Choral Speaking Script for 1d | Malaysia | Strait Of Malacca

ONE MALAYSIA Ladies and gentlemen, WE… from 1 Al-Farabi… PROUDLY (push up chest) Present to you… ONE MALAYSIA

Malaysia is a multi – racial country Individual A – MALAY! Individual B – CHINESE! Individual C – INDIAN! Individual D – BAJAU! Individual E – SULUK!

We ARE different… BUT We DO share the Group 1 – SAME HISTORY Group 2 – SAME DREAM Group 3 – SAME VISION All of us… want to be ONE Individual A – Where can we find all this? Individual B – Nowhere but only in Malaysia!

Even our famous Malaysians Are from various race Dato’ Sri Tony Fernandes – the owner of Air Asia airlines Datuk Siti Nurhaliza – our famous singer Datuk Nicol David – the world squash champion And the list goes on… and on… and on…

FOOD… glorious food! Malaysia has lots of different food… From kuih sago up to our famous King of Food, Durian! (Eeeewwww… Yummy!) We see… Group A : Malay eating mooncakes Group B: Chinese eating lemang Group C: Indians eating char kuey tiao Group D: Kadazans eating ketupat We might be of a different race but… We all share our food!


he made us all proud. Or. We are willing… To bear the responsibilities… To meet the challenges of globalization Let us all…ALL… walk hand in hand 2 . ADIDAS. the teenagers… the hope of the country Want a safe and peaceful country… Upholding the principles in Rukunegara. Datin Paduka Sharifah Mazlina The first… very first Asian woman (proud tone) To travel alone to the cold (sound of cold) South Pole! Malaysia’s tourist spots are the best! Sipadan Island – a heaven for divers Malacca – the city full of history Sepilok – orang utan rehabilitation center (make monkey sound) Individual A: Hey! It’s orang utan… not monkey my friend! Individual B: Ooopss! Sorry! Kuala Lumpur – the shopping paradise – From pirated goods in Petaling Street (Come buy! Buy 2 free 1) To the branded goods (GUCCI. NIKE) in KLCC (Pause) This is Malaysia… we offer you loads of fun and loads of flora and fauna We. Syeikh Muszaphar! Who says that Malaysians can reach the space? We did! In the year 2007.Even our Malaysian stars are from various races Datuk Tony Fernandes – the proud owner of Air Asia Airlines Datuk Siti Nurhaliza – our songbird… her beautiful voice amazes everyone Datuk Nicol David – the young world squash champion that everyone proud of And the list goes on… and on… and on… As we step closer… to year 2020… Individual A: Vision 2020! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR MALAYSIA (firm & loud) Proof? Our very own handsome Angkasawan Negara (Girls: aawwwwww……) Girls: Dr. PRADA.

one nation ONE MALAYSIA! (proud and firm) May the force be with you! 3 .To create a better tomorrow For you and for me… for EVERYBODY! (with passion) One voice. one hope.

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