Introduction  This case is about a company called ASTRIGO . . who is running in loss due to recession.company is facing problem in deciding . To overcome from this they need to cut their workforce up to 10%. suggestion of a pay cut may not be the answer but its one more option you didn't have if it means maintaining operational stability.  . Communicating the situation the organisation is facing is key. getting input from staff can help.which way it should be done.

 High level of Strategy is provided by the core team of the organization .Strength  This company is very old established so the got highly professional and competitive workforce.

it may affect it badly in future.Weakness  Company is running in losses so they need to cut the workforce up to 10%.which could be disaster for the company  Company is considering only short term results . .

 In this method company needn t to pay more to the employees while leaving the job.Opportunity  By this last come first out method company got the opportunity to fire incompetent or non-performing employees. .

Threat  If company started firing employees .  Highly intelligent employees can also be terminated if they are new joinee . .it may give company a very bad impression which may affect its goodwill.

 Company looked for many option LIFO(Last in first out).problem here is who goes and who stays . .Conclusion  Inn the ASTRO Holdings is to remain competitive .FIFO(First in first out) all the methods has advantage and disadvantages too.10% of its workforce must be cut .

hearing and whispering about layoffs around the water cooler can further damage morale .Suggestion  In the Astringo scenario he needs to start listening to his people. He needs to take into account both financial emotional considerations. they are closest to the problems and can see the opportunities that he may not away be privy to.  Employees should never be left in the dark.


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