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Scrapbook Designing #TEST2

Scrapbook Designing #TEST2

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Published by: Scrapbook Designing on Aug 28, 2010
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Magazine #1 - October 2010

This month Featured Store is Inspired by Dominic. Tiffany, the owner is happy to appear in the first publication of Scrapbook Designing Magazine, and she has created a freebie just for us! Quality Checked We’ve checked the quality of her stuff... Do you want to know the result? Read more>>



Learn how to recolor a multicolored element in Photoshop in a easy way, using basics tools. Great result promise! PS Tips and Tricks>>

Newbie tips

Do you want to know any specific technique? Are you having problems while designing? Do you want to join our team? We will reply to all your questions in a future section called “Ask us“. To know the e-mail where you’ve to send your questions, turn this page over! But please, after sending us an e-mail, read this amazing first number of the magazine. How knows if you will find your reply right now?

Ask us!

Editorial staff:

Aida Garmo Jenn White FrenchGirl Aida Garmo

Designing: Contact:

This is a free magazine. If you have paid for this publi- scrapbookdesigning.info@gmail.com cation please contact us and ask for a refund of your www.scrapbookdesigning.net money where you purchased it.

The font used in the logo is “My Own Topher”, from Kevin and Amanda. Scrapbook kit used to make the pages’ layout is “Boutique”, by Scrapbookizate.

Presentation Featured Store Photoshop Tip 1 Confusing words Secret Pals Listing


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We have done this magazine for designers, both experts and new designers, to share and learn. The expert designers can share their tips and tricks and the new designers can learn. The idea comes from Aida Garmo, but this magazine would be impossible to create without the help of Jenn White and FrenchGirl. We hope you find this magazine helpful. Let’s share some info about us... Aida Garmo I’m Spanish. I have boyfriend but not yet married. I’ve been scrapping and designing for almost one year and a half. I design both CU and PU items. My kits was inspired by almost stupid things... One day I was walking and I see a vintage, white mannequin in a store. One week after, I released my kit Boutique. Another day, I start to think about having children... I imagine my self pregnant and I make a question to my self: “What color I would use to paint the child room?” Some days after that I released my kit Waiting for you... Green if it’s a boy, pink it it’s a girl! I love designing... For me, it’s more than a hobby, it’s like a life style! I spend most of my free time in design. Now I also spend my free time in making this magazine. I love to do it because I want to help with tips and tricks newbie designers that have a lot of potential but they don’t know how to develop it. I am happy if those people are happy and, in the future, they participate in this wonderful magazine. I hope everyone love this mag. Blog: http://scrapbookizate.wordpress.com FrenchGirl Hello, I’m French Canadian, married, 3 children, a cat, kois, and a frog collection... I discovered scrapbooking by accident. In fact, when my youngest born (now 11 year past !) I tried to communicate with other adults during the day and I discovered the MIRC chat room. From there, I’m passionate about programming and web design. To work the designs, I found yahoo groups for Paint Shop Pro and I became a moderator and a professor. Quite by chance, I discovered a site about digital scrapbooking, after having tasted a bit of paper scrapbook and I FALL IN LOVE. So I started by being a CT member while a time and I create CU and some PU kit for over 2 years... I even quit some leisure side. Blog: http://imagesdoigts.canalblog.com/


Artful Amanda HI! I am “Artful Amanda”, owner of Circle Of Life Scraps. I am a former educator, having taught all grade levels and in three nations. I have been married to my DH for 29 years as of this month( August)! We have two grown kids, and have just inherited my Mom’s cat, Rascali. I am a lifetime artist, and a paper scrapper for more than 10 years. I began digital scrap 3 years ago, was on 13 CT’s last year and began designing in June of 2009. I have to give a ton of credit to so many helpful designers, store owners and fellow scrappers for my progress. It is one of the great parts of this art- the kind people we meet and work with! My design style is artful, colorful and unique. I especially like to design kits that can be used in many ways, such as hybrid, Journaling books, Faithbooking, and ATC kits. Blog: http://circleoflifescraps.blogspot.com/

Inspired by Dominic. This is the personal store of Tiffany. Smart, clear design which make us happy if we want to visit her blog, read her TOU or find the special sales because in the

Featured Store

header there are different links. The colors are nice and it’s so easy to find what you’re looking for because the categories are straighten up.

But... Who is the owner of this wonderful place? Here is some info about her: My name is Tiffany. I am a married, mother of two young boys from Ohio, U.S.A. I am a part-time preschool teacher, a full-time student studying inclusive early childhood education, and I stay at home with my boys part-time as well. How many time do you spend in designing and/or extracting elements? I design mostly in the evenings, between classes, and when the boys are napping so I probably spend 10 to 15 hours a week working on digital scrapbooking. Where do you find inspiration for doodles? Some doodles are requests from customers, some are inspired by events, and others are inspired by things I see. I like to go out places and looking around to see what inspires me. I carry a sketch book and note pad with me so that I can quickly write or sketch ideas. What program (or programs) do you use? I use Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Illustrator CS4, and Art Rage Studio Pro. What your fab product of your store? Probably my overlays. What is your best-seller? Current best sellers based upon sales in all of my stores are my Quality Check action set, Fading Away overlays, and Canvas Style set.

From up-left to down-right (names linked): 1.- Fold me Vol. 3 4.- Button Play Vol. 1 2.- Canvas me Vol. 1 5.- Very Scribbly Vol. 1 3.- Write on me Vol. 1 6.- Quality Check Me Actions for PS

Do you want to know if IBD is selling the best quality items? I’ve checking some of the items and I will show you the results. But... Do you want to check her items by yourself? She made a freebie for us! Click the link to download: Also, she set up a coupon code just for Scrapbook Designing readers. Coupon not valid on collaboration grab bags and during store sales. Good until August 2011.

Inspired by Dominic Quality Check

Looking for stray pixels Bla bla

Missing pixels Bla bla

Blurry Bla bla


The firs circle is a closer view of the paper. The second one is a recolor. Please note: Probably you’ll se some blurriness, that doesn’t appear in the original texture. It’s because the PDF format and compression. You can download a sampler from Inspired by Dominic store and check the high quality. Obviously, Inspired by Dominic passed our Quality Check. If you purchase something there, you´re purchasing the best quality.

Real size (100%)

The first tip will be a tutorial about how to recolor a item which uses more than one color. It’s quite easy. 1- The element you see here is the element we will use for this tutorial. The first step is open your element.

Photoshop Tip 1

2.- Now, we have to create one layer for each color. We’ll create 3: one for the ribbon, another for the pin and the last one for the wire. Choose the Lasso or the Magic Selection tool to select one of the parts. In this tutorial, we’ll start with the wire.

3.- Now, right click on the selection and select “Layer via copy”. (The screen shoots show the Spanish version of Photoshop).

4.- Do the same with all the layers you want, but remember you can leave one part of the element without copying, because the other layers will cover it. You’ll understand this with a image. See that I’ve only copying the wire and the pin, because I have the ribbon in the first layer.

5.- Now, create a layer between the first layer and the second.

6.- Choose a color and use the Paint Bucket to fill this layer. Now, right click on this layer and select “Clipping Mask”

7.- Now, you’ll se something like this:

8.- Now change the blend mode to “Color”.

9.- Now, you’ll see the ribbon with the color you chosen!

10.- Do the same with all the layers, using the colors you want. Hey!? What’s happening? I can’t change it to white? I choose white, but it appears grey!

11.- It appears grey because the item is quite dark. We are going to solve it. First, select the item you´re recoloring, not the color.

12.- Now go to Image > Adjustment > Brightness and Contrast. Click.

13.- You’ll se a window with two adjustments: one is Brightness and the other is Contrast. Move the controls to the right (to add more brightness and contrast). Stop when you got the result you want.

14.- I’ll do the same with the wire, because it was quite light. Do not move the controls to the left, because the element will loose quality. If you want a element darker, just move only the Contrast amount.

15.- Save your file as a *png. You can also save a *psd file if you will use this element again, so you don‘t have to select the parts and such things again. Practise a little bit this tip and you’ll see how easy it is! You can use different colors, brightness, contrast... Just play! Tutorial by Aida Garmo


Confusing words
I have found some designers that doesn’t know the differences between PU, S4H and S4O. Also, I tried to Google it, but there are no explanations of that. Maybe in any forum, page or blog there is one, but I haven’t found it. For that, I’ll try to explain what is the different. PU: Personal Use This mean that you can use the kit or the product to make layouts of yourself and relatives with the kit. S4O: Scrap For Others This mean that you can make layout for other people, but you can’t charge any amount for this “service” and the result have to be a flattered file (neither layers, nor separate elements). The layout must be ready to print, not just a quick page or brag book. S4H: Scrap For Hire The same as S4O, but you can charge money for the layout. Also, the result must be a flattered image, neither quick pages nor brag books. Remember to read the designer TOU before play with her kit and don’t forget to give the proper credit to the designer if required. If you have any question, feel free to contact the designer: I promise she (or he) would be grateful and you’ll receive a reply soon. Text by Aida Garmo

Scrapbook Designing is bringing to you the opportunity of take part in this crazy game. Each participant has to create a little package of her CU items and will receive one package from other designer but... You wont know who is the designer till the next magazine! I’ll say who is who, so you can read the TOU, say thanks and such things ;) To participate, put 3 elements and/or papers (called with generic names like “ribbon”, “paper01”...) in a zip file. Do not add any other file, link, image, preview in the zip. Send it to scrapbookdesigning.secretpals@gmail.com (Subject: “October Secret Pals”) before October 20th. In the message add your blog link and your designer name. All the items will be Quality Checked and if there are any issue or the element doesn’t match with our basis, you’ll be contacted. If It’s all ok you’ll receive your gift as soon as possible. Wait till the next edition of the magazine and discover who is your Secret Pal and who received your gift. All the gift will be showed in the magazine with a link to the designer blog so you can read her/ his TOU and use the stuff properly.

Secret Pals

Do you like to create alphabets coordinated with your kits or do you make CU alphabets but you find it so long to make each letter one after another? ... This is because you have not discovered the function of PSP Script... So here’s how to avoid many steps... First, you save the file “Alpha X” with all separate letters png. Uppercase, lowercase, punctuation... What you want to work with... This file may be used later. Open your first letter and try what you want till the final result... When you’re letter is good, we can begin. 1.- Open a new letter. Click File > Script > Start Recording... (Screen shoots are in French PSP).

Paint Shop Pro Tip 1

2.- Then make your letter. Use the copy/paste filter or what you want but think it’ll be the same for each letter... When you finish you letter click File > Script > Save recording. If you use a paper to make the alpha, be sure you have opened the paper file in PSP during the script (and during all the letters).


3.- Open a new blank letter and click File > Script > Run Script, select the name of your script and now you’ll see all the effects on your letter. Maybe you have to click “Yes” to continue the script. After this, you can use the keyboard short cut! You just open a new letter and click Ctrl+Y

4.- Repeat this steps in all the letters, and you will have a full alpha in few minutes! You can use the Scripts for repetitive actions to save your time. If you use PSP filters, you wont need to change the settings, but if you use Eye Candy filters, maybe you will need to.

Here you will find a lot of places where you can find cool stuff to design. They appear in alphabetically order. Happy CU shopping! Store description Link It´s not a CU only store, but some A Moment in Scrap designer are selling this kind of www.amomentinscrap.com stuff here. Commercial It is a very young store, but full www.commercial-creations.com Creations of commercial stuff. Commercial Use Only CU stuff. www.commercial-use.ch Commercial Use Only CU stuff. www.commercial-use.com Creation Cassel Full of PSP scripts and tubes. www.creationcassel.com A lot of CU templates, some eleCreative Mundi www.creativemundi.com.br ments and textures. Digital Designs by Only PS actions. www.digital-designs-by-elena.com Elena Digital Scrapbook Not a CU only store, but it has www.digiscrapobsession.com Obsession great stuff. It is not a CU only store, but you HM Scrap Shop www.hmscrapshop.com will find a lot of CU stuff It is a personal store. Only CU stuff. This store is Featured this Inspired by Dominic www.inspiredbydominic.com month! Go to Featured Store to read more details. A big amount of CU stuff, any Scrap Artist www.scrapartist.com kind of it. It is not a CU only store, but full Scrap with Friends www.scrapwithfriends.com of different kinds of CU stuff Great place to buy stuff, vectors Sugar Hill Co www.sugarhillco.com overlays... The Designers Only CU, S4H and S4O stuff. www.thedesignerstoolbox.com Toolbox Store name


Store name

Store description



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