TOMORROWS CHILD This delicate little flower, someday will grow to be a tree Teaching by her arents and life

itself , will gi!e her the "nowledge to see What e#actly the roblems might be, at that time on lanet earth What lans are needed, to im lement earth$s rebirth %s her father told her long ago, she m&st ha!e the co&rage to lead Do whate!er is necessary to ins&re the com letion of this deed %nd other children of tomorrow, will in t&rn ta"e their lace To c&lti!ate lant and animal life, along with the h&man race 'arents e!ery where m&st reali(e this accom lishment )&st won$t ha en It is & to them, to c&lti!ate, lant the seed, ma"e s&re the children har"en *or it is in the hands of the children, that will rod&ce the answers If earth will rebo&nd, by the hands of o&r children, the great enhansers It is hard to belie!e that this little child co&ld sa!e life$s f&t&re +&t it will be & to her and her brethren to ta"e life$s wo&nds and s&t&re Tonight, when yo& loo" in yo&r child$s eyes before they go to slee Innocents, eternal ho e and yo&r g&idance, will hel achie!e this feat %&thor, Timothy +- Thayer ./01201.3.

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