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visit url:www. chemical.indus-usa. The Pipe Stress Analysis plays an vital role in section & structure of pipe system.V. PDMS is a customizable. support settlement. to contact@indusedu. CAESAR II analyzes the effects of CAESAR II evaluate the structural responses and stresses of piping system to international codes and standards. deadweight and pressure loads. multi-user and multidiscipline. CAESAR II makes it easy to input and display all the data needed to accurately define a piping system analysis model. Industrial Production & Chemical Engineering Mode of Training Regular Batch Distance Education Weekend Batch Online Training *Note: The 52hrs training is meant for Compulsory contact class in Bangalore GET REGISTERED By sending a confirmation email along with your latest C. design and construction projects in. The program is designed in such a way that it caters the needs of both fresh graduates & experienced piping engineers who are seeking training of PDMS & CEASER II. Besides the evaluation of a piping system’s response to thermal. offshore and onshore Oil & Gas industry. The pipe Stress Analysis is carried out to ensure the safe operation of Piping system by verifying their structural and pressure retaining integrity under the loading conditions postulated to occur during the life time of the Piping in the Plant. Power Generation and Paper or Call+91-96862 02291 . The Plant Design Management System (PDMS ) is one of the advanced and widely used 3D Modeling software for Piping Design. The program is developed by the industrial experts as per the exact requirement of industry. The CAESAR II is one of the most sophisticated and widely used software for pipe stress analysis. process Plant. Mining. but not limited to. SYLLABUS Eligibility Duration 50 Hours 80 Hours 60 Hours Duration 200 Hrs ( 60 Days) 52 Hrs ( 90 Days)* 200 Hrs (120 Days) 160 Hrs ( 75 Days) Modules Piping Layout Engineering Pipe Design & Modeling (PDMS) Pipe Stress Analysis ( CAESAR II) No: 1 2 3 4 A Candidate will be eligible for admission & registration for the Post Graduate Diploma in Piping Design Engineering. engineer controlled design software package for engineering. provided he/she has a Bachelors Degree or Masters Degree in Chemical / Bio Chemical or Diploma in Mechanical.INDUS GLOBAL ACADEMY OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION Indus Global Academy of Technical Education is happy to announce it’s Professional Training program on Piping Design Engineering along with PDMS & CAESAR II software's. Pharmaceutical & food industry. seismic load and wave loads.

pipe insulation shoes. process flow hanger rods. Process & instrumentation diagrams (P&ID)/ process flow diagram (PFD) Purpose of P&ID’S. Standard piping details/ piping system Pipe Rack Spacing. Schedule numbers. applicability. Equipment Location Drawing. flange facings. valve symbols. elbows. Plant utilities. heaters/boilers. utility flow diagrams. Foundation Location Drawing. pumps. mechanical flow diagrams. Evolution of piping.INDUS GLOBAL ACADEMY OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION course contents PIPING DESIGN ENGINEERING AS PER ASME CODES A) PIPING LAYOUT ENGINEERING: Piping basics and fundamentals Introduction to piping. Purpose and development of PFD’S and their usage in process industrial/plants ASME/ANSI codes and specifications ASME/ANSI Codes & Specification. flange types. pick-up pipe supports. stages of development of P&ID’S. reboiler. Common abbreviations. process equipments. Piping components Fittings. fractional distillation process. General abbreviations. reducers. flanged fittings. Commonly American code in piping ASME/ANSI. stub in. bolts and nuts. use of fittings screwed and socket welded fittings.indus-usa. to contact@indusedu. plot plan procedures. Equipment layout drawings Plant Co-ordinate Systems. Major organizations for standards. gaskets. Manufacturing methods. Piping abbreviations. process and instrumentation or Call+91-96862 02291 .V. weld cap. field supports. piping isometrics. flange P-T ratings. Piping materials and selection. Pipe dimensioning. heat exchangers. study of P&ID’S. Flow diagrams& instrumentation/ pipe routing concepts Uses of flow diagrams. Site Plans. utility stations. GET REGISTERED By sending a confirmation email along with your latest C. Drawing pipe in the rack. dummy supports. Pipe nipples. vendor data drawings. airfan. Specification classes. piping symbols. control valve manifolds. weld tee. flange types. symbols usage according to industrial practices. Common piping abbreviations. cooling towers. spring hangers. pipe guides. Valves types \ operations. general arrangement drawingssections/elevations/ detail drawings. visit url:www. sewer and under ground piping system. Unit Plot Plan. codes and specifications Process plant equipments/ mechanical equipments Horizontal vessels/accumulators. storage tanks. couplings. line symbols. fractionation columns.

Pressure design of piping components per ASME B31.laminar/turbulent flow. Allowable or Call+91-96862 02291 . mitre bends.CAESAR II : Stress. etc D) PLANT DESIGN MANAGMENET SYSTEM (PDMS): 1 2 3 4 5 6 EQUIPMENT MODELING PIPE ROUTING EXTRACTION OF ISOMETRICS USING ISO DRAFT STRUCTURAL MODELING DRAFTING METHODOLOGY INTORDUCTION TO ADMIN HIERARCHY (Please note: Candidates will be allowed to work on one Mock project which starts from Creation of 3D module in PDMS to Pipe Stress Analysis using CAESAR II.why piping components fail. Darcy weisbach & hazen William equations. flanges. to contact@indusedu. reinforcement pad calculation for branch connections. elbows. Further candidates will be evaluated according to their performance in this project) GET REGISTERED By sending a confirmation email along with your latest C.Strain relationship. pipe sizing calculations. computed tomography. pressure drop calculations. operating & design temperature. Hydraulic design of liquid piping systems Flow rate. thermal analysis using Kellogg charts. Requirements of ASME B31. ultrasonic testing. max allowable operating pressure. Classification of Over view of NDT ( non destructive testing) methods for piping inspections Radiography testing.sustained load & occasional load. C) PIPE STRESS ANALYSIS . reducers.INDUS GLOBAL ACADEMY OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION course contents PIPING DESIGN ENGINEERING AS PER ASME CODES B) PIPING DESIGN ENGINEERING : Pressure design of process piping per ASME B31. analysis like. blanks. velocity. Piping stress. design pressure. causes.3 code for process piping. NPSH calculations. gaskets.thermal stress. operating pressure.indus-usa. expansion joints. Reynolds number. visit url:www. longitudinal stress& hoop stress.3 Pipe wall thickness calculations. stress categories like. stress intensification factors. impacts.3 Pipe.

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