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PLAN DE RUGACIUNE – Statul Delaware

Informatii adunate, traduse si aranjate impreuna de Dorin Pele


Location : “Delaware is bounded to the north by Pennsylvania; to the
east by the Delaware River, Delaware Bay, New Jersey and the Atlantic
Ocean; and to the west and south by Maryland.”
Statul Delaware este invecinat la Nord cu statul Pennsylvania; la Est cu Raul Delaware,
Golful Delaware, New Jersey si Oceanul Atlantic; iar la vest si sud cu statul Maryland si
Rhode Island; la Sud si Vest cu New York. (

Capital City: Dover. (

Population : “Est. 885,122 - Jul 2009 (2009 est.)“ (U.S.Census Bureau)
Estimates in 2007 rank the population of Delaware as 45th in the
nation, but 6th in population density, with more than 60% of the
population in New Castle County.” Populaţia din Delaware ca numar, dupa
estimările în 2007 se afla pe locul 45 pe tara, dar la densitatea populaţiei se afla pe locul
6, cu mai mult de 60% din populaţie locuind in New Castle County. (

Religions : “As The religious affiliations of the people of Delaware
Methodist – 20% , Baptist – 19% , No Religion – 17%, Roman Catholic –
9%, Lutheran – 4% , Presbyterian – 3% , Pentecostal – 3% ,
Episcopalian/Anglican - 2% , Seventh-day Adventist - 2% , Churches of
Christ - 1% , Other Christian – 3% , Muslim - 2% , Jewish - 1% , Other –
5% , Refused - 9% “
(source: American Religious Identification Survey, City University of
New York). Afilierile religioase ale oamenilor din Delaware sunt: Metodisti – 20%,
Baptisti – 19%, fara religie – 17%, Romano-Catolici – 9%, Luterani – 4%, Prezbiterieni – 3%,
Episcolali/Anglicani – 2%, Adventisti de ziua a 7-a – 2%, Bisericile lui Hristos – 1%, Alti
crestini – 3%, Musulmani – 2%, Evrei – 1%, Altii – 5%, care au refuzat sa decline apartenenta
religioasa – 9% .

Other Facts(Alte Date Statistice/Realitati) :
- “ Delaware is divided into three counties. From north to south,
these three counties are New Castle, Kent, and Sussex. While the
southern two counties have historically been predominantly
agricultural, New Castle County has been more industrialized. “
Delaware este impartit in trei judete. De la nord la sud, acestea sunt: New Castle,
Kent si Sussex. In timp ce cele doua judete din partea sudica au fost predominant
agricole, istoric vorbind, judetul New Castle a fost dintodeauna mai industrializat.
- “Delaware was one of the thirteen colonies participating in the
American Revolution and on December 7, 1787, became the first
state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, therefore
becoming known as The First State.” Delaware a fos una din cele 13
colonii care au participat in Revolutia Americana, iar in 7 decembrie 1787 a devenit
primul stat care a ratificat Constitutia Statelor Unite. Prin urmare, asa a devenit
stiut ca Primul Stat.

- Origin of state name : “ Named for Thomas West, Baron De
La Warr, colonial governor of Virginia; the name was first applied
to the bay." Originea Numelui Statului: A fost numit asa pentru Thomas
West, baronul De La Warr, guvernator colonial in Virginia. Numele a fost aplicat
pentru prima data Golfului." (
- Nickname : The First State; also, the Diamond State. (City-
- Property crime (most recent) : 87,764 [34th of 51] Infractiuni
asupra proprietatii (cea mai recenta statistica): 87,764 (locul 34 din 51 de state).
- Ethnic groups : Black Americans constitute Delaware's
largest racial minority, numbering 150,666 in 2000 and
comprising about 19.2% of the population. As of 2000,
approximately 37,277 residents, or 4.8% of the total population
(up from 16,000, or 2.4% in 1990), were of Hispanic origin.
Americanii de culoare constituie cea mai mare minoritate rasiala, numarand
150,666 in anul 2000 şi cuprinde circa 19,2% din populatie. Incepand cu anul 2000,
aproximativ 37,277 residenti, sau 4,8% din totalul populatiei (pana la 16000, sau
2,4% în 1990), erau de origine hispanica.
- Robbery : 1,735 [36th of 51] Talharii, hotii – 1,735 [locul 36din 51
de state] (
- Motor vehicle theft : 2,816 [42nd of 51] Furturi de masini –
2,816 [locul 42 din 51 de state] (
- Violent crime : 5,817 [37th of 51] Crime violente – 5,817
[locul 37 din 51 de state] (

- Abortions ( Avorturi) . In 2005, 5,150 women obtained
abortions in Delaware, producing a rate of 28.8 abortions per
1,000 women of reproductive age. Some of these women were
from other states, and some Delaware residents had abortions in
other states, so this rate may not reflect the abortion rate of
state residents. The rate declined 8% since 2000, when it was
31.3 abortions per 1,000 women 15-44. Abortions in Delaware
represent 0.4 of all abortions in the United States. În
2005, 5,150 femei au facut avorturi in Delaware, producand o rata de 28,8 de
avorturi la 1000 de femei de varsta reproductiva. Unele dintre aceste femei au fost
din alte state, precum si unii locuitori din Delaware au facut avorturi in alte state,
astfel incat acest procent s-ar putea sa nu reflecte cu adevarat rata avortului a
rezidentilor din acest stat. Rata a crescut cu 12% incepand cu anul 2000, cand a fost
21.1 de avorturi la 1000 de femei intre 15-44 de ani. Avorturile in Connecticut
reprezinta 1.4% din toate avorturile din Statele Unite. (
- “Delaware was admitted to the union on December 7, 1787
(Connecticut is the 1st state admitted to the union) ". Statul
Delaware a fost admis in uniune la 7 decembrie 1787( A fost cel dintai stat
acceptat in uniune. (
- The largest ancestry groups are ( Cele mai mari grupuri de
nationalitati predecesoare sunt): 1. Irish - 16.6%, 2. German - 14.3%, 3. African
American – 14%, 4. English - 12.1%, 5. Italian 9.3% (
- “In Delaware a child needs a parent's permission to get her
ears pierced, but can have an abortion without a parent's
consent.” In Statul Delaware, un copil trebuie sa ceara permisiunea parintilor
ca sa-si gaureasca urechea pentru a-si putea pune cercei, dar poate sa faca avort
fara permisiunea lor. (

Provocari pentru rugaciune: “Blessed is the nation whose God
is the Lord”. Psalm 33:12 “Ferice de poporul al cărui Dumnezeu este Domnul!”

- “Let’s pray that the gospel can spread and be heard by
everyone in this state.” Sa ne rugam pentru ca Evanghelia sa fie
raspandita si auzita de fiecare persoana care locuieste in acest stat .

- Let us pray for the Romanian community in Delaware to
reach God and to accept Him as a personal Savior . Sa ne
rugam pentru comunitatea de romani din Statul Colorado ca sa-L caute pe
Dumnezeu si sa-l accepte ca Mantuitor personal.
- “Pray that God would be the center of each family unit and
that strained families would experience healing and
reconciliation. Pray for broken family relationships to be
restored through Christ’s grace and the power of the Gospel.”
Sa ne rugam ca Dumnezeu sa fie centrul fiecarei familii, iar in familiile cu
tensiuni si certuri sa se experimenteze vindecare si reconciliere. Rugati-va
pentru ca relaţiile rupte din familii sa fie restaurate prin harul lui Hristos si
puterea Evangheliei. (

- Pray for America's Youth to Know God's Love and Truth. Sa
ne rugam pentru tinerii americani ca sa cunoasca Dragostea si Adevarul lui
Dumnezeu. (

- Pray that schools would be a place where students learn not
only knowledge, but also morality and integrity. Sa ne rugam
ca scolile sa devina un loc unde studentii sa acumuleze nu numai cunostine, ci sa
invete despre moralitate si integritate. (

- In the last century the United States has sent out more
missionaries than any other country, impacting every nation
on earth. 35% of all foreign missionaries are American. Pray
that these missionaries would be able to work in partnership
with local churches. In ultimul secol, Statele Unite a trimis mai multi
misionari decat orice alta tara de pe pamant, avand influienta in orice tara pe
pamant. 35% dintre misionarii straini sunt americani. Sa ne rugam ca acesti
misionari vor fi in stare sa lucreze in parteneriat cu bisericile locale.