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20% Wind Energy by 2030

20% Wind Energy by 2030

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Published by: fgm on Aug 30, 2010
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As a nation, the United States has made much progress recently in developing its
wind resources. With advancements in wind technologies and increasing demand for
electricity projected, however, significant opportunities to develop this domestic
renewable resource will continue to arise. Actions toward this goal, as identified in
the 20% Wind Scenario, offer residents and businesses in the rural and urban United
States potential for economic development opportunities and potential for

The United States is a prime location for developing wind resources and new wind
manufacturing facilities. At the same time, relocating or expanding existing
industries can give businesses opportunities to meet many of the material needs
associated with wind technology manufacturing, installation, and facility operation.

In many areas of the country, renewable resources provide an opportunity to boost
the local economy significantly. Wind plants offer employment during construction
and continue to support permanent jobs during operation. Today, tax revenues from
wind plants help to fund local schools, hospitals, and government services.

Based on the scenario presented in this report, a new and expanding wind
manufacturing industry can meet 20% of our domestic electricity needs through

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