Assessment 2³ Client research enquiry

Max words required = 2000. Max value = 40 marks Prepare a report and list of resources for a client query. You will need to conduct a reference interview with your client to identify their research need and design an enquiry form that records the client·s information needs. You will need to include in your report, the query form, the research subject covered, the ¶level· of information required, and a description and analysis of the search strategies you used. You should also include comments from your client about the usefulness of the information you have found. (The inclusion of this component will be assessed ² not the actual comments) You should also include as an appendix an annotated list or annotated bibliography of 10 useful information resources you have found for your client. The annotations (25-50 words) should also include information about the advantages and limitations of the resources. NB The 2000 word count applies to the report and not your annotated list , enquiry form or the customer comments, but your annotations, query form and the customer comments will be included for marking. You should integrate and refer to information from professional literature, and include a reference list in your report.

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