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Making paper Hydrangeas with your heart punch

1. Cut a strip of white card stock 1”

wide and fold in half lengthways.
Insert the folded card into your
punch (fold down) leave a small
gap between the heart point and
the card fold. Punch two per

2. On a soft pad shape the petals

with a large emboss tool and add
some veins with a smaller one.

3. Sponge certainly celery in the


4. Bashful blue on the outside of the


5. Glue the centres together off

setting them in a cross shape.

6. Add a half pearl to the centre and

Pinch all four petals.
7. For a different look punch a ½” circle
and shape into a cup

8.Add a foam dot to the centre and

stick your circle on top. Add glitter.

9. To make some curly vines to add to

your flower spray double punch the
wide oval with certainly celery card
stock, thin on one end and thicker at
the other.

10. Curl this around a thin paint brush.

11. Add the wing and branch from the

2 step bird punch as leaves.

12. Make some Hydrangea leaves with

the same heart punch by folding in
half, running through the crimper and
pinching the top together with a little
glue (refer to my fuchsia pattern on my


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