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Venel Lamarie, a Haitian currently working in Lawrence, will share about his life in Haiti and the money he sends to school teachers through a non-profit organization, Hands for Haiti. It's been a year since the 7.0 Earthquake ravaged Haiti, a nation already suffering the most poverty in the Western Hemisphere. How are they rebuilding? Autumn Magiera, Cultural Anthropologist, will utilize the power of story and visual imagery to empower and give voice to women within the community of Maai Mahiu, Kenya. She will explore themes of gender, education, opportunity, mental and emotional landscapes, identity and global inequality. KU Anthropology professor Felix Moos will speak about international security, which will give insight to the class he teaches on terrorism in the KU Anthropology department.

Aug. 25

Hands for Haiti

Sep. The Girl Effect: Empower1 ment in East Africa. Sep. Anthropology and 8 International Security Sep. Homelessness: The 15 Search for a Lawrence shelter Sep. TBA 22 Sep. Cultural History of Gender 29 & Sexuality in the Body. Oct. Immigration Justice: 6 Broken System Response Oct. Trans-formation Trans13 Oct. El Salvador: Lessons in 20 Community Organizing. Oct. 27 Nov. 3 What Bureaucracies do Right
KS Passenger Rail & Lawrence's Santa Fe Station.

The relocation of the Lawrence Community Shelter – the capital campaign, the neighborhood meetings, the stronger programs, the increased sleeping capacity in all seasons, increased capacity for collaboration with agencies, larger medical clinic, jobs programs, families programs and separated area, etc. TBA

As a professor of Humanities & Western Civilization as well as Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Chris Forth is currently writing a cultural history of fat and softness in the West, and maintains an interest in representations of gender in popular culture, notably in film noir, hard-boiled fiction, and science fiction. Our current immigration system has many costs, including the separation of families, escalating border crossing deaths, racial profiling, increasing distrust of law enforcement, and a lack of access to college education. How have humanitarian and interfaith groups responded to the various moral aspects of this crisis, including most recently the law passed in Arizona, SB 1070?

Scott Criqui, who holds a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management, will lead an educational workshop to promote an understanding of gender expression and identity.
Living as volunteers with US - El Salvador Sister Cities in El Papaturro, El Salvador, for six months from 2009 - 2010, Sarah and Jennifer accompanied rural organizing efforts on both the national and regional level. The strength and persistence of the social movement provides many lessons for community organizers in the US, and hope for the future de la lucha para un cambio . Leisha DeHart-Davis, Associate Professor of Public Administration, will explain the blessings of Bureaucracy. American society construes bureaucracy as a burdensome impingement on individual freedom. This presentation will make the counterargument, that bureaucracy ensures freedom Cities throughout the rail corridor between KC and OKC signed resolutions to bring back a passenger rail service that was removed in 1979. The 2010 KS State legislature passed two bills authorizing the Sec. of Transportation to enter into contracts with carriers and to draft a passenger rail plan. In March 2010 Amtrak completed a promising study about this route to be finished in 2014.

Nov. Sustainability in 10 Douglas County Nov. Return of the BlackBlack17 footed Ferret To Kansas Nov. 24 Dec. 1

Eileen Horn, Sustainability Coordinator for Douglas County and the City of Lawrence, will present on sustainability in Douglas County! She will offer an update of current city and county projects and programs in the works.
Dan Mulhern of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service shares his reflections on this amazing animal and how it came back.

No Forum due to Thanksgiving

Talking Trash: Food In/
Security from the Margins

Rachel Vaughn, PhD Candidate in American Studies, presents oral history research on the role of the dumpster in terms of US international waste policy, surplus food production, and rethinking privatizations of commons resources.
suggestions. This session suggestions.

Spring 2011 Planning will be Wednesday, December 8th 11:30am-1pm at ECM. Please bring topics and/or presenter 11:30amUniversityis open to anyone; previous attendance at a University-Community Forum is not required. *

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