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in eOffice has been set up to provide designer office

Central environments with advanced yet user-friendly

technology. Rather than aping traditional serviced
offices, we have taken our inspiration from hotels.

London The concept of eOffice came from my desire to have

great office myself.
It’s an innovative environment for anyone setting up a
business in central London who wants a ready-made
office solution, with the possibility of networking with
like-minded individuals.
eOffice is about flexibility. We offer a wide range of
options, from “virtual offices” where clients get a
business address and dedicated answering service, to
fully equipped workstations with broadband Internet,
on a full time or temporary basis.
The environment is contemporary and open plan, to
stimulate creativity and networking.

Pier Paolo Mucelli

CEO of eOffice

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David Raine, BBC World Services

‘BBC World Services needed at extremely short notice to
set-up two weeks of highly technical IT specific training.
Working with their training delivery partner, IBM, the
BBC were looking for a cost effective, professional and
above all flexible classroom facility in central London.
eOffice quickly understood the technical issues raised by
the training requirement, enabling BBC World Services All images copyright eOffice 2006

to deliver the training without any concerns, and above

all on-time.’

Jan IJdens, Kensington and Chelsea

Business Consulting
‘eOffice is a fantastic new office
concept, Unlike many other office
offerings, I feel eOffice is extremely
suitable for the SME sector and
creative start-up companies that
need quality and flexibility.’
Ruben Martinez, Imathon Ltd.
‘There is no better location than
eOffice's for our type of business:
media and technology. We can
proudly say that our company
started there. The beginning was
hectic and demanding and staying
at eOffice is the natural place to be
when you really need to focus. We
strongly recommend the service to
companies of all sizes.’

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On 3rd of May 2006 eOffice

celebrated its 4th anniversary,
coinciding with the Ferrari
Challenge, Silverstone
Showdown Weekend, where
eOffice was a proud sponsor
of Sandro Mucelli, one of the
fastest drivers of the
The eOffice Ferrari Challenge
party was celebrated at
the Collection, Chelsea, with
music by DJ Lora, a fashion
show by Brazilian designer
Veronica, and plenty to drink.

eOffice Ferrari Challenge Party

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The winning Ferrari 360 Modena of
Sandro Mucelli, who won both races
in his category at the Silverstone race.
The driver Sandro Mucelli
The eOffice Team

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The Podium Celebration.