eli) ~el:'il ~'a!Jel"Jl

M{iiSE of 'f:Wl~' time :fr.aJt1l~]lj. was 31iQne. I. Ie ~u~dJ l'itave lik€d :s-om@· r1"~~fIJd5 bl1!~ ~]€ 'ID\ei'er h1il! i ted. anYOM 1\@fb1i,e;, WI1_y?

The truUiI :is. rr:arnJldilrTt w~s roo GmbarrrM5e~. :His, famny was 'very , ~ and v@~y m~y. They never. ever deaf'i.e.d up. 'Ilih~'y cUdlfIJ't ,S,'!,IWe.p. 'wash dUshes" or mEllkJ! their b~d's. TJ:iLe.y only lOok, baths Qf!!C~ a ye'a'I:'-ilnd tMflJ only if :I:r was !ilhs!lllll~l~iy iIle~essar'yl


The house 'MS; se litlGSSY it wa!' ~'!,i\en da...n.,g,IlLj'io:'!.ts: irQ ~Ik ii!i:roundl. IF,roni~HI!l WillS aVwafS sa'~ppii.flg @rJJ t~ that hatb:ft been 'put ~~Y- S~meO:l]e !:Irn the ~8.mily 'MrS a;n~ st'Ck or burt, f:lla;nl~Jin:S, 'paDlG"[1,'ts; ,(tldn'[ sssm to Glirn VG!ry mtUchi. T~!ty ,SP~f!.t rn~$~ ~f their t~me !$'~e~p'li~'Ig,

Evel1' mcmil1g !F~nikn:~ft ~~ up ~j'ly [\O( school. His hrothers al,wiil.~' ,ooeu,slept 'Th)~~, 3_( U'it":!! mt min!Jlt~ tiley ''!NOuld wake up ii1IJ:1i{l ,r'C:liIl~v

'f""'fII~HfII '.' ',10, .. ' "I_~" .• ',1)". ,.- .. In .' '-h- .-. c: I' " . '

'_ !'!;Ij __ ~ . ~o ~I ~O~ Wlt~ lOUit, Wi3ls III1g!Up o,r.

~UfllS t'!~akfa.s1·.

At SC'noolJ. the reacoor' mad!! ~~ri,~U'j;'1!,~ ~rofhe.-t:5 sit apart ffoififl the il)'n~@r 5rurleatts. They ''l.vere ,simply tOO' diN,y and sM@1].y'-~verL :rQr p~gs. Frank-Un ,oomn wished] hts furothe:~ V!,i'OlIJ~dJ oo3ng:e oil ~J~tJ1e. but his 'boortiilJell"S diClln;rt: seem, ro eere,

()ne day a~[ rhe 'Plgs had Ito paint a pi'cttilr,8. They CQultI pa~llit wlmarever th~ Iik~dJ, fr,[!Jr'liklin decided 10 paint: a prne~ty ~inoow. fne' wor~dl hard. ;ii: it

W~'1ell'l, i'~ ~l!oI'a5 :r~nishedi Franklin's 'minbi;).W was, ~he m,(!lalr. beautifull ~a1rl!ti['ig in (he 'wtio~e class. The macher :held. mi: up. 'Qr everyone' to see. ,and Itlhen ,she pinned BI 'bea,utifo! rihl::ulfiJ an ijitFifSlt prilel

I rankllill1 ~i'lrl[' used '00 '-his ~jnd of attentli,on_ ,I-Ie '~Ia~, a llule 5hy "'H I~Uy is nm fhra-lr good:' l;rte' [rL~, eo 3po~ogl~.e"

BUi doOO\p' dQrwn he w.as tlappy I~ ha,'!.\'e \\'OJl

Ute hooor.

"l wonder Wh_IBI~ lilly pa~l:'!Its, Wii]1 sa'yt he' n1ii:aJight as he' ca.II:.r.~edl his t~i~tM;re :home.

'1~ Fratiidhm,"s ,deHght,

I ' .. £ ....... ·I1j1. ... _ .... ~ - .- - ·-.-- .... A __ !a. ~E!i~l! ~!II"ll: '_a'oill Imp.r,ess.~!d_,

;'Look iiiI' t.hl'i~~ \Ne\re gor: 8, real Rern'b.r3Jndt in our familyE" cried his fa'tiber with 'pride.

I~Thjs is the lo'lle'~ies[ :rainbow [~.a:v~ ,eveif' seen]"" added Franklin's ntotit 1'.

GIl".andfatliLet .Ilod\d.ed and qiUr~e~1JI ~id nun this: picture was a rrua ma.:u:e::qlieoo,

",Hang 'it up on [he dl.~ over ther~!'" del1'l.art<!,e.d ~'I'~ f!ldtI! r'.

"0\1:'1 I i dW"l't kOO\c\l., ,," ra_nk:~in trted to say.:

Btl:· his fa1,'lher :bnsils~ed. "CQ.wt be shy,. son, 'fh~ p "crure ·d~~ [0 be seen y ~~flt~:'

Wtr!~n fie' pierure l.\'imS an. ~he wan f1i'3lnl~Un, ~l'ePiPtdJ tJaCk. "De you '1t1lil.ullJ~:· ~lIe 'saJc] Quie~ly;, '''i~ ~I!lt<ll. hlO(k 'ft~ce:r' "if '[]he ''Wi9J1I. was a, b~~ c'leaneE1·'

"MBI}1'be se, ~i'IJ.'" father sa]d. "Maybe :;au are d~"'~, I..etl, :giv.e :it ~,My aJtlIrl 'Msh llile '~jt ..

And: IF.raniIttUn\s r3~~J1,e[' ~~l:iI t.o, ,scrub ~he d~l'1t.y w.a~~ ''''\lith loiS, o:f !h)a;p and 'walter. '"Lookr he noticed, ·;l'lilere is wall!pa:pel1 un,t1ErrrLeadir'

"'And, what a pretty de5i~nr' added 'FrQn5din's rn.othell',

. .

Alfte:r tlntEl' job ms do;t1e: ~"'r<8irliklil1i srud1, '1fhanlllO, you for d~iU1hilg the wan_ The piJuture ~an ~Y' looks .mm,lc'h b@Ue'l" now:"

"·\~n" such a :~lfIe ~ahuin,g deser'!.il~ a fi]iJe p:ll.aiC-~' ee I1lMgI :B'!Ul nOVil ~h~u ItiI'!Ie '\wJ~ is dea~, i~s it shame [he ,nom is 00 messy. 'Maryoo ~' s'~ould, clio, S0l11iLethilF1g ~"bou[ this @.~eJl sU:--;]'lI,;,f'

,"'I!..!I' II - - - ,n .... ' .,,~, ~

l~l~el1e. ~~~ me eo It. ~JlI!I!e:rll:'!!,1i~,~~

Gr:aJriIdr~jl:her •• '] '~J~er hlUi!linM to (fha'f1ig~ rH'i i$ aid S'l[iiilW 'For ~lmf' last fifty yea:r;s 'bUl ] il~i: ,got awtllnal t.i) ~t. NOl.-v'D he,l'j,1'E!: ,8, FQdllfe~$On to ge~ EitaJn:edl:'

AM he C:1)eari,eij, out, ,~n tl'liB old S~I:aw ~:IliJ_d 'put d,@'W!1 freffih new ,~tf!lW 1~~J;'ywhelie.

Mrer that me 'iJt'iole tam u~y ag:reedl i:hatt '~he' prl!ze~'fT!t1!ing pahuing looked even 'lbettex In i~ ~ll1iY d(!,~UTl, sunound~rtg:s.

·':Bur the ICI!l:rtaJins!" saDd Fl"a!nlklirfS mOIiJ!le~ '~\We n.:ealily' forgp-t t~ cl!!rt"aili1$~ we can'~ ~e:ave them dility. I m:Ul8( ''I.~sh ~t'n~m. 1Il00:" S@. :Stile llOG:k (hem dOJl,~1[I. from. Ute

WI MW$ aJfitl il:SJn'i.OO, m'h.em <;Ju~:sOCj:e' ito l~sh

th""-m i'" tt...,. ·' ·I·,;;;k!

,, __ '"' '. ~,l! ~ ~ .. ~ IJl-5l',II'

\vashl ng thQ8e cUrnains: m:ooik 8. ~Q~ of. soap <llild ,~t:ei:. A l\ovefy ~of wfiiJl!e :fQ,a~1 rose r 'O:ID ~Jl'te. trO'll.Igh and SlPiiIJ)ed 'bubbles O¥elf the s.fd~s.

~'t I e Qlt:ed. :so 1e.~lPting. mal sliulCl£nly the whole fBIm t~y. jum;pd '1" foral 'bub'bl~· bamm TI\~ sp6J]( ~he' ~o~e d~l()en1l00n in t~e' ItJrQUgJ:il, .5.plash~ IfiIg and Playing. gr~tiItift(g ,oo~ ~a!J.ghm,[1Ig_

f:~~I[i'm begall ~o :f~~1 fIi'iIlYclii bettee al~O'!J[ his rarr!rily~ Soon hoe even :linvitoo same of h is scl'lool mates l'O, rome o¥er.Hls, mother' served them ooQkl;e~ ane '~'~ :uatll.e'r fOll.1.md, ,fIln o.~d ~a:ffl11iDnica ~fiId oopri'ro p1\ay songs.

Gr-andFhln.er joh"loo in a ft\~ gam~ .. t~o. 8efore '[]hey left :fnankJin's friends told h~m,! ··Your [amiiy is the besrrE!~ F'ril1f.lik'Un had W. ,a;g~ee.

IF'i:\Oim 'D'li1Ien en, U[e 'was. llilIJUc'h :h.appier for F;ra:___mt!l;:jiml. 3JJ'id :n ~ faffiil~ W~th his, pa:IDen:~' ~fic"((iiJJiJagement :r-ra_nkUn, mook p3,iming' tessens ,an~ his t3lh~nl blossomed. H~ 'afrlotfu;:t his father. his. grartdCtI!~liI_@r. e\fen his: blamers rn.af1ag€!d [~O keep the ll00use-

, fl.'cit ti1e:mselves=cl ean and neat

onn.y o:mtce ln ~ w:lM.il!'2· th~ .BiU tcek iii cr~2y mud bath t.oge:rihlE!;r -·:unduding :FMnkJJ n.!