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"The Hidden Impact of Burma’s Arbitrary and Corrupt Taxation”Report Eng

"The Hidden Impact of Burma’s Arbitrary and Corrupt Taxation”Report Eng

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Published by Jutta Pflueg
Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma
august 2010
Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma
august 2010

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Published by: Jutta Pflueg on Aug 31, 2010
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To the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC)

Recognise that the arbitrary taxation occurring violates human rights and end
impunity of those committing these acts and the policies that condone this by
removing the 2008 constitution’s Article 445 which states that no actions can be
taken against a state authority performing duties.

Reform the system of taxation in Burma, including increasing expenditure
on health and education, with public participation and in line with Burma’s
commitments as a member of ASEAN, namely the ASEAN charter and the
three ASEAN pillars of security, socio-cultural and economic integration.7

Decrease expenditure on the military and cease the “live-o the land” policy
and the involvemnt of the military in taxation collection.

Cease national development projects which lead to unlawful taxation and
human rights abuses.

Stop the use of Forced Labour and Child Soldiers and ful l its obligations
under the ILO Conventions on Forced Labour and UN Convention on the
Rights of the Child.

To the International Community

Publically acknowledge the economic hardship and related Human Rights
abuses occurring and publically support the recommendation for a United
Nations Commission of Inquiry and genuine democratic reform.

IMF, World Bank, Asia Development Bank and other nancial


Only provide support when able to ensure that standards for transparency,
accountability, governance and human rights are implemented.

Recognise publicly the minimal public services expenditure and the corrupt and
arbitrary taxation systems enforced by the SPDC.

e Asian Development Bank should cease providing technical assistance to


See full tax reform recommendations in conclusion and appendix

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18 Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma

Burma via loans or grants to the Greater Mekong Sub region programme, which
involves the military government, and publicly disclose the percentage of funds
already allocated to Burma’s military generals.

Multinational cooperation’s, foreign investors, donors and development

Practise revenue transparency and recognise publically that the taxes they pay go
directly to nancing the military and are not used to fund basic public services.

Ensure their projects have e ective transparency and accountability
mechanisms and do not involve the military using forced labour and arbitrary


Call upon the SPDC to cease arbitrary and corrupt taxation practices and to
encourage democratic change.

Establish an independent body with a complaints mechanism to monitor the
arbitrary taxation occurring in Burma.

Call upon the SPDC to enable the people to participate in economic decisions
through free and fair elections in line with their obligations under the ASEAN

To China, India & ailand:

Publically recognise that arbitrary taxation is one of the main causes of
migration and therefore put pressure on the SPDC to reform their taxation and
achieve democracy.

To the people of Burma

Raise awareness through the media and document the extent of the corruption
within the collection and distribution of taxes and the su ering and human
rights violations this causes.

Share information with each other about how to document and complain about
corrupt actions and arbitrary taxation.

Wherever possible lodge formal complaints about experiences of arbitrary and
corrupt taxation and forced labour with the Village Peace and Development
Council and the ILO.

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“We have to give them so much that our stomachs are empty of food”

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