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Kamakhya Tantra Sadhana

It’s a worldly symbol of Power (Shakti). This sadhana is considered very secret. It has been considered
topmost sadhana by many Rishi’s, Yogi’s, Tantrik’s etc. Forget about a family man, even an ascetic
(Sanyasi) considers themselves very lucky and blessed to perform this sadhana.

Kamakhya Devi is the seed of development. Devi has the essence of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord
Chandra and other Devta’s. This sadhana which is blessed with Guruji’s kind words is a priceless gift for
all sadhaks. This sadhana when successfully completed by any person, male or female will give a new
development and direction to their life.

Why Kamakhya Sadhana:

Kamakhya devi is Boon-giver, Great Maya (Mahamaya), Nitya swarupa (Nitya means daily, swarup
means a semblance), Anand-dratri (Anand (joy) giver). In Gupta tantra (Secret tantra), its mentioned that
Kamakhya is All-Knowledge-semblance, All-Power-Giver Devi. Any person who avoids or remains
unattracted towards Kamakhya devi will never get happiness, sukh, Luck and Sidhi in their life.
Kamakhya Devi removes all our worries, brings Dharm (good way of living), Arth (money), Kaam (work)
and Moksha (Blissfulness) in all their forms and gives all this to the sadhak in totality.

It has been written in Kalkalpatru that forget about human, even Devta (Lord), Danav(Rakshas),
Gandharv, Kinnar get in our control by doing Kamakhya Sadhana.

Maheswari Tantra, which is supposed to be written by Lord Shiva himself says that, “ King, ministers and
other people come into the sadhaks control like sheeps by the sadhak who has achieved Kamakhya
Tantra Sadhana. Even Apsara and Higher – ups people get into the sadhaks control. This sadhana is
capable of Stambhan, Mohan, Dravan, Trasan, Vidveswan, Uchatan and Purna Vashikaran. By the
effects of this sadhana you can even immobilize Fire, Sun, Air and Water.”

It has been written in Mohini Yantra that a person who knows the Kamakhya mantra becomes like
Kamdev. That person is capable of controlling (vashikaran) any person. And the biggest thing is that no
harm is effected due to this sadhana, only increase in sidhi is.

Who should do Kamakhya sadhana:

1. Any married/unmarried male or female should perform this sadhana to attain full physical sukh
2. Any sadhak who wants complete fulfillment of their physicial and mental shakthi.
3. Any sadhak who wants complete co-operation from any person (whomsoever wished) like
friends, spouse, any lady/person.
4. Any body who wants to make them as attractive as Kaamdev, so that anybody who comes into
their influence becomes heavily attracted.
5. To remove any kind of physical weakness/infirmity, any kind of Vikruti (mal
6. This sadhana showers Dhan-Dhanya (money) and blesses with son and removes any trace of
poverty. There is no doubt in this.
7. Kamakhya sadhana provides fullfilness in Self Confidence, Kaam Shakti and Gyat Shakti.
8. Lakshmi selects the person who has done Kamakhya sadhana and Saraswati resides on the
tongue of the sadhak. This is said in shastras.

When to do sadhana:

Kamakhya sadhana is the real sadhana which bestowes fullfilness in both material and spiritual world. If
you have some unfulfilled desires, then in the next birth, you may have to go to smaller yonies like
Bhoot, Pret, Pishach are for people who haven’t led a fulfilled life.

This sadhana is performed in night and can be started on any night of Wednesday. And then this
sadhana is done for the next 2 Wednesdays, thereby completing 21 days. It’s stated that there should be
a special puja done on Wednesday.
Items needed for sadhana:

Kumkum, Red flowers, Flowers of Kaner, Sindoor, Panchgavya, Yellow cloth, and mouli. For sadhana
you would have to have Mantra Sidh Pran Pratisth Yukth Kamakhshi yantra, Kaam roop gutika and 16
kaam vraj are important. (These items can be received via Gurudham or at shivir)

Sadhana Method:

On a night of Wednesday, the sadhak after having their bath would wear a pure, yellow dhoti and without
speaking to anybody will go straight to their puja place and sit on the ashana. First offer your prayers to
Gurudev and do Guru Puja. Do one round of Guru Mantra so that there is no disturbance while
performing the sadhana.

Drap the Wooden board (with 4 legs) with yellow cloth and tie mouli to the yantra. Now establish the
kamakshi yantra on this board. Create a circle (ball) of sindoor on this board in front of the yantra. And in

between this create a triangle and write with Sindoor and below this write
the first character of your name.

Outside the circle (ball) establish 16 mounds of rice in 8 directions and on those 16 mounds keep the
Kaamvraj. Kaamvraj represents the 16 shakti peeths. Also light a Deepak.

Now pray to Devi:

He kamakhya Devi. Aap saraswathi tatha Lakshmi se yukth hain, shiv mohini hain, sampoorna
aishwarya pradayani hain, dakini, yogini, vidyadhari aadi samuh aapke aadhin hain, sammohan pradatri,
pushp dhanush dharini, mahamaya devi meri puja (pronounce your name) sweekar karen.

Kamakhya Mantra:
This is not a normal mantra, its an essence of all tantra. That’s why it’s a very secret mantra and not
available so easily. By japa of this you can get all sidhi’s and your personality becomes tejasvi (very
intense). You have to perform 5 rounds of chanting and after that perform Indra’s puja. Now with 16
flowers, perform puja to 16 shakthi’s of Kamakhya Devi. And on each Kaambeej, pronounce the name of
the shakthi and while meditating on that, offer flowers. Those 16 shakthi’s are Annada, Dhanada,
Sukhda, Jaida, Rasda, Mohda, Ridhida, Sidhida, Sudhika, Bhukthida, Mukthida, Mokshida, Subhda,
Gyanda and Kantida.
The puja is complete only with the completion of puja of these 16 shakthi’s. Now again perform 5 rounds
of Kamakhya mantra. Offer flowers to Kamakhya devi. Now if you have performed this sadhana with
some special purpose, then perform one more round of mantra jap.

After the puja, keep the puja articles at the same place and have the Prasad of kheer. Next day after
having bath, establish yantra in your puja place and tie the Kaamroop gutika on your arm, ladies tie this
kaamroop gutika in a black thread around their waist.
Daily perform one round of mantra and on next Wednesday perform the same puja which was performed
on earlier Wednesday. So the sadhak should preserve the puja articles.

Kamakhya sadhana is life’s sadhana which when completed bestowes complete ras, anand, and can
remove the shortness in life.

Kaamdev gets imbibed in sadhak and sadhak gets the vashikaran prowess and sadhak becomes
everybodies dear and attains completely all the bhog-vilas (materials).

Its written in Kamakhya tantra that for a family man, kamakhya devi is the only devi who is vardayani
(boon – giver), abhist phaldatri (giving you whatever you have desired), semblance of all-vidya and giver
of all – sidhis. Any sadhak who remains detached from kamakhya can never attain happiness in their

Kamakhya Devi story:

According to Puran, sudarshan chakra of Lord Vishnu has cut the body of Devi Sati into 51 pieces and
those 51 pieces have fallen in 51 places. Thos 51 places have now became Shaktipeeths. These 51
places are sources of power and when a sadhak goes to these places with a pure thought, the sadhak
experiences a secret power, an intense energy flows into the body of the sadhak. The effect of the place
encourages the sadhak to perform the sadhana.

Currently, in Assam on the banks of Brahmaputra river, near Gouhati on Kaamgiri mountain, there is a
shakthipeeth of Kamakhya Devi. Due to falling of the Yoni of the Devi, its also called as Yonishakthi

(Pictures of mantra taken from the pdf provided by Sarvana)