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i ti Piven Phy NT Lad fe ea * UTE is eA ae 1 Russ had wanted the world 1p cout the story of Major Yuri Gagarin, the frst an (0 be shot Into space and return, she could ot have set about pablisxing the event ina more effective ‘manner. A world eager for informa- tion has found litle but contradictions and discrepancies the Scores put out from Moscov. Bulge rable atnorly of aerpapet Wot had the tementy to suggest that fzdrin’s joumey Beenged to apace fe= tom rathoc than spice fact and Seren {6 proat of the emendons aromesnea (ead Gia Russia hay ver he US. ace Gagarin wore sol space suit, says one port." Another say that ne Was Greed in blue. Professor Bisgonsavor, higherantsng rocket seontist of the Sond ‘AStdemy of Seienes, sated extesorieally if there were no portoles in te gace Capsule. Twendy-(ou- Bours (ster Gaza Fitted dat he Ieoked down on ths Earth through 9 portaels. An even [ater Statement said thet tore wore tee pore oles, “Oficial Russian tining for the ight 2 over South ‘Amersa, pee eee ae Mpegs al ie, We are wiles woe ig ovinas hy ar arenas Ile) peor a ee PASO EU & shear ae Tounching of the multtige rocke! was siceestul and after acai ee ee 9 ibocriciatiaeea angie ge ee eseS eras eee Tes 0 Geary, he paictisidler deter merase tant ramus Sea eee eee penges) 6119 Biometres (mes) End the zmmours (at apogee) 302 Elo chats (1) ile ine Sap of rahe {Gon of the pane of the orbit to tie Eas ees fee ee “2 Llufams Gants Was) rr Gee aa at eee iontintihad and bie mined O eee ee ees (quencies of the short-wave transmitter fom the might fon poud are $019 menos, ad Shoe atacpcles pr scons edn attgesirewve ge (43S meee Gein Condit of the navesior Stig bang cosonce ty moana of Hib teemetand tlevidor sae SHhe\joumny. i seis ae having sary 9407 BST. Prtcen ginetes Hiei ho¥ ast Gacarm, id 9 be (oe souk America, rove Highs Groce oma. fee well At SiESiuS reve Alea hovered 2 Might i nla tam sctdpe pee toil see of eighioanens AL HOS the euereckee nip fred co sat the Seto Gnd S028 fe shy wes Geo deground wah io potas Sibabe! Sieand welt lon mise Tiavdiaa had ten fs dat np tothe "The originel ciscrepancy of the timing in respect of South Amenca has alreeey teen mevigned, ‘bot Tews aneter Point rsgarding this country and. Atvica ‘Which nesds sues Tb almort inconceivable. that while ‘over Sout Americe and Afvica Gagarin idm rao spe sot ret fem space 12 tho capil cities on the ground teow, Ins Would surely nave Seen an insinetive, natural—aed prope anda raking elination for Russia (Of the zecntry proseture. we. know oting. Homer Gugnin ie Kd by parachute as one reper: ss, then there fa dsinite indisition that some thing went wrong ducing the Ister stages St the descent he to dogs Belka and Surcta of Spacceraft Tl were. similarly teested from ihe main Body ofthe space Ship to, quoting an offla! Russian sate ment.“ test the escape. system before fisnaed ‘ights were aterpled,” sepaea= tion of the two gomponents Being a emergeneyprovedura Anspired Guesses No information. ves given about the Vortok, except an implication tha it was Similar fo the fhe. brevious spacecraft Tunebod in carice tens Bat tie dost ROU get us ery far, Deeause ao POLO grapbs have Becn released of Hse earlier Sehrelea! TA‘Tewr weeks after she main announce: enantio mor face coh erning ihe Space capsule were reveate ‘Tap tslevirion carseras wens tatsled to (ike fulace and profile. pltwres of Gaperin and relay them back to earth Ti capovle wns “ewathed ing protects Cocoon against heat by fpetion for the j-and the timing for the ro-entry ied out by an elecicomic brain” Retrmrockete are sid to have een need {0 slow the capssle down {9 about one. Hh of ts ial Spee die rea 2 phologeavh of the space cin fe: lee wig ine seme typi ieee of Soviet unaelpul. purity Tnepived guesses stout the rocket and the capsule are useles. There Ie far (00 Tile toe any expert to go on Bot what does seein prc Is thatthe Hight was ‘uade=-maybe eater than the spmoaneed mings terawse Ressia would certainly not risk faving fo announce t0 the orld Grae something went wroag and that Pere may fae een seme miner ma Rination donne the Tending "There i fst one other worry ragzing in the mipes of Western experis Was Gagarin the fist or warn ho? The Cor | SAW IN SPACE Brkish Communist newspaper, Deily Forker, publsaed. 2 story before Gazi fin went into orbit that Vladimir Tig Shia, son of he Russion desgnct, Fad Been pat tito ori bat was. saferine fiom Mterffeets A French radio con fleaiator, rettining from 2 imp 10 Mos Sow, came back wich vitally the same (Or, Months before Gagarin, an ofl I Russian pholograph showed Myustin ‘ss “the man mont likely to guide che {x space rocket conairing § Iran “Against these stories fs the fat shat no Ameren tracking sialon: pieced Up an orbital fight for Hyushia. Bue i S sl ot clear whether they picked up Gagarin Giher Russ Bas, homever teen fet Isoue ap efcal eenial ofthe lvushin Story. “Ho ip-at present sn a Pein hos” tal recovering from the effets of a car rach they ay? Wat are we to make ot Oe Russian propagandists are no fools it is most unitely that puoliity weuld be accuenily mishandled in ais matner. [eal thie doubt about the Soviet fieht intentielcandae aie wat Russa up to? ‘At tho moment it cortainly soeme as if ste fy iment on not only snaking hisery Bot pewering iat one andthe came Pala nis ICING Tom fea fees of ight cout rivers, large bodies of sm the terrcin. When Pying (rar usta aa detacstyehe ig equeres | water. ee fe eee ee ee Seah uae ee ares ips cea Tenia eel oe Se ees Se ‘Sen hard to pus inte words. Wien I emerged from the Earth's shadow, the hotiten stored diferent. Pe hed @ bright orange stip, which thea resolved see ince blue end ogain Into plecheele s did mot ove the Move. 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