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Project Proposal
Name: Bhavesh Kumar Enrollment No: 09BS0000550 E-Mail:

A study on Enterprise Risk Management with special reference to Indian Banking Industry.

Enterprise risk management in business includes the methods and processes used by organizations to manage risk and seize opportunities. Indian banks operate in more volatile financial markets, and they are undergoing significant structural changes with respect to deregulation, privatization, and consolidation. Moreover, Indian banks face complex organizational and technical challenges in meeting new regulatory requirements from their central banks and the Basel II framework. Some of the key risk associated with banks in which ERM initiatives is needed are as follows: Economic and financial uncertainties.  Banking reform and structural changes.  Significant gaps in risk management capabilities.  New regulatory requirements.  Business and competitive mandates.  People and skills.  Change management.  Data and modeling tools.  Reporting and disclosure.  Strategy and execution. Three key reasons why Indian bank should adopt ERM without delay are as follows: Banks face complex risks that are highly interdependent, and an ERM framework enables a bank to manage all major risks and their interdependencies.  An ERM framework provides the overall architecture for a bank¶s risk management programme.  Empirical research and industry surveys have indicated that there are clear business benefits for adopting an ERM programme.

 Indentify risks.  Assessing/prioritizing risks. METHODOLOGY:  Project includes performance analysis of banks and financial institutions: Risk management perspective.  Analyzing and quantifying risks.OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT: objective is given below: Establishing context. .  Providing risk education for the board of directors.  Treating and exploiting risks.  Integrating risks. .  Project will also be based on secondary data analysis which includes Study of various magazines. SCHEDULE: y y y August 9¶10 ± Submission of Project Proposal December 10¶10 ± Submission of Interim Report March11¶11 ± Submission of Final Project Report.  Data will be collected from live cases of different banks on risk management.  Monitoring & reviewing. Some of the  Developing risk Measurement models and databases. as well as risk training for a wider group of employees. In this project main motive is to find out the various risk associated with banks and how it can be minimize with help of ERM. journals and internet search.

Bloomberg. Wiley Finance (2003)  Risk Management in Indian Banks Author: K M Bhattacharya  Bank Annual Reports. policies and procedures actually followed by a specific Bank may not be procured as these may be confidential in nature. July 1997 to Aug 2006. (Signature Of Student) . Faculty Guide Name: Prof. Sumitro Saha. y REFERENCE:  ³Enterprise Risk Management ± From Incentives to Controls.  Yahoo Finance. tools & techniques. So.´ James Lam. This project suffers from the limitation of time constraint.LIMITATION OF THE STUDY: y The study is mainly based on secondary data.

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