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This report deals with the flexibility analysis of the engine exhaust pipe system,
during the sustained, operating and expansion cycles which results in the development of
stresses and thermal expansion inside the piping system. To control these thermal
expansions and to check the stresses and the support loads in the system we are
performing computer analysis of the given system on Caesar.

Pipes are subjected to high pressure and temperature also they have to bear the
load of fluid flowing through them. We need to check and confirm that the pipe is not
going to fail with these loading. This process of checking the stresses developed in the
piping due to various loading is called pipe stress analysis / flexibility analysis. In the
process of analysis we apply various postulated loadings on the pipe and find out the
stresses resulted from this loading, then we check with governing codes if those stresses
generated are acceptable or not. We check support load and movement for various
loading conditions. These loadings are to be within acceptable limits of the equipment.
We also find out the pipe growth due to change in temperature and need to keep the
movement of pipe within acceptable limits.

Ship is a very complex and compact structure. The space available is very limited
so various systems are to be squeezed in it utilizing all the space. The chance of
modifying any of the system’s course is not possible. Stress Strain Analysis of piping
system is very important so as to design the piping system as required and it operates
under safe conditions without failure so as to avoid a major accident and reduce
maintenance and fitting cost.