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Published by: Noi Nurhasanah on Aug 29, 2010
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• He will cry every time he thinks of his family in US when he is alone.
• Don’t let him feel alone and give him more love.
• He is afraid of screaming voice and horror movie, yea, but he also love to watch it!
• He likes girl who know how to dance.
• He will get mad if people left him alone. Once, he is in hospital, Xiah didn’t visit him,
he get mad at Xiah, so remember to visit him when he‘s in hospital.
• He has sexy collar bones so he likes to wear v-neck cloths but don’t let him wear it
during cold days.
• He can eat many snacks but better let him eat rice more! He is too skinny, you know?
• Micky’s and Yunho’s favorite drink is Tok-tok. They can drink 5 packets per day.
• He have a killer smile, causing blood loss, people that have weak heart could be killed
by it.
• His favorite things are piano and coffee.
• Jaejoong and Hyunjoong are his great friends. They never bring other people along
when having a get together.
• He's not a night person, nor is he a morning person.
• He loves playing games and he believes he’s good at them. Therefore, he never has any
• When he sees an attractive girl, he’s unable to take his eyes off of her.
• He likes to roll his pants up. It’s a new style he’s trying to endorse.
• He (as well as the rest of the members) are very supportive of SHINee. Before their
debut, Yoochun would always buy food for them and supported them by fiving them


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