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St udent Co nduct

& Disc iplin e Co de

Martin County Schools

Intr oductio n

 written by the Martin County School


 used by all Martin County Schools

When do these rul es
apply ?
 At school
 En route to and from school
 School-related activities

Ze ro To le rance
 Mandatory expulsion for the following:
 Homicide
 Sex crime
 Arson
 Aggravated battery
 Drugs & alcohol
 Weapons
 Bomb threat
pg. 3 - 4
Disc ip li ne Menu

 List of potential consequences numbered

1 - 22.

pg. 6
 You can look at pg. 7 through 13 in the student code book
and match up behavior infractions with the potential
disciplinary action.

 Example:

Infraction in the left column:

“Failure to be prepared’

Consequence in the right column:

Ref# 1-6, 8,11,22

pg. 7 - 13
Cell Ph ones & iPo ds
 You may have a cell phone on campus except
when it interferes with learning, or you use it
during school hours without permission.

 Teachers are instructed to give it to Ms.

George if they hear it, or see it.

 Digital media players are not allowed in school.

pg. 14
Expulsi on Pro cedures

 There are six steps in the process of a

student being expelled from a Martin
County School.

 It includes the Principal & the School

At tendance
 There are rules listed about excused &
unexcused absences.

 There are specific rules that govern make-up


 Our Guidance Dept. works with excessively

absent students.

pg. 17 - 19
Dr ess Code
 “Clothing or hairstyles should not be distracting or
disruptive to the learning environment.”

 Shirts must have collars, sleeves, be tucked in with

a belt (if loops are present)
 Pants must be worn at waist level.
 Shorts can be no shorter than 4 inches above the
knee. Skirts & dresses no shorter than 2 inches
above the knee.
 Clothes should fit – not excessively baggy or tight.
 No backless shoes.
 The use of clear or mesh backpacks & book bags is

pg. 22 - 23
Th e r est of i t

 Bus responsibilities/safety - page 23.

 Extra curricular requirements (2.0 GPA) -
page 24.
 Grievance / Complaint procedures –
page 26 – 27.