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20% Wind Energy by 2030

20% Wind Energy by 2030

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Published by: fgm on Aug 30, 2010
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Projected electricity demand estimates, as well as financing and economic
assumptions, were obtained from the AEO reference case (EIA 2007). Total direct
costs of all generation technologies were estimated over a 20-year planning horizon
in each two-year solution period. The sum of these direct costs represents the total
cost to the electricity sector for generation choices through 2030, including costs for
capital investment, operations and maintenance (O&M), new transmission, and fuel.

To calculate the impacts of 20% wind energy, the authors of this report have
constructed a scenario in which no new wind systems are installed after 2006. This
scenario assumes that the conventional generation mix expands to meet electricity
demand with currently enacted policies. Table A-1 outlines the major assumptions in
the scenario and supporting analyses. The difference between the two cases, 20%
wind and no new wind, represents the impact of wind energy.

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