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LiFe Wisiony Name - Sosthine Nolte Age - %4130 sex - Femole \ONo- ol0gg5n Village — Bovvang Sub-locahon — Esihulu locethion — Bulhaye yseck Division — Malaysh Distnel - Busia, Hosheund - Nyame Mia aga Chitdien 7 Boys 0 GIs 7 Mie Dead Beas ° oO ails <7. 2 Her hushang Hees ne fi : Years bach. Ve lect chnidren and ast bof wos : got married - eae pre wes = married tere in Montaka.+ AM. her ee tn anh a Net hey ome because er step—davahter goid the \ati-V ee 4 | bougln rev 4 and where she ws fou Nin + Heley she came he(e was “towed by the Programme to ate care og Wher) “the land hak she wos awe ys Oh gor Yuding a house bul she dom have a glace {o dy of fe prachide Sothethig on: Because atl chiibien ah whe was ie tes mated 18 aot S0° ow lake ts Wi alone She i now thanlgul gay the Preqramaye Yo Jane cave of Mer - Shel 15 flow \iving Peaceeu\ eee even ie % God, Me leaiis chee betag quven by he Programme She asl the Prowamme to continue » :