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Cornell Queens Executive MBA

Cornell Queens Executive MBA

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In a short period, the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program has established itself in key regions across the U.S. and Canada, extending the reach of the Johnson School and Cornell University and garnering attention from accomplished managers and professionals from a large variety of backgrounds and sectors. Our strong partnership with Queen’s allows us to provide graduates with the incredible opportunity to earn degrees from two of the world’s leading business schools. The program’s unique format creates an interactive, real-time, continent-wide classroom where participants work with senior faculty from both schools in an intense, team-based learning experience.

. you will join the powerful alumni networks of these two outstanding schools. QUEEN’S SCHOOL OF BUSINESS. providing a unique opportunity for participants to be a part of a truly international management education experience. As a graduate. David M. Across North America. Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA is the only program of its kind in the world. participants join together to learn from each other and respected faculty members of both schools. PhD. DEAN. MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN Queen’s School of Business is proud to be partnering with Cornell on this exceptional program.QUEEN’S SCHOOL OF BUSINESS CAMPUS DEGREES. Saunders. QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY Information in this brochure is accurate at time of publication.

New York. The ideas. 2 CORNELL -QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA . It is made possible through a partnership between two of North America’s premier business schools – Canada’s Queen’s School of Business and the Johnson School at Cornell University in Ithaca. Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA provides a unique and exciting opportunity to earn both a Queen’s MBA and a Cornell MBA in 18 months. Your classroom experience is shared by participants from both Canada and the United States. There is no other MBA program in Canada that offers these opportunities.An International Management Education Experience Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA is the only program of its kind in the world. and classes are led by outstanding faculty of both schools. while you continue to work. perspectives and tools you will acquire while in the program will have a powerful and lasting impact on you and your career. Your classroom experience is shared with your American colleagues.

S. You will be funded for transportation. universities collectively known as the Ivy League. You will forge an international professional network that will prove invaluable throughout your career. teams complete a comprehensive analysis of an international business opportunity or issue anywhere outside of Canada and the United States. BusinessWeek ranks Queen’s #1 in Canada and among the best in the world for full-time MBA and Executive MBA.EARN TWO WORLD-CLASS MBA DEGREES WHILE YOU CONTINUE TO WORK Graduates of Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA earn both a Cornell MBA and a Queen’s MBA. AN INTERNATIONAL ALUMNI NETWORK Because this is a truly international program. WORKING IN THE UNITED STATES Canadian participants entering the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program are required to obtain an F1 student visa for studying in the United States. your team will travel to an international location to conduct a minimum of five days of field research. The Johnson School at Cornell University is consistently ranked among the best business schools in the world by Financial Times and BusinessWeek. lodging and travel-related expenses up to a maximum of $4. Queen’s School of Business is Canada’s premier business school. Intensive on-campus sessions are held at both Queen’s and Cornell. The Global Business Project provides real-world international business experience. Upon completion of the program. credentials that will open doors anywhere in the world. you will become a full-fledged member of the Cornell University and Queen’s University alumni. Cornell is one of the eight prestigious U. with the possibility of extending their visa status under other visa classifications. BROADEN YOUR OPPORTUNITIES Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA will provide you with an international business perspective and the skills to take on the challenges of today’s global business environment. All class sessions are shared jointly by American and Canadian participants. A TRULY INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE The Cornell-Queen’s program is a uniquely international experience. providing a much broader perspective for class discussions. Canadian graduates have the option to work in the U. Program staff will provide assistance and support throughout this process. Having both a Cornell MBA and a Queen’s MBA will increase your value to your organization and open the door to opportunities you have only dreamed about. In this exciting team-based project. under the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program for a period of one year. CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA 3 . you will have the opportunity to meet and work with a group of experienced classmates from across Canada and the United States. Upon graduation. a combined network that literally spans the globe. To complete the project.000 per person.S.

Queen’s graduates have made indelible marks on the Canadian and international landscapes. Cornell University is one of the eight prestigious U. science.000 alumni living in 150 countries. universities for number of patents received each year. and is known for the quality of both its scholars and its students. Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA brings together two of the world’s premier business schools in an exciting and innovative program. CORNELL UNIVERSITY CAMPUS CORNELL UNIVERSITY Founded in 1865. and a history of attracting the very best students and faculty from around the world. Queen’s is the oldest degree-granting institution in Canada.S.S. Twenty-nine Nobel laureates have been affiliated with Cornell as faculty members or students. Cornell is known as the birthplace of the integration of theory and application within American higher education. Queen’s graduates leave the university with an education that is second to none and join a highly active network of over 100. Queen’s has long enjoyed the reputation as “Canada’s Ivy League” university. The University is consistently among the top ten U. QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY Established by a Royal Charter from Queen Victoria in 1841. business and government. Cornell graduates have made significant contributions to the arts. Cornell also has a strong tradition as one of the very best research and teaching universities in the world. Queen’s attracts top students from every Canadian province and more than 110 countries worldwide. 4 CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA .AN IVY LEAGUE REPUTATION Canada’s Ivy League Meets the Original Ivy League Both Cornell University and Queen’s University have a long and rich tradition of academic excellence and innovation. Outstanding students are counted as the University’s most valued asset. universities collectively known as the Ivy League.

The School has continuously introduced new technologies in business education and new ideas for the practice of management.The Johnson School at Cornell University and Queen’s School of Business share a continued commitment to build on their traditions of academic excellence and innovation. Ranks Queen’s Executive MBA #1 in Canada + top 25 in the world – November 2009 Ranks Queen’s full-time MBA #1 in Canada + #1 internationally – November 2008 Ranks Queen’s Executive Education #1 in Canada + top 20 in the world – November 2009 FINANCIAL TIMES Ranks Queen’s Executive Development Centre #1 in Canada + #21 in the world for open-enrollment executive education – May 2009 ENVIRONICS REPORT ON EXECUTIVE EDUCATION IN CANADA – February 2008 Ranks Queen’s #1 in Canada for full-time MBA Ranks Queen’s #1 in Canada for Executive MBA Ranks Queen’s #1 in Canada for Executive Education CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA 5 . as well as EQUIS accredited through the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development). offering an experiential focus that is among the richest of the top business schools in the world. In addition to the nation’s top-ranked Executive MBA and full-time MBA programs. Queen’s School of Business is home to Queen’s Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates – a unique program designed specifically for people with an undergraduate degree in business. The School is fully accredited by the AACSB – the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. It has earned international recognition for its innovative and forward-thinking programs. The School is distinguished by an intensively collaborative community. QUEEN’S SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Queen’s School of Business was founded in 1937 and has grown to become one of the world’s premier business schools. and often change the world. Queen’s Executive Development Centre is one of the world’s largest and most highly-regarded providers of non-degree executive development. Queen’s School of Business is fully accredited by the AACSB and the Association of MBAs. INTERNATIONAL + NATIONAL RANKINGS THE JOHNSON SCHOOL AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY Founded in 1946. as well as a highly acclaimed doctoral program. the Johnson School at Cornell University is one of the premier Ivy League general management schools. The Johnson School leverages the breadth and depth of Cornell University – a place where visionary ideas become applied innovation. Queen’s Bachelor of Commerce program has the highest entry standards of any undergraduate program in Canada. while Queen’s masters and doctoral programs are recognized as among the country’s finest. The Johnson School is home to one of the world’s top-ranked full-time MBA programs and Executive MBA programs.

the two-week Business Venturing Session in early February. This creates a broader perspective for class discussions and a far more enriching learning environment. Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA draws participants from more than 16 cities across Canada and the United States. Our program staff organizes numerous events and activities to ensure a healthy blend of work and recreation. and the 10-day Global Business Session the following fall.CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA A TRULY INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE NEW YORK CITY • TORONTO • VANCOUVER • WASHINGTON DC • PORTLAND • ATLANTA • DALLAS • OTTAWA CALGARY • SEATTLE • EDMONTON • MONTRÉAL • MISSISSAUGA • HOUSTON • AND OTHER LOCATIONS While most executive MBA programs draw their participants from a single city or region. there are three on-campus sessions – the two-week Opening Session at the beginning of the program. Teams function just as they would in the workplace. Each team is typically comprised of 5 to 8 members. Learning Teams are formed at the beginning of the program and remain together for the duration. providing excellent opportunities for networking. For the first two sessions. On-campus sessions are intensive and productive. The location of the third session varies from year-to-year. Team Coaches work closely with the teams. This international scope is made possible by our unique and innovative approach to teaching. 6 CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA . class time will be split evenly between the Queen’s campus and the Cornell campus. TEAM-BASED LEARNING Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA uses a team-based learning approach to create a highly supportive and collaborative learning experience – both inside and outside the classroom. drawing on the skills and experience of each team member. ON-CAMPUS SESSIONS During the program. with an emphasis on diversity of background. assisting with team-building and coaching. Transportation between the two campuses is included in the program fees.

The network allows you to use your time more effectively. Multi-point videoconference is used to link Learning Teams in major cities across North America. Participants are able to interact directly with the professor and with the other teams. interactive videoconference – a learning technology that Queen’s has been utilizing and perfecting for more than 15 years. ELECTRONIC COMMUNITY The program provides a customized electronic network used to communicate with professors and your classmates outside of class. A mute button allows teams to carry on internal conversations without disrupting the class and.INTERACTIVE BOARDROOM SESSIONS IN YOUR HOME CITY The balance of your class time is spent in your Boardroom Learning Centre. at any time. We are confident that you will too. usually all day Saturday. but occasionally on Sunday. e-mail. Should you have to miss a class. chat or upload assignments from anywhere at any time. These class sessions are held three weekends per month. Classes are delivered via real-time. Our participants consistently tell us that they actually prefer the Boardroom Learning approach to that of a traditional classroom. you may be able to attend class in the city you are visiting and. a tabletop microphone. The program is offered in major cities across Canada and the United States. CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA 7 . Each Boardroom Learning Centre is equipped with two plasma screen monitors. You will be able to download course notes. you may signal the professor that you have a question or comment. Professors lead the classes from purpose-built studios on the Queen’s and Cornell campuses. The Boardroom Learning approach also provides tremendous flexibility. conveniently located in your home city. you may be able to join a team in your destination city. should you be required to relocate during the program. This means that when business takes you on the road. and a remote-controlled camera. all videoconference classes are recorded and are made available for review on the program portal.

and in New York. this manager wants to develop a more general base of management skills and knowledge. London. the Queen’s School of Business alumni magazine. SUPERIOR NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA offers outstanding networking opportunities at the team. As a full-fledged member of the alumni of both Queen’s School of Business and the Johnson School at Cornell University. FUNCTIONAL MANAGER: Well-versed in one functional area. AFTER GRADUATION Your relationship with Queen’s and Cornell does not end with graduation. participants can develop an invaluable professional network in both Canada and the United States. as well as Johnson Club events throughout the United States. Your colleagues in the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program are talented and highly motivated managers and executives. and Hong Kong. the Johnson School’s alumni magazine. Here are four typical profiles: GENERAL MANAGER: This executive has many years of business experience. coming from a diverse range of professional backgrounds. Networking at the team level creates a collaborative and supportive learning environment during the program. The three residential sessions provide a great opportunity for networking with your classmates and the multi-point videoconference technology provides Learning Teams with real-time opportunities for interaction with their counterparts in other cities. • You will be invited to attend Queen’s Business Club events which take place in major cities across Canada. with an average of 12 years of work experience. you will be afforded many opportunities to keep in touch. as well as Cornell Enterprise. Importantly. ENTREPRENEUR: Driven by a desire to take an enterprise to the next level. class and alumni levels.™ • You will have access to the password-protected alumni websites of both schools (Queen’s School of Business Alumni Central and Johnson Alumni Connection). has moved up the management ladder and wants a better understanding of modern management tools. the entrepreneur is looking for advanced management techniques. and fosters strong friendships that endure long after graduation. • You will receive regular mailings of QSB Magazine. 8 CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA . Queen’s Leaders Forum and Sage Connection. These events provide an excellent opportunity for networking and additional learning. Because Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA is international in scope. It is a lifelong relationship with a strong support system from both schools for program alumni. • You will also receive e-newsletters from both schools.INTERNATIONAL ALUMNI NETWORK LEARN WITH EXPERIENCED MANAGERS FROM ACROSS CANADA AND THE U. • You will be able to consult with Queen’s School of Business faculty through Queen’s By Your Side. TYPICAL PROFILES Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA participants hold a variety of positions. NOT-FOR-PROFIT AND PUBLIC-SECTOR MANAGERS: This executive wants to improve the effectiveness of a public enterprise by learning about advanced private-sector concepts and skills. they come from cities across Canada and the United States. Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA participants have an average age of 36.S. • You will be provided with a lifetime e-mail address through which you can keep in touch with fellow alumni and faculty at both schools.

As a result of the program. Financial Services Industry for Canada. I was thoroughly impressed with the depth of real-world knowledge that the professors brought to the classroom. “Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program exceeded my expectations and significantly impacted my career. During the program. I have acquired the business foundation I needed to operate at a global level. Financial Services Sector. NY CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA 9 . MBA Managing Director. Dino was promoted to Vice President. Financial Services Sector IBM New York. Dino believes that the program enabled him to engage in more complex problem-solving. including Canada.” DINO TREVISANI. provided greater depth to his strategic thinking and prepared him for the global workplace. the USA and Latin America. Financial Services Sector for the Americas. He has subsequently been promoted to Managing Director. I have been able to deliver greater value to our customers and consistent growth in our business. responsible for $2 billion of IBM’s business.W hen Dino enrolled in the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program. he was Vice President.

CAREER-STEP® PROGRAM In today’s competitive business environment. you will work with a personal support team that includes: • a Career Coach who can provide one-on-one assistance with career development or job search. • Case studies.. • Project Advisors who will provide guidance for your major projects.EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE AND SUPPORT We understand how busy you are. diet and fitness program. • Program Managers are your frontline resource people and are available to handle issues that may arise during the program. Queen’s School of Business has developed one of the most comprehensive approaches to career management available anywhere. • Program faculty members are available outside of class by telephone and e-mail.. . • Should you have to miss a class or wish to review one. 10 CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA .. our dedicated staff work behind the scenes to ensure your time can be devoted to learning. We’re here to support you every step of the way. and alumnus. Additionally.This approach. Our experienced team works very hard to ensure that your MBA experience is nothing short of exceptional. course notes are posted on the program portal. Your Application Advisor will work with you to ensure that your application is not only complete. textbooks and professor’s notes are always available before class. all videoconference classes are recorded and streamed on our program portal.THROUGHOUT THE PROGRAM While in the program. so we have developed a sophisticated support system for you at each stage – applicant. according to your own goals. just having the right skills may not be enough. if required. but presents you and your qualifications in the best possible light.. • a Personal Fitness Consultant who. called Career-Step®. provides one-on-one career coaching and an online suite of career management services that you may complete at your own pace. From your very first contact. will work with you to develop a personal lifestyle. participant. • a Team Coach who will work with you and your team to ensure you are productive and effective. and any books that you request will be sent directly to you. provide preliminary feedback and assist you through every step of the application process. You will find them very responsive and committed to your academic success. strategic career management. • You will have full access to the Queen’s University and Cornell University libraries. A key ingredient in the recipe for career success is focused. if you wish. Additionally. an Application Advisor will be there to answer all of your questions. FROM THE BEGINNING.

goal setting.FIT TO LEAD™ In today’s hectic world. balanced life. During the residential sessions you have an opportunity to take part in various team and individual activities. spiritual and emotional well-being. You will find that the Fit to Lead™ program will help you in a number of ways as you complete the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program. In addition. That’s why we created Fit to Lead™. fitness. CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA 11 . physical. and learn how to live a healthy. The program covers various topics including personal reflection. Fit to Lead™ focuses on the importance of making your own personal choices. You will have access to a Personal Fitness Consultant who will work with you to design a personalized fitness plan. the skills and knowledge that you take away from the Fit to Lead™ program will be beneficial in your personal and professional life after graduation. newsletters and the lifestyle planner keep you involved and our staff will work to help you succeed. Fit to Lead™ will continue to inspire you. healthy eating and striving for balance. it is easy to forget that your ability to manage and lead can be greatly influenced by health and wellness. challenging yourself to live a balanced life and welcoming change. a program that recognizes and promotes the importance of mental. Throughout the program. Group challenges. Within this context.

The Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program provides the opportunity to develop and hone skills in this critical area. 12 CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA . Furthermore. it provides the opportunity to learn not only from your professors. THINKING LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR Understanding and practising entrepreneurship is important in today’s business environment. creativity. and other highly relevant hands-on experiences in both Canada and the U. global business. The program provides a solid grounding in the important areas of management – management fundamentals. field trips. We provide dedicated Team Coaches who work with the teams. you will focus on new ventures. but also from your teammates and classmates. greatly enhancing the learning experience. you will leave the program having developed the ability to approach issues from a comprehensive and multidisciplinary perspective. and leadership. The Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program will prepare you to respond to these challenges. Because these themes are woven throughout the curriculum. During the second residential session. Throughout the program your course work will be augmented by guest speakers. THE POWER OF TEAMS Learning Teams are formed at the Opening Session. The courses are sequenced so that each course builds on the content of the previous courses. dynamic.S. Executives face challenges that defy simple solutions. including evaluating ideas. finding sources of venture capital. adapt to new markets. and international context.S. Team members work together on assignments and projects. AN INTEGRATED AND SEQUENCED CURRICULUM The Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program is a highly-integrated series of courses that provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of management and a thorough understanding of advanced management topics. corporate social responsibility. innovation and entrepreneurship. leading them through team-building and teamwork-enhancing exercises. This team-based learning approach creates a supportive and collaborative environment that mirrors today’s workplace. interactive and comprehensive. The experience is intensive. U. The curriculum has been designed to provide a broad general management education within a Canadian. and are maintained for the duration of the program. allowing ample opportunity to apply your learning to real-world business situations. strategic thinking. formulating a plan. blending theory with experience and knowledge with application.CURRICULUM PREPARING FOR THE CHALLENGES OF BUSINESS Today’s global business environment is complex. and building an organization capable of sustained growth. and lead in a constantly changing environment. They maintain close contact throughout the program to ensure that teams continue to operate efficiently and effectively. This approach provides valuable opportunities for each participant to develop and hone critical team and leadership skills while in the program.

Successfully Implementing the Strategic Plan Focus organizational resources on the strategic plan to ensure its rapid deployment and to generate sustained momentum. as well as a broader group of stakeholders. Emphasis is placed on integrating financial considerations into management decisions and corporate policies. economic. capital. Financial Accounting Decipher and understand the key accounting statements. GLOBAL BUSINESS Understanding the International Marketplace Understand the global trends and issues that create business opportunities in foreign markets. functional plans. Recognizing Human Rights Understand the organization’s responsibility to be aware of and respect human rights in all jurisdictions in which the company operates. Coaching People and Creating High-Performance Teams Build and strengthen management coaching skills and achieve continuous improvement in teamwork. the annual budgeting cycle. suppliers. social. Using Innovation for Competitive Advantage Build an operating model that is capable of ongoing renewal and that provides the organization with a sustainable competitive advantage. and management practices. partners and colleagues. Management Accounting and Control Use accounting information for management planning and control. Understanding Value Propositions Apply value-building methodologies to the creation of new products and services and to modifying existing products and services. Planning Strategically with Tools and Frameworks Discuss and evaluate a variety of strategic planning tools and frameworks. conflict management and emotional behaviour and build collaborative relationships and management systems to foster integration across functions. STRATEGIC THINKING Establishing a Strategic Foundation Develop a strategic mindset and understand the role of strategic planning in creating long-term competitive advantage. Improving Project Planning and Management Apply advanced management techniques to project planning while aligning projects with the organization’s mission and strategy. Practising Effective Community Involvement Understand the importance of good corporate citizenship and form a bond with the local community in which you operate. INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Leading Organizational Change Manage leadership issues involved in creating a vision. Linking Functional Plans to the Strategic Plan Understand how short-term operational plans. positioning. and use marketing tools for costing. Implementing New Standards of Corporate Governance Recognize that management is responsible to investors. and operating plans relate to the long-term strategic plan. design. Creating an Effective Strategic Planning Process Change the way you think about your business and develop useful strategic plans that have buy-in across the organization. Evaluating. building alignment. and learn how to use accounting information to assess the financial health of an organization.LEARNING THEMES MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS Marketing Identify market opportunities. and understand the interrelated roles of technology. Addressing Internal and External Environmental Issues Conduct business in a way that minimizes negative impact on the environment and considers renewable rather than scarce resources. Launching and Managing New Ventures Review issues of special concern to the general manager launching a self-standing new venture in the form of a line extension or new product. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Raising the Bar on Business Ethics Conduct business transparently. and evaluate a financial strategy that creates and enhances shareholder value. Managing an International Business Understand the management issues related to developing and sustaining competitive advantage in foreign markets. Emphasis is placed on the use of accounting tools to improve planning. Building Collaborative Relationships Recognize different styles of thinking. CREATIVITY. Negotiating and Building Consensus Improve negotiating skills and build agreement among organizational stakeholders such as customers. Curriculum is subject to change. Understanding Cross-Cultural Business Issues Examine how cross-cultural issues affect internal business processes and decisions. decision-making. respect and dignity. and evaluation. legally and with a high level of integrity. and examine ways to address today’s key HR issues. Information Technology Management Use information technology to transform the competitive framework and to improve the operating performance of the business. CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA 13 . Human Resource Management Manage the human resource challenges in the workplace. Finance Select. Evaluating International Market Opportunities Use country evaluation techniques to identify. Managing New Technologies Manage the introduction of new technology to enhance competitive capabilities and improve operating efficiencies. and technological issues that affect a firm’s strategy for entering and investing in foreign markets. and developing an operating system to deliver an innovative stream of products or services to the marketplace. LEADERSHIP Understanding and Enhancing your Leadership Capabilities Challenge your assumptions and beliefs about leadership and change the way you think about your leadership qualities. Operations Management Take a multidisciplinary approach to performance improvements. and human resources in an operating system. work processes. Optimizing Employee Relations Ensure that employees are treated with fairness. pricing. Conducting a Country Risk Analysis Understand the political. evaluate and prioritize market opportunities. prepare and evaluate a marketing plan.

or a new line of business in an existing organization. OR EARN VALUABLE PROFESSIONAL DESIGNATIONS THROUGH CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA THE CMA DESIGNATION While in the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program. You will identify market opportunities. NEW VENTURE PROJECT The objective of this individual project is to create a business case and comprehensive business plan for a new stand-alone business. market analyses. customer service. To complete this “live case” your team will travel to the . This material will be useful in the completion of your Global Business Project. GLOBAL BUSINESS PROJECT The Global Business Project is a team project that provides real-world international business experience. The third residential session will focus on global business issues including the global economy. investigate business potential. Please speak to an application advisor for more information. information systems. Typically projects focus on performance improvements in operating processes. Each participant will be assigned a Project Advisor. MANAGEMENT CONSULTING PROJECT The objective of this individual project is to analyze a business challenge and develop a comprehensive set of recommendations and implementation plans to address it.MAJOR PROJECTS You will have the opportunity to customize your MBA experience and create value for your organization through two major projects. This provides an outstanding opportunity to put all that you have learned into practice. and the challenges of international partnerships. participants may earn exemptions toward a Certified Management Accountant designation. Each participant will be assigned a Project Advisor. Participants are given a wide scope in the nature of the project. The CMA designation is internationally recognized as a leading financial qualification for executives.S. and Canada. Your team will complete a comprehensive analysis of a real global business issue or opportunity anywhere in the world outside of the U. profit margin improvement. 14 CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA . cross-cultural issues. consider financing options. and create a business plan. international location to interview business managers and conduct field research prior to writing your final report. THE CMC DESIGNATION Graduates of the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program earn credits toward the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation while earning their MBA. supply chain management. The New Venture Project will give you an opportunity to use the management concepts and tools you have acquired in the program to create a business plan for a new venture. legal and human resource complexities. or the business planning process.

& J. strategies and tactics. Gallo Winery Canada Mississauga. Ontario CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA 15 .” SUZY PETRUSHCHAK. “Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program provided me with a greater understanding of different business models. & J.P rior to joining the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program. Working with a diverse group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Since completing the program her responsibilities have greatly expanded. Gallo brands in Canada. cultures and industries helped to expand my perspective and made me a more valuable and productive team member. Suzy’s role was focused on executing global brand strategies for the Canadian market. I am now able to take a much more holistic approach to developing and evaluating our company’s objectives. The program’s team-based learning experience was also invaluable. She credits the Cornell-Queen’s program with improving her decision-making processes and expanding her ability to look at the business from a variety of perspectives. MBA Marketing Manager E. Now. as part of the global marketing team. while managing the strategic marketing function for E. she contributes to the development of brand identities and global strategies.

affiliate of a global healthcare organization with headquarters in Europe. I would never have met the ATC executive board. David is a medical doctor who. and my position would not have been created. MD. There is no question that my MBA has been a key factor in my transition to consulting. traded-credit operations. George and his team worked with the European-based financial services company. GEORGE PEDRA. George was in a senior management position at a major Canadian bank. MBA Principal Klaipeda Consulting LLC. He is now their Chief Information and Operations Officer. prior to the program. The ATC Group. they offered him a job at graduation. He believed that advancing his career to the next level would require an MBA.RECENT GRADUATE SUCCESS STORIES Our Recent Graduate Success Stories reflect a range of people. MBA Chief Information and Operations Officer The ATC group Amsterdam. The Netherlands DAVID MEMEL. and they were very impressed with the quality of our team’s contribution. They have a great deal of respect for both Queen’s and Cornell.” “The program provided the fundamental principles for things I had been doing for many years by the seat of my pants. at a variety of levels within their organizations. Southport. He has subsequently started a consulting practice in Connecticut. ATC were so impressed with the work of George and his team. and its value is clear to me every day. If not for our Global Business Project. was working in the U. leading a team of analysts in the U.S.S. Just before graduation. David was offered and accepted the role of Chief Medical Officer in a newly created business unit working out of Switzerland. who entered the program with their own unique career goals. Connecticut “The Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program led directly to my current job.” 16 CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA . When he entered the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program. As part of their Global Business Project. He was leading a 50-person function in the Medical and Scientific Division of the commercial organization. MS.

The program gave me credibility and the business literacy that is essential when interacting with clients. Totem Hill Ottawa. the skills. education and experience provided by the program. she was promoted. Upon graduation. CMA. MBA Associate Macquarie Bank Ltd. Darren left a managerial position in hi-tech R&D to start an independent consultancy focused on business development in the energy technology sector. During the Cornell-Queen’s program. I would never have had the opportunity to make the career change into management consulting.” “Without my MBA. and then to Senior Project Officer at the Ontario Regional Headquarters. DARREN SOKOLOSKI. Tracy was a Program Manager at the Joyceville medium security federal institution. MBA Principal. together with his technical background in energy.” CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA 17 . My MBA allowed me to leverage my engineering background into a corporate finance role. She says that this successful career change would not have been possible without the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA. Ontario “While tangible skills were clearly a core benefit of the program. an investment bank focused on infrastructure assets and project finance advisory services. it was a new found confidence and perspective that enabled me to take my career in a new direction. The combined brand power of Cornell and Queen’s provides instant quality recognition. Post-graduation. While in the program. a small Ottawa-based firm specializing in organizational transformation. Seeking to broaden his business knowledge and network of contacts.A year prior to starting Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA. Tracy decided to pursue a career in management consulting and is now a Principal at Totem Hill. British Columbia TRACY FENTON. he began evaluating MBA options and eventually decided on Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA. allowed him to land a job with Macquarie Bank. Darren was impressed with how readily the materials he was studying could be translated into value-added services for his clients. Before she began the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program. PEng. first to Assistant Warden of Correctional Programs at Millhaven Institution. Vancouver.

These classes are normally held all day Saturday. 18 CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA . Exams. projects. We confirm the class schedule well in advance so that you can plan your personal and course work time. That’s why we have developed an 18-month schedule that is designed to allow you to pursue your degree while continuing to meet your personal and work responsibilities. A SCHEDULE THAT WORKS Regular class sessions are held on three weekends per month. which balances the workload over the duration of the program. creating minimal disruption to the work week. and assignments are divided evenly throughout the program so that you can develop a regular work pattern.BALANCED SCHEDULE Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA is an important undertaking that will require a significant investment of time. The schedule allows for some free time in December and July. but are occasionally held all day Sunday. There is also time in the fall allotted for travel relating to the Global Business Project. BALANCED WORKLOAD Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA typically requires you to carry two courses at a time.

COM SIGNIFICANT DATES OPENING SESSION This two-week session begins in late June or early July.CLASS SESSIONS JUNE S M T W T F S JULY S M T W T F S AUGUST S M T W T F S SEPTEMBER S M T W T F S OCTOBER S M T W T F S NOVEMBER S M T W T F S DECEMBER S M T W T F S JANUARY S M T W T F S FEBRUARY S M T W T F S MARCH S M T W T F S APRIL S M T W T F S MAY S M T W T F S JUNE S M T W T F S JULY S M T W T F S AUGUST S M T W T F S SEPTEMBER S M T W T F S OCTOBER S M T W T F S NOVEMBER S M T W T F S DECEMBER S M T W T F S BOARDROOM LEARNING TEAM SESSIONS THIS CALENDAR IS REPRESENTATIONAL ONLY AND IT DOES NOT REFLECT EXACT DATES. FOR AN EXACT SCHEDULE. One week of the session is held on the Queen’s campus and one week is held on the Cornell campus. EXAMINATIONS For courses with final examinations. CONVOCATION – May (approximately five months after classes are completed). exams are held on non-class days (Saturday or Sunday). One week of the session is held on the Queen’s campus and one week is held on the Cornell campus. CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA 19 . PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT WWW. BUSINESS VENTURING SESSION This two-week session begins in late January or early February. GLOBAL BUSINESS SESSION This six-day session is held in October and will bring all members of the class together at a single location.CQEMBA. GLOBAL BUSINESS PROJECT TRAVEL Travel required for the Global Business Project will be a minimum of five days between October and November.

EXPERTS IN TEACHING WORKING EXECUTIVES AND MANAGERS Teaching working executives and managers requires a specialized approach that acknowledges and builds upon the skills and experience every participant brings to the table. EXTENSIVE BUSINESS EXPERIENCE In addition to their exceptional academic credentials. but also in our highly-acclaimed non-degree executive development programs. not only in two of North America’s most respected Executive MBA programs. our faculty members are experts in executive education. COMMITTED TO YOUR SUCCESS The faculty in the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program is committed to your success. and their research and expert commentaries are often featured in the North American business press. best-selling authors. The CornellQueen’s learning model fosters close working relationships between faculty and participants. Using a blend of case studies. real-world examples. and award-winning teachers. For that reason. you will find them easily accessible by e-mail and telephone to answer questions and provide assistance outside of class time. This allows them to augment class material with relevant. 20 CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA . your professors will create a classroom experience that is energized and exciting. They are experts at merging theory and application to guide participants in the classroom and beyond. both academically and in your career. They are widely seen as authorities in their areas of expertise. the program faculty has extensive business and consulting experience with some of the world’s leading organizations. briefings.FACULTY TEAM EXCEPTIONAL ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS The professors who teach in the program include widely-published researchers. The faculty in our program have extensive teaching experience. In short. class discussions and experiential learning.

JUSTIN JOHNSON | CORNELL | Economics Tina Dacin.. He has worked with participants in both Executive and full-time MBA programs at Cornell. He has conducted extensive research into the ways in which marketers integrate emotional. Newsweek. Prior to joining Queen’s. He is similarly interested in the use of consumption as a language to convey meaning and in its relationship to fashion and advertisements. and has published in and serves on the editorial boards of leading journals. She is the winner of the inaugural EMBA Globe Award for Excellence in teaching. He has also consulted extensively across a variety of high-technology and service-oriented industries. He was recently working at the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Visiting Academic Scholar. His research has been published in a number of prestigious academic journals.K. an examination of executive compensation in U. and Land O’ Lakes. DR. He received the Apple Award for Teaching Excellence and the Clifford H. He is an internationally known scholar in the area of investment management. Conference Board of Canada. Elizabeth Mannix’s research and teaching interests include effective performance in managerial teams. Shai began his career as a commercial pilot and has been an aviation consultant. BusinessWeek. A graduate of Queen’s Faculty of Law. Whitcomb Faculty Fellowship.DR. cultural. Professor Mannix is also the Director of the Institute for the Social Sciences. now in its 10th volume. His research has been widely cited in major newspapers such as The Economist. and social responsibility dimensions into their traditional marketing strategies. Financial Times and Forbes. Health Canada. Journal of Applied Psychology. International CentreforTradeandSustainable Development. and the Journal of Business Research. corporate governance mechanisms. he facilitates the networking of senior executives in the information technology sector through two well-known industry forums. He also holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota and a BBA from the University of Wisconsin. Academy of Management Review. MARC BUSCH Jay Handelman is an Associate Professor of Marketing and former Director of the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility. MR. | QUEEN’S | Global Economy and International Business DR. among others. McKinsey. and was previously an Associate Professor at Queen’s School of Business and Harvard University. the Journal of Retailing. both in 2001. Jim McKeen is a recognized authority on IT strategy. where she was recognized for both research and teaching excellence. Marc is the author of the book Trade Warriors and numerous articles in top academic journals. Journal of Operations Management. and the Executive MBA Globe Award for Teaching Excellence in 2003. His work has been published in the Journal of Marketing. DR.. Fidelity Management & Research. He received his PhD from Columbia University. and a look at the role of corporate boards in monitoring firms. He has been retained by many organizations to advise on corporate governance issues. Booz Allen Hamilton. LA Times. and the ways in which these strategies benefit the organization. he received outstanding faculty recognition in the 2003 edition of BusinessWeek’s Guide to The Best Business Schools. and organizational change and renewal. He returned to private practice after Quicklaw was sold. DR. a Queen’s School of Business Distinguished Faculty Fellow. TINA DACIN | QUEEN’S | Strategy & Organizations DR. His clients include Bell Canada Enterprises. GEORGE ANDREW KAROLYI | CORNELL | Finance and Global Business James Detert received his MA in sociology and PhD in organizational behaviour from Harvard University.S. she spent nine years at Texas A&M University. His current projects involve an analysis of the effect of the new governance rules in the U. JAY HANDELMAN | QUEEN’S | Marketing Sanjeev Bhojraj’s research interests are in the areas of discretionary disclosure of information by firms. His latest book. DR. corporations. where consumers purchase visible goods in their attempts to advertise their wealth and gain social status. specializes in the areas of management of strategic alliances and business networks. specifically on the topics of partner selection and partner collaboration. and Harvard Business Review. He is an award-winning teacher and highly sought-after consultant. His dissertation was featured in the New York Times and in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz. and culture. Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. Equifax Inc. with a specialization in the study of international financial markets. continuing his research efforts in these areas. Public Works Canada. ORI HEFFETZ | CORNELL | Economics Marc Busch is a professor of International Business at Georgetown University. He has won numerous awards for research and teaching. negotiation and conflict. ELIZABETH MANNIX | QUEEN’S | Business Law & Negotiations | CORNELL | Management Shai Dubey is Director of Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA and a corporate commercial lawyer. Ori Heffetz’s interests lie in the social and cultural aspects of economic behaviour. Monitor. stock valuation and international accounting and analysis. and the Trade Law Division of the Department of International Trade Canada. is a must-read for senior IT executives. including the Academy of Management Journal. JAMES DETERT | CORNELL | Management & Organizations DR. His work has been published extensively in journals of economics and finance.. on corporate value. having taught at universities in the U. IBM. CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA 21 . Professor Karolyi worked for several years at the Bank of Canada. Shai is also a lawyer with the legal branch (JAG) of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve. including the Journal of Finance and the Journal of Financial Economics. He is an authority in organizational behaviour with a special interest in the areas of leadership and ethical decisionmaking. He has traveled extensively in developing countries. SANJEEV BHOJRAJ | CORNELL | Accounting DR. established in 2004 at Cornell.S. SHAI DUBEY Andrew Karolyi is the Alumni Chair in Asset Management at the Johnson School at Cornell University.S. YANIV GRINSTEIN | CORNELL | Corporate Finance & Governance DR. and Forbes magazine. and earned his MBA and PhD degrees at the University of Chicago. As former Director of The Monieson Centre at Queen’s School of Business. and the U. He is certified as a Chartered Accountant and a Cost Accountant. He has served as a reviewer for numerous academic journals and has made presentations at universities and business schools across the United States. and he has written several books. Program Faculty is subject to change. He has published in several journals. he directed a number of research projects focused on knowledge-based enterprises. studying problems at the crossroads of economics. He has explored phenomena such as conspicuous consumption. In addition. DR. He has extensive international experience. Among the premier researchers and educators in the field. on whose behalf he addressed a NAFTA Article 2022 panel on dispute settlement. An authority on international trade policy and law. a world leader in electronic legal research. Making IT Happen. diversity in organizations and teams. He has also examined tactics used by consumer activists and boycotters as they target the marketing efforts of corporations. JIM MCKEEN | QUEEN’S | Information Technology Yaniv Grinstein’s research and teaching interests are in corporate finance and corporate governance. TD Canada Trust. France. Financial Times. He is an award-winning teacher and researcher. His teaching interests encompass financial accounting and financial statement analysis. power and alliances. Justin Johnson received his PhD in Economics at MIT and his BA in mathematics from the University of Florida. She has consulted with companies in many industries. New York Times. He left private practice to become the Chief Operating Officer of Quicklaw Inc. He is often quoted in the media including The Wall Street Journal. as well as public sector institutions. society. His research focuses primarily on applied theoretical microeconomic issues related to strategy and industrial organization. His clients include Sears. Shai practiced law at several major Toronto Bay Street firms. New York Times. Her work has been widely published in a variety of journals and she is the co-editor of the book series Research on Managing Groups and Teams.

Bank of Canada. Peter consults widely with both public.and three-week executive development programs. His research interests range from inventory management to booking limits for discount fare airline passengers. He is also interested in theoretical accounts of the effects of emotions on people’s preferences. the Auditor General of Canada. Shoppers Drug Mart. Australia. A previous book.. and the cross-cultural aspects of international business. an award-winning book on international business. 22 CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA . Peter has authored over 75 papers and case studies on strategic management. and was for many years a member of its Ethics Committee. | QUEEN’S | Strategic HR Management & International Business DR. Reid specializes in studying inter-company alliance dynamics and large alliance evolution. the multinational pharmaceutical industry. and the transition of the former centrally-planned economies of Central and Eastern Europe to free-market systems. working closely with senior executives on strategy development and deployment. DR. The New Venture Management course that she developed has been recognized by BusinessWeek as one of the world’s top 10 Executive MBA courses. He actively consults with companies in many industries and he has published in a variety of journals. the Marketing Science Institute. Peter Richardson. New Brunswick Power Corporation. ROBINSON | CORNELL | Operations Management Lawrence Robinson’s research focuses on problems of operating in an uncertain environment. and Microeconomics: The Canadian Context. Her clients include Auditor General of Canada. to scheduling doctor’s appointments. on developing practical heuristic policies that perform well and can be easily calculated. and Natural Resources Canada. His research has been supported by grants from the Ogilvy Center for Research and Development. the Supreme Court of Canada. He also works with members of senior management teams to integrate financial accounting concepts into strategic planning. Elspeth Murray. remains one of the few books to be written on cost improvement.. Ministry of Finance. and the American Academy of Advertising. Canon.K. Xerox. JOHN MOORE | QUEEN’S | Financial Accounting DR. Cost Containment: The Ultimate Strategic Advantage. the commercialization organization for Queen’s University. and Slovakia. He is co-author of several books. LAWRENCE W. He recently concluded six years of service as a director of Candela Energy.S. His teaching and research has focused on the study of emotional responses to advertising and the role of affect in decision-making. Her clients include Microsoft. Ontario Realty Corporation. designed to kick-start graduates’ entrepreneurial ventures. He has been a Mobil Scholar. DuPont. She is an experienced team facilitator who is in high demand for her original approach to team building. early-stage investment fund.WinnipegCommodity Exchange. During his years at Queen’s. he was vice president at Burson-Marsteller. GlaxoSmithKline. SHAWNA O’GRADY Douglas Reid is an authority on corporate strategy. STAYMAN | CORNELL | Marketing Douglas Stayman is an Associate Dean at the Johnson School. He has worked at universities in countries around the world. ELSPETH MURRAY | QUEEN’S | Strategy & New Ventures | QUEEN’S | Alliances & Strategic Management Elspeth Murray is the Associate Dean of MBA Programs at Queen’s School of Business. DOUGLAS REID DR. and has been recognized by BusinessWeek as one of the top teachers at the Johnson School. Canada Post. Oracle. a recipient of the Silver Medal from CMA Canada and a Fellow of the Society of Management Accountants of Canada. including It’s No Gamble: The Economic and Social Benefits of Stock Markets. She is also the author of Border Crossings – Doing Business in the U. including Operations Research. Approaches to an International Comparison of R&D Expenditures. and Canada Post.FACULTY TEAM MR. Dr. Prior to joining Queen’s School of Business. an international consulting firm. Shoppers Drug Mart. Enbridge Consumers Gas. Industry Canada. and The Co-operators. Mattel. DOUGLAS M. BMW Canada. PETER RICHARDSON | QUEEN’S | Strategic Management Shawna O’Grady is an authority on team building. Bell Canada. She is also a Director of Parteq. and has been widely quoted in the media. IIE Transactions. Together with Dr. Shoppers Drug Mart and Royal and Sun Alliance. GlaxoSmithKline. Peter has written Fast Forward: Organizational Change in 100 Days. the U. a student-led. As a researcher. in particular. He has conducted executive development seminars on financial tools for senior managers at Alcan. and is an active advisor to several companies including Bell Canada. including the Dare to Dream Internship Program. Mitel. As well. He served on the Board of Directors of Hôtel Dieu Hospital in Kingston. DR. DR. In 2002. Novo Nordisk. Canada Post Corporation and TD Canada Trust. MDS. human resource management. His work has involved methodological and measurement issues in studying emotions. BMW. and the TriColour Venture Fund. along with an accompanying practitioner guide. health economics. Bo Pazderka is an economist with expertise in the economics of research and development. He is a sixtime winner of the MBA Teaching Excellence Award from Queen’s University. she leads the School’s new venture-related activities. Alcoa. Peter Richardson teaches strategy courses on the Executive MBA programs and on a number of the School’s one. including France. she co-authored Fast Forward: Organizational Change in 100 Days with Dr. He is the author of five accounting textbooks. DR.and private-sector organizations including BHP Billiton. and the European Journal of Operational Research. BO PAZDERKA | QUEEN’S | Managerial Economics John Moore is an experienced executive educator who is highly regarded in the accounting profession. Mountain Equipment Co-op. CIBC Mellon. Management Science.

First Chicago.DR. L..S. His numerous credits include CMA Teacher of the Year at Concordia University and contributing author to the Society of Management Accountants CMA Entrance Study Guide. start-up. Forest Service. Manulife. He has published on the topic of integrating capital budgeting and corporate strategy. He has taught in many graduate and executive degree programs and. energy efficiency. Rohit Verma is an Associate Professor of Service Operations Management at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration. Marketing Science Institute. and writes a monthly column for Strategy and periodically for Marketing and the National Post. He has consulted for and been involved in management education programs for several companies. prior to teaching. Equifax. Australia and India. logistics. manufacturing strategy. and the Balanced Scorecard. spent nine years in sales. He has a wealth of experience in teaching MBA and executive development classes in the U. He has published more than 40 articles in prestigious journals and has received several research and teaching awards. Program Faculty is subject to change. financial management. and his guides on the use of the case method have been adopted by universities around the world. He regularly judges “Canada’s Best Managed Companies” and other competitions. and management of several new manufacturing ventures. DR. His research has been sponsored by organizations such as the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI). and sits on a number of advisory/ directorship boards. His teaching interests are supplychain integration. Hoffman-La Roche. He is author of several articles on solid fuel combustion efficiency. He is a 2006 inductee into the Canadian Marketing Hall of Legends and past winner of the National Post’s Leaders In Management Education award. work-sharing systems. His primary areas of expertise are corporate financial reporting. He has lectured internationally on production and operations management. Professor Swieringa won the Justice Foundation Award for Outstanding Teaching at Cornell and has received numerous awards and honors in recognition of his scholarly and professional work. He has won teaching excellence awards at the University of Prince Edward Island. Bell. as well as management-related articles in Naval Logistics Quarterly and Canadian Journal of Higher Education. for 1995 and 2000. the Royal Military College of Canada. forecasting. and behavioural accounting. and the effect of marketing decisions on production planning. TD Canada Trust. He has also served as a member of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) from 1986 to 1996. JOSEPH THOMAS | CORNELL | Manufacturing DR. An outstanding teacher and lecturer. has been responsible for the design. including capital budgeting. Siemens. Ken Wong is one of Canada’s most frequently quoted business professors. His research interests include new product/service design. and has owned and operated a management consulting firm. and transportation safety. and various corporations including CSFB. DANIEL SZPIRO | CORNELL | Managerial Accounting & Control MR. U.S. DR. and operations/marketing interrelated issues. NCR Knowledge Lab. and federal/provincial governments. He is a two-time winner of the Russell Distinguished Teaching Award. ROHIT VERMA | CORNELL | Operations Robert Swieringa is the former Dean of the Johnson School at Cornell. Roger Wright is a former Director of Queen’s National Executive MBA. supplier selection strategies. considering the way people respond to different forms of work organization. His current research interests involve models for managing complex production-distribution systems and the ways in which these can be implemented effectively. and was a visiting scholar at Harvard Business School. corporate governance. Mead Johnson and Kimberley Clark. production and quantitative analysis. ROGER WRIGHT | QUEEN’S | Business Decision Models Joseph Thomas is Dean of the Johnson School at Cornell University and specializes in operations management. post-investment review. ROBERT SWIERINGA | CORNELL | Corporate Governance DR. His clients include Microsoft. He has been a member of the Accounting faculty at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Yale School of Management. quality management and process improvement. and other international activities in the consumer electronics industry. and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). Tim Hortons. and is a member of the Board of Directors of General Electric. addresses and consults with corporations around the world. CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA 23 . His publications have dealt with manufacturing management. Europe. KEN WONG | QUEEN’S | Marketing Strategy Danny Szpiro is an award-winning teacher and expert on financial management. He has worked with the Strategic Planning Institute at Harvard University and the Conference Board of Canada.

Please note that evaluators must send these forms directly to Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA Admissions Committee. Shai Dubey Program Director Canada Dr. and volunteer and community activities. 24 CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA .888. There is no application fee for CornellQueen’s Executive MBA.cqemba. Among the criteria considered are: 1.cqemba.393. Cover Letter: A cover letter that outlines current responsibilities and assignments. Official Transcripts: A certified transcript from each post-secondary institution you have attended. and an evaluation form completed by a colleague. Application Advisors Application Advisors will work with you through every step of the application process. Your Previous Academic Experience 4. Admission to the program is competitive.888. For dates and times. Program alumni and current participants often attend these sessions and can provide first-hand accounts of the program. They also provide the opportunity to speak with the Program Director.888. sent by the Registrar of that institution to Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA Admissions Committee.” Shai Dubey Program Director. Applications are reviewed immediately upon receipt of completed files and admission decisions are rendered as soon as reference checks are completed. but presents you and your qualifications in the best possible light. reasons for applying to Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA. They will offer a preliminary assessment of your qualifications and suggest helpful ways to strengthen your résumé and cover letter.com.888.EXEC MBA (1. Daniel Szpiro Program Director U. The evaluation forms can be downloaded from our website at www.393. Letters of Reference 3.EXEC MBA (1.APPLICATION PROCESS Your Application Advisor will work with you to ensure that your application is not only complete. Mr.A. or simply call an Application Advisor at 1.2622). To speak with an Application Advisor. A Personal Interview Application Procedure Applications for admission to the program must include: 1.888.S. Admissions Committee Queen’s School of Business Goodes Hall Queen’s University Kingston. 4. Ontario K7L 3N6 We hold all application materials in complete confidence. Application Form: Application forms can be completed online or downloaded from our website at www. career accomplishments. and professional and personal goals and plans.888. call toll-free 1. Information session dates are also available on our website at www.2622).com. work experience. PROGRAM LEADERSHIP Dr. “ We encourage anyone interested in learning more about Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA to contact us directly at 1.888. 5. Elspeth Murray Associate Dean MBA Programs Mr. as space is limited.com. 2. please call toll-free 1. Admission Requirements We recognize that individuals have unique strengths and experiences. Applicants are encouraged to apply early. Two References: You are required to submit an evaluation form completed by your immediate supervisor. Your Management Experience 2.2622). Gary Scott Director Operations Information Sessions Information sessions provide an opportunity to learn more about the program and the videoconference learning technology.EXEC MBA (1. Brian Marchant Director Team and Personal Coaching Mr.cqemba. a Professor or an Application Advisor.393.EXEC MBA. 3. memberships in professional associations. Résumé: A current résumé that includes academic experience. and these will be given consideration in the admission decision. Canada ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE Please send all application materials to: Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA.

000 is required. your financial application.cqemba. Personal Income Tax Treatment of Tuition Fees Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA participants who pay all or part of the program fee personally are eligible to claim a tuition tax credit. While credit approval does not guarantee acceptance into Queen’s.COM ROYAL BANK LOAN You may qualify for financing with RBC Royal Bank.ALLINCLUSIVE FEE FINANCING RRSP WITHDRAWALS You and your spouse may be eligible to make tax-free withdrawals from your RRSPs of up to $20. The balance is paid in four installments during the program. since they will be adding to the skill-set of their most promising managers. They can be found in the Financing section. Or.393.888. will give you a head start and ultimately. WHY SHOULD YOU SECURE PRE-APPROVAL? Tuition loan pre-approval will save you time. FOR COMPLETE DETAILS ON FEES AND A FEE SCHEDULE.CQEMBA. CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP Sponsoring an employee in CornellQueen’s Executive MBA is a wise and costeffective business decision for organizations.000 per person for travel and accommodation expenses relating to the Global Business Project An initial deposit of $2. While in the program you pay only the interest. we have created a downloadable brochure entitled Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA – The Case for Sponsorship. PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.cqemba. submitted at the same time as your Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA application. tax savings are equivalent to approximately 25% of the eligible tuition fee.com. at the preferred rate of RBC prime plus 1%. ask a professional income tax advisor to give you an assessment of the full impact of fees on your personal income tax situation.000 each over two years to help fund your education. CORNELL–QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA 25 . peace of mind. For more information. To help you seek support from your organization. LOAN APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Printable loan application forms may be downloaded from our website at www. Please contact your income tax advisor for details.com or contact the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program office for full details. The repayment period is up to 15 years upon graduation with a negotiable interest rate. simply call an Application Advisor at 1.2622 and a loan application will be e-mailed to you. Typically. Please visit our website at www. The fee for Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA is an all-inclusive fee covering: • Tuition • Books and all learning materials • All software required for the program and in-house technical support • Meals and accommodation during the residential sessions held at Queen’s and Cornell • Up to $4.

888.queensu.888.ca Web: www.2313 E-mail: cqemba@business. PRIN D IN CAN TE A AD IMP A09.2622) Voice: 613.0107 IM É AU CA NA DA R .EXEC MBA (1.533.com This graduate dual-degree program is offered in partnership by Queen’s School of Business at Queen’s University and the Johnson School at Cornell University.cqemba.393.533. Ontario Canada K7L 3N6 Toll-free: 1.The Johnson School at Cornell University Queen’s School of Business CORNELL-QUEEN’S EXECUTIVE MBA Queen’s School of Business Goodes Hall Queen’s University Kingston.6811 Fax: 613.

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