By:- Arun Sharma B.Tech, ECE 7th Sem

Voice Recognition System s are those systems which can recognize the voices of the individuals.

How Humans do This????????

Articulation produces sound waves which the ear conveys to the brain for processing.

How might computers do this????

Acoustic waveform

Acoustic signal 

Digitization  Acoustic analysis of the speech signal  Linguistic interpretation

Speech recognition


Isolated Systems requires a brief pause between the spoken words. While Continuous Systems doesn t. Speaker Dependent Systems recognize speech from only one speaker. While Speaker-Independent Systems can recognize anyone s speech.

How to create a Voice Recognition System 
Speech Acquisition(Collection).  Speech Analysis.  User Interface Development.

Speech Acquisition
‡ For training purpose the speech is acquired using the microphone, for the analysis. ‡ The sound card of PC converts the Analog Speech input into digital format for further analysis.

Speech Analysis 
The First important step in Speech Analysis is to separate each word from the ambient noise.  Further each spoken word is compared with the inbuilt acoustic model or dictionary which is created during the training session.  The above step is done with the help of an efficient speech detection algorithm.

User Interface Development 
Final Step is to Develop a User Interface, so that all users can use these system with ease. For Example: Speech Recognition System of Windows 7 looks so compact & is as shown below.

Telephony and Other Domains.  People with Disabilities.  Training Air-Traffic Controller.  High Performance Fighter Air-Craft.  Electronic Medical Records etc

People with Disability
‡ This picture shows how Voice Recognition System is helping a Disable man to complete his work.

Voice Recognition Gadgets
‡ Voice Recognition Systems can be embedded with modern gadgets. Example:-TV etc

Voice Recognition in HighPerformance Fighter Aircrafts 
Voice Recognition System has substantially added in High-Performance Fighter Aircrafts.  This System helps the pilot to control the various subsystem in an effective manner.
F-35 is the first US Fighter Aircraft with Voice Recognition System able to hear the pilot spoken commands to manage various aircraft subsystems, such as communications and navigation.

Voice Recognition System: Flaws and Weakness 
Low signal-to-noise ratio.  Overlapping speech.  Differentiation b/w Homonyms.  Intensive use of computer power.

(According to a paper written by Lippmann in 1997)

0.8 0.6 0.4 Digits 0.2 0 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0



Digits Error Rate

Word Error Rate

How to Remove Flaws and Weakness of VRS 
Using High Quality Microphone.  Use Good Quality of Sound Cards.  System must be trained properly.  If possible work in quiet environment.

Human performance figures suggests that we still have enormous room for improvement.  At present several new algorithms are developed to implement voice recognition system.


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