An increasingly complex structure would probably best describe the make up of the automobile industry. As the time demands constant change, the automobile industry players have innovated on all the aspects of their business, particularly in production, to cope up with the demands of the steadily growing market worldwide (2003). Innovations take place within the framework of the industry, and the continuous decentralization of management structures and the strategy of diversification of output helped the industry in fostering a strong front in the face of economic crises. With the evolution of cars come sizeable changes in how the industry is run. In particular, Bavarian Motor Works (BMW), an independent German company and manufacturer of autom obiles and motorcycle sets a new level of innovation of the BMW cars ±the BMW 3 series. According to their Annual Report (2005), the 3 Series is BMW's best selling automobile. Thus, almost 40% of all automobiles sold by the company in 2005 was comprises of it. On the other hand, the new BMW 3 Series Sedan sets the standards for its class. From its stunning good looks to its state-of-the-art power plants, the new 3 Series Sedan is 100% BMW. The new transmission systems and sports-tuned suspension deliver unmatched levels of agility, responsiveness and handling excellence. And inside the spacious cabin, there's even more of the renowned BMW elegance and style. The new BMW 3 Series Sedan: a new passion for driving.

Product Development
The main products of the BMW are luxury automobiles and motorcycles, which were distributed worldwide. These products will be available for the customers who want topquality and branded cars and those who wanted to fulfill their hobby (e.g. car collection). On the other hand, the company also offered variety of products like the BMW 3 Series which was an entry-level luxury car/compact executive car manufactured by BMW since May 1975. It was modeled to their 2002 coupe, but added a more powerful 2.0 L 110 hp (82 kW) engine and other performance augmentations. Actually, the 3 Series was the smallest car line manufactured by BMW (exempting the BMW-owned MINI) before the release of the BMW 1 Series in 2004.

Moreover. Distribution/Place To be known in the market place. one of the strategies that BMW utilizes is on high-powered engine vehicles and innovation of car series (i. BMW 3 series. Through the use of demographics and psychographics. And to be known internationally.The products are different in other competition in a way that the company maximizes quality. These promotion and communication strategy tend to meet the consumers from different places everywhere. And other consumers can avail the car products using the on-line marketing store. all needs and demands of target market will be known by the company in order to provide the customers in the utmost time. print advertisements and the concept of e-marketing. E marketing is a powerful tool used by different business organizations around the world. Promotion To promote the company and its product (BMW 3 series). since the trend in the market place today is the usage of e-marketing. motorcycles). It does not only reconfigured the way different firms do business and the way the consumers buy goods and services but it also become instrumental in transforming the value chain from manufacturers to retailers to consumers. The products are available at the BMW outlets worldwide. It is . In order to be known into the market place. especially those target markets or the consumers in the working place. the company provides its target market with a competitive cost that corresponds to their high quality products and services. the product was distributed directly to its clients and customers. the BMW uses video advertisements. The company gives the customer and client a price that is enough and matches the quality of their products. The company also find other car enhancements to be known globally. which provides all the product lines by contacting the outlets near the location of the customers. Price One of the advantages of the company is when it comes to its pricing tactic. the company provided a website that any client can access. creating a new retail distribution channel (1999).e. BMW 1 series. The use of the Internet is changing high-tech marketing overnight while different industries have been trying to use it as part of their marketing strategy.

speak. Process As stated. tours. through the website. (2001) have provided a 5Ss¶ mnemonic for how the internet can be applied by all business firms for different e-marketing tactics. vendors. billboards. through TV advertisement. People The world¶s automotive industry particularly the BMW affects the society as a whole. BMW uses several of marketing strategies to sell their car products (i. the BMW created its own website (). tens of millions indirectly. Its products have transformed society. These 5S¶s are selling. on the other hand. particular social issues to address in many developing countries. The social value of the additional mobility that this industry brings involves the value of the people being able to commute over longer distances easily. The main objective of utilizing e-marketing strategy is to keep in touch to different internet users to be able to attract more clients and traveler¶s. stockholders. . the true strength of e-marketing is acceleration of the business portfolio. bringing undreamed-of levels of mobility. Thus.defined as the process of achieving marketing objectives through the use of electronic communications technology. whether the user is a customer. E-marketing is also known to be the online marketing strategy utilized by BMW whose objective is to be the best company in their field. and to make the necessary investments. All in all.e. and internet/e-marketing). It employs millions of people directly. There are. The automotive industry has the role to play in helping develop the mobility of such countries and it can be achieved at an acceptable social cost of the country is prepared to learn the necessary lessons from those who have traveled this route before it. employee. among many others. save and sizzle. For most of its existence the motor industry has been a model of social discipline and control and it is not just that the auto sector offers a µpillar¶ of something else. changing the ways people live and work. often those that are the result of an undertone of religious faith. serve. retailers or end customers.

it brings people road congestion. When the auto parts industry reached full development. Marketing Mix Recommendations From the discussion. The possibilities suggest that BMW technology is unexpectedly robust and provides a powerful defense against energy starvation even if the real price of oil climbs steadily during the next couple of decades. intellectual capabilities and emotional sensitivities through electronic technologies remain far from fully exploited. Roughly a million new cars and trucks are built around the world each week ± they are easily the most complex products of their kind to be mass-produced in such volumes. There are numerous additional nearterm technological opportunities to adapt the automobile to changing energy availability. intellectual property law. But still. The level and diversity of technologies that it must deploy are increasing. the potential for developing coordination skills. . Indirectly. BMW is subject to numerous technical directives and regulations. which imposes both new investment burdens and new uncertainties and risks. consumer protection and taxation. as well as legislation of a more legal nature. Other than the vehicles themselves. too many fatalities and a wave of other environmental troubles. and emissions (air quality and fuels). The effect to the BMW are that they needed to establish R&D centres to take advantage of research infrastructure and human capital.Physical Evidence The BMW works on a scale so awesome and has an influence so vast that it is often difficult to see. accelerated technological efforts were made to create a web of local suppliers that would make it possible to meet the growing legal requirements for the national integration of production. and the roads and fuel needed to run them. the business is intricately tied to the manufacture of a wide range of componen and the ts extraction of precious raw materials. The industry uses manufacturing technology that is the cutting edge of science. The legislation covers areas such as competition law. so that they can develop vehicle products locally to satisfy the requirements of the environmental and safety regulations more effectively.

At the same time. up from 35% during the 2004 survey of the same issue. Japan and North America (2005). the targets market volume is still to be found in Western Europe. perhaps the rest of the world should hold its breath in the anticipation of what might transpire in this industry where innovation is first and foremost. To that end. marketing and industrial cooperation among car makers. a survey of auto executives revealed that 51% of them believe that the world will witness major consolidations in the field. In 2003. giving special attention to profitgaining activities and concentrating also on arranging for financial. will be to focus on competition that would become more rigorous. far removed from their original use through consulting engineering firms that undertake to design and equip factories. a prominent industry insider has predicted that it would all just boil down to three to four auto giants within 10 years ( 1995). Last year. could result in the profound consolidation of car manufacturer giants. the competitive edge. The greatest area for growth according to (2003) is to be found in the emerging auto markets of Asia and Eastern Europe. . The tendency for car manufacturers like BMW. which basically means that the manufacturing and materials handling processes that revolve around mass auto production will be. as an example the 1998 µmerger-ofequals¶ by the old Chrysler Corporation with German automaker Daimler-Benz. in the future. then. The growing pressures of the global economy.Business Products (1982) observed that the automotive industry has been depended upon by other industrial sectors to provide them with means with which to optimise their investment capital because of the transfer of its technology.

One core competency of the company is their brand management.International Marketing BMW has several core competencies. And for that to happen. Their highly coordinated logistics system handled by outsourced firms also form part of their core competencies. Another marked advantage is their ability at the moving assembly line. Another core competency is their supply chain management. the e-marketing procedures employed by BMW will possibly boost their advantage in international market since they have the capabilities to innovate branded cars (e. and if possible. overtake General Motors in its market leadership in the automotive industry. Many observers believe that more stakeholders -.investors. Yet another advantage is BMW¶s focusing on its product development technology under a single product information-management program through standardising and incorporating them. plastic and other raw materials supplier. they were able to get ahead of the competitors manufacturing processes-wise and were also able to save on costs and time. investors are expected to increasingly seek out sustainable companies and avoid firms with poor environmental performance.g. which they could utilize to further gain advantage over their competitors. the concept must be articulated in terms that are familiar to business leaders. it must be integrated into the planning and measurement systems of business enterprises. which links to their ability to maintain a steady stream of raw materials coming in for production because of their long-term good standing with their steel. In addition. Being the pioneer of such mass production system. . consumers are expected to search for products that perform well environmentally. glass. The strength of their automotive marketing has been such that their brand is known even in the parts of the world where cars are not the common medium of transportation. leading to excellent inventory management and always on schedule production activities. consumers. Likewise. BMW 3 series). judging the sustainable companies as better risks over the long term. In addition.will insist that companies to take environmental and social costs as seriously as they take purely financial costs. If sustainable development is to achieve its potential. nongovernmental organisations and others -.

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