Standard Color Selections

Spirit 3000 Dental Chair FEATURES
• Dual integrated touch pads
Deep Sapphire-UPH-SA Lake Louise - UPH-LL Blue Fog - UPH-BF Deep Sea - UPH-DS

• Contemporary design • Sliding armrests • Narrow back and traditional back designs

comfort. Unsurpassed luxury. “ SuperiorPelton & Crane Spirit 3000 The dental chair is in a class all by itself. ”

Mint Leaf - UPH-ML

Feather - UPH-FR

Mulberry - UPH-MB

Tapestry Red - UPH-TR

• Optional dual receptacle and air and water disconnect • Quick release dual articulating headrest provides unlimited positioning and a narrow profile, allowing optimal patient access

Black Satin - UPH-BS

Harness Brown

Cocoa - UPH-CC

Fawn - UPH-FN

• Chair back is constructed of durable cast metal • Chair movements can be stopped by an automatic safety plate or the touch of any button • Seat height 15"– 32" • Hydraulic operation

Ultraleather™ Upgrade

Sapphire - UPH-SP

Admiral - UPH-AM

Charcoal - UPH-CL

Raven Wing - UPH-RW

• Optional programmable foot control • High gloss powder coat finish • 60° rotation (30° on each side) with electric swivel brake • Plastic protective toe cover • One year warranty on upholstery Five year warranty on chair

Cactus - UPH-CT

Green Tea - UPH-PG

Eucalyptus - UPH-EU

Shetland - UPH-EL

Doe - UPH-DO

Papyrus - UPH-PP

Walnut - UPH-WN

Fudge - UPH-FG

Chamois - UPH-CM

Mandarin - UPH-MD

Grenadine - UPH-GR

Parrot - UPH-PT

For more information, contact the Pelton & Crane sales representative in your area, or your local authorized Pelton & Crane dental dealer.


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“ The most luxurious and

comfortable chair I have ever owned

MODEL 3001
Traditional back design in Advanced Comfort upholstery
(shown with optional junction box cover)

MODEL 3002
Traditional back design in asepsis upholstery

MODEL 3004
Narrow back design in asepsis upholstery

From it’s contemporary design to the Advanced Comfort upholstery, the Pelton & Crane Spirit 3000 is the ideal dental chair for your first-class practice.

luxury R E D E F I N E D
Ergonomics, efficiency and meticulous attention to detail are just some of the many features that characterize the craftmanship of the Spirit 3000 dental chair construction. The Spirit 3000 dental chair
MODEL 3003
Narrow back design in Advanced Comfort upholstery

offers a contemporary design that delivers a clean, sophisticated look for the operatory without compromising patient comfort. Pelton & Crane chairs are available with narrow and traditional back supports. Crafted in Advanced Comfort upholstery with luxurious slow-recovery foam for optimal patient comfort or with asepsis upholstery for simplified infection control. Both designs allow for comfortable access to the oral cavity while maintaining correct posture.

All Spirit 3000 chairs can be equipped with ErgoSootheTM technology -- the world’s first fully integrated dental massaging system. Treat your patients to a dental experience they will never forget!

Dual integrated touchpads located on the arm supports are oriented for simple control of the seat functions without having to move out of position. You can control up to a total of 4 programmable chair positions, the electronic swivel brake and an optional dental light all at the touch of a button.

The same dedication to ergonomics found in the Spirit 3000 dental chair has been engineered into its armrests, which slide to articulate with the angle of the backrest, keeping the patient’s arms continuously cradled in a natural position. The armrests also conveniently slide back and out of the way for easy patient entry and exit.

Located on the chair touchpad, the electronic swivel feature allows you to quickly and easily unlock the chair rotation system. With just the touch of a button, you can rotate the patient 30° in either direction for greater positioning within the operatory.

The unsurpassed design offers numerous features that make the Spirit 3000 dental chair the right choice for your premier practice.

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