn or skin excoriation. 4. Handle patient gently. 5. May indicate local Keep linens dry or infection. wrinkle free. 5. Inspect skin for tender, erythematous areas, open wounds. Cleanse skin with antibacterial solutions.

Reference: Carpenito. L .J. (1995). Nursing Diagnosis (6th Ed.), New Jersey J.B.Lippincott Company. Student name: Akbar Ali Arain Discipline B.Sc. N-1(2007-9)

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