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You have either made the decision to get organised and not run the risk of calling your precious one `thingy' or `sprog' for the first three-weeks of its life, or you are running out of time; `haven't thought about it yet'; can't come to an agreement with your partner on a name you both love. Whatever your reasons, within you will find over 220 pages packed with names, weird, wonderful, fantastic and downright daft from all corners of the world! Certainly you will find that there are names not mentioned on these pages - I would think it impossible to find every single name in the world, especially as new ones are being `made up' every day! However, during my research, I came across a plethora of websites and I have added some great links on the last pages for your further reading should you wish.
WHAT'S IN A NAME? Apart from life, many people consider a name to be the first most important thing one can give to a child -- a name will stay with them for the rest of their life, through thick and thin (unless of course the name you give them is so dreadful that they decide, in later life, to change it by deed poll!). Some believe that a name says a lot about a person and many of you will spend long hours searching for one that is absolutely perfect. On the other hand, don't get too bogged down about it – according to Shakespeare's Juliet - a name is an artificial and meaningless convention. She loves the person who is called `Montague' [Romeo], not the Montague name. Romeo, out of his passion for Juliet, rejects his family name and vows, as Juliet asks, to deny his father and instead be newly baptised as Juliet's lover. I am sure you all know the famous quote...............

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” -- From Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2) -William Shakespeare
Either way, we can all agree that your child NEEDS a name and I know that you will find inspiration here as well as a touch of entertainment! I am certain you will make an excellent decision and decide upon a name that means a great deal to you and your family. Good luck and very best wishes

P. Harris Brett
Please, I beg of you, if your surname is Sprout, don't saddle your child with the name Russell! Don't laugh! I knew a poor child at school with the exact same name!!

P.P.S. Don't forget to consider how the name will sound with your surname, particularly the initials e.g. V.D. -- W.C. -B.O. etc. etc.. Of course, in the case of little girls, one cannot know with whom they will pair up in the future, but BEWARE -- an in-law of mine nearly had second thoughts about marrying her husband with the surname East. She now gets letters addressed to Mrs. B East and can be quite touchy about it!!!

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Aliya. Adrienne Agnes Aileen Ailsa Aimee Airlia Origin Hebrew/Arabic Hebrew Teutonic Hebrew Teutonic Teutonic Hebrew Greek Greek Greek Teutonic French Greek Meaning To ascend up. Happy Beauty Noble Noble. highly exalted Source of Joy Prosperous. Of Good Cheer Delicate The Good Pure. Aliyah Abigail Ada Adah Adalia Adelaide Adine Adria.Overview/General Aa Name Aliyah. Of Good Cheer Beloved Ethereal . Gentle Light Noble.

Of Good Cheer Loveable Loveable Unfading . Brilliant Rich Winged Gift Truth. Of Good Cheer Alisa Fair Of Sacred Fame Cheerful Nourishing Ambitious Princess Famous in War Wholesome.Alanna Alarice Alberta Alda Aldora Alethea Aleta Alexandra Alfreda Alice Alina Alison Allegra Alma Almeta Almira Aloysia Althea Alva Alvina Alvita Alysia Alyssa Amabelle Amanda Amara Celtic Teutonic Teutonic Teutonic Greek Greek Latin Greek Teutonic Teutonic Celtic Teutonic Old French Latin Latin Arabic Teutonic Greek Spanish-Latin Teutonic Latin Greek Teutonic Latin Latin Greek Fair Ruler of All Noble. Sincerity Bird-Like Helper of Mankind Supernaturally Wise Noble. Healing Fair Beloved by All Vivacious Captivating Noble.

Bella Benetta Benita Berdine Bernadette. Beatrix Becky Belinda Belle. Berta French Italian Greek Hebrew Greek Latin Latin Hebrew Latin French Latin Latin Teutonic Greek Teutonic Public Servant Child Strange A Pledge The Baptizer Blessed She Who Blesses The Ensnarer Pretty Beautiful The Blessed The Blessed Bright Maiden Bringer of Victory Bright or Glorious . Sparkling Jewel Immortal The Friendly Little Love Beloved Bb Bailey Bambi Barbra.Amaryllis Amber Ambrosine Amity Amorette Amorita Greek Arabic Greek Latin Latin Latin Fresh. Bobbie Bathsheba Battista Beata Beatrice. Bernice Bertha.

Bertina Beryl Bess Beth. Brit Breezy Brittany Brooke Brunhilde Teutonic Bright. Bethany Bethesda Bettina Beulah Beverly Bianca Blair Blanche Blenda Blythe Bo Bonnibel Bonnie Brandi Brenda Briana Bridget. Lovely Burn Wine Flame Strong Strong From the Iliad From Britain The Brook Battle Maid . Shining A Jewel Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Old English Italian Scottish Teutonic-Latin Teutonic Old English Chinese Latin Latin Old English Germanic Irish Gaelic Irish Spanish Latin Old English Teutonic Consecrated to God Worshiper of God House of Mercy Consecrated to God She who is to be married From a Beaver Meadow White Dweller of the Plain White or Fair Dazzling Free Spirit Precious Good & Beautiful Fair.

Cc Caitlin Calista Camille Candace Cara Carissa Carlin. Caroline Cherise Catherine Celeste Chantal Charity Charlene Chelsea Cheryl Chloe ` Welsh Greek French Greek Italian French Anglo Saxon Italian Form of Charlotte Form of Carol Hebrew Spanish French French Greek Latin Latin Latin French Old English French Greek Woodland Crimson or Red Song of Joy Cherry Pure Heavenly Song Affection Small Beauty Harbor Beloved Blooming Form of Catherine Most Beautiful Swiftness of Foot Glowing Darling Tender Touch . Carla Carlotta Carly Carmel Carmen Carrie.

Cora Courtney Cynthia Latin Latin Greek French Greek Christian Faith Clear Small Stone King's Attendent Moon Goddess Dd Dakota Damita Danica Danielle Daphne Daria Darlene Davida Dawn Deborah Deirdre Delilah Demetria Denise Desiree Devin Native American Spanish Slavic Hebrew Greek Persian Anglo Saxon Hebrew Anglo Saxon Hebrew Gaelic Hebrew Greek French French Gaelic Friend Little Princess Morning Star Feminine of Daniel Laurel Tree Queenly Tenderly Beloved Feminime of David Breaking of Day The Bee Sorrow Pining with Desire Goddess of Harvest Form of Dennis Desired Poet .Christine Clarissa Coral.

Diane Dinah Dione Dominica Dominique Donna Dora Dori Doris Drucilla Dulcea Durene Roman Mythology Hebrew Greek Mythology Latin French Latin Greek French Greek Greek Latin Latin Virgin Goddess of the Moon Judged.Diana. Vindicated Mother of Aphrodite The Lord's Belonging to God Lady or Mistress A Gift Golden-Haired Of the Sea Dewey Eyes Sweetness Everlasting Ee Ebony Eda Eden Effie Echo Edana Edeline Eden Edith Greek Anglo Saxon Hebrew Greek Greek Celtic Teutonic Hebrew Teutonic Strength Wealthy Paradise Melodious Chatter Return of Sound Fiery Noble. Good Cheer Delightful Rich Gift .

Fair . Latin Hebrew Anglo Saxon Greek Greek Teutonic Anglo Saxon Latin Noblewoman Pleasure Noble.Edlyn Edna Edolie Edwina Effie Eileen Elaine Elberta Eldora Eldoris Eleanor Elektra Elena Elga Elise Eliza Elizabeth Ella Ellen Elma Eloise Elsie Elvira Anglo Saxon Hebrew Teutonic Anglo Saxon Greek Greek Greek Teutonic Spanish Greek Greek Greek Greek Anglo Saxon French Old French. Good Cheer Valuable Friend Of Fair Fame Light Light Nobly Brilliant Gilded Of the Sea Light Bright Light Form of Helen Elfin Spear Form of Elizabeth The Chosen God's Oath Elfin Light Amiable Famous in Battle Gaiety White.

Fifi Fiona Flavia Fleta Fleur Flora Floria Frances Francesca Greek Teutonic Teutonic Middle English Arabic Latin Latin Old French Greek Latin Old English Latin Hebrew Celtic Latin Teutonic French-Latin Latin Latin Teutonic Teutonic Faith and Devotion Free Peaceful Ruler Beautiful One Daughter of the Prophet Fortunate A Baby Deer Fairy Divine Gift Happy From a Fern Plant Faithfulness He Shall Add Pretty Blonde Swift Flower Flower Flowering Free Free .Ff Faith Fannie Farica Farrah. Fara Fatima Faustine Fawn Faye Fedora Felicia Fern Fidelity Fifine.

Frida Frederica Fulvia Teutonic Teutonic Teutonic Latin Free Peaceful Peaceful Ruler Blonde Gg Gabrielle Gale.Francine Freda. Georgiana Geraldine Germaine Gertrude Giacinta Gilda Gillian Gladys Hebrew Old English Teutonic German French-Teutonic Hindi Old French French Greek Greek Teutonic Teutonic Teutonic Italian Celtic Latin Latin God's Messenger Lively Protected Supreme One Lighthearted God of Wisdom The Juniper Humble Feminine of George Feminine of George Mighty with a Spear Armed Spear Maiden Hyacinth Servant of God Feminine of Julian Lame . Gail Garda Galiana Gaye Gelsey Geneva Genevieve Georgette Georgia.

Glennis Grace Gredel Gretchen Griselda Guinevere Gwen Gwendolyn Gwynne Gypsy Gaelic Latin Welsh Latin Greek German Teutonic Celtic Celtic Celtic Celtic English Woman from the Valley Glorious Beautiful and Holy Blessing from God A Pearl Little Pearl Stone Heroine White or Fair White or Fair White-Browed White or Fair Wanderer Hh Haley Hannah Harelda Harriet Harley Harmony Hattie Hazel Heather Norse Hebrew Teutonic Teutonic Old English Latin Teutonic Teutonic English Heroine Blessed by God Mighty in Battle Mistress of the Home From the Long Field Harmony Mistress of the Home Commander Flowering Heather .Glenna Gloria Glynnis.

Helena Helga Heloise Henrietta Hera Hesper Hester Hetty Hilda Holly Honey Hope Hortense Huberta Hypatia Greek Teutonic Teutonic Teutonic Greek Greek Persian Persian Teutonic Anglo Saxon German Anglo Saxon Latin Teutonic Greek Light Holy Famous in Battle Mistress of the Home Queen of the Gods Evening Star A Star A Star War Maid The Holly Bush Sweet as Honey Optimistic Gardener Bright Mind Surpassing Ii Ianthe Ida Idaline. Idalina Idelle Idola Idona Greek Teutonic Teutonic Teutonic Greek Teutonic Violet Colored Flower Happy Noble Happy A Vision Industrious Worker .Helen.

Ivy.Ilana Ignatia Imogene Ines Ingrid Irene Iris Irma Isabel Isadora Ivana. Iva Ivory Hebrew German Latin Spanish Old English Greek Greek Latin Spanish Latin Hebrew Latin Tree Short for Elizabeth Imagine Form of Agnes Meadow Peace The Rainbow Noble Consecrated to God Gift of Isis God's Gift White as Ivory Jj Jacinda Jacinta Jacqueline Jade Jamie Jane Janet Janice Greek Greek French Spanish English Hebrew Scottish Hyacinth Flower Lovely Feminine of Jack Jewel Feminine of James God's Gracious Gift Variant of Jane **** Variant of Jane .

Jasmine Jazlyn. Johanna Josephine Joy Juanita Judith. Latin Latin Little Youthful Just . Judy Juliana. Julia Julie Juliet June Justine Persian Flower **** Variant of Jasmine French Form of Joan **** Variant of Jean Hebrew Celtic Hebrew French Latin Hebrew Old English Hebrew Hebrew Old French Spanish Hebrew Latin A Dove White Wave Woman of Wealth Precious Gem Young Child God's Gracious Gift Just God's Gracious Gift He Shall Add Delight Form of Johanna Praised Youthful **** Form of Julia Form of Julia. Joyce Joanna. Jessie Jewel Jillian. Jill Joan Jocelyn. Jazzy Jeanne Jeanelle Jemima Jennifer Jessica.

Kk Kacey Kali Kalia Kara Karen. Karena Kassia Kate Katherine. Kathy. Kyle Scottish Gaelic Celtic Irish Gaelic Old English Irish Gaelic Anglo Scandinavian Greek Irish Greek Hawaiian Latin Greek Greek Greek Greek Eagle-Eyed Rosebud Beauty Dear One Pure One Pure Pure Pure **** Variant of Katherine Rejoicing **** Variant of Kay Beauty Warrior Wise Dark-Haired Saxon Church Town Annointed One **** Lovely Nickname for Katharine . Kerry Kirby Kirstyn. Kathleen Katrina Kay Kayla Keely Kelsey Kendra Kerri. Kirsten Kit Kyla.

Ll Lacey Lakeesha Lane Lani Lara Larina Larissa Laura Laurel. Loralie Lauren Laverna Leah. Leigh Leanne Lee. Lea Leilani Lemuela Lenita Leola Leonie Leonora Leslie Latin Greek Celtic Old French Hebrew Anglo Saxon Anglo Saxon Polynesian Hebrew Latin Russian American English Hawaiian Latin Latin Greek Latin Latin Cheerful One Variant of Leticia Narrow Road Noble Woman Famous One Sea Gull Cheerful The Laurel From Laurel Garland **** Variant of Laura Vernal or Springlike Weary Combo of Lee & Anne Meadow Flower of Heaven Dedicated to God Gentle **** Feminine of Leo The Lion Light Gray Fortress .

Louise Lucia Luciana Lucille Lucinda. Lucy Latin Latin Greek French-Latin Greek Greek Latin Latin Celtic Old English Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Latin Hebrew Joy Joy Helper of Mankind A Bond The Lily A Lily Fair Lily Beautiful Graceful From the Linden-tree Isle Consecrated to God Consecrated to God Consecrated to God The Olive Consecrated to God **** Feminine of Louis Spanish Variant of Charlotte **** Variant of Lola Teutonic Latin French Teutonic Latin Latin Latin Latin Legendary Siren The Laurel A Place Name Famous in Battle Light Light Light Light . Lily Lilybell Linda Linette Lindsay Lisa. Liza Lisabet Lisette Livia Lizzie Lois Lola Lolita Lorelei Lorena Lorraine Louisa.Leta Leticia Lexine Liana Lilah Lillian. Lil.

Mark A Pearl Variant of Margaret Pearl .Lulu Luna Lynn Latin Anglo Saxon **** Variant of Louisa Shining A Cascade Mm Mabel Madeline Madge Madison Magdalene Maggie Mahalia Maia Maisie Malva Manda Mandy Mara Marcella Marcia Margaret Margot Marguerite Greek French French Greek Greek Latin Spanish Hebrew Latin Latin Hebrew Greek English Hebrew Greek Hebrew Amiable The Tower A Pearl Former Surname A Tower A Pearl Affection **** Star Name Precious Soft Loveable Harmony Sorrowful Warlike ****Feminine of Marcus.

Old French Hebrew-Latin French Polish Form of Mary Form of Mary Mary the Beautiful Form of Mary **** Form of Mary Latin Latin Aramean Aramean Latin Latin Latin (middle ages) Teutonic Teutonic Latin Latin Celtic Latin Greek Greek Anglo Saxon Greek Greek Greek Celtic French-Latin Maid of the Sea Sea Born Lady or Mistress Lady or Mistress Warlike Marvelous Star of the Sea Mighty in Battle Mighty in Battle Dark The Dark Song-Thrush The Greatest Great Dark-Haired Grateful Honey Bee Honey Sweet Of Song Handmaiden Compassionate .Maria Marian Maribel Marie Marilyn Marnia Marissa Marta Martha Martina Marvela Mary Matilda Maude Maura Maureen Mavis Maxine Megan Melanie Melinda Melissa Melita Melody Melvina Mercy. Merci Latin.

Meris Merle Michelle Mildred Millicent Mimi Minerva Mirabelle Miranda Miriam Misty Moira Molly Mona Monica Mora Morgan Muriel Myra Myrtle Latin Latin French Anglo Saxon Teutonic Teutonic Greek Latin-French Latin Hebrew Old English Celtic Sea Born Blackbird Feminine of Michael Gentle Strength Strong Opponent Goddess of Wisdom Of Wondrous Beauty Admirable Rebellious Covered in Mist The Great **** Variant of Mary Teutonic-Latin Latin Spanish Welsh Arabic Latin Greek Solitary Counselor Blueberry Sea's Edge Myrrh Wonderful The Myrtle Nn Nada Slavonic Hope .

Nadia Nadine Nan Nancy Naomi Narda Natalie Nathania Natica Navaeh Neda Nell Neoma Nerissa Nerita Nessa. Nicole Nina Noelle Nola Noleta Nona Nora Norine Norma Nova Slavic **** Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Persian Latin Hebrew Latin Heaven Slavonic Greek Greek Greek Greek Greek Latin Greek Native American French Celtic Latin Latin Latin Latin Latin Native American Hope Form of Nada Grace Grace Delightful The Anointed Born at Christmas Time Gift of the Lord Christmas Child Spelled Backwards Sunday's Child Light New Moon Daughter of the Sea Of the Sea Pure Snowy People's Victory Mighty Born on Christmas Noble or Famous The Unwilling The Ninth Honour Honour Model or Pattern Butterfly Chaser . Nessia Nevada Nicolette.

Olive Olympia Opal Ophelia Oprah Ora Oralie Oriana Oribel Oriel Orlantha Orlena Orva Latin French-Greek Teutonic Greek Latin Teutonic Latin Greek Latin Greek Hebrew Latin Latin Latin Latin Old French-Latin Teutonic Latin Anglo Saxon Eighth Little Song Wealthy Melody Truth Holy Symbol of Peace Home of the Gods Gemstone Serpent Fawn Seacoast The Golden Golden One Golden Beauty The Golden Fame of the Land The Golden Courageous Friend .Nydia Latin Refuge or Nest Oo Octavia Odelette Odelia Odette Olethea Olga Olivia.

Pp Page Pamela Pandora Pansy Panthea Patience Patricia Patty Paula. Peg Penelope Persis Petrina Philana Philippa Philomena Phoebe Phyllis Polly Primavera Latin Latin Latin Greek Greek Greek Greek Greek Greek Greek Greek Greek Old English Greek Greek Old French-Greek Greek Latin Latin Attendant Sweet as Honey Gifted A Thought Of all the Gods Virtuous Noble Woman **Variant of Patricia Small The Pearl A Pearl Weaver Woman from Persia A Rock Lover of Mankind Feminine of Philip Nightingale Goddess of the Moon A Green Bough **** Variant of Molly Spring's Beginning . Paulette Pearl Peggy.

Primrose Priscilla Prudence Prunella Latin Latin First Rose Dutiful **** Prudent Old French-Latin Plum or Prune Color Qq Qadira Qamra Qitarah Quanika Quartilla Qubilah Queen Queenie Quenby Quenna Querida Questa Quinella Quintana Quintessa Quiterie Arabic Arabic Arabic American Latin Arabic English English Scandinavian English Spanish French Latin Latin Latin Latin. French Powerful Moon Fragrant Form of Nika Fourth Agreeable Queen Queen Womanly Form of Queen Dear. Beloved Searcher Form of Quintana The Fifth Essence Tranquil .

Bound Queenly Born Again Self-Poised Healing Earth A Rose A Pearl Riverbank Famous **Feminine of Robert Little Rock Princess Glorious Battle Maid .Rr Rachel Ramona Randi Rania Rae Raphaela Rashida Rebecca. Renee Renita Reseda Rhea Rhoda Rita Riva Roberta Robin Rochelle Roderica Romilda French Teutonic Teutonic Sanskrit Scandinavian Hebrew African Hebrew Latin Latin Latin Latin Greek Greek Greek French Teutonic Hebrew Teutonic Female Wise Protectress **Feminine of Randall Royal Female Deer Divine Healer Righteous Faithful One. Reba Regina Renata.

Rosa Rosabel Rosalba Rosalia Rose. Rosalie Rosalind Rosanne Rosemary Rowena Roxanne Ruby Ruth Latin Latin Latin Italian Italian Spanish. Brina Sacha Sachi Sadie Salena Sally Salome Samantha Hebrew English Greek Japanese Hebrew Latin Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Cactus Plant Goddess of Severn River Helper of Mankind Girl Child Princess Salt Princess Asked of God Listener . Latin Latin-Hebrew Latin Celtic Persian Latin Hebrew A Rose Beautiful Rose White Rose Melody Rose Fair Rose Rose of Grace Dew of the Sea White Mane Dawn Red Jewel Friend to All Ss Sabra Sabrina.

Serafina Serena Shana Shannon Sharon Shawn Sheba Sheila Shirley Sibley Sibyl. Sybil Sidra Silver Simona Hebrew Hebrew Greek Hebrew Hebrew Variant of Sarah English Hebrew Greek Hebrew Arabic Latin Hebrew Latin Hebrew Gaelic Hebrew Watch or Outlook Asked of God Helper of Mankind Precious Gem True Princess Little Princess Red A Rock The Moon Peaceful Secure The Seventh Burning or Ardent Serene Beautiful Wise Plains **Feminine of John Arabic Irish Old English Anglo Saxon Greek Latin Anglo Saxon Hebrew Biblical Queen Divine Place From the White Meadow# Related or Family Wise or Prophetic Starlike White Heard . Selena Selima Selma Septima Seraphine.Samara Samuela Sandra Sapphire Sarah Sarita Scarlett Sela Selene.

Tamar Tammy Tanya Tara Tasha Tatum Templa Teresa.Sirena Greek A Siren Tt Tabitha Talia Tamara. Teri Tertia Tess Thadine Thalia Thea Thelma Theodora Theola Thirza Thomasina English Latin Greek Latin Greek Hebrew Greek Greek Greek Greek Greek Hebrew Hebrew Aramaic Greek Hebrew Hebrew Russian Gaelic Gazelle Blooming Palm Tree Perfect Fairy Queen Tower **Short for Natasha Spirited Temple or Sanctuary Harvester The Third Harvester Praised Joy or Blooming Divine Nursing Divine Gift The Divine Delightful The Twin .

Trix Tuesday Tyne Teutonic Greek Teutonic Greek Latin Latin Latin Gaelic Greek Greek Latin Latin English Old English Thunder Appearance of a God Maid of Battles Honouring God Little One Beyond Praise Beyond Praise Fighter Harvester Pure The Sorrowful She Who Blesses Day of the Week River Uu U Udele Ula Ulani Ulima Ulrica Ultima Korean Anglo Saxon Celtic Hawaiian Arabic Teutonic Latin Gentle Rich or Prosperous Jewel of the Sea Cheerful Astute.Thora Tiffany Tilda Timothea Tina Toinette Tonia Tracy Tressa Trina Trista Trixie. Wise Ruler of All Last. Endmost .

Ululani Ulva Uma Umay Umeko Una Undine Unity Unn Unna Urania Urbana Urit Ursa Ursula Usha Ushi Uta Hawaiian German Hindi Turkish Japanese Latin Latin English Norwegian German Greek Latin Hebrew Greek Greek Hindi Chinese German Heavenly Inspiration Wolf Mother Hopeful Patient One. Vigorous . United Of the Waves Unity She who is loved Woman Heavenly City Dweller Bright Form of Ursula Little Bear Sunrise Ox Rich Vv Valda Valeda Valencia Teutonic Latin Latin Spirited in Battle Strong or Healthy Strong.

Valentina Valerie Valora Vanessa Vania Vara Vashti Veda Vedette Veleda Venitia Vera Verda Veronica Victoria Vidette Violet Virginia Vita Vivian Voletta Latin Latin Latin Greek Hebrew Greek Persian Sanskrit Old French Teutonic Italian Latin Latin Hebrew English Hebrew English Latin Latin Anglo Saxon Old French Strong or Valiant Healthy Brave Butterfly God's Gracious Gift The Stranger Beautiful Knowledge/ Understanding Watch Tower Of Inspired Wisdom Mercy The True Springlike True Face Victorious The Beloved Flower Maiden Vital or Animated Life The Veiled .

Ww Wanda Wenda Wendy Wenona Whitney Wilda Wilhelmina Willa Willette Willow Wilona Winifred Winona Wynne American Indian Old English Anglo Saxon Teutonic Anglo Saxon Teutonic English Old English Teutonic Native American Celtic Slavic Teutonic Vandal Wanderer **** From Peter Pan First Born Daughter Island Forest Dweller Resolute Protector The Desired Resolute Protector Symbol of Healing Desired Friend of Peace First Born Light Complexioned Xx Xandra Xanthe Greek Greek Form of Zandra Yellow-Haired .

Xaviera Xena Xenia Xiang Xiomara Xiu Mei Xuan Xuxa Xylia Xylina

Arabic Greek Greek Chinese Teutonic Chinese Vietnamese Portuguese Greek Greek

Brilliant Guest Hospitable Fragrant Glorious Forest Beautiful Plum Spring Form of Susanna Of the Woods Of the Woods

Yachne Yadira Yaffa Yakira Yalena Yaletha Yamka Yanaba Yang Yarkona Yasmine, Yasmin Yei Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Greek, Russian American Hopi Navajo Chinese Hebrew Persian Japanese Hospitable Friend Beautiful Precious Form of Helen Form of Oletha Blossom Brave Sun Green Flower Flourishing

Yoko Yolanda Yvette Yvonne

Japanese Greek French French

Determined Violet Flower God is Merciful Young Archer

Zabrina Zada Zafina Zafirah Zahar Zahavah Zahra Zakia Zalika Zaltana Zandra Zaneta Zanthe Zara Zarifa Zasha Zawati Zayit Zaynah American Arabic Arabic Arabic Hebrew Hebrew Swahili Swahili Swahili Native American Greek Hebrew Greek Arabic Arabic Russian Swahili Hebrew Arabic Form of Sabrina Fortunate Victorious Successful Daybreak Golden Flower Smart Born to Royalty High Mountain Helper of Mankind God's Gracious Gift Form of Xanthe Glorious Dawn Successful Form of Sasha Gift Olive Great

Zea Zelda Zelene Zelia Zelma Zemirah Zenda Zenia Zenobia Zera Zerdali Zerlina Zerrin Zetta Zhen Zia Zigana Zilla Zilya Zimra Zinnia Zita Ziva Zoe

Latin German English Spanish German Hebrew Persian Greek Greek Hebrew Turkish Latin, Spanish Turkish Portuguese Chinese Latin Hungarian Hebrew Russian Hebrew German Spanish Hebrew Greek

Grain Variant of Griselda Sunshine Sunshine Form of Selma Song of Joy Sacred Hospitable Zeus-Born Seeds Wild Apricot Beautiful Dawn Golden Rose Chaste Grain Gypsy Girl Shadow Form of Theresa Song of Praise Flower Little Rose Bright, Radiant Life Giving

Aaron Abbott Abdul Abel Abner Abraham Abram Adal Adam Addison Adley Adolf Aiden Aiken Ajax Akira Alan Alastair Hebrew Hebrew Arabic Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Teutonic Hebrew Old English Hebrew Teutonic Gaelic Anglo Saxon Greek Japanese Celtic Gaelic Enlightened Father Servant of Breath Father of Light Exalted Father Exalted Father Noble Man of Earth Son of Adam The Just Noble Wolf Fire The Oaken Eagle Distinct Handsome One Defender of Men

Albern Albert Albion Alden Aldis Aldrich Alexander Alfred Algernon Ali Aloysius Alroy Alston Alton Alvin Ambrose Amery Amos Andrew Angell Angelo Angus Ansel Anthony Apollo Aramis Teutonic Teutonic Latin Old English Old English Old English Greek Teutonic Old French Muslim Teutonic Latin Old English Old English Teutonic Greek Teutonic Hebrew Greek Greek Greek Celtic Teutonic Latin Greek French Of Noble Valor Bright White or Fair Wise Guardian From the Old House Old Wise Leader Great Protector Supernaturally Wise Bearded Excellent Noble Famous in War Royal From the Elf's Abode From the Old Town Beloved by All Immortal Industrious A Burden Manly Messenger Saintly Very Strong Divine Helmet Priceless Manly Beauty .

Archer Archibald Ardon Arlen Armand Arnold Arthur Arvel Asa Asher Atwater Atwood Aubrey August Austin Avery Axel Latin Teutonic Hebrew Gaelic German Germanic Celtic Welsh Hebrew Hebrew Old English Old English Teutonic Latin Latin Old English Hebrew Bowman Sacred Prince Bronzed Pledge Warrior Strong as an Eagle Noble Wept Over Healer Happy From the Waterside Forest Dweller Ruler of the Elves Exalted Helpful Elfin Ruler Man of Peace Bb Bailey Baird Baldwin Barclay French Celtic Teutonic Old English Bailiff Bard or Minstrel Princely Friend Meadow of Birch Trees .

Barnabas. Barnaby Baron Barrett Barry Bartholomew Basil Baxter Bayard Belden Benedict Benjamin Benton Bernard Bert Berton Berwin Bevis Blaine Blair Blake Blandon Bond Booth Boris Bowen Bowie Hebrew Old English Teutonic Celtic Aramaic Greek Old English Teutonic Teutonic Latin Hebrew Old English Germanic Teutonic Teutonic Teutonic Teutonic Celtic Gaelic Old English Latin Teutonic Teutonic Slavonic Celtic Gaelic Son of Prophecy Nobleman Bear-Like Marksman Warlike Kingly Baker With Red-Brown Hair From the Fair Valley Blessed Son of Right Hand Moor Dweller Stern Bear Bright Glorious Raven Warrior Friend Bowman Lean or Thin Man of Flatlands Fair Complexioned Gentle Farmer From the Booth Warrior Son of Owen Yellow Haired One .

Boyce Boyd. Boyden Braden Bradley Brandon Brant Brent Bret. Brett Brian Brice Brigham Brock Broderick Brooke Bruce Bruno Bryant Buck Bud Burgess Burke Burton Byron Teutonic Celtic Old English Anglo Saxon Anglo Saxon Teutonic Old English French Celtic Celtic Old English Old English Welsh Anglo Saxon French Teutonic Celtic Old English Anglo Saxon Teutonic Teutonic Old English Anglo Saxon Woodland Dweller Yellow-Haired From the Broad Valley From the Broad Meadow Quick Sword Firebrand From the Steep Hill Native of Brittany Strong Great Ambition Dweller by the Bridge The Badger Son of Roderick A stream Brushwood Dark Complexioned Strong The Deer Messenger Citizen of a Town Castle Fortress Bear .

Cc Cadman Caesar Calder Caleb Calvert Calvin Caldwell Caleb Calvin Cameron Carl Carlin Carlisle Carlton Carmine Carney Carroll Carter Carver Cary Casey Celtic Latin Celtic Hebrew Old English Latin Old English Hebrew Latin Scottish Teutonic Gaelic Old English Old English Latin Celtic Celtic Old English Old English English Celtic Warrior Long Haired From Stony River Faithful Affection Shepherd Bald Near a Cold Well Faithful Bald With a Crooked Nose Farmer Little Champ From the Walled City From Carl's Farm Song Warrior Champion Cart Driver Wood Carver Fort Brave .

Clay Clifford Clive Clyde Coleman Colin Collier Persian Latin Celtic Celtic Teutonic Old French Old French Old French Anglo Saxon Anglo Saxon French Old English Latin Old English Latin Greek Latin Latin Latin Old English Anglo Saxon Old English Welsh Irish Greek Old English Treasure Blind Chieftain Warrior Lord of the Household Candlemaker A Canon A Clergyman Merchant Manly Hunter Warlike Friend Chancellor Dweller in Fortified Town A Christian Christ-Bearer Famous Learned Lame The Clay Farm Near the Cliff Cliff Dweller Heard from Afar Dove People's Victory Miner . Chadwick Chalmers Chandler Channing Chapin Chapman Charles Chase Chatwin Chauncey Chester Christian Christopher Clarence Clark Claude Clayton.Casper Cecil Cedric Chad.

Colton Con. Conan Conrad Conroy Conway Corbin Corey Corwin Cosmo Crispin Crosby Culbert Culver Curt Curtis Cuthbert Craig Cyril Cyrus Old English Celtic Teutonic Irish Celtic Latin Old Irish Latin Greek Latin Teutonic Teutonic Old English Latin French Anglo Saxon Celtic Greek Persian Coal Town Wise Able in Counsel Wise Man Hound in the Plain The Raven Residence Name The Raven Well-Ordered Curly Haired Dweller by Town Cross Cool and Brilliant Dove Short or Little Courteous Famous and Brilliant Rocky Hill Lordly The Sun Dd Dale Dallas Old English Gaelic Little Valley Wise .

Dalton Damon Daniel Dante Darcy Darian Darell David Davin Dean Delmar Denley Dennis Derek Derwin Desmond Devin Dexter Dillon Dion Dirk Dixon Dominic Donald Dorian Douglas Anglo Saxon Anglo Saxon Hebrew Italian Celtic Persian French Hebrew Scandinavian French Old French Old English French Teutonic Old English Anglo Saxon Celtic Latin Celtic Greek Teutonic Teutonic Latin Scottish Greek Scottish Valley Estate Day of the Week God Judges Long Lasting Dark Wealthy Beloved Beloved One Bright Great Leader Mariner From the Valley Meadow Wild or Crazy Great Ruler Friend of Wild Animals Gracious Protector A Poet Dexterous Faithful Short for Dionysus Ruler of People Powerful Ruler Belonging to the Lord Ruler of the World A Dorian Dark .

Doyle Drake Drew Driscoll Dudley Duke Duncan Durwin Dwayne Dwight Celtic Latin German Celtic Old English Latin Celtic Anglo Saxon British Teutonic Stranger Dragon Trustworthy Interpreter Residence Name Leader Dark Skinned Warrior Beloved Friend Field or Meadow White or Fair Ee Earl Eaton Ebenezer Edan Edgar Edric Edward. Eddie Edwin Egan Egbert Elbert Anglo Saxon Old English Hebrew Celtic Anglo Saxon Anglo Saxon Old English Anglo Saxon Celtic Teutonic Teutonic Nobleman From the Riverside Rock of Help Fiery Fortunate Spear Prosperous Ruler Happy Protector Valuable Friend Ardent Formidably Brilliant Nobly Brilliant .

Eldon Eldwin Eli, Ely Elijah Elias Elliott, Elijah Elmer Elroy Elton Emerson Emery Emil Emmanuel Emmett Enoch Ephraim Erasmus Eric Ernest Errol Erwin Ethan Eugene Evan Everett Ezekiel

Teutonic Anglo Saxon Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Teutonic Latin Old English Old German Teutonic Latin Hebrew Anglo Saxon Hebrew Hebrew Greek Scandinavian Teutonic Teutonic Anglo Saxon Hebrew Welsh Welsh Old Norse Hebrew

Respected Sage Friend The Highest The Lord is My God Jehovah is God Jehovah is God Of Awe-Inspiring Fame Royal Residence Name Industrious Industrious Charming God is With Us Diligent
Dedicated or Consecrated

Doubly Fruitful Amiable Powerful Intent in Purpose A Nobleman Friend of the Sea Firm Well-Born Young Warrior Wild Boar God Gives Strength



The Helper

Fabian Fabron Fairfax Falkner Farley Farman Farrell Felix Fenton Ferdinand Ferguson Ferris Fitzgerald Fleming Fletcher Floyd Forrest Foster Francis Greek Latin Anglo Saxon Old English Old English Anglo Saxon Celtic Latin Old English Teutonic Gaelic Gaelic Teutonic Anglo Saxon French Old English Latin Old English Teutonic Bean Farmer Mechanic Fair Haired Falcon Trainer Residence Name Traveller Man of Valor Prosperous Residence Name Adventurous in Life Manly Iron Worker Son of Gerald Dutchman Arrow Maker The Hollow Woodsman Bird Catcher Free

Frank Frasier Frederick Freeman Fritz

Old French French German Anglo Saxon Teutonic

Free Strawberry Peaceful Ruler A Freeman Peaceful Ruler

Gabriel Gage Gale Galvin Gardner Garret Garrick Garth Gaston Gavin George Gerald Gerard Gersham Gideon Gifford Scottish Greek Germanic Teutonic Hebrew Hebrew Teutonic Hebrew Old French Old English Celtic Anglo Saxon Anglo Saxon Teutonic Anglo Saxon Man of God A Pledge Gay or Lively Sparrow Gardener Spear Champion Spear King Heardsman **Native of Gascony White Hawk Farmer Spear Carrier Brave with Spear Exiled Great Warrior Gift-Brave

Gilbert Giles Gilmer Gilroy Giovanni Glenn Goddard Godfrey Godwin Graham Grant Grayson Gregory Gresham Griswold Grosvenor Grover Gunther Gustavus Guy

Germanic Greek Teutonic Celtic-Latin Italian Celtic Teutonic Teutonic Teutonic Anglo Saxon French Old English Greek Old English Teutonic French-Latin Old English Old Norse Teutonic French

Pledge Bearer of Shield Famous Hostage Servant of the King Form of John Valley Divinely Firm God's Peace Divine Friend Gray Home Great Son of Bailiff Watchful One Residence Name Residence Name Mighty Huntsman Dweller in the Grove Warrior Son of Goths Guide

Hh Hadden Hadley Hadwin Haines Hal Halbert Halden Hale Halen Hall Halsey Hamlin Hanley Hans Hansel Harcourt Hardy Harlan Harley Harold. Harris Harrison French Teutonic Old English Old English Anglo Saxon Old English Teutonic Teutonic Teutonic Swedish Old English Old English Teutonic Old English Hebrew Old English Old English Teutonic Teutonic From the Moor Residence Name Friend in War From a Vined Cottage **Variant of Henry Bright Stone Half-Dane Robust Hall From the Hall or Manor Residence Name Ruler of the Home From the High Meadow God's Gracious Gift ***Variant of John Residence Name Strong From the Army Territory Army Meadow Power Son of Harry . Harry.

Hugo Humphrey Hunter Hyman Old English Norwegian Teutonic Old English English Greek Germanic Teutonic Teutonic Teutonic Teutonic Old English Hebrew Teutonic Old English Teutonic Greek Latin Hebrew Germanic Teutonic Teutonic Teutonic Anglo Saxon Hebrew Residence Name Wild Hawk Residence Name From the Hedged Hill Wasteland Steadfast Ruler of the House Bright Warrior Warrior Friend of War Guardian in War Residence Name Exalted Bright Minded Residence Name Kind or Gracious A Pledge or Security Timekeeper Salvation Strong Minded Bright Minded Intelligent Supporter of Peace Hunter Life . Horatio Hosea Howard Hubert Hugh.Hartley Hauk Hayden Hayes Heath Hector Henry Herbert Herman Herwin Hilliard Hilton Hiram Hobart Holbrook Holden Homer Horace.

Ivar Ives Scottish Hebrew Latin Scandinavian Old English Hebrew Scottish Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Russian Scandinavian Old English Form of John Glory has Departed Fiery Heroic Warrior Angel Watcher Handsome Laughter God's Salvation Soldier for the Lord Form of John Archer Little Archer Jj Jack Jacob Jamal Hebrew Arabic ****Nick Name for John Conqueror Camel .Ii Ian Ichabod Ignatius. Ignace Igor Ingram Ira Irvin. Irving Isaac Isaiah Israel Ivan Iver.

Joey. Joe Joshua Juliun. Jay Jasper Jean Jed Jeffrey Jeremiah. Julius Justin English Hebrew Teutonic Hebrew Persian French Hebrew Teutonic Hebrew Teutonic Greek Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Greek Latin Form of Jacob He Who Descends Keen as the Spear God is my Savior Bearer of Treasure **Form of John Beloved of the Lord Peace Bringer God Exalts Mighty with the Spear Of Sacred Name Gift Giver The Persecuted God's Willingness God is Gracious Dove God's Gift Flow Down God Multiplies God is my Salvation Colored Hair Just .James. Jeremy Jerold Jerome Jesse Job Joel John Jonas Jonathan Jordan Joseph. Jimmy Jared Jarvis Jason.

Kk Kane Karsten Keene Keegan Keaton Keith Kelsey Kelvin Kendall Kendrick Kenneth. Ken Kent Kenway Kenyon Kerry Kerwin Kevin Kiefer Kilby Kilian Kim Gaelic Greek Old English Celtic Old English Welsh Scandinavian Scottish Celtic Anglo Saxon Gaelic Welsh Anglo Saxon Gaelic Celtic Celtic Irish German Teutonic Latin Welsh Honor The Christian Sharp Fiery Where Hawks Go Forest Island of Ships Friend of Ships From the Narrow River Ruler Handsome Bright White Courageous in Battle Blonde Haired The Dark Dark Skinned Handsome Barrel Maker Residence Name Blind Chief .

Kimball Kingsley Kirby Kirk Kit Kody Konrad Kurt Kyle Anglo Saxon Old English Teutonic Scottish Greek English Teutonic Royally Brave Residence Name Residence Name Church The Christ-Bearer Helpful Able in Counsel **Variant of Conrad Gaelic Handsome Ll Laban Lamar Lambert Lamont Lancelot Landon Landry Lane Langley Lars Latimer Laurence Anglo-French Latin Hebrew Old German Teutonic Scandinavian Germanic Old English Anglo Saxon English Old English White Famous Land Bright Lawyer Land Residence Name Ruler of the Place Narrow Road Residence Name **Variant of Lawrence Occupation Name Bay or Laurel Tree .

Lewis Lowell Lucius Lucas. Luke Hebrew Greek Old English Old English Celtic Old English Hebrew Germanic Teutonic Old French Celtic Latin Hebrew Old English Celtic-Latin Latin Celtic Irish Gaelic Teutonic God Will Help Courageous Meadow Residence Name Wide Residence Name Dedicated to God Bold Lion Patriotic Powerful King Residence Name Camp of the Legion United Refuge Residence Name Lion-like Gray Trench or Forest Long-Beard **Variant of Lawrence Old German Hebrew German Old English Latin Latin Famous in War Veiled Warrior Beloved Light Luminous .Lazarus Leander Lee Leighton Leith Leland Lemuel Leonard. Leo. Leon Leopold Leroy Leslie Lester Levi Lew Lincoln Lionel Lloyd Logan Lombard Lorenzo Loring Lot Louis.

Marius Mark. Melvin Manfred Manuel Marcus Mario.Luther Lyle Lyndon Lysander German French Old English Greek Warrior Island Linden Tree Liberator Mm Macauley Mackenzie Macnair Maddox Madison Magnus Malcolm Malvin. Marc Marland Marlon Marshal Martin Old English Old French Old English Latin Scottish Gaelic Gaelic Celtic Old English Latin Scottish Celtic German Hebrew Latin Italian Righteous Son of Wise Ruler Son of the Heir Beneficient Son of Soldier Great Royal Blood Servant Man of Peace God with Us Warlike Form of Marius **Variant of Marcus Residence Name Falcon Horse Groomer Warlike .

Marvin Mason Matthew Maurice Max. Maxwell Medwin Melville Mercer Merlin Merrill Merrick Michael Milburn Miles Miller Milton Mitchell Monroe Montague Montgomery Morgan Morris Morton Morven Moses Murdock English Old French Hebrew Latin Latin Teutonic Sea Brick Builder Gift of the Lord Dark Skin Great Powerful Friend **Form of Malvin French-Latin Old French-Latin Teutonic Teutonic Hebrew Old English Latin Latin Old English Merchant Bird Famous Industrious Like God Residence Name Soldier A Miller From the Mill Farmstead **Variant of Michael Scottish Latin Latin Gaelic Latin Old English Celtic Greek Celtic A Wheeler Residence Name Mountain From the Sea's Edge Moorish From the Farm or Moor Mariner Drawn from the Water Prosperous Seaman .

Murphy Murray Myer Irish Gaelic Celtic Latin Warrior of the Sea Seaman Great Nn Naldo Nash Nathaniel. Nathan Neal Nelson Nero Neville Nevin Newton Nicholas Nicodemus Nigel Noah Noel Nolan Norman Norris Norton Teutonic Old English Hebrew Gaelic English Latin Old French Gaelic Anglo Saxon Greek Greek Roman Hebrew French Gaelic Old English Old French-Latin Anglo Saxon Of Mighty or Wise Protruding Cliff Gift of God Champion Son of Neal Powerful New Town Worshiper of Saints Residence Name People Triumph Victorious over the People Black Peace To be Born Famous Norseman Caretaker Residence Name .

Norvin Teutonic Man from the North Oo Oakes Oakley Obadiah Octavius Odell Ogden Olaf Olin Oliver Omar Oren Orlando. Orland Orson Orton Orvin Osborn Osborn Oscar Osgood Osmond Old English Old English Hebrew Latin Norse Old English Old Norse Middle English Latin Arabic Hebrew Teutonic Latin Teutonic Anglo Saxon Old English Teutonic Scandinavian Teutonic Teutonic The Oak Grove of an Oak Tree Servant of the Lord Eighth Born Man of Property Residence Name Relic Holly Olive Tree First Born Cedar Tree Fame of the Land Like the Bear Wealthy Boar Friend Soldier of God Divine Bear Spear of God Divine Creator Under Divine Protection .

Percy Perry Peter Peyton Philander French Latin Old English-Latin French Middle English Italian Latin Latin Teutonic Greek Old Welsh Old French-Latin Old English Greek Scotch Greek Young Assistant Man from the Country Palm-Bearer City Park Guarder Easter or Passover Nobleman Small Travelling Trader A Rock Residence Name The Valley-Piercer Pear Tree Rock or Stone Form of Patrick Lover of Mankind .Oswald Otis Otto Owen Oxford Teutonic Greek Teutonic Welsh English Of God-Like Power Hears Well Prosperous Well-Born River's Pass Pp Page Paine Palmer Paris Parker Pascal Patrick Paul Paxton Pedro Pembroke Percival.

Philbert Philip Phineas Pierce Pierre Porter Prentice Prescott Preston Price Prince Proctor Prosper Putnam Teutonic Greek Hebrew Old Anglo French French Latin Latin Old English Old English Middle English Latin Latin Latin Anglo Saxon Illustriously Brilliant Horse Lover Brazen Mouth Rock or Stone Form of Peter Gate Keeper Learner Residence Name Town of the Priest Valued Prince Manager or Agent Fortunate Residence Name Qq Qabil Qadim Qadir Qamar Qasim Qimat Quade Arabic Arabic Arabic Arabic Arabic Hindi Latin Able Ancient Powerful Moon Divider Valuable Fourth .

Quant Qudamah Quenby Quennell Quigley Quillan Quimby Quentin Quinby Quincy Quinlan Quinn Quon Greek Arabic Scandinavian French Irish Irish Scandinavian Latin Scandinavian Old French-Latin Irish Irish Chinese Means how much? Courage Form of Quimby Small Oak Maternal Side Cub Woman's Estate Fifth Child Residence Name Residence Name Strong The Wise Bright Rr Radcliffe Radford Raleigh Ralph Ramon Ramsey Randolph Raphael Teutonic Scottish Anglo Saxon Hebrew Old English Old English Old English Residence Name Residence Name Deer Meadow **Variant of Randolph Mighty Protector Island of Ravens Strong Shield God Has Healed .

Raymond Redmond Reed Reeves Reginald Renfred Renwick Reuben Rex Rhett Richard Ridley Riley Robert Robin Roderick Rodney Roger Roland Rolfe Romeo Ronald Rory Roscoe Ross Roswell Old English Old English Old English Middle English Germanic Teutonic Teutonic Hebrew Latin Old English Old German Old English Irish Gaelic Anglo Saxon Wise Guardian Protected by Reeds Reed Steward Power Peacemaker Residence Name Behold. A Son King Stream Powerful Ruler Residence Name Valiant Bright Fame **Variant of Robert Old German Teutonic French Teutonic Famous Ruler Famous Famous Warrior Fame of the Land **Variant of Rudolph Italian-Latin Teutonic Celtic Teutonic British Teutonic A Pilgrim to Rome Of Mighty Power Red King Residence Name Wood Mighty Steed .

Kingly Far-famed Wolf From the Red Ford Red-Haired Of Shining Fame Red Residence Name **Variant of Bryan Ss Salisbury Samson.Roy Royce Rudolph Ruford Rufus Rupert Russell Rutherford Ryan Old French Old French-Latin Teutonic Old English Latin Teutonic French Old English King Son of Roy. Sam Samuel Samson Sanborn Sanders Sanford Santos Sargent Saul Sawyer Schuyler Anglo Saxon Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Old English Greek Old English Spanish Old French-Latin Hebrew Middle English Dutch Dry Town Bright as the Sun Answer to Prayers Like the Sun Residence Name Helper of Mankind From the Sandy Ford Of the Saints Occupation Name Longed For Wood Cutter A Shelter .

Scott Sean Sebastian Selby Serge Serle Seth Seymour Shamus Shaw Shawn Shelby Sheldon Sherard Sheridan Sherlock Sherman Sherwin Sherwood Sidney Sigmund Silas Silvester Simon Sinclair Sloane Old English Hebrew Greek Teutonic From Scotland Heavenly Generosity Majestic Residence Name **Variant of Sergius Teutonic Hebrew French-Latin Irish Old English Hebrew Anglo Saxon Anglo Saxon Anglo Saxon Celtic Old English Old English Anglo Saxon Old English Armed Appointed One Moorish Saint Supplanter Residence Name God's Gracious Gift Residence Name Residence Name Of Splendid Valor The Wild Man Fair-Haired Occupation Name Eminent in Friendship From the Bright Forest **City Name Teutonic Latin Latin Hebrew Latin Celtic Victorious Protection Man of the Forest Forest Dweller He who has Heard The Illustrious Warrior .

Sol Solomon Spencer Stacy Standish Stanford Stanislaus Stanley. Stuart Sumner Sutton Swain Latin Hebrew English Latin Old English Old English Slavonic English Old English Anglo Saxon Greek English Anglo Saxon Old French-Latin Old English Teutonic The Sun Peaceful Steward Dependable Residence Name Residence Name Glory of the Camp Stony Field Residence Name Residence Name Crown High Quality A Steward A Summoner Residence Name Youthful Tt Tait Talbot Tanner Tate Taylor Scandinavian Old German Old English Old English French Cheerful From the Valley Leather Worker One Tenth Tailor . Stan Stanway Stedman Stephen. Stefan Sterling Stewart.

Travers Trent Trevor Trey Tristan Troy Celtic Latin Hebrew Teutonic Teutonic Greek Greek Aramaic Teutonic Scandinavian Old English Greek Latin Hebrew Hebrew Scottish Latin Irish Celtic Old English French Latin Cornish Middle English Latin Old French A Poet or Bard Tender Praise be to God Of the Nation's Army Patriotic Gift of God Hunter Twin Residence Name Thor's Jewel Residence Name Honor God The Safe Goodness of the Lord God is Good Fox Beyond Praise Like a Tall Tower Residence Name Residence Name At the Crossing Torrent Great House Three Sorrowful After the City .Teague Terrence Thaddeus Thayer Theobold Theodore Theron Thomas Thorpe Thurston Tilden Timothy Titus Tobias Toby Todd Tony Torrence Torrey Townsend Travis.

Godlike Angry or Wrathful Hope Famous Nonfriend . Loyal Man Occupation Name Son of the German Uu Ubadah Ubaid Uberto Udo Udolf Ugo Uilliam Uistean Ulan Uland Ulbrecht Ulf Ulric Ultman Ulysses Umit Uner Unwin Arabic Arabic Italian Japanese English Italian Irish Irish African Teutonic German German Danish Hindi Greek Turkish Turkish English Serves God Faithful Form of Hubert Ginseng Plant Prosperous Wolf Form of Hugo. Hugh Form of William Intelligent First-Born Twin From the Noble Land Form of Albert Wolf Wolf God.Truman Tyler Tyson Old English Old English Teutonic A Faithful.

Upshaw Upton Uri Uriah Urian Uriel Usamah Ustin Uthman Uzi Uzoma English English Hebrew Hebrew Greek Hebrew Arabic Russian Arabic Hebrew Nigerian Upper Wooded Area Upper Town Form of Uriah God is my Light From Heaven God is my light Like a Lion Form of Justin Companion of the Prophet My Strength Born during a journey Vv Vachel Vaclav Vadin Vail Valborg Valdemar Valentine. Val Valdis Valerian Valfrid Valin French Czech Hindi Latin Swedish Swedish Latin Teutonic Latin Swedish Hindi Small Cow Wreath of Glory Speaker Valley Mighty Mountain Famous Ruler Strong Spirited in Battle Strong Strong Peace Form of Balin .

Lord Small Lucky Sight Protection True Rose Form of Vernon Defending Army Alder Grove Flourishing Full of Life Conqueror Form of Vitas .Vallis Valter Van Vance Vandyke Vardon Varian Varick Varney Vartan Varun Vasilis Vasin Vaughan Veasna Vedie Vegard Vere Vered Vern Verner Verney Vernon Vian Victor Vidal French Swedish Dutch English Dutch French Latin German Celtic Armenian Hindi Greek Hindi Welsh Cambodian Latin Norwegian French Hebrew Latin German French Latin English Latin Spanish From Wales Form of Walter Noble Descent Thresher Residence Name Green Knoll Fickle Protecting Ruler Residence Name Rose Giver Rain God Form of Basil Ruler.

Vidar Vidor Vidur Viho Vijay Vikas Vikram Vilhelm Viljo Ville Vimal Vincent Virgil Vitas Vito Vladimir Norwegian Hungarian Hindi Cheyenne Hindi Hindi Hindi German Finnish Swedish Hindi Latin Latin Latin Latin Slavonic Tree Warrior Cheerful Wise Chief Victorious Growing Valorous Form of William Form of William Form of William Pure Victorious Flourishing Alive. Vital Vibrant World Ruler Ww Wade Waggoner Walden Waldo Walker Old English German Teutonic Teutonic Old English River Crossing Wagon Maker Mighty and Famous Powerful or Mighty Occupation Name .

Wallace Walter Walton Ward Ware Warner Warren Washington Waylen. Will Willis Wilmer Wilson Winslow Winston Winthrop Wirt Wolfe Anglo Saxon Old German Old English Teutonic Anglo Saxon Teutonic Germanic Old English Old English Teutonic Old English Teutonic Anglo Saxon Old English Old English Anglo Saxon Anglo Saxon Teutonic Stranger Powerful Ruler Residence Name Guardian Wary Guarding Warrior Protective Friend Residence Name Land Near the Highway Wagon Maker Weaver Wanderer Man from the West Residence Name From the White Hill Beloved Stronghold Great Bravery Determined Guardian **Variant of Will Teutonic Beloved and Famous **Son of Will Old English Anglo Saxon Teutonic Anglo Saxon Teutonic Hill of Victory Town of Victory Residence Name Worthy A Wolf . Wayland Wayne Webster Wendel Wesley Weston Whitlaw Wilbur Willard William.

Wolfram Woodley Woodrow Woodward Worthington Wright Wyatt Wylie Wyman Wyndham Teutonic Old English Old English Old English Anglo Saxon Anglo Saxon Old French Anglo Saxon Anglo Saxon Old English Wolf-Raven Residence Name Residence Name Forester Residence Name Workman Guide Beguiling Warrior Residence Name Xx Xanthus Xavier Xenophon Xenos Xerxes Xylon Latin Arabic Greek Greek Greek-Persian Greek Golden haired Spendid Strange Voice Favored Guest King Forest .

Polite Victorious. Beloved He will judge Form of Jacob Vigorous Bear Name for Englishman **Form of John King Enclosed Meadow He will Sing Gentle.Yy Yadid Yadon Yakov Yale Yana Yancy Yanni Yardan Yardley Yaron Yasashiku Yash Yashwant Yasin Yasir Yates Yeoman Yervant Yeshaya Yestin Yo Hebrew Hebrew Russian Old English Native American American Greek Arabic Old English Hebrew Japanese Hindi Hindi Arabic Afghani Old English English Armenian Hebrew Welsh Cambodian Friend. Glory Glorious Prophet Humble Gates Attendant King Gift Just Honest .

Bright Increase. Growth Older Brigadier General Prophet Bright. Pure Intelligent .Yohann Yong York Yoshi Yu Yule Yuma Yuri Yves German Chinese English Japanese Chinese English Native American Russian Scandinavian **Form of Johan Courageous Boar Estate Adopted Son Universe Born at Christmas Son of a Chief Form of George Archer Zz Zachariah Zachary Zebadiah Zafir Zahid Zahir Zaid Zaide Zaim Zakariyya Zaki Zakia Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Arabic Arabic Arabic Arabic Hebrew Arabic Arabic Arabic Swahili Remembered by the Lord Remember the Lord Gift of the Lord Victorious Self-denying Shining.

Bird Clown **Form of Alexander **Form of John Protector Ambush God's Gift Seaman Shooting Star Clever Heart Wishes for Peace Lion Religious Cart.Zale Zalmai Zalman Zamir Zan Zander Zane Zareb Zared Zebediah Zeeman Zeke Zeki Zelgai Zelimir Zemar Zen Zeno Zero Zeroun Zeshawn Zimraan Zinan Zion Ziv Ziven Greek Afghani Yiddish Hebrew Italian Greek English African Hebrew Hebrew Dutch Aramaic Turkish Afghani Slavic Afghani Japanese Greek Arabic Armenian American Arabic Japanese Hebrew Hebrew Slavic Sea-Strength Young Form of Solomon Song. Respected **Form of Shawn Praise Second Son Sign Shining Brightly Vigorous . Harness Empty. Void Wise.

Zorba Zuriel Greek Hebrew Live each day God is my rock .

Unique Names Aa Abacus Abianne Akia Abianne Acacia Akia Acanthus A'Janae Admire Atiyana Affinity Air A'Janae Analogy Alchemy Alliance Amaryllis Ambrosia Amiable Anchor Archer Avalanche Anemone Aria Axiom Angora Answer Ash Azure Antiquity Arbor Arcadia Auster Armor Arrow Azalea Atiyana Apple Auburn Bb Bay Baylyn Beech Benevolent Bettina Beyonce Birch .

Blade Blaze Branch Baylyn Bridge Bliss Blithe Brown Blue Botany Burr Boundary Boxer Braelyn Braelyn Bettina Beyonce Cc Cadence Canoe Cassia Calico Cantata Castle Calliope Canyon Catalpa Chavonne Comet Calyx Cameo Caraway Catcher Chinyere Camera Camisha Cashmere Carnelian Cayenne Ciliza Cascade Cedar CeeJay Chamomile Chance Cloud Coralee Coralee Cobalt Cinnamon Citron Clarity Confidence Contemplate Chanel Ciliza Columbine Comfort Camisha Corona Coco Crimson Chavonne Chinyere Dd Damario Dawan Diplomacy Drake Damonica Declare Discovery Dance Dedicate Distance Dancer Darilynn Dashawna Dewayne Doneshia Davonte Diamond Doubt Democracy Demontay Diversity Divinity Dream Demi .

Ee Eccentricity Echo Efficiency Endeavor Ethereal Explorer Energy Ethical Elegant Eleven Elm Eloquent Emotion Eternity English Enterprise Enthusiasm Essential Even Ever Every Excellence Exceptional Experience Ff Fable Fantasy Field Fielder Forsythia Fascination Fast Finch Five Flame Fox Fauna Flint Favorite Flower Fennel Forest Freesia Festival Forever Friend Fortune Forward Fifi-Trixibelle Free Freedom Frost Fury Future Gg Gage Galaxy Gallant Gardener Generous Gravity Gentle Green Gillus Glade Grove Guardian Glass Glimmer Guide Graceanne Granite .

Hh Halcyon History Harbor Hoby Harmony Holida Heaven Horizon Heavenly Hermetta Hirani Ii Illuminate Imagine Indigo Infinity Inspiration Integrity Irony Jj Jae'won Jamari Jaquelle Jewel Justice Kk Katrita Kayleigh-Ann Keever Keneisha Keveen King Kismet .

Ll Lake Lamond Lilac Lively Lanien Love Lyric Laquan Lourdes Lark Leaf Legend Liberty Mm Madonna Mahogany Mercury Merilynn Muse Music Makayla Meteor Myeisha Mialyn Mystery Maleaka Mica Marcoe Mikki Meadow Mimosa Memory Miracle Nn Nakeisha Navigator North Nuesha .

Oo Oak Ocean Opera Osment Pp Pace Painter Palace Prairie Peace Precious Philosophy Promise Pike Pilot Pine Pink Pyramid Pleasant Power Peaches Pixie Prosper Qq Quantiko Quarry Quianna Quintessence .

Rr Racer River Rain Rontae Ranger Rule Red Rush Remember Reshawn Rhythm Ss Safari Sesame Silver Sage Seven Simplicity Sailor Science Shade Sincerity Spirit Singor Star Scout Secret Shaquan Sky Serendipity Serenity Shatrina Skylar Shawntika Slate Stone Sienna Snow Storm Society Sonnet Story Strategy Spruce Steel Sterling Tt Taffeta Theatre Taheesha Thunder Tamarind Timber Tarragon Traveler Teal Temperance Trinity Wolf Tigerlilly Tender .

Aa Ace Archer Arrow Bb Brooklyn Baylin Bay Cc CeeJay Cruz Corin Cory Dd Damario Davonte Dawan Dewayne Demontay .

Ee Eden Entil Exo Eno Ff Forsyth Frayne Fox Gg Gillus Hh Hoby Ii Insin Iron Ida .

Jj Jamari Jae'won Junior Jude Kk Keveen Keever Ll Lamond Laquan Mm Marcoe Oo Osment Orlando .

Spyke Sukmeh Tt Tishaun TJ Tyree Tylee Tywan Thorn .Pp Prairie Paz Phendi Qq Quantiko Rr Reshawn Ridge Rock Rontae Rocco River Ss Shaquan Singor Skylar Spike.

Zz Zowie .

Fox Jody Whatley Kelly LeBrock & Steven Seagal Victoria & David Beckham Eddie Murphy Billy Ray Cyrus Nick Nolte Roseanne Tim Matheson Scott Bakula Snoop Doggy Dog (Calvin Broadas) Kathie Lee & Frank Gifford Ruth Pointer Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise Victoria & David Beckham Harry Anderson Dana Carvey Cyndi Lauper Nikki Sixx Cher Harry Smith Gary Oldman Bob Geldoff & Paula Yates Dennis Miller Rick Schroder Niki Taylor Patti Smith Katey Sagal Spike Lee Tony Randall Kelly McGillis Gabrielle Carteris Bruce Jenner . Boy) Jackson Frederick Jackson James Jackson Lewis Jefferson Kelsey Kelsey Rose Kendall Nicole Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Edie Brickell & Paul Simon Andrew Lloyd-Weber Ruth Pointer Amanda Pays & Corbin Bernsen Tracy Pollan & Michael J.Celebrity Names Apple Adrian Edward Alastair Ali (girl) Angus Moore Aquinnah Kathleen Arie Arissa Brooklyn Bria Lianna Braison Chance Brawley King Buck Cooper Chelsy Chorde Cody Newton Connor Connor Antony Cruz Dashiell Dex Declyn Wallace Decker Nilsson Elijah Blue Grady Thomas Gulliver Flynn Fifi-Trixibelle Holden Holden Richard Hunter (twin.

Lourdes Lola Lolita Lulu Letesha Liberty Irene Langley Fox Mallory Loving (girl) Mason Mason Marston Matalin Mary Mccanna Peaches Pixie Presley Tanita Reilly Rocco Remington Romeo Sawyer Samaria Scout Gabriel (boy) Scout Larue (girl) Seven Shayla Rae Sistine Rose Slade Lucas Moby Sonnet Noel Tully Walker Steven Weston Zoey Madonna Annie Lennox Brian De PAlma Edie Brickell & Paul Simon Ice T Jean & Casey Kasem Mariel Hemingway Rick Derringer Cuba Gooding. Jr. Laura San Giacomo Hugh Hefner Mary Matalin & James Carville Gary Sinise Bob Geldoff & Paula Yates Bob Geldoff & Paula Yates Tanya Tucker Roma Downey Madonna & Guy Richie Tracy Nelson & Billy Moses Victoria & David Beckham Kate Capshaw & Steven Spielberg LL Cool J Tai Babilonia Demi Moore & Bruce Willis Erykah Badu Mary Lou Retton Jennifer Flavin & Sylvester Stallone David Brenner Forest Whitaker Deirdre Hall Adrienne Barbeau Nicolas Cage Lea Thompson .

African Names Aa Aba Abayomi Abebi Abeo Abla Adaeze Adande Adanma Adanna Adanne Adero Adjua Adwin Adzo Afam Afi Born on Thursday Come to Bring Joy We asked and we got her Come to Bring Happiness Wild Rose Princess Challenger Daughter of Beauty Father's Daughter Mother's Daughter Life Giver Born on Monday Artist Born on Monday Friendly Born on Friday .

Agbeko Aisha Alyetoro Akili Akuabia Akuako Akwate Aidoo Alaba Alaezi Ama Asha Ayanna Life Life Peace on Earth Wisdom Here is Wealth Youngest Twin Oldest Twin Arrived 2nd Child Exonerated Born on Saturday Life Beautiful Flower Bb Baako Badu Bahati Baba Benada Binah Binta Bisa Bunme 1st Born 10th Born Luck/Lucky Born on Thursday Born on Tuesday Dancer With God Loved My Gift .

Cc Chiku Chinue Chatterer God's Blessing Dd Damisi Doli Cheerful Doll Ee Efia Eshe Born on Friday Life Ff Fadhila Faiza Farida Outstanding Victorious Unique Gg Ghalyela Gimbya Precious Princess .

Hh Haiba Hanna Hamida Halla Charm Happiness Gracious Unexpected Gift Ii Imena Dream Jj Jahia Jamila Johanna Prominent Beautiful God's Grace Kk Kali Kamili Kia Energetic Perfection Season's Beginning Ll Latifa Layla Lila Gentle Born at Night Good .

Lisha Mysterious Mm Maisha Malika Life Queen Nn Nabila Nadia Naima Noble Caller Graceful Pp Paka Pulika Cat Obedience Rr Rabia Rafiya Raisa Reta Ridhaa Spring Dignified Exalted Shaken Goodwill .

Ss Saada Sabra Saida Shukuma Sisi Siti Helper Patience Happy Be Grateful Born on Sunday Lady Tt Tabita Tawia Tisha Graceful Born after Twins Strong Willed Uu Uzima Uzuri Vitality Beauty Ww Wangari Winna Leopard Friend .

Yy Yakini Yasmin Yusra Truth Jasmine Ease Zz Zalika Zawadi Zina Zuwina Well Born Gift Secret Spirit Good Aa Afram Abdalla Abdul A River in Ghana. Africa Servant of God Servant of the Lord .

Abedi Abiola Worshipper Born in Honor Bb Baakir Babu Badrani Bello Eldest Grandfather Full Moon Helper Cc Chacha Chibale Chimalsi Strong Kinship Proud Dd Daktari Diallo Healer Bold Ee Elewa Eze Intelligent King Ff .

Fahim Farhani Learned Happy Gg Ghalib Winner Hh Haamid Habib Grateful Beloved Ii Iman Faith Jj Jaafar Jamal Small River Elegance Kk Kosey Lion Ll Latif Gentle .

Mm Maalik Moswen Muhammed Experienced Light in Color Praised Nn Naasir Nanji Nassor Defender Safe Victorious Oo Odongo Second of Twins Pp Paki Witness Rr Rafiki Rashad Rasul Friend Righteous Messenger .

Ss Saad Said Salaam Senwe Good Fortune Happy Peach Dry Grain Stalk Tt Tahir Taji Talib Pure Crown Seeker Uu Ubora Umar Ulan Excellence Longevity First Born Twin Ww Waitimu Born of the Spear Yy Yohance God's Gift .

Zz Zahir Zuri Zareb Shining Good Looking Protector .

Biblical Names Aa Abigail Agatha Agnes Anastasia Anna. Grace The Lord is Mighty Forsaken Bb Bathsheba Daughter of Sheba. Anne Athalia Azubah Source of Joy Good Pure Resurrection From the Hebrew Hanna. A Pledge Cc Catherine Christiana Pure Female form of Christian .

Dd Dina Donna Judgement Originating from Madonna Ee Edna Emma Evangeline Eve Pleasure Healer Good Tidings Life Ff Faith Felicity Belief & Trust in God Happiness Gg Grace Grace Hh Hannah Hope Graceful A virtue .

Jj Joanna Joy Joyce Judith God is Gracious Pleasure Lord Praised Ll Leah Lucia Weary Light Mm Madonna Mara Margaret Mary Our Lady Sorrowful Jewel Wished For Rr Rachel Rebecca Regina Sheep Faithful One. Bound Queen .

Ss Sara. Sarah Susan Sylvia Princess Kinship Lumber Tt Theresa Vv Vera Veronica Truth Genuine Image Zz Zoe Life .

Aa Abel Abraham Adam Amos Andrew Angus Asa Second Son of Adam and Eve Father of Multitude The First Man A Burden Manly Servant of the Lord Healer Bb Benedict Benjamin Blesses by God Son of Right Hand Cc Cain Caleb Charles Christian Christopher Gatherer Bold Free Man A Follower of Christ Holds Christ's Faith .

Dd Daniel David Dominic God is My Judge Beloved Belonging to God Ee Edward Eli Elijah Enoch Ephraim Ethan Ezekial Successful Leader Height The Lord is My God Dedicated or Consecrated Doubly Fruitful Loyal God Make Me Stronger Ff Felix Francis Cheerful French Gg Gabriel George Gideon The Destroyer/Tree Cutter God's Man .

Hh Henry Hosea Lord Salvation Ii Isaac Isaiah Israel Laughter God is My Salvation Wrestle with God Jj Jacob James Jason Joel John Johnathan Joseph Joshua Son of Isaac An Apostle Healer The Lord is God God is Gracious God's Offering God will give more God is My Salvation Ll Lawrence From Laurentum .

Louis Luke Luther Author of the Gospel of Saint Luke Mm Malcolm Mark Matthew Michael Moses Disciple Author of the Gospel According to Saint Mark God's Gift Archangel Drawn out of the Water Nn Nathan Noah God's Gift Peaceful. Restful Pp Patrick Paul Peter Philip Nobleman Small Stone Horse Lover Rr Richard Great Strength .

Ss Sampson Stephen Child of the Sun Protected Tt Thomas Tobias Identical The Lord is Kind Vv Victor Vincent Winner To Occupy Ww William Strenuous Guardian .

meaning Flourishing or Praiseworthy Form of Ariel. Abrielle. meaning Lioness of God Bb Babette Bernadette Blanche Brigette Form of Barbara. meaning Angel Form of Ann Form of Antonia. meaning Brave as a Bear Form of Bianca Form of Bridget.French Names Aa Abrial.Arianne. Abril Aimee Alberta Amber Angelique Annette Antionette Ariane. meaning stranger Form of Bernadine.Arielle Open Loved Noble. meaning strong . Bright Amber Form of Angela.

Chantel.Chante Charmaine Cherry Christine Colette. meaning belonging to the Lord . Deserae Destiny Dominique God is My Judge Fortress Little Darling Follower of Dionysus in Mythology Desired Fate Forms of Dominca. Cosette Prestigious Young Ceremonial Attendent Song of Joy Cherry Goblet Candle Song Form of Carmen Cherry Red Form of Christina Form of Nicole Dd Danielle Darci Darlene Denise Desiree.Cc Cachet Camille Carol Cerise Chalice Chandelle Chantal.

Yvette. Ivonne Form of Helen Form of Louise Form of Evelyn Young Archer Young Archer Ff Faye Fifi Fleur Francine Fairy Short for Josephine Flower Form of Frances Gg Gabrielle Geneva Genevieve. Guinevere Devoted to God Juniper Tree White Wave White Wave Ii Helene Form of Helen . Ivette.Ee Elaine Eloise Evaline Evette. Genovieve. Evonne Yvonne.

Ii Isabeau. Josette Juliet I love Form of Jane Form of Jean. Substitute Jaime Janelle Jeanette Josephine. meaning Youthful Ll Lainey Liana Lorraine Form of Elaine Bound or Wrapped Up From Lorraine Mm Mallory. Isabelle Form of Isabel meaning consecrated to God Jj Jacqueline (and all other spellings)Supplanter. Mallorie Margaux Marie Merle Unlucky Form of Margaret Form of Mary Blackbird Michelle (and all other spellings) Who is like God? Mimi Form of Miriam . meaning God is Gracious God will add or increase Form of Julia.

Nadine Nichole (and all other spellings) Hopeful Victorious People Oo Odette Pp Paris Capital of France Rr Raquel Renae.Monique Moriah Form of Monica Dark Skinned Nn Nadia. Suzette Form of Michelle Beloved Feminine form of Simon Forms of Susan . Renee Riva Form of Rachel Born Again River Bank Ss Shelley (and all other spellings) Sherry (and all other spellings) Simone Susette.

meaning Pure Aa Alaire Alexandre Amato Ansel Antione Aubrey Joyful Defender of Mankind Loved Andre Form of Andrew Follower of Noblemen Form of Anthony Form of Auberon . Violetta Virginie Purple Flower Form of Virginia.Tt Talia Birthday Vv Violet.

Bb Bailey. Beauregard Beaumont Benoit Boyce Brigham Bruce Baliff. Darryl. Chace Chaney Channing Chevelier Christophe Coty Protective Cover Hunter Oak Canon Horseman Form of Christopher Slope Dd Dandre Darrell. Daryl Dean Demont Duke Combination Name for Andre Beloved Leader Mountain Leader . Bayley Beau. Steward Handsome Beautiful Mountain Form of Benedict Woods Brigade Woods Cc Cassius Chase.

Jermaine Gervaise Giles Guillaume Pledge Form of Walter From Germany Honorable Goatskin Shield Form of William Hh Henri Form of Henry. Forest Fortune Franchot. Ruler of the House . Francois Frederique Fountain Forest Fortunate Form of Francis Form of Frederick Gg Gage Gautier Germain.Ee Etienne Edwarde Form of Stephen Form of Edward Ff Fontaine Forrest.

Jj Jacques Jules Form of Jacob Form of Julius Kk Kurt. Curt Courteous Ll Lafayette Lamar Lamond Laurent Leroy Lyle Historical French Soldier Sea. Ocean World Form of Laurence King Island Mm Marc Marcel Marquis Marshall Mason Michel Form of Mark Form of Marcellus Nobleman Horse Caretaker Stone Worker Form of Michael .

Denis. France Tt Tempest Stormy .Nn Noel Christ's Birthday Oo Olivier Form of Oliver Pp Page Philippe Pierre Youthful Assistant Form of Philip Form of Peter Rr Rene Roy Russell Reborn King Redhead Ss Sidney. Sydney From St.

Thibault Form of Theobald Vv Victoir Form of Victor Yy Yves Form of Ives .

German Names Aa Ada Adelaide Adelle Anna Aubrey Form of Adelaide Noble and Serene Form of Adelaide Gracious Noble Bb Bernadine Brave as a Bear Cc Carla Carol Christa Farmer Farmer Form of Christina .

Dd Delia Form of Adelaide Ee Elga Elke Elsa Elsbeth Elvira Emily Emma Form of Helga Form of Alice Noble Form of Elizabeth Closed Up Industrious Form of Emily Ff Frederica Peaceful Ruler Gg Genevieve Gertrude Giselle Gretchen Greta Form of Guinevere Beloved Warrior Pledge Form for Margaret Form of Gretchen .

Malorie Margret Mariel Army Counselor Form of Margaret Form of Mary Rr Raina Rolanda Mighty Famous in the Land .Hh Heidi Helga Form of Adelaide Pious Ii Ida Imelda Hardworking Warrior Ll Leona Lorelei Louise Luann Brave as a Lioness Alluring Famous Warrior Graceful Warrior Mm Mallory.

Ss Selma Devine Protector Tt Trudy Form of Gertrude Vv Vala Velma Singled Out Form of Vilhelmina Ww Wanda Wilma Winifred Winola Wanderer Form of Wilhelmina Peaceful Friend Charming Friend Zz Zelma Form of Selma .

Hill Dweller Brave as a Bear Bright & Shining Brown Haired Cottage Cc Carl Charles Claus Farmer Farmer Form of Nicholas .Aa Adler Adolph Alder Alvin Eagle Noble Wolf Alder Tree Friend to All Bb Baldwin Barrett Berg. Bergen Bernard Bert Bruno Bryon Bold Friend Strong as a Bear Mountain.

Dd Derick (& all other spellings) Ruler of the People Dieter Dolf Army of the People Form of Adolf Ee Emery Emmett Ernst Industrious Leader Industrious. Strong Form of Ernest Ff Ferdinand Franz Adventurous Form of Francis Frederick (& all other spellings) Peaceful Ruler Fritz Form of Frederick Gg Gary Guthrie Mighty Spearman War Hero Hh Harvey Heinrich Army Warrior Form of Henry .

Helmut Henry Herbert. Sharp Courteous Ll Lamar Lance Leonard Louis Famous in the Land Form of Lancelot Brave as a Lion Famous Warrior Mm Miles Milo Merciful Form of Miles . Herb Herman Courageous Ruler of the Household Glorious Soldier Soldier Jj Jaegar Jarvis Johan Jerry Hunter Skilled with a Spear Form of John Mighty Spearman Kk Keene Kurt Bold.

Rowland Famous Ruler Famous Spearman Form of Ralph Form of Roderick Famous Wolf Famous in the Land Tt Terrell Thunder Ruler Uu Ulrich Wolf Ruler Vv Vilhelm Form of William .Oo Otis Otto Son of Otto Rich Rr Roderick Roger Rolf Rory Rudolf Roland.

Ww Walter Wendell Wilfred Wolfgang Army ruler Wanderer Determined Peacemaker Wolf Quarrel .

Messenger Wise . Alesia Alexandra Alexis Alice Alethea Althea Anastasia Angela Athena Rich Goddess of Love & Beauty Pure Strong Minded Form of Alicia Defender of Mankind Form of Alexandra Truthful Truth Wholesome Resurrection Angel.Greek Names Aa Adrienne Aphrodite. Afrodite Agnes Alcina Alecia.

Bb Bernice Bringer of Victory Cc Callista Candace. Doria Dorothy Drew From Greek Mythology Laurel Tree Wealthy Cover of the Earth Sea Gift of God Courageous . Demetria Doris. Dorian. Candice Most Beautiful Glittering White Cassandra (& all other spellings) Helper of Men Cassiopeia Clever Catherine (& all other spellings) Pure Chloe Christina Clarissa Blooming Annointed Brilliant Dd Danae Daphne Daria Demi.

Hillary Light Cheerful Ii Ianthe Iola Iona Irene Iris Violet Flower Dawn Violet Flower Peaceful Rainbow Kk Kari Kyra Pure Ladylike . Dark Wood Light Form of Emerald Bearer of Good News Ff Georgia Farmer Hh Helen. Ella Esmeralda Eva. Helena Hilary.Ee Ebony Eleanor. Evangelina Hard.

Ll Lacey Lara Larissa Lexi Form of Larissa Cheerful Cheerful Form of Alexandra Mm Madeline (& all other spellings) Magdalen Margaret Marjorie Maya Melanie Melinda Monica High Tower High Tower Pearl Form of Margaret Mother Dark Skinned Honey Solitary Nn Nora Light Oo Olympia Heavenly .

Pam Peggy Honey Form of Margaret Rr Rhea. Rheanna Brook Ss Sandra Selena. Triana (& all other spellings) (& all other spellings) Gazelle Blooming Reaper Princess Pure Vv Vanessa Butterfly . Selina Sonya Stacey (& all other spellings) (& all other spellings) Defender of Mankind Moon Wise Resurrection Crowned Stephanie Tt Tabitha Talia Teresa Tiana Trina.Pp Pamela.

Alex Andreas Andrew A Trojan War Hero Highly Attractive Form of Alexander Defender of Mankind Form of Andrew Manly. Xenia Hospitable Yy Yolanda Voilet Flower Zz Zandra Zoe Form of Sandra Life Aa Achilles Adonis Alec Alexander.Xx Xena. Strong .

Damien Darius Demetrius Dennis Tamer Wealthy Lover of the Earth From Greek Mythology Ee Elias Eugene Form for Elijah Born to Nobility . Harmonious Dd Damian.Adrian Anthony Arsenio Rich Flourishing Masculine Bb Basil Bishop Royal Overseer Cc Carsten. Karsten Christian Christopher Colin Cosmo Annointed Follower of Christ Christ-Bearer Form of Nicholas Roderly.

Christos Form of Christopher Ll Leon. Gale George Gino Healer Farmer Form of Eugene Hh Hector Steadfast Jj Jason Julius.Gg Galen. Leonard Brave as a Lion Mm Milos Moris Myron Pleasant Son of the Dark One Fragrant Ointment . Julian Healer Youthful Kk Khristos.

Tad Thanos Theodore Timothy Tyrone Courageous Nobleman Gift of God Honoring God Sovereign .Nn Nemo Nickolas (& all other spellings) Glen Victorious People Pp Paris Peter Philip. Round Basket Form of Stephen Crowned Tt Thaddeus. Phil Lover Small Rock Horse Lover Ss Sebastian Spiro Stamos Stephen Stavros (& all other spellings) (& all other spellings) Venerable Breath.

Harness .Xx Xander Xenos Form of Alexander Stranger Yy Yanni. Yannis Form of John Zz Zander Zeno Form of Alexander Cart. Yanny.

Hawaiian Names Aa Akela Alani Alohilani Noble Orange Tree Bright Sky Hh Hokulani Star in the Sky Ii Iwalani Heavenly Seabird .

Graceful Beautiful Oo Okalani Oliana From the Heavens Oleander Pp Palila Bird . Float Sky or Heavenly Heavenly Child Heavenly Rose Nn Nana Nani Spring. Tame.Kk Kai Kiele Sea or Seawater Gardenia or Fragrant Blossom Ll Lahela Laka Lana Lani Leilani Lokelani Form of Rachel. pronounced lah-HAY-lah Attract. Hawaiian Goddess of Hula Bouyant.

Pronouned ke-AH-hee Bright as Moonlight Ll Lono God of Peacev and Agriculture Mm Mamo Mauli Saffron Flower or Yellow Bird Dark Skinned .Bb Bane form of Barney (long awaited child. pronounced Bah-neh) Kk Kai Kale Kane Keahi Konane Sea or Seawater. (also from Japanese and Irish) Fire. also a girls name Manly and Strong. form of Charles Man or The Eastern Sky.

Nn Nahele Forest or Grove .

Irish Names Aa Aine Aileen Aislinn Alanna Arlene Ashlyn (& all other spellings) Pleasure. Delight Form of Helen Form of Ashlyn Attractive. Peaceful Pledge Vision. Dream Bb Berget Blaine Breck Form of Bridget Thin Freckled Cc Cassidy Ciara (& all other spellings) Clever Black .

Colleen Girl Dd Dacey Dacia Darby Darci Deirdre Devan. Wanderer Poet Ee Eileen. Jileen Youthful. Glen Jj Jillian. Phallon Grandchild of the Ruler Gg Glenna Valley. Devin Southerner Form of Dacey Free Dark Sorrowful. Form of Julia . Ilene Erin Form of Helen Peace Ff Fallon.

Kasie Keena Kelly Kerry Kevyn Kiley Kyla (& all other spellings) Ll Lana Peaceful. Attractive Mm Mackenzie Megan Maura Maureen Muriel Muireann Myrna (& all other spellings) Wise Leader's Daughter Form of Margaret Dark Form of Mary Shining Sea Sea Fair Beloved . Beautiful Brave Brave Brave Warrior Dark Haired Beautiful Attractive Attractive Kasey.Kk Kaitlin (& all other spellings) Pure.

Ragan(& all other spellings) Little Ruler Riona Saint Ss Sinead Siobhan Form of Jane Form of Joan Tt Tara Tierney Rocky Hill Noble .Nn Neila Nola Noreen Champion Noble. Famous Form of Eleanor Oo Oriana Golden Pp Peyton Form of Patricia Rr Reganne.

Honorable . Blane Blair Brannon Brenden Brian Short for Bainbridge Thin Plain. Field Form of Brandon Little Raven Strong. Peaceful Pledge Bb Bain Blaine.Trevina Tullia Prudent Quiet & Peaceful Tt Una Form of Agnes Aa Aiden Alan Arlen Fiery Handsome.

Dillan Great Brave.Cc Carney Casey Clancy Cleary Conan Conner. Fierce Faithful. Loyal Ee Eagan Erin Evan Mighty Peaceful Young Warrior Ff Fagan Ferris Finian Little Fiery One Form of Peter Light Skinned . Connor Craig Victorious Brave Red Headed Learned Praised Form of Conan Steep Rock Dd Daren. Darrin Devlin Dillon.

Keegan Keanu Kellen Kenneth Kevin Kyle Tribute Handsome Little. Irv Handsome Kk Kane Kavin Keagan. Spirit Ii Irving. Fiery Form of Keenan Might Warrior Handsome Handsome Narrow Piece of Land .Finn Flynn Blond Haired Red Haired Son Gg Garett Gilroy Brave Spearman Devoted to the King Hh Hagen Hoyt Youthful Mind.

Neil Nolan Champion Famous. Noble Oo Owen Young Warrior Pp Paddy Form of Patrick Qq Quillan Quinlan Cub Strong .Ll Liam Logan Lucas Form of William Meadow Form of Lucius Mm Melvin Merritt Armored Chief Valuable Nn Neal.

Quinn Form of Quinlan Rr Reilly. Ryan Valiant Little King Ss Sean (& all other spellings) Shane Form of John Form of Sean Tt Tracy Trevor Troy Courageous Prudent Foot Soldier Uu Uisdean . Riley Rian.

Blanca White Cc Camellia Camilla Capri.Italian Names Aa Adriana Alessandra Anna Form of Adrienne Form of Alexandra Gracious Bb Bianca. Caprice Carina Carlotta Evergreen Tree Form of Camille Fanciful Dear Little One Form of Charlotte .

Chiara Clarice Clarissa Concetta Form of Clara Form of Clara Form of Clara Pure Dd Daniela Donna Form of Danielle Lady Ee Emilia Filomena Francesca Form of Amelia Form of Philomena Form of Frances which means Free Gg Gabriela Gema Gianna Gina Giovanna Form of Gabrielle which means Devoted to God Jewel Form of Giovanna Short for Angelina Form of Jane Ii Isabella Form of Isabel .

Jj Jovanna Form of Giovanna Ll Lucia Form of Lucy which means Light Mm Maria Marietta Michele Mila Form of Mary Form of Marie Form of Michaela Short for Camilla Pp Paola Pia Form of Paula Devout Rr Rosa Rosetta Form of Rose Form of Rose .

Alphonso Alfredo Angelo Antonio Form of Alphonse Form of Alfred Form of Angel Form of Anthony Bb .Ss Speranza Sophia Form of Esperanza Vv Venecia From Venice Zz Zola Piece of Earth Aa Alfonso.

Benito Bruno Form of Benedict Brown Haired Cc Carlo Carmine Form of Carl Form of Carmel Dd Dino Domenico Form of Dean Form of Dominic Ee Emilio Enrico Form of Emil Form of Henry Ff Fabrizio Flavio Craftsman Form of Flavian meaning yellow haired Gg Georgio Geovanni. Giovanni Geraldo Giacomo Form of George Form of John Form of Gerald meaning Mighty Spearman Form of Jacob .

Giuseppe Guglielmo Guido Gustavo Form of Joseph Form of William Form of Guy Form of Gustave Ll Lazaro Leonardo Luciano Luigi Form of Lazarus Form of Leonard Form of Lucian Form of Louis Mm Marcelo Marciano Marco Milan Form of Marcellus Form of Martin Form of Marcus Northerner Nn Napoleon Nuncio From Naples Messenger Pp Pasquale Form of Pascal .

Rr Raimondo Renardo Rinaldo Rocco Romeo Rudolpho Form of Raymond Form of Reynard Form of Reynold Rock Pilgrim to Rome Form of Rudolph Ss Sergio Silvio Stefano Form of Serge Form of Silvan Form of Stephan Tt Tomasso Form of Thomas Uu Umberto Form of Humbert Vv Valentino Vincenzo Form of Valentin which means Strong Form of Vincent which means Victor .

Japanese Names
Aiko Akiko Akina Beloved Bright Light Spring Flower

Chika Near

Dai Great

Gin Silvery

Hana Hisa Hoshi, Hoshiko Flower Long Lasting Star

Kaede Kei Kioko Koto Kuri Kyoko Maple Leaf Reverent Happy Child Harp Chestnut Mirror

Leiko Arrogant

Machiko Mai Midori Mika Mina Miya Fortunate Brightness Green Flower Stem South Temple

Nami Naoko Nyoko Wave Honest Gem

Oki Middle of the Ocean

Sachi Sakura Shika Shina Suki Sumi Blessed Wealthy, Prosperous Gentle Deer Virtuous Loved One Elegant, Clear

Takara Tamika, Tamiko Tori Toshi Treasure Child of the People Bird Mirror Image

Yoko Good Girl

Botan Peony

Hiroshi Generous

Jiro Second Son

Kado Kazuo Kentaro Kin Gateway Man of Peace Big Boy Golden

Kioshi. Kiyoshi Quiet Mm Makoto Sincere Rr Raidon The Thunder God Ss Saburo Shiro Third Born Son Fourth Born Son Tt Tanaka Taro Dweller First Born Son Uu Udo Ginseng Plant Yy Yoshi Yuki Good. Respectful Lucky or Snow .

Jasmine Flower Kk Kira Sun Ll Laleh Tulip .Persian Names Aa Alea Armani Ayesha God's Being Desire Form of Aisha Hh Hestia Star Jj Jasmin.

Lilia Lilac Mm Mehri Mitra Kind Angel Pp Parveneh Butterfly Rr Roxann.Lila. Roxy Sunrise Ss Sadira Souzan Lotus Tree Fire Tt Taraneh Melody Zz Zohreh Happy .

associated with water and art Desire Bb Bijan Ancient Hero Cc Casper.Aa Aban Arman From mythology. Kasper Cyrus Treasurer Sun Jj Jamsheed From Persia Mm Mehrdad Gift of the Sun .

Nn Nasim Breeze Ss Shah King Xx Xerxes Ruler .

Spanish Names Aa Adalia Alameda Alegria Alida. Alita Alva Noble Poplar Tree Cheerful Noble White Bb Belicia Belinda Dedicated to God Beautiful Cc Calida Catalina Chalina Warm Form of Catherine Form of Rose .

Charo Conchita Consuelo Corazon Form of Rosa Conception Consolation Heart Dd Dulcinea Sweet Ee Elisa Elvira Esmeralda Esperanza Estefani Form of Elizabeth Elfin Form of Emerald Hope Form of Stephanie Ii Isabel Consecrated to God Jj Jacinda Form of Hyacinth Jade.Jadyn.Jade.Josefina Form of Josephine Juanita Juliana Form of Joan & Jane Form of Julia .

Lola Lolita Lucita Luisa Form of Louise Sorrowful Form of Lucy Form of Louisa

Margarita Maria Marisol Mercedes Form of Margaret Form of Mary Sunny Sea Merciful

Nina Girl

Patia Pilar Leaf Column

Ramona Rosa Wise Protector Form of Rose

Savannah Soledad Treeless Plain Solitary

Tia Toya Aunt Form of Tory

Valencia Verdad Vianca Strong Truthful Form of Bianca

Alejandro Alfredo Alvaro Form of Alexander Form of Alfred Just or Wise


Form of Andrew

Bernardo Form of Bernard

Carlito, Carlos Cheche Chico Cisco Cordero Cortez Form of Charles Form of Joseph Boy Form of Francisco Little Lamb Conqueror

Diego, Jago, Iago Form of James or Jacob Born of Sunday Heart

Emilio Enrique Estevan Form of Emil Form of Henry Form of Stephen

Felipe Fernando Frisco Form of Philip Form of Ferdinand Form of Francisco

Geraldo Giacinto, Jacinto Guillermo Form of Gerald Hyacinth Form of William

Javier Jose Juan Juancarlos New House Owner Form of Joseph Form of John Combination of Juan and Carlos

Lorenzo Form of Lawrence

Marcos Miguel Form of Marcus Form of Michael

Rico Rusk Form of Raymond Form of Richard Twisted Bread Ss Santiago. Ramon Ricardo. Yago Form of James Tt Tiago Form of Jacob .Nn Nardo Nero Form of Bernardo Stern Pp Pablo Paco Paz Pedro Pepe Form of Paul Form of Francisco Solitary Form of Peter Form of Joseph Rr Raimundo.

to ascend father or mother of many strong the Lord holds happy. adorned delicate.Hebrew Names Aa Aaliyah Abie Abira Achazia Ada Adalia Adamina Adelaide Adena Aderes Adie Adina Adine Ahava Ailsa Akiva high exalted. just. noble one daugther of the earth noble kind. ornament refuge of God. love concecrated to god protect . sensual one who protects ornament voluptous Delicate name of a river.

bee swarm a branch. stranger daughter of the oath House of Mercy a blessing Cc Chanah Chaya grace life Dd Daba Dalia kind words. to draw water . goat spared by jehovah Bb Bara Basha Bathsheba Bethesda Bracha to choose daughter of God.Aliza Alumit Amissa Araminta Ariel Asenka Atara Aviva Ayala Azalia joyous secret friend lofty lioness of god graceful a crown springtime gazelle.

valley Ee Eden Edria Emanuela Endora Evelina delightful. blossom. graceful.Damaris Davan Daya Delilah Dena heifer beloved one bird delicate. adornment. fLower. Fifi He Shall Add Gg Gali Gilana spring. fountain joy Hh Hadassa Hana Heba flowering myrtle flower. merciful gift from God . paradise mighty god is with us fountain lifegiving Ff Fifine. amorous vindicated.

one who replaces God is gracious follower of idols the Lord will judge persecuted Jehova is God dove descendant.Hedia voice of the Lord Ii Ideh Ilana Ivana praise sunshine God is gracious Jj Jacqueline Jada Jael Jamee Jensine Jezebel Joakima Jobey Joelliane Jonina Jordane supplanter wise to ascend supplanter. flowing down Kk Kadisha Kalanit Kazia holy flower name plant with cinnamon-like bar .

glad tidings. storm goddess. mistress. with sorrow Mary the Beautiful bitter cause of joy like God Nn Nanna Naomi Nathania Netta Nisi graceful one pleasent one. spirit of the night Consecrated to God Mm Madeline Magda Mahalia Malina Mariasha Maribel Maridel Marnina Michaela woman from Magdala. dark perfect one. above all. one who is elevated. weary one. ruler helper and defender of mankind ghost.Ll Lailie Leah Lexine Lilith Lisette born during light cow. a high tower high tower one who is elevated affection tower. beauty Gift of the Lord A plant or shrub emblem . bitter.

outlook. one with purity rose healed by God pure. praise God Fawn Pp Penina jewel. ruled by God. coral Rr Rachel Raizel Raphaella Rayna Reba Ruth little lamb. seraph beautiful God is gracious . an ewe. clean Faithful One compassionate friend Ss Sadie Samara Samuela Sarai Seraphina Shaine Shawn Princess mountain.Oo Odelia Oprah little wealthy one. guarded by God. seedling her name is God quarrelsome afire. angel.

mother. spice honest Praised The Twin lover of nature Uu Uma Urit nation. roe-buck palm tree. horse Bright Vv Varda Vidette rose The Beloved Xx Ximena .Sheba Shoshannah Simona Sydelle from Sheba rose Heard princess Tt Tabitha Tamara Temina Thadine Thomasina Tivona gazelle.

princess movement. strength rejoicing Zz Zahar Zakia Zaneta Zara Zaza Zerlinda Ziona Zita Zuriel Daybreak bright. virgin God is my rock . pure God's Gracious Gift dawn.Yy Yachne Yadira Yarkona Yesmina Yovela gracious Friend Green right hand. flowery beautiful dawn a sign the seeker.

created by God just uncle troubled fortunate. lucky. messenger servent of god breath. child father of light father of a multitude the Lord holds earth.Aa Aaron Abdiel Abel Abner Abraham Acacio Adam Adley Ahab Amos Asher shining light. happy Bb Barnabas Bartholomew Benjamin Benson Britt son of prophecy furrow. high mountain. hill son of my right hand Ben's son. excellent son the helpful one . blessed.

salvation . adornment. paradise elevation Jehovah is God height Jehovah is God god is with us very fruitful strong. constant strength of God helper. firm. dog life Dd Dagan Daniel David Doron grain or corn my judge is the Lord beloved one gift Ee Eban Eden Eli Elias Eliot Elijah Emanuel Ephraim Ethan Ezekiel Ezra stone delightful.Cc Cain Caleb Chaim craftsman bold.

Gg Gabriel Gersham Gideon God is my strength Exiled Hebrew mighty warrior Hh Hiram Hosea Hyman Exalted Salvation Life Hebrew Boy Ii Ichabod Isaac Isaiah Israel Itzak Glory has Departed laughing one salvation of the Lord prince of God. may God reign laughter Jj Jacob James Jared Jarlath Jeremiah held by the heel supplanter one who rules a tributary lord exalted of the Lord .

Jesus Joakim Job Joel Jonah Jordan Joseph Joshua Judd Jude God will help the Lord will judge The Persecuted God is willing. reed possession Ll Laban Lazarus Lemuel Levi Lot White God's help devoted to God. Jehova is the Lord a dove to descend. beloging to God united Veiled Mm Malachi messenger of God . to flow God will increase Jehova saves praised praise Kk Kaniel Kenan stalk.

taken from water Nn Nachmanke Nathaniel Noah compassionate one. my song of joy . wanderer Oo Obadiah Omar Oren Osborne servant of God first son. one who comforts gift of God comfort. famous ash-tree. pale. disciple.Marion Matthew Mordecai Moses bitter Gift of the Lord warrior saved. a son shout for joy. child. pine tree soldier of God Pp Palti my escape Rr Ranen Raphael Reuben Roni joyous healed by God behold. gifted speaker.

to oppress of Teman lover of nature God is good Uu Udeh Uriah Uzi praise God is light My Strength . his ministry his name is God asked for appointed one he who hears Peaceful Tt Talman Temani Tivon Tobias to injure. with strength peaceful like the sun.Ss Sachiel Sagiv Saloman Samson Samuel Saul Seth Simon Solomon angel of water mighty.

renowned by God God's grace. sea-friend movement Gift of the Lord treasured by God deer.Vv Vered Rose Yy Yadid Yakov Yaron Friend. Beloved the supplanter. held by the heel He will Sing Zz Zaccheo Zachariah Zachary Zane Zazu Zebadiah Zephan Zev Ziff Zion the one God remembers Remembered by the Lord God remembers. wolf wolf a sign .

clean. life ancient Malwa person who has a long life Bb Baka crane . wish. dream sky without limits very beautiful. mountainous exalted nonviolent virtue unconquerable. pure. hope. god princess bright. graceful Cloud from Heaven hope.Hindu Names Aa Abha Achal Adishree Ahimsa Ajay Akuti Amal Ambar Amita Anika Aolani Asha Avanti Ayushmati lustrous beauty steady.

intelligent Ff Firaki Gg Ganesa Gayatri good luck mother of the Vedas . intelligence Cc Chaitra Chhaya aries sign shadow Dd Damini Deepika Devaki Devi Drisana lightning a little light black. mother of Krishna resides in heaven daughter of the sun Ee Elina pure.Bel Bhoomi Bina sacred wood apple tree earth a musical instrument.

black lotus desire crab mighty poet . himalayas female deer Ii Inayat Indrina Ira Ishana kindness deep watchful. victory a sakti of Ganesha light Kk Kajal Kala Kamala Kamna Karka Kavindra eyeliner time. descendant rich Jj Jaina Jaya Jayani Jyoti good character name of a God.Hh Hema Hinda snow.

patience Ll Lalasa Lavani love grace Mm Madhu Madhur Maitryi Malati Maliha Malina Mamta Mandara Mandeep Manisha Marisa Matrika Maya Meghana Menaka honey swee friendship small fragrant flower strong. name of goddess divine creative force in everything raincloud celestial damsel . dark mother's love for child. genius. beautiful tower. sagacity mother of Daksa mother. wife of sage Asija mythical tree light of heart sharp intellect.Kimatra Kirti Kriti Kshama seduce fame a work of art forgiveness.

Mohini most beautiful Nn Naina Narmada Neelam Neerja Nidra Nilini Nirvana Nitara Nitya Niyati eyes name of a river sapphire lotus flower a form of the Devi perpetuator of the Kuru race deep silence. ultimate bliss deeply rooted goddess Parvat fate Pp Parnika Parthivi Parvati Parveen Payal Phoolan Piyali Pooja Prabha Prabhati auspicious Apsara the Goddess Sita the Goddess Sarasvati star anklet flower tree prayer lustrous morning .

beautiful a Devi straight line silky wife of Balarama queen sandalwood Ss Sachi Sagara Sahiba Sajni Sampriti Sanchay bliss-child. darling elder sister Rr Radhika Ramya Rati Rekha Reshma Revati Rina Rohana a form of the Devi. wife of Krishna elegant. wife of Indra ocean lady beloved attachment collection . renowned wife of Pulastya/Sukha loved one. 5th Sakti.Pradeepta Prama Pranati Pratima Priti Priya Purvaja glowing knowing truth prayer image satisfaction.

moonbeam lustre hearing then you must have a Riddhi God's Gift excelling the moon gold golden eye a fortunate person a daughter of Dharma radiant a beautiful Yaksa . name of a God wife of the Sun beautiful dream thrush a daughter of Vrsaparvan A river in Ramayana mother of Vyasa daughter of the ocean symbol white rose style peacemaker peace. name of a God the moon.Sandya Sanjna Sanjula Sapna Sarika Sarmistha Saryu Satyavati Savarna Seema Sevati Shaili Shamita Shantah Shashi Shri Shruti Siddhi Simran Somatra Sona Sonakshi Subhaga Sunita Suprabha Suravinda sunset time.

mother. happiness. horse progress most beautiful of Apsaras mother of Pariksit Vv Varsha Varuni Vasanta Vasumati Vidya Vinata Vinaya Visala Vrinda rain a goddess spring apsara of unequalled splendour wisdom. knowledge humble. mother of Garuda good behaviour celestial Apsara virtue and strength . tower thirst. a form of the Dev peace. a form of the Devi Uu Uma Unnati Urvasi Uttara nation.Sushanti Sushmita peace smiling Tt Tara Trishna Tusti rocky hill.

clean.Yy Yaksha Yamini Yamura Yogini a sister of Daksha Zz Zankhana Zarna Aa Aakarshan Abhay Ajatashatru Akaash Amal Amulya Anjuman Anoop Ashish attraction a son of Dharma a name of Vishnu sky bright. dream priceless a party place (mehfil) incomparable. pure. the best blessings . wish. hope.

ancestor of Rama a heroic son difficult to conquer Ee Ekachakra son of Kashyapa .Ashwin Asija Asvathama strong horse a great sage. Lakshmi a king. dependability Dd Dahana Darshan Dattatreya Devarsi Dhatri Dilip Duranjaya Durjaya a Rudra a god's name a son of Atri. a god sage of the Devas a son of Vishnu. brother of Brihaspati sun of drona Bb Balavan Bali powerful Mighty warrior Cc Chander Chane moon name of a god.

saint Ff Falgun month in the Hindu calendar Gg Ganesh Gopal a Hindu God Lord Krishna Ii Indra Iravan Isha God of rain and thunder son of Arjuna/Uloopi one who protects Jj Jafar Jayant Jeevan Jimuta little stream victorious. musician tenth incarnation of God Vishnu god of love .Eknath poet. a Rudra life one of 108 names of the Sun God Kk Kalidas Kalkin Kamadev the poet.

saint the delightful. saint . tiara son of Rama Ll Lakshman Lakshya brother of Rama target Mm Mahabala Mahavira Maitreya Mandhatri Markandeya Mayon Mitali Mohan Mukta strength son of Priyavrata disciple of sage Parasara prince a sage the black God friend charming means a pearl in Telugu Nn Namdev Nandin Narsi poet.Kanak Kapil Kavi Kirit Kush gold name of a rishi poet crown. follower of Shiva poet.

Nartana Neel Nimai Niraj Niramitra Nishad NityaSundara makes others dance blue name of Lord Krishna lotus flower son of pandava Sahadeva the musical note N good-looking Pp Pandita Pankaj Paramartha Paras Parth Prabhakar Pradeep Pramsu Pranay Prassana Prithu Pundarik Purujit scholar lotus flower great entity touchstone A name given to Arjun by Lord Krishna cause of lustre light A scholar love. romance cheerful first Ksatriya. son of Vena white in colour conqueror of many Rr Rajendra God .

Consciousness king prince falcon wind lord of the ocean name of God Vishnu a son of Vatsa boy sage the moon. moonbeam lion reciter of 1000 Samhitas very sweet the sun Tt Thaman name of a god . sun God the musical note Re red color Ss Sachchit Sagar Sahadev Sahen Samir Samudra Sarngin Satruijt Saunak Shashi Singh Sukarman Sumadhur Surya Truth.Ramanuja Rantidev Ravi Rishab Rohit a saint devotee of Narayana benevolent.

Uu Upendra Urjavaha an element of the Nimi dynasty Vv Vairaja Vaninadh Varun Vasuman Vidvan Vikram Vinay Virat Visvajit Vivatma son of Virat Husband of Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge) lord of the waters born of fire scholar glorious king good behaviour supreme being one who conquers the universe universal soul Ww Waman Yy Yash Yashodhar Yashovarman .

Yogendra Zz Zahin Zev deer. wolf .

Kyle Lovely .Scottish Names Aa Ainsley Akira my meadow anchor Bb Bonnie sweet and good Gg Grear watchful Jj Janet Variant of Jane Kk Kyla.

Ll Leslie Logan dweller in the gray castle. bitterness Nn Nairne from the narrow river glade Vv Vanora white wave Aa Akira Alastair Athol anchor protector of mankind. helper place name . mother. small meadow little hollow Mm Maisie Minna child of light love. defender.

Irving Form of John Handsome . sunbeam Ii Ian Irvin. wise David's son from the dark water Ff Finlay fair heroe.Bb Baird Bairn minstrel child Cc Camden Chalmers from the winding valley son of the lord Dd Dallas Davis Douglas place name.

from the field of elm trees little hollow Mm Mac Macauley Malcolm Monroe Murdock son of Righteous Royal Blood Scottish mouth of the Roe River. landed gentry wide river amid the lems.Kk Kenneth handsome. wheelwright victorious at sea Nn Nairne from the narrow river glade Oo Ogilvy from the high peak . born of fire. royal oath Ll Laird Leith Lennox Logan lord.

Rr Ross from the peninsula. horse Tt Tavis Tearlach Tormod twin Uu Uilleam Uisdean .

Russian Names Aa Aksana Bb Bohdana from god Cc Cyzarine royalty Ff Fayina free one Gg Galina light .

Ii Irina Jj Jelena shining light Kk Kisa Kiska kitty pure Ll Lacey Larissa Cheerful One name of a city. cheerful one Mm Marina sea maiden Nn Nika born on Sunday Oo . mythical woman.

Oksana Olga glory be to God holy Ss Sashenka Sonia Svetlana defender and helper of mankind wisdom star Tt Tanya fairy princess Vv Vania Vanya God's gif gracious gift of God Yy Yalena Yeva Form of Helen life-giving Zz Zasha Zilya Form of Sasha Form of Theresa .

battler Ff Fjodor Gg Gavrie man of God Ii Ivan Form of John Ll Lesta .Aa Alexi Bb Boris fight.

Ss Sacha helper and defender of mankind Uu Ustin Form of Justin Vv Vadim Vladilen Yy Yakov Yerik the supplanter. held by the heel appointed by God .

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