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Insurance Management

Helping You Improve Front Office Efficiencies

Insur a n c e ma n a g em e n t

Handling Patient Insurance with Ease and Beauty

As easy as it gets. Creating claims is a breeze. With one click, you can bring up a
claim form for all a patient's procedures for the day, or individual procedures. All the
pertinent information is automatically included. Notice something that needs to be
changed? No problem. Just click on that area of the claim to edit any of the information.

Get your money's worth. DENTRIX automatically tracks uninsured procedures,

making sure you don't miss any claims which should have been submitted. And
DENTRIX tracks secondary insurance as well, alerting you when it's available. You can be
sure you'll get all the money you've worked hard for.

Speedy delivery. DENTRIX comes with built-in capability for sending

electronic claims, a feature which enhances both the speed and accuracy of
the claims submission process. In other words, you are reimbursed for your
work more quickly and accurately with DENTRIX's eClaims capabilities. Many industry
consultants are praising eClaims submission as a true, money-saving innovation. Yes,
electronic claims means faster turnaround and lower overhead costs.

SHOW YOUR PATIENTS. Because DENTRIX tracks available benefits, you can use this
information in presenting treatment plans to your patients. They'll see what they have

entrix handles patient insurance beautifully. Enter a patient's employer, and
left, and you can schedule them accordingly.
the applicable carrier information is automatically brought up. Several standard
coverage tables are included, and you can customize coverage for various carriers to
Trojan Insurance Database. The DENTRIX-Trojan software utility
your heart's content. DENTRIX easily handles any number of different fee schedules,
allows users to integrate the comprehensive insurance information offered by
and even capitation and HMO plans. And our sophisticated Intelligent Estimate system
Trojan to their DENTRIX insurance database, eliminating a large amount of
accurately predicts how much a carrier will cover eliminating the guess work and making
data entry and improving accuracy of insurance information. To find out if Trojan is
billing a breeze.
available in your area, call 1-800-451-9723.