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Asian Society for Adapted Physical Education and Exercise

Korea National Sport University

88-15, Oryun-dong, Songpa-gu
Seoul, Korea 138-829
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August 12, 2010

Dear whom it may concern to

Let me take this opportunity to deliver my appreciation for your enormous

contributions to the development of Asian Society for Adapted Physical Education
and Exercise. ASAPE recently held our 11th International ASAPE symposium in
Solo city of Indonesia from 6th through 8th of August with approximately over 500
participants who represented each member countries such as Korea republic, Japan,
China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and so on.

General Assembly of ASAPE, moreover, took place in the same host during
the 11th ASAPE international symposium. All the board members reached
agreement on appointment of the new president of ASAPE.
Dr Shihui Chen teaching at the HK Institute of Education was appointed
and unanimously confirmed as our next president who will take over the
ASAPE presidency from year 2010. 8. to 2012. 8.
Hong-Kong was also selected as the host country for upcoming 12th ASAPE
international symposium in 2012. All Asian member countries such as Korea,
Japan, China, Hong Kong, Chinese Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia are of course
supposed to participate in and dedicated to the success of this symposium.
I kindly inform you of this result, Dr Shihui Chen who was elected in
compliance with ASAPE official regulation.
Thank you very much to our everlasting interests and sincere favors to ASAPE
with our all members and it was my great pleasure and challenges for the sacrificing
my all as the ASAPE president.

Best regards,

Dr. Kyung-Sook Kim

Asian Society for Adapted Physical Education and Exercise

This photo is Dr. Kim Kyung-Sook(President) and Dr. Shihui Chen (Elect President)
Introduce of the next ASAPE president

Shihui Chen, PhD. CAPE

Associate Professor
Department of Health and Physical Education
The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Tai Po, N.T.
Hong Kong, China