Two Shades of Black

(Stream of Consciousness: 3:07am)
Two shades of black crowned the twin valleys that laid upon those sheets as I run my hand down her back she looks up to me and smiles as if she knew this moment would soon be replace by another but she held no sense of care/fear she was a silent darkness that laid upon those sheets which crowned two valleys that laid upon her sheets Two shades of black wrestled a washed up heart attack selfish simple complexities, questionnaires what is it that you meant to me? What is it that you meant to see? and who's going to cradle you while you engage the worldly weep she was a loud darkness such a loud darkness that laid upon those sheets Two shades of black left a message in my box, said: Coiled and foiled, these Sufi emeralds laid a railway station too far back to remember on a daily basis what really drove you home, beneath the film what really drove you home, beneath the rust You're Reaching out to grasp the darkness and you realize that it's her you reach for though she is not near, it's becoming clear an October sun is waiting at the pier

(points to the setting sky "Look")

She's got her your Elton John glasses and you've got her Rocket Man can you not see past your bruised books you're the memory that can't be shook she's the blind mouse in the nook sleepless in a noir film eyes pried open and realizing the great expanse left one another contemplating redefining words such as romance

Two shades of black and an ocean-like seizure attack in her, always her, a fool's genetic response cynical testing a double-blind clinical holding tricycles and the reaction and scribbling on black boards, cackling saying, 'perhaps their motor skills are lacking' but if autopilot has become the norm it'll take a thousand more in blooms just to wake my screaming jester kings until my road to me lets home again Forever divided, a sin, amen

Stream of Consciousness inspired by de ja vu M. David Powers August 31, 2010