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Spooky Throwing of Stones (1872)

Spooky Throwing of Stones (1872)

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Poltergeist-like throwing of stones, Bathurst 1872 (Melbourne Argus 1872, August 17), and as usual in poltergeist cases, a teenage girl gets the blame!
Poltergeist-like throwing of stones, Bathurst 1872 (Melbourne Argus 1872, August 17), and as usual in poltergeist cases, a teenage girl gets the blame!

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Published by: draculavanhelsing on Aug 28, 2010
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The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.

: 1848-1954), Saturday 17 August 1872, page 6
A the western



Bathurst morning,

occurrence happened m Saturday evening and Sunday which bad tho effect of entirely spoiling the usual quiet serenity of a Sabbath in 'Bathurst. The windows of the house occuHalliday, in Russell« pied by Mr. Alderman street, were completely riddled by stones pro. pellod by hands of persons unknown. The fusillade, for such it may be termed, .im Saturday, on at nightfall menced and was Sunday, continued as late as midday on notwithstanding the presence of a body of on



people visited the Sunday, and the

of Crowds spectators. of the outrage on startling rumours most it. afloat of the as to were cause tbat bullets several Mr. Halliday asserts or slugs were fired, but others again maintain been, that the pieces of lead found had catapult. propelled by a Yesterday our reporter visited the premises, and found the whole of the windows at the side of the house, those of the fanlights over the doors, and even penetrated by or back and front, smashed Some stones, of the holes made are round, and not much larger than tho missile used, If showing the force with which it was sent. all, hear be true, several persons must have we been engaged in perpetrating the atrocity/for it is, such young considering that seven children were on the premisos at the time. As started late as midday on Sunday Mr. Halliday off to discover the thrower of a stone from the front, when several carno from the roar of the premises, one stone whizzing past tho of tbe police ; and at times the fall of ears deafenstones on tho roof and verandah was ing. The whole affair is enveloped as yot ia of the mystery, as, strange to say, somo devastation could only have been done from the «Bide of the house, the fanlights over the doors being out of tho reach of any but police and
numerous scene

those immediately close to the back verandah. a A very gravo suspicion rests upon porsoa resident in the house at tbe timo, who was it and for tho sako of our poace and security is to bo hoped that the strictest investigation will be made. Terrible havoc was being mado with the windows in the dining-room, at tho back, when a young (who was staying m man the house) happened to obsorvo tho girl with one of the blinds raised in ber band, ana having heard a smash, he at once seized her and accused her of having beon the cause of the affair. wliole She appeared flurried, but almost immediately denied the accusation, and upon being spokon to by Mr. Halliday she again affirmed her innocence, and began crying. Aftor thitfthe stone-throwing ceased. It is only fair to state that we heard several pensons assort that they had seen stones come from the direction of the yard, and strikothe glass outside. or small leaden two One bullets were found in the house, and whole not is girl Thompson hejips of stone. The


in the service of Mr.


after is stated by an English paper that bills, ¡ne all expenses, including the hotel the Tichborne claimant's visit to Bristol yielded a profit in aid of the defence fund ol between £80 and £00.


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