Anne Freitag-Lawrence


lntroductiun page 5

1 GE!ttrrlg Started p13.'Ile7

Dialogues 1 Welcoming <'I speaker

Welcomirlg visitors and lntr oducinq the speaker SlIjiin-g willi jiOI) are

Explaining the reasuns for listeninp Stnrrinq witl1 a personal story Startinp with [In interastinp fact

Dialoquss 2

Giving hackqround

Explaining the plan for the session 'Du\~inlng OUeS!PClnS

2 Movinq on paqe IS

Dialuques 1

Usinq questiuns 10 organise o Fgil nisinp points

The qeneral to the sps cific Preserttinp options

Givina your opinion Retemnq back

ChanginQ tcpi c

Dialogues 2 Reporting bad news

He DOll~ng positive information

Exulaininp the meaning 01 a bbrevlatinns Explaininq the meaning of specific words/terms Giving examples

R€-lJeatL~g vour uccu 1J'i;~~Q; ditterertt words Expressing pnssible/likelv outcomes

Cor ctucmj and moving on

3 Numbers page 23

Dialopues 1 Percnnteqes Fractions

Lerqe and small numbers Decimal points

Positive and nsqative numbers Appmamate numbers

Dialogues 2 Anincrease

A decrease

Stavinq the SaIIlE' High antllow points Predictinq Describing changes

4 VJSUOlI Aids {18.ge.31

Dialequea 1 U~~(1,'2 slldas Chanqinq slides Looking at detail

Commenting on the content or e visual MovinlJ between different visual aids Problems

Dialog-Lies 2

EXl).lal(1.\(I-Q, a g,c<l.\lh Using 21 pie chart Explaininq a drag ram Desrribinq a flow ella rl Describing n tabla

!:i Problems.and questions page 39

Dialcques 1

Lcsinq your place 'in your notes You dO-1ft know the Enplish word A d eletec or wrong slide

Tune has run our

You have furqottan to say something Makinq a mistake

You are unable to dn scrnethinq you had planned to do

Dialoques 2 lrrterruptions Hi" vour talk

You don't understand (I question A question that is not on lila topic

ruu drm't know the answer to il Ill) estion All aqqressive or difficult question

No questions

6 ConclLidin~ page 47

Dialogues 1

Making a final point

'lJPimg IjDtlr PTtl~"ElS"ilm\'l~ oprmon Summansinq main points

Summansinq adventaqes and disadvanteqas Ma kinq 13 recommendation

Stating SOUfU)S end further reading

Dlaloques 2

Tallinq people 1'100'V to contact you Ailm\S'lffim?rry

The nkinq people for listeninp An informal ending

EmJilig on 13 positivenote Ending with a final thuuphl Ending with n quote


paqe 55


page 51


English for Work

The books in this sanes present and practise spoken English and practical writing for avsrvdav ccrnrnunicatinn: they feature key words and expressions which will help you in a wide range

of work situations. The target language IS introduced through short dialogues and texts, and developed in language notes and practice exercises.

In order to widen your knowledge of the language you might need in your work, you mav find It useful to refer to the other titles in the fnglish for Work series:

The dialogues are recorded on an accompanying CO. The accents teat.ired are predominantly British English, but comments an Am~rlcan usaqe ar. mcluded in the nut»,.

Atthe back of each book there is a glossary which cor.tains highlighted language from the dialogues. Translations of the glossary, in selected languages, can be downloaded from the Longman website, www.lcnqman-elt.com

The series is Intended for pre-Intermediate/intermediate level learners.

Business Presentations

Business Presentations is suitable tor anyone who needs to give presentations in the business world, and for students In adult education classes, schools, colleges and universities.

The book contains a range of language common to all who need to use English to make uldn"ss pre,entellun,. This bouk gi"es len9""98 and exemples \0' all stage, 01 a business presentation inclunmq the introduction, the main body, talking about statistics and even what to do il you have a problem. The book will help you as vou prepare and practise your business presentation

Evetvos« Business English Everyday Techoicel English fverydav Business Writing

Ho,", to use the book

You cao war, thrQugh BUSiness Presentations (rom sta<1 to (imsh or choose a chanter depending on your business need.

Start a chapter bv listening to and repeating the Useful phrases. Then listen to the dialogues and study the accompanying notes. Certain phrases have been highlighted that have particular language features associated with them. However, it is worthwhile noting other phrases that appear in the dialogues, which are equally important and can also be seen as key phrases. Use a dictionary to check your understanding of the language presented

On the notes paqes you will find boxes containinq notes on sorne dittcrcnccs hetween everyday British and American usage.

After studvinq tile dialogues and notes, work, thruuqh the exercises. You can refer back to the dialogues and notes as necessary. Answars and possible responses to the more 'open-ended' exercises are given [it tile end of the book

Hna Ily, refer to the glossa ry at th 8 ba ck of th e book an d te st you rself on your u nd e rsta nd i ng 01 key cxprossicns. V\hite translations or these expressions, again using a dictionary if necsssarv Visit the English for Work page on the Longman website where you will lind translations of the key phrases in a number of languages

You can use this bonk for self-study nr with a teacher Good luck and eniov building your 'bus.ness presentations' skuls:

Anne Freitaq-Lawrcncc. Chengdu, Chi-ra. 2003·

Some recommended materials to accDmpany the English for Work series:

Longman Business English DictIOnary

Penguin Quick Guides Business Eflgllsh Phrases Penguin Quick Guides' Business English Verbs Penguin Quick GUides BUSiness EIl~11S11 Words Penguin Quick Guides Computer English


o Getting~S~ta-.;;~ r.,..;;.te~, d~: :,


Some useful phrases.

Listen to the recording and repeat.

It's good to have Paul Kim here from the Korean office Welcome, Paul.

Thank vou Sara. lt's good to be here today.

Hello. Thank you for coming

OK. II we're all here, let's begin

As you all know, I'm Marlin Weiler. Senior Sales Representative.

l'rntakinq to you today as the leader of this project

By the end of Ihis session, you'll know the details of our pmlect Sam asked me to explain the project to you

Right Today I'd like to talk about the future 01 our business. First, I'd like to oBSCTlbe the past.

After that, I'd like to talk aboutthe present

Finally, I'll try to predict how the business will develop In the future.

If you have al'Y questions, please feelfrse to stop me.

There'll be time for questions at the end

Here you are

Please take one and pass them round.

Did everyone qat a copy'

-0 01 a log __ u_es_· . ..;..1 _ _",,_,.., ............ _-

Welcoming a speaker

O· Well. good morning, everyol1ej[i's good to hay" MiylieHelreir~ be'e from our office In Portugal. Some of you met him last year at the Spring conference Welcome, Miguel.

o Thank you. Paul.Jt's gteatto b. hackiu the UK.

Welcoming visitors and introducing the speaker

lJlello, Thank you all for coming": I hope you had a good lourney here. There are some drinks on the table./'please, help vour.e[ves.

[Ri.ghtJteve'l'one'~.reaily, let's stal1!!l'd like to introduce our speaker today, Mrs Samantha Singh, Marketing Director 01 our company. She'll be talking to us about marketing in a global context.

Saying who you are

Good afternoon. It's qraat to be here today.[Asyou.1I koow4 ~'I!lth" Head ot the Design ~Depar1mentJ I've been in this lob for lour years. Before thot I worked for another very successful company in France tor five years.[nllalking· jj Yjili tQ~ay~s t~a!lM!,r afth'!i

It~!imwhich developed this new product

Starting with a personal story

How do We avoid problems? When I got out of my car this morning, I forgot to switch off the lights, However, an alarm in my car warned me that I had left them on That means that when I leave here today my car will actually start.

So, the alarm reminded me about my mistake and I was able to act before It became an issue. That's what we need in our company - systems that will warn us and show us potential problems, which we can then prevent. That's what I am.qoinq to talk about today.


I'm talking to vou loday as the manager of tne team ...

Sometimes vcu won't need to introduce yourself, because you know people already YOu might. however, like to say why you are talking or why you were chosen to pive the presentation.

tts good to,h.ve Miguel Ferreira here ".

Other phrases for introducing e speaker:

I'd like to introduce Mrs Samantha Singh, Marketing Director of OUf company.

I'd like to wetcome Sam Brandt.

Ii's a pleJsure rc welcome Greg Hiconde.

Thank you, Paul, If. gt •• f fD be baok , Other ways of thanklnq someone Thank VQu. I'm gJad fO be here. Thanks. It's a pleasure to be tiese

Thank ya!} for giving me this opportunity to speak to you today

Hello, Than/{ you all for coming,

Some other phrases far greeting people:

Good morning, every/one. We/come. Heltc. It's geod to see you all here.

Fc~ a bigger, more fcnna\ pre8e'iltaiil)n, greetings could include the toltowinp GODd evenirlg, ladies and genrlemen.

Plus. h.rV yoursorves.

Other ways of inviting people 10 rake things include:

Please take a leaflet.

Help yourselves to a brochure.

Right. If every."e' ready; Jet's start.

Other wavs of getting people's attention so that vou can start

Fine. If WI? 're all here, nl begin

OK Lets get started/Lets m.ke a start.

As you all know ....

YOu may use this phrase to make your listeners feel include-d. Other similar phrases include:

As I think you know, . c As you may know,.

As l'm sure you know, .

. I'm the Head of the aesign aepartmenl.

The simplest wsy of introducing vcurself to people is to use I'm

I'm Sam Wang -llaT11"O:!

t'm the Assistant Marketing Manager - job title t'm Pauf Schmidt Senior Sales ExecuUve - name and title.

By tho end of this 50ssion, ..

A presentation can be called a session (as in th is die loque ~ or a telk:

."" you'll /{flOW .nough about the product to he able to sel/ it .""

Will can be used to make a promise or a prediction. Here, the speaker JS promising or predicting what the listeners will learn from the talk. Another example IS

By the end ofth{s SBssion, you'll Anow ~ow to totiow our new safes procedure.

How do we svoid probtems?

U!S~ng a cecsccet story Or interestinq fact ts a good way to get the interest of the audience at the beqinnlnq of 1;1 talk. A direct question is an effective way [0 introduce a personal

stcrv or interestinq fact.

Did you Imaw tlJat the runnel which links England and France was coasuucteo usmg 13 aao engineers, te.chnicians and workers?

I read something interestirrg the other day.

This phrase IS another way of introducing 8 story Dr Interesting fact. Other expressions:

A funnv thing llappened to me rhe other day an the ws y bere. 1 saw,.

I noticed in the newS last week, ..

British/American diHerences


Hello, Thank vau all


Hi. Thanks for coming .

for coming.

Note: American business presentations can be more Informer than British ones. Veryforrnal presentations would generally be very similar in Britain and America begjrn:f1ng, 'Welcome, ladies andgenllemen'. ! tarqot. to switch Dff the lights.

I fargat to tum off the lights. (also used in British Eng fish)



j~ Dialog~u..;;;..es;;;... .•.• · ~2 ...... ............ _

Giving background

Sa", asked me 10 present my ideas for a new telephone system. As you know there have been problems wrth the old system - we've lost calls, we've had co record at those lost calls ecd overall the system can't manage the large number of callers I've spent the last two mur ths researching the different systems available. i"day I'd like 10 present a solutlen to you

Explaining the plan for the session

[Right. Today I'd like to present the new policy and especially the chancas that have been made ovar t08 last two months:1 \11>1'" tht vou'll give yOU! ideas amI c1>ll1lll<}n\~, at \h'ue is al!'fI:llin9~ {else you'd like to bring up, we can talk about It at the end, If there isn't time at the end, you

CJn always email me.

Outlining a pfesentation

There are some important issues I want to go through this morning.,firsl, I'd like to outline thel {main areas of growth. After that I'd like to explain how this growth will affect the company's five-vear pia II Finally, I want to focus On the next financial year,

Questions while you talk

OK. You all have a copy of the handout With the graphs and statistics. I'll go through the main prnnts on the handout and explain the graphs end staustics. These will help us to understand the situation as it is nowJJ! yau hav·e·anv·questians, please feel (,ec to stepme,

Questions ai the end

After my general Introduction, ld like to outline the new sales plan, TI"s Will take about thirty 10 lDrty m'nll\9s. Arter YO" nave n~ard abD~t 1~" new plan, I'm Slire yo"'11 nave ~ueslions, I'l\

eavs fifteen or twenty minutes atjhe end for questions, so if anything IS unclear please ask me then

Handouts noW

Here are some tables which illustrate what l'm saying I have copies of these and the statistics I've mentioned On this handout Kere you (Ire. Please take one each and pass them round. Did everyone get a copv?

Handouts at the end

I will be covering a lot of topics in this presentation and will be giving you some ligures and statistics. However, don't worry about taking notes while I talk, I have a handout with the mainl points of my presentation, which nl give you at the end. ,fhe handout contains all the staiistics ~eJJ.


til leave fifteerr Dr twenty minutes at the end for gHesfioJ}s .. c.

Other similar phrases include:

fd be happy ro answer any questions at the end. There'll be time at the end for quesrions alid comments.

There wil! be time tor Questions at the. eao. Please Sa liB any questions for the erid of the talk.

P(eas,e take one , ..

You can also use a question form:

Would vou like one of Ihese?

Wou{d YOI) {Ike to- t31::€ one as ( cess them arollnd?

Sam asked me to present my ideas.

Gthel WayS 01 exp\(jil"'~f19 wh)' you ore taJking:

I promised to report tne results af Oi/( wrv8Y to you

I've been asked to speak to you abo/It Smart toe has invired me here to present.

Today I'd like to present a solution ...

This is a phrase tor expfaininq what you're golng to do in the talk, Other phrases. from the dialogues that state intention ale Todav I'd like to talk about ..

{ w.ant ro focus 011 .


There are several words you can use to fill a gap or to start:

OK/All rlght/Well/SofFlne

8 ut remember nat to use these wa rds too much!

I hope tl,at you'JI give your ideas and comments.

Other wavs of inviting PBQP\~ to comment as you speak

Please make comments as I talk.

Please feeJ free to giv,; me your feedback

Iflher. is anything else you'd like to bring up, ...

I(phrases can be used to make polite suqqestions:

If VO(J have allY other comments, " ..

If you have any ather important points to rstee.

first. I'd like 10 "utline the main a'." of growth.

To outline means to summarise. When you outline the points vou will cove- in your talk YOu can use the fotlowinq phrases:

FlrSl - First/YiTo begin vvit/~/To stan with After that- Next/I'd also like 10

Finally - Lastly/The la$1 paint/Last of all ..

If YOll have any questions, please teet free to stop me.

Orher phrases which invite people La esk questions in the middle of your talk:

I'm hOPPV to iUlswer anv acesuone as i talk Please fee} free ro ask questions 3S we go atong~

J have a handout with the main points of my presemstion, ".

Other w~y;;, o'f tell~ng people that you have information to give them:

I Ilav8 copll:!s of the !itatistics and tables_ 171 give these ta you later.

Itte figures are on ,[1 sheet wlrich you can have toter.

The handout contsins all rho ststlsttcs as well.

As well mea na a Iso. For exa m ple:

The /random also 'contains at! the statistics.

British/American dIHerences


I spent the last two months

{American English usually uses the sirn pie past tense.)

programme, p 12 program

(Note: British Enqllsh uses programme when referring to a prcqramme of events or a television programme but program for anything relating to computer's.I


I've wem tho last

two months


Match a sentence or phrase on the left with one from the right.

Please help yourselves ~a

If we're all here, h

I'd like to start by c

I have a handout with the statistics on. d

I'd like to welcome Sonia Malden.

After th at I'd like to

Today, I'd like to talk about 11 YDU have any qu astrons,

describe the new proposal

Thank you Michel. It's good to be here. to the brochures at the back.

let's make a start.

Please take one as I pass them around. plaass feel free to ask me.

outlining Ihe plan tor the day.

the success we've had with after-sales.



2 Choose a verb from the box to complete each of the sentences below,





EXAMPlE If we're all here, I'll, ... 'oeji".

It's good to

, ." , Shireen here from the Head Office.

a hcndout?

I have the figures for the last thrBe months to

Would vou like to I'd

~ .. to yOLJ~

I plan to I'd like to

to talk tcdev about last year's sales figures

about twenty rn.nutos for questions attha end. .. our speaker today"




3 Fill the gaps in the sentences below with a preposition.





EXAMPlE: Thank you .. *"y.

. commg.

There are copies. . . .... the table.

I'd like to start.. .. outlining the changes.

It's good to have Michelle here. We can discuss any questions

I wantto focus.

. .. the five·year pian.

the end of this sassmn, you'll be able to teach vour statf how to use this


I'm talking to you today.

the dasiqner of this new marketing plan

. th a Ma I avsia n office . the end .

4 The fol,lowing sentences are mixed up. Put the words into the correct 0 rder.

EXAMPLE: for I to I thank Ilike I alii youl coming

l'dl.iJ,:,,,,, t~. t~"",,,\<' yq,-\"",II. +<:l:r .c.~IM.\"3·,.

po.nts / handout/ of I have / with! my! the! a! main / prcscntotion

customer I care / here I explain I to I'm

Malaysian/I'm / office / the I Mohammed I from

Good morning,

the! read I interesting I day I something! other

outline! begin / I'd I proposal I to I with Ilike! the


leader I you! sure I I'm! I'm! know! project; the As

5 Complete the sentences with the correct word.

EXAMPLE: It's good to . , , ,~,o:;:.et: .. , , you, have / take I meet

Did everyone a handout? give; get! go
Don't, , about taking notes, worry; forget; think
Please yourselves meet; have I help
Please l'eel " to stop me expensive I free! open
I'd like to the past let; happen I describe
I wan Ito on the results first. look; worry! focus 6 Write down a possible phrase or sentence from the dialogues for each of the following. Use the words provided in brackets.

EXAMPLE: You are a sales manager from the Frankfurt office. Not everyone knows you. How do you introduce yourself at the beginning of a presentation? (lm .. 1

H~iio, 1.'.":'c'Vi.ere~)(v.~i.~vo", t-he. Fv",,,Hv.v\:-. oHic:<:; ...

David Wang has welcomed YOLI anti thanked you for coming to talk today. How do you reply? [qlad)

You want to get everyone's attention so that you can start your meeting. What can you say? \llere/begini

You have handouts that vou want to give people. What can you say?)takel

in your presentarion, you plan to explain the problems af the aid ~racess and then present the new process How can YOLI explain what you are going to do? IFirst/After that)

H ow can you tell your listeners that there Will be time for questions at the end? (plan/leave]

7 Complete the following introduction with appropriate words from the unit.

S: Well. If everyone's tIl . . ... @ . . . . .. start It's great to have Liu Wei

here Q) . . the office in Beijing. As vou @ "he is the

Director of Marketing and has achieved excellent results.

LW: Good afternoon Thank you Sam I'm ® ... to be here today OK, today

I'd ® . . .. to talk about the developments in the Beijing office. We've had to

develop quicklv to meet the demands of the market and it's been hard work but very

rewarding In my presentation this afternoon I'd like to (!). . .three main

POlOtS. ® . . ... ,1"11 briefly outline our small beginnings two years ago;

® 1"11 explain how we adapted the RB409 range to suit the local

market and @. be IjJ)

. . I'll show our success. If you have any questions, there'll . at the end.

Betoro I start, I © ,

on It. Would vou like to © ..

a handout for you. It has the graphs and rr arn notes one? Here you are


fl· Moving ..... o:;;.:,n __ , --------:

Some useful phrases.

Listen to the recording and repeat,

So, what is the solution to this problem? Well, there are two possible solutions, The first solution is to train more statt.

The second solution is to buy a better system,

So, that's an overall look at our financial situation let's now look at predictions for next year lJnfortunately, we've just 10$t our 010es1 custnrnsr

The good news is that we've just signed two new customers,

To sum UPl we've done hetter this year than ever before

I'd now like to move 011 to the future of our company,

I said earlier that Hooper's used to be the leaders - not any more

Lim stanos for last In fi"t (jUI.

Follow-up - that's calling a customer after they've bought a product from us, We must improve til is system quickly otherwise we'll lose more customers, In other words,lf we don't 'Improve, we may have to cancel the promotion,

~O Dialog.;;;.u~es~ s ..;..,1 _

Using questions

It's important to know what customers think of our new product, so we've done some market research. Now we need to assess this research. In order to do that,oWe must asK DurseI1l8.s, these questions. What does the customer really want? Does the product really meet those needs? How can we improve?!ilt me answer each of these questions one by one.

First, what does the customer really want? Well, our research shows that.

Organising points

The first problem is call-response tim!,s- that is the time it takes to answer the phones. Many c~st~mers complalnea 01 wailln~ lor a \~ng lime lor Ihe phone \0 be answ~r~d. FQr e,~mple, several customers reported waiting 'for up to forty minutes. As a result of this, we've probably lost many customers to other companies. !Another problem is following up on cal~

From the general to the specific

So,-ilia!"s an overall look atthe marketing campaign and now for the ijetail We need to look at each part of the marketing plan In turn and make decisions about each so that we can progress.

Presenting op\;on"

As far as I see there are three optiMS. First, we can continue as we are for another year and then discuss the options again later Second, we Can update the system we have, which will last for another two to three years Third, we could buy a completely new system which should last lor at least seven to ten yeaTS

Giving your opinion

We need to think about how much money we 11aVe at the moment n my uprmon, we are in a strong financial position and so I think we should invest in a new buildlnQ.l!fwe IU d !lOW, wet will be readv10rthe expansion we are planning over the next few years

Referring back

There are some things that we need to do better this year. For example said earlierthaU security wasn'fvel}' good last year. This year we need to improve it. We need to examine what wasn't good and work out ways to improve.

Changing topic

OK. I've explained how we organised the proiec\ last 1.'1[. 'd rnlW like til chaRge direGtio'l and talk about our plans for this year's project. We have some good ideas and J feel very positive about the start we've already made.


In my opinion, WE' are in B stmng financial position ...

Other ways of giving your personal opinion: !think

It seems to me that ..

The obvious/best choice wOllfd be Personalf¥, I would recommend . As far as I see it

... we mUSf ask ourselves these questions.

Que-stions can be introduced in other ways. For example:

There are three questions I'd {ike to ask/answer There are several questions we need to r/~ink about.

Let me answer each ot mese questions one by one.

This is iii way of emphaslslnq the order of the talk by telling the listeners that you will <l\\S\l"t~~ e. ... ch qll~'S.t\Q\\ in order. YQl\ cCluld also say:

I'll answer these questions ia !lim

The firsr problem is call-response times The points in your talk can be organised using words and phrases such as;

The first reason is/First,.

Another problem;The neXT reason is/In addition,

As it result/Following all from that,. Finally/My last reason ..

Anorher problem is fu/lowi"g up on ceus.

To follow up is to maintain contact with a person in order to give them further advice and to make sure that earlier actions have been successtu I

... that's arr overelt look at the. marketing campaign and now for ttte details.

Some other similar phrases:

Tilers 8 gel/firellouk at aur plan, now let's look at (he details

mars the issue in general, noW let's look at tne first problem in detail.

Having gillen an overview, let's now tum to specific questions/problems/issues .

... there are three nptions.

OpUOrlS are ctsoicee.

Some other ways rc present optic ns:

There are four alternatives. There seem ta be two choices We CBn update the system.

We could buy a completelv new svstem.

If we build now, we will be ready for the expansion ...

U~~"'9 a CQ\\9\t\Q\\6l seoteoce Hf +- P{SS'Cflt tense + future] is a goad way ta introduce choice, options, advice end opinions.

If we buV the new system later. we won't be ready

... / said earlier that security WBsn 't very good /astYf'BF:

To refer back to earlier points you could ,,150 say:

In my last paint, I mentioned that. As t've already explained.,.

Ar tile beginning 01 tile talk I said.

I'd now like to change direcrion ...

This phrase makes it clear that you are changing to a new topic, Other possible phrases:

J now w8nt to move to the next puint , .

Let's move on to the next question/iss,ue Lets rum to the It~ird advantage of this plan.

British/American differences

British Drganising

at the-·mament emphasising

American organizing rightllDw emphasizing

Dialog..;;;,u.;;.es;;;.,. . ...;;;;;2 ~_._..._ __

Reporting bad news

Unfortunalelv, the numher of new customers who joined our scheme last yearwas below larget. This is disappointing because we spent a lot of money on marketing and staff training, and everyone expected better results.

Reporting good news

However,the good news is that so far this vearwe've nearly doubled sales of the new office furniture range. Sa, we've started the year well and must make sure we continue thts progress throughout the year

Explaining the meaning of abbreviations

So, what's our plan for the future of this company? Well, first - over the next two years, we want to introduce some new OTe drugs -Ole stands for ever-the-counter drugs In other words, drugs which customers can buy without needing to get a prescription first.

Explaining the meaning of specific words and terms

We need to think about how we can improve our service to customers. As I mentioned earlier, the biggest area for improvement is call-response times - that's the time it lakes someone to answer the phone in our call centre,

Giving examples

Apparently, many customers use our accountinq programme far their home accounts.

For example, they use Our package to organise their rsqular payments such as bills and they also monitor their savings. They also think that our programme ',S easy to use. Formstance, they like the clear mstructmn boxes which appear on screen

Repeating your point using different words

Complaints trorn customers are incrcasinc Most complaints focus On waiting times and lack of information. In short. we need to improve our customer service, ReceiVing complaints from customers is not good for business. We need to improve Our waiting times and provide clearer and more regular inforrnatinn.

Expressing possible outcomes

These are our predictions. We will produce the new software by the end of the year. However, we know haw markets change and so we may lind ourselves marketing it ill a different way.

Concluding a see lion and moving on

To sum up, last month's sales doubfed and this is excellent lor this time of vear This increase was probahly due \0 tho very eeld wC"Qlhe, we hati.

NeXl, I'd like to move on and look at the safes for the following SIX months. As you know, we're doing well as a company but we need to continue this increase in sales and that means everyone must work even harder


be expressed usinq might or couhl

There CQuld be positille results from lilis There may/might nat be positive results from this

Unfortunately the number of new customers . was below target.

Other usatut expressions rm sorry to say that ..

Sadlv, we wiii no: be .ule to . It is unfonunate Ihat ..

... the good news is that we've ITe.rly doubled saJ'es ...

Other phrases to introduce good news:

I'm pleased to 8ay that

You'll be happv (0 know met

OTC etsnas for over-the-counter drugs

We use stands tors» explain abbreviations WTO.stands for World Trade Organ/BatlOn JMF stands far international MorWlary Fund

... that's the time it takes someone to answer the phone in our call centre.

ThE! ph rase Tl1at is(Tha(s ce n be used to introduce an explanation

For example, ...

Expressions used to introduce an example:

Sileil as. For insrance

In short, we need to improve rWI customer service.

You may want to repeat a point in different words in order to make sure everyone has understood a r to emphasise th e point, You could also use:


In other words, . Tbat's to say,

To put it another way,

We will produce the new software .. , Witl/wilf not (won't) ce n be used for predictions.

tnere wifl be 8n Increase in sales

There won't be anI' opportunities for tutther de vetoomen:

." we may fiud ourselves marketing it in a different way.

Mav is used to indicate outcomes that are possible but not certain. Possibility C.3n also

To sum up, last montt: .. sales doubled ...

When you've finished presenting a point, you'll probably want to summarise the key points tor the listener. You can also do this with phrases such as:

In short. roereioce ..

... this is excellent , ..

WOiys to express your opinion on the information you have presented:

This is excefterll/verv good/better than we had expected

Tilis is disappointillg;This is worse than expecred!Tt~is is nor very good.

... fat this time of yeat.

Other ways to indicate time For the next six: months.

For thh; period

For thl8 pOint in the five-year business plan Over tliis tvvo-year period.

Next I'd lilm to mDve on and lonk at the sales ...

This phrase can be used to show that you are changing topic. Other useful phrases:

Let's move on now to . Shalf W~ naw tum ta Now we"!! move on to .

British/American differences

British call centre

... far their hDflle

American call center

... far their home

accounts financial recordkeeping/


Sadlv, we will not be Unfortunate 'v/regrettably,

abls to, we won't be

{S~dIV is not used in able.to (also used in

American English British English)

in this way) summarise



a problem

b solution

Choose the best word or phrase to complete each sentence.

EXAMPLE: The first .. PY¢P k~. . . is the la ck of staff.


d direction

I'd now like to ohange .

h turns

c direction

That's an overall look, now let's locus on tile

a technical

b necessarv

EU ..... a looks for

... European Union

b stands for c is for

There are only two

second, we can boy a new one.

a behaviours

b possible

. up, I have explained the problems and given three solutions.

c finalise d end


a build

h sum

. . and talk about solutions. d .options

G continue

d details

d represents for

First we can upqrade our current system or

C Instances

d options

a change

c turn

OK. We've looked at customers' ccrnplaints. I'd now like to to

looking at our retraining programme

d move

b sign

It ..

a seems

. to me that there are many opportunities for us to grow.

b could c miqht d should

2 Match a serrtance or phrase from the left with one from the right.

MD stands for----~_ I've explained how we worked last year.

The new information system will help us a lot.

I'd like to move on now

As I said earlier in the talk I'll answer each question We must ask ourselves I'm sorry to say that

For example, it will help us to look at customer information much qUicker

in turn

we have a lot of people interested in this idea those Important questicr s.

I now want to turn to our plans for this year. the majority of customers were not satisfied with our service

Managing Director.

and look at another answer to this problem.

, . problem is follow-i.p 0 .' ..

'. phoning the customer

3 Put the following words and phrases into the correct gaps in the paragraph.

As a result


The next Third


In other words

ror example

again to make sure that they're happy with our service. Why is follow up important?

®, ., it makes the customer feel that we C'He ®_, . . . it

makes them loyal to us. @.. . . we can solve problems before they become

too big. 0. . . .. , last week we phoned Mr Smith and found that his order had

not been delivered. He'd tried to call us but no one had answered, so he was very pleased thot we had called him @. . . of this. he's now very happy and will probably tell his friends about us.

4 Complete the questions using a word from the box. Some words may be used more than once.






.. options do we have?

does the customer want from our product? can we solve this problem?

the new telephone system meet Our needs? is there such ail increasa rn returned goods? many customers have we lost?

do teenagers preferto shop?

do so many women prefer this product'!

5 Put each of the 'Verbs into the past.

EJ(I\MPLE: Two years ago we (introducel \':\+:Y¢0."<:;~J,, .. a new computer system.

Last month ourresponse times (bel .. better

At the beginning of the talk, I (exnlain) . our new vision

I said at the beginning that we (have) . three new products.

Last year we IS9111 . . more than the previous year

Earlier in my talk, I (mentiom. . . that there were four points.

6 Put the following questions into the correct order.

EXAMPLE: do / customers / So / why I many / complain

0h1 .J._~ 5P,:,!0I."'I C:iASt-",:,!~yS. q<-lri""L.'1 do I new I Our I product I what! you I know i about

.. ?

IncreaSe i tan I sales I haw I w~

product/ is/ to I buy} our / who I gOll1g!

product / what r the / is / new

we I complete I when} changes I the ,' can

start I W8 / where I shall

7 Start each sentence with an appropriate word from the box.


For instance

In short

I think

As a result of this

, we should employ mnrs staff. (vcur opinion]

, them are two choices (summaryl

I we now have to start again. (consequence)

, this is our only chance. (repeating in different words)

, they think our programme is lexamplel

easy to USE!




....... Some useful phrases.

~ VI Listen to the recording and repeat.

Only 27 per cent of customers responded.

Only about one Quarter of our CUstomers replied About 40 per cent of people rent their homes.

Over two-lift-is of the population rent their a ccornmodatinn

The most axps isrve car In our range costs $350 000.

We only sold 230 last year

An estimated 1.2 million people answered our questionnaire The average home in Europe has 2.4 children

Around 350 people applied for the new jobs

Just over half of them wera graduates

Just less than two-thirds of them were women.

The graph shows a nse in the number of customers. There was a fall in the number of complaints last vsar. The number oj new customers has staved the same.

You can see that the sale of coffee peaked last month.

The graph shows that the sale oft". reached a low point last month

There was a dramatic nsa in the number of people visiting our website last year

:;0 Dialog.;;.;.ue~_s;....1.;,_' - _


From this table yOLI can see the shopping habits of men and women First is planned or unplanneD shopping, You Co n see Ihat~9 per cerlt.1 mal. shoppers only buy what they've planned to buy, whereas 76 per cent of female shoppers buy thinqs ,DO impulse, Second is response to special offers: 62 per cent of women react positively to special offers and so do 51 per Gent of men,


We asked 100 people what they thought of the new pens-.:'fwu-thirns ohbose questioned sal ,thatthey liked the new colours. and three-quarters of them said they liked the new shape, However, one-quarter said that they didn't look modern and about one-half said that they loaKed chea~,

Large and small numbers

Last year we had 332 students in each of our three schools, This vcar with six schoels we have a total of 960 students. Nextyear,l!iie hop. to ha~e 1530 in nine schools. As student numbers incTease so Does our turnover. Last YB"! our turnover was $4 000 888 and we e~pect tha1 118'\ year It will be about S6 000 000

Decimal points

We all know that according to the law we must check the temperature of our storage fridges every day, For the I110del of fridge that we use.nhe temperature must be between 4.3" and 5,6~ centigrade, If the !emperaiure of the fridges falls above Dr below this temperature, you must inform a manager,

Positive and negative numbers

Take a look at the financial figures. I predict that£Ve'U make. foss 01 gsa 000 this vea~ OU! can see the number -50000 in the thi,d column. However, nex! year We ew.cllo break e.e01 The following year;we ex~ectto (flake a profit of €70 000.

Approximate numbers

Around 300 peo!!le responded to our questionna'ir:!!, Just over half of them were under the age of eighteenJAbD~t 30 ~er cent were b~tween eighteen and for:!V and less than 20 per cent were over forty,


When you r/lake a lass. your income is' less tuan your expenditure.

When vou break even, your fnCOrYI8 is the same as your expenditu re

When you m<Jke i-! profit; vour income is more than vour expenditure .

.. 69 per cent 01 mal. shoppers ...

Tue preposuion cfis used wuu percemaqes: 76 per cent oiiemete shoppers

84 per cent of emptovoes

43perCElntis usually written as 43%

... an impulse

To buy something an impulse is to make a spontaneous, unplanned purchase.

Two~thirds at those ouestionee said that they liked the new colours, .

S::JY frectio ns as faJ lows:

yz ha/fla /la/f(an.-haif ~ a tiJird/Dn8-third

~ -quanarla- quartar/


YB an eighth!i:){le-eigMIJ

~/3 two-thirds

% thrae-ql.laJ1:-ers VB three-eighths

As. with percentaqes. [he pr-eposition of 15 uoec when describinq fractions. Fer example; Three quarters of people

Four fifths of our customers ...

... we hape to have 1 538 in nioe Sr:lJDO/S.

Say numbers as follows

2_50 two pnini tive oh

25 twenty· rive

250 two hUlldred and fitzy

2. 50Q twa thousand five Iwndred I.vOU can

etso say tvvellty.five hundred)

25000 tvvelJry·(lve thousand

250 000 two h!lndred and fifty t/,ousand

2 500 000 rwo million live hundred {/iousand Or zwc and a half million

. the temperature must be between 4.3~ .curd

5.6' centigrade.

S2IY numbers with n decimal pcint as fallows 54.749 fifty· four paint seven four nine

54,150 fifty-follr paint ceven five oh

With amounts of money, the numbers after the point are read as- fellows:

54550 forty-five dollars fifty cenls

€57.25 fifty-seven etHOS twenty-five cents Temperatures are read as follows:

4.3~C four point tliree degrRes cennorode

.,. we'll make a loss of50000this year.

... next yeer we expect to break ellen.

... we expect tc make a profit ...

YDU csn see th.e number ·50 DDO in the third column.

Neqative numbers are read as follows

-50 000 minus fifty thousand

-7.4 minus seven poill{ four

Around 300 people responded to our questionnaire.

A~-Olmd is \.'osed \0 t:o.\1<c '2.\)(_\\Jt appmximate numbers. Other useful expressions:


Just Qverla little more tlJanlmore than Less than/just ulldet!rmder

About 30 per ceot were be/ween eighteen and forly ...

It is important when speaking to make a clear difference between numbers ending with -teen and those ending with -tv. You can make tile difference clear with stress 8S follows (the part of the number in bold is the

part to stress)'
13 thirteen 30 thirty
·14 fourteen 40 lorty
15 fifte-en 50 fifty Britisb.tAmerit;>an differences

British catours

332 ~ three hundred and thirty-two

25D aao ~ two hundred and fifty thousaM fridge

(nor used in American Engrlsh.)


American colors

three hundred thirty-twa

twa hundred fifty thousand


Ialsc used in

British English.)

Note: American English generally uses the Fahrenheit scale, but wme j"'tema-HQr\a\ businesses may use .centiqrade .

:''0 Dialog~u ...... e ..... s ....... 2....__~ _

An increase

A decrease

Staying the same

High and low points

I >/\ ~'~


~,,; ~~>~ J"n luI .,,~ S~~' QC\ N.;],


Describing changes

(This chart shows a significant rise in the number of companies selling cheap modern turnitu-e. Two years ago there were thirty major companies selling this type of furniture. rrhis year the number has gone up to seventy. That means that the competition in the market has more than doubled in twelve months.

lThere has been a significant decrease in the number of people with more than oue child over the last five years. As a result.Jha number 01 children going to Primary school will also lall. This will aflect our sales of Primary school books and in the future it will also affect our sales of Secondary school books

It's interes\Jng to note tnat tne number ot slaif has slaved.lhe same tor the past three years. Basicallv the demand for trained instructors has stabilised and the market has levelled out.

Sales of Brighter $mlletooihp.ste peaked in May of last year_ However Shine Hair shampoo IS not' duing so well, It entered a trough in October last year. Sales are still below expectation.

We can see that the number of people who own a private car has Increased signiiic8nr1y in Kenya over the last few years. rbelieve there'll be a dramatic' rise in private car' owner'\[ over the next few years.

Last year was a very unusual year for us In Octcberaalss fell dramatically. Look at this trough in the graph. Atter November. sales Ibegan In increase qraduallv Then there was a dramatic increase as you can see with this peak In April After April. sales. fell again and then stayed more or less the same for the rest of the year


I believe tirere'll be a dramatic rise in private r:aT Dwmus- ...

Other ways of giving your opinion about the future:

I expect rllere to be 1 predict there'll be.

Tllis leads one to expect that there'J! be.

. over tfle mud few years.

Other expressions you can Lise are as tcuows-

Over the following mOllths For rile next three years "

In the coming months/years.

co. sales teU nr;!!ma(icaUI'.

To descri be CI decrease, you ce n a lsc say There was J drop in setes.

Saies droppedc

sa-JB'S began to increase pradHalJy.

Here are 50n19 other ways of explaining a gradual increase or decrease (adjective + noun)

A gradual increase A steady fall

And ather W8YS {verb + adverb):

The grapIJ rose steadily/fell grad/wily.

... sales stayed mare or less tiie same,

Mare or less could be replaced here using' roughly or approximately

The chart ShUW5 a significant lise ...

'Mere are soma mnar ways to oescribe an increase (adjective + noun)

A dramatic increase

A sharp (188.

A small increase.

T.his yeal the number has gone up to seven-tv.

Same more ways to describe an increase [subject + verb + adverb!

fhe number v/eo: up sharpl~'

Sales rose dramaticaltvlincreased significantly. Tile number lias doubled/tripied.

There has been a significant decrease in the numbe, of p€opf. with mere than nne chilrl ...

Here are some other ways to describe a decrease (adjective + noun>:

A dramatic decrease. A sharp fall

A sflgillfaii

... the number of children going tv Primary scttoo! will also fall.

Some more ways to describe a decrease (verb + adverb}:

Sales fe1l sharply/went dawn significantlvl reduced dramaticallv.

... rh. numll.r of staff has srayM the same, ..

Here are SOme ways of describing something which stave thi3 same:

The number h8S reached a piate8CJ. The number has fev8ffed out.

Staff numbers iJ8Ve stabilise de

Sales of Brighter Smile toothpaste peaked in May ...

Peaked is used here to describe the highest point in the number of sales, after peaking numbers always go down Here are some other examples:

Sstes peaked

Sales reacl'led 8 high point

And some waY's to describe low points in a qreph

Sales reecned a .trough. 5s/es r-e3(;hed 11- low poinr.

British/American differences


T/Jis chert shows a significant rise .,.


This chart shows a significant increase (also used in British English)

The "um;.r of c/lildren going UJ elementary school will go dawn. <go down is also used in British English)

The test three years. laj50 used in British Engl ish - this would be more usual in Arrrertcan. Enqllsh} also: Safes remained fiat



The "umber of cnildren going to Primary school wifffail.

Tbe past tale. ve"rs.

Sales stayed the same.

stabilised Ie veiled


Write down how you would say the following numbers:

EXAMPLE: 364~ th;~t-y$;J:< .. poi",t . .f.'.O!A>:.f'iVo;':.

):i of all shoppers


Y8 01 all men 35% of children

-65.02 423000

'h 01 the population 243

2 Complete each sentence below with a word from the box, Use each word once


more than

lust under

less than



EXAMPLE: 1345--355) a (63 out 01 100)

.. 350 people applied for the new post

half of the applicants were well Qualified.

a quarter of the employees attended


Sadly, less

the presentation

A little.

to fifty-five age group.

30 per cent of them were in the forty-five


We received. from customers.

50 per cent 01 them were under thirty years old. .1500 -1600 questionnaires back


. .. three-quarters of men said they prefer diet drinks.

3 Use words from the box below to describe each graph.

stav the same ~

drop peak

dramatically steadily


4 Change the nDun form into the verb form.

EXAMPLE: There was a dramatic increase in the number of sales.

We can see a significant rise in ticket sales

The graph shows" sharp fall in the sales of Slav Fresh washing powder.

There was a gradual decrease in rhs number of dog owners.

There were twice as many cornpjaints.

Thera was a steady drop in petrol consumption.

There was a dramatic increuss in the number of private cars

Tile number 01 sales reached a level. Ito level outl

5 Fill the gaps in the texts below with a word from the box.

a I

out to be increase In peak J.b-aW

L- ~



The graph .. S\-\~W5 our book sales last year. From January CD.

March sales CD. . gradually from 20000 to 35 ODD. After March, sales

continued ®. . .' steadilv to 50. 000 9. . June. rmm Jun. to

August, sales levelled @. . ... The lowest point in the year G ..

October. Our best montil was December when sales @ . . . at 70. 000.



hr aak



Let's take" look at the financial figures. Unfortunately, figures were below

0. .. .. . last year In fact, we 0. . . . a loss of $20 000. However, this

year, predictions are that we will ®. even. II things go as we

@. we will be making a 0 in two years time

c I


L- _





Having looked at the data, I 0. . . there will be a steady increase in sales over the 0. six months. The drop ®. .. . . sales over the last three months is unusual i311d will not contmuc. Sales are more or @.

stable now and as Far @ .. , .. I can see, they will start to rise gradually over

the G. . . ... months.

From this slide you can see that there are three options. On tile next slide, you can see this vear's sales figures. let's look at thess figures more closely.

It's interesflng to note that sales haveincreased dramatrcauv

I'll do a quick breakdown for you on the llipchart.

let me find the relevant slid".

let me show vou that clip again.

This graph shows the cash flow for the last quarter. 75 per cent of readers like the qardeninq feature. The main building is at the bottom of the plan

Extras are listed 011 the left of the table.

First, the customer places an mder.

The salesperson then sends the order to dispatch. When the order is ready it is delivered to the customer.

o Visual Aids

- A Some useful phrases.

::. ~ Listen to the recording and repeat.

FROMl1W3 HIDe YOV c1.N St.i: C~EAQL'{

+10WIH~ ~EW f'RO(E'n WORkS.

j~) Dialog..;.,ue,;;;;.;s;;_·. 1..;...' -__..,_

Introducing a slide

This morning I'm gOing to talk about the conputar software marketlYou can see from this slide that I'm going to cover three points. ,·11 leave this up as I talk so that you can follow the points.

Changing slides

OK. cOn the next slide you can see a picture of the new model which will be launched next week. Doesn't It look good? And here, on this slide is a diagram of the inside and how It actually works. You can see that the mechanism inside is quite complex

Now, let's look at the programme for. the launch which is on the following slide

Looking at detail

ters look at'the figures on this slide mora closely. In ths first quarter of last year, soles of our lead home improvement magazine doubled due to tho booming economy and our successful advertising campaign. You can see that in the same quarter, sales of our women's fashion m~g"in" dmpped slightly due 10 new cDmpetitinn.

Commenting on the content of a visual

l.ookinq at this graph it's interesting to not. tha1the increase in sales happened just

alter our special advertising campaign. The worrying thing is that there was also an Increase in Our competitors' sales at the same time. It's surprising to see how quickly

our competitors reacted to the campaign

Moving between different visual aids 0: Are there any questions?

Q: Your graph is very helpful but Can you just cf.rifi~ow you worked out the figure$] O· C€rtamly. ru dll" q"'c\< hreak dll'lln In, ynu lin th~ Ilip"h~tr,

@: Could you explain again how the market is divided up?

0: Yes,Aet me find the relevan! slid e.


O· Right. l'lljust put this up on the screen so that you can see It. [Nothing appears on screen] On dear Untortuna.elv, -the projector doesn't seem to be working. IDoes .h.yone know hOwi! works?

o Are you SU," the power is all?

[speaker adjusts plugs and switches]

6: Ah N ow it's working

$ .. be"," mo. I can't see it very dearly O· l'm sorryil'lIadjus' it Is that better? @. Yes, thanks. That's fine.


. let me find (he relevant slide.

Other expressions to use when rnovinq between different visual aids:

Let me go tUJCk ro the lIideo 8,nd show vou that clip ag!:Jin

We SaW thut slide earlier. Just a moment whiff.' I search for it/go back to it.

tire prolecsor doesn't seem to be workiflg. You mav need to explain a problem yOU are havinq with visual equipment Other expressio 11S;

There's a problem with.it Its not working.

I can't qet it ta wotk.

Does anyoffe know haw it works?

Asking for help from others:

Can anvone help mp. wun this?

Which key/switch/burton do I need W press?

m adjust it. Is thai better?

Making the slide/image clearer

G,m you move the slide down/up/sideways? ffl fOGuS it. Is thar cteeser now?

You c-an see from this slide that t'm going to cover three points.

Other ways of asking llstaners to look at your visuals;

Take a took at Ihis graph and vou'lt see .. This slide slwws the ...

As you can see fmlll thE' slide/grapn/char1.

On the next slide you can see ...

Here are some more expressions you can lise as you chanqe slides;

Here is tile next sEide. Ims shows.

Lets look at another example of tllis which is Qfl the folJowing slide.

tel's ~[lok al1he figures [lU this sfide murll closetv:

Here Is another w;:,y 01 asking people to look at detail:

I'd also like to ore VII your atterr[}On to Right {Jere you can see

Notice fhe .

". irs interesting to note that the increase in safes happened after om campaign

These expressions can be used to give your G?\r\~'Or. accut the COnt~nt ot a £,mJ.lh, 1.3b\e. etc.

It's mte(eslinglworrving/surprfsing/of" concern + ta note/see/reafise

Tl1e wor(ving/lnterestiflg/sl...1rprising thiog IS tbet . ..

_" can you [ust clarify how y[W w[lrked out the ligures?

Other ways of asking for clarification:

Can you tell us aio:e abOUi rhar? Can yau explain that again?

Can vou go over !hat part again?

1'1/ tio a quick break down for you on tile flipclmrl.

S.ome other phrases to use with Hipcharts: rJ! just write ihet word an the flipchart for vou We had an example ofrhat earlier/an the prellious page. Let me flip back to it.

BritishfAme ... ican differences


... can VDU just clarify how you worked

aut ti,e numbers?


... can you clarify how you figured

out the numbers1 ND\e; Ametic~f1. English does not use just in this s .. ense as often as British English.


Just 8 minute/second whil. I look for it.

(also used in British English. but sounds slighUy more informal than moment)


Just a moment while I search (Dr ft:.

~O Dialog...;.;,ue ..... s ..... _ ....... 2 ............ ~_~_

E~~plaining a diagram

The new brochure has one new holiday resort in ltalv. I visited it last month and I have a plan of the resort here. You can see the apartments are allhe bottom near the beach, Each one has a balcony which looks onto the sea. The swimming pool is in the middle section. The children's plav area is to the fight of it and the tennis courts are in this area at the top 01 the pian.

Describing a flow chart

Explaining' a graph



'" ,Ot

~~~ -,::~~~-~-~.~

Od\,~~ey -_- See s.ewc

------ Moa~o",

{This graph shews our sales ligures for the last twelve months. Jhe vertical axisrepresents sale. in Australian dollars and the ligures are from April to March Each line on thegra~h shows' one of our top brands. You can see frornthe kel'which line represents each product. For example, the dotted line shows the sales figures for Odyssey perfuille

The point is illustrated in this pie chart In Shanghai,

75 per cent of people still use a car to get around; only 20 per cent use the bus and a much smaller 5 per cent use [axis. So, me most popular lorm of public transport 1s still the car.

40~ -

30~ r

'Ok IDk1-~~~~~~~~


Using a pie chart

Semd order to dispatch .department

The system can be Seen In thisnow chart.First, the customer places a" order with the salesperson anrl the alesperson then sends the order to dispatch. Next, the dispatch start get the order ready and package I[ Finally, a delivery service picks it lip and delivers it to the customer.

Describing a table


1.1 I 1Al



Security svstern

S81EJIlire navigation sy:iJem




hi. table show. the extra features that come with the neW Cheetah sports car. The medals are listed here in the top row and the extras are listed on the left.;As you can see, our up-toaate s ecurity system dpes not come with the Cheetah 1.4[ but it does COme with the Che stah 1.6 L. Also, we have not Included the security system as an extra feature for the Cheetah 2.0L because we are otl arinq the satellite naVigation system in Its place. Accordrnq to our market research, these features should g·,ve us a good posrnon m the marxst place


first. the customer places an order ...

Use the present tense to describe the stages of ~ process.

This graph shows our safes figures

Some otl' ..... r wevsof referrinp to a graph Ac cording to the graph tile number is

The paillt is lJ!ustrateri ill this graph.

From tfl.hi graph you c an see ..

The vetticst axis represents safes in Australian dotters ..

This is a 19chnicaj way to talk about a qraph It would be more usual and simpler to say vertical axis = down the Jeft

The mnnbNs down tha- iE'ft show the tDta~ safes in Scutt: African Ran.ds.

horizontal axis = along the bottom

The months ers shOiNn along the hottom

£8C/' tiee tm the graph shows one of our top brands,

Another useful ph rase 'IS

Each line indicates the progress of a different oroauct.

... the key.

The kevoHers an explanation of symbols used In a graph, diagram or chart

... 75 per cent of people still use a car ...

Sections of a pie chart can be described as percentages or fractions For example:

25 per cent DI oeoole

A quarter of the people.

... the most popuJar form of pub({c transport is still the car.

These expressions compare and contrast information In a pie chart or other visual aid. Some other expressions include:

Th. mast popular/the best selling/the fastest ,<;elting

The till,d most popular/the second biggesr/,he touttti largest ..

Th8 least commDnty used/the least popular

... the apallJJJents are at lhe bollom near the bescn.

A plan can be described using the examples below:

At/on the top/botton! . an the left/on the riglJt .. In ti,e middle/centre.

In me top/bottDm feft-hand comer In the toplbotl'Om right·hand comer.

. tile salesperson then sends the order to dispatch.

When describinq a flow chart the order of the staqes is important. Here is the lanquaqe needed;

F!rstIThe first stage is Thell/Nexr/After that. Finally/Lastly.

This table shuws the extra teetures ...

Another way of saying this

You can see tire extra features tor eectr o.oael in this table

The features of eecn model are clearlv strown In the table

The extra feawres appear in t.his table.

Tire models are listed here iff the top row ...

Other phrases for describing a table:

The models are listed across tlie to» . ThB features are listed down me side. On the tet: in tile hrsi column.

The hrst afld second cens .

As YDU can see, our up-to-dote seClJriry system does nat come with the Cheet.h 1.4L ...

As you will neve seen is used here to show that the speaker expects the listeners to have alreadv noticed key features in a graph, table or chart. Other useful expressions:

As you may have noticed

As you will no doubr have realised

British/Amerioan differem:es


public transport children's play area


public trensportetioc children's playground {also used in Brrtlsh English)

send the order to shipping/the shipping departmenf

rhe shipping staff center

send the order to dispatch

the·dispatch staff centre

Let me



Put the correct preposition into the sentences below.



ac ross




EXAMPLE: I'll leave this slide \-\p .

.. as I talk.

. . this slid e you C.;J 11 se B the sa Iss figures fo r the saco nd q Uti rte r.

The vertical axis represents sales

let's look. 33 per cent.

The apartrr-ants are


.." these figureSlllure closely

The models are listed

['II just write the calculation up ..

people prelsrred our lead brand. . .. the bottom 01 the pian.

the Ilipchart .

2 Match the phrases on the left with the phrases on the right

.. the top

008S anvone know

The projector doesn't ssern It's interesting to note that

4 On the next slide

5 Can I take this slide

6 You Will have

Take a look at this chart and There's another example on I'd r,ke to draw your attention

3 Choose the correct verb from the box below and put it into the sentences, Make sure the verb agrees with the subject.

to be worki ng

you'll see what I mean, down now?

to the second graph.

seen that sales have peaked, I how it works?

g U1e previous page.

you can see an outline of the main points, the number has levelled out.










. the number 01 books sold last year.

EXAMPLE: This graph, ,s.It,,«w.,

... the slide up while I talk.

II you, You can.

The least popular magazines. Onlv 33 per cent of Women, ,

. . tile health magazines

. thOSE! m<,)g,wnes last year.

closely at this lilagram, you'll see rhat there are seven SWitches , , the figures orr my next slide

the projector so that you can see

First, the customer. Then, the salesperson

the order.

. Ihe order to dispatch

III the first quarter, sales of the Aztec range rOS8 sharply. In the third quarter, sales levelled out.

Let's look at the figures more closely

But then sales took a dip in the second quarter

4 Put the following mini-presentations into the correct order by putting a number in the space on the left.

EXAMPLE: . ,4.. Call everyone see it clearly?

, Yss thanks. That's fine .

. S"'.. Is It bettor now?

l OK. Hers's the first slide .

. . 4-. I'm sorry. let me adjust It.

'3 No, sorry. It's not clear

Finally, If the programme is correctly Installed, it will ask you to restart your computer.

Then, tlley load Ihe new software.

First, the customer switches on their computer.

Next, they should run the test programme to make sure that the programme is correctly installed.

The next IS shopping.

The third most popular is playing computer games

The pie chart presents tile most popular activities lor young people As you can see, the most popular is going to nightclubs and bars Therefore you can see that our product is well placed in the market.

You can see thct the departments are listed across the top in the first row If you look closely voull See that ottic o staff did much better this year.

it shows the results of the company language test.

Take a look at this table.

and the names of those who took the test are listed on the loft in the first column

5 Put the following sentences into the correct order.

EXAMPLE: new! this! o"f! diagram! a I shows I plan! the / factory

-:rl--liS0l",\3v.0IMSI--l91>!$ .<'t.pl.",.Ii.. o-P .1-.V-;': Ii..'-;:~ .. -P ",c:tp,v y .. more / look I closely! figures Ilefs! these! at

On I table I slide! the! can I you! next I see I the

break I for I do! 1'111 down I a I you

may! sales! lila! I noticed I peaked I you I month I have Ila5!

popular I is I MAXI 22 / the I model/least I the

6 Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

EXAMPLE. First, the customer .cp.~rl. e+:~S. the form. completes I completed I has completed

a The. . axis shows the years from 2000.

lt's interesting to. . that sales peaked

in January.

I'll help you with that

horizon I virtual I horizontal worry I note I surprise

If the slide is not clear, I'll


finish Ilatet I end clear I change! adu st upl Over I on

I have one more chart to show you before we move.

Each line on the graph lead brands.

. One of our

represents I removes I focuses

e Problems and Questl.ons

~:... Some useful phrases.

~ 'f'e' Listen to the record i ng a nd repeat.

Let rr a summarise the points before j go all What's the ward I'm lookinq for?

Let me rephrase that

We've almost run out of' lime.

Unfortunately, time won't allow me to explain all the details. I'll just outline the last section.

Let 018 go back and explain.

Sorry, what I meant to say was a 20 per cent Increase not a 30 per cent increase. I'm sorry, could you rephrase your question please?

Shall I explain what I've based my numbers on?

I'll be qlad to answer lIllY questions at the end

Actually, I'm gOll1g to talk about that later.

That's a good Question arid one that I'll be answerinq later in Illy talk.

I'm afraid I can't answer that question

I'm afraid it's not my area, I suggest you speak to one of the Directors about that I dnn't think it's appropriate for me 10 answer thai queslion.

AP.E you 7AVIN.Gr WE NN'TcqET A. PAY RJ5t nil, Y£AR?:

COULD YOU RHi-\R!.S£ YOUR?'"", &IJE'7T!oN !, - .. ~


:-1; Di_alog~ue ...... _.s;;....1.;;.._ _

LosiQg your place in your notes

OK Where was J? Let me summarise the points again before I continue. So, there have been three maln changes. r-1Ts\,'thsTEl has Deen an increase in customers to DtH 8!(pf:nS1"I1'8 stor-es. Second, a levelling out of visrtnrs to Our children's stores. And third a significant mcraass m customers to our ~ow·price stores

You don't know the English word

There are several problems with the new model One problem is that it stops working if it gets .. um. whafs the word l'rnIookinq to!'? Let me try agaln. One problem is that it stops working iiit gets a little wet.

A deleted or wrong slide

If you look at ths next slide, you'll see (he figures are much healtnierd'm sorry, I can'tfind iI'. OK.let me describe the key points to you.

Time has ,run Gut

/Unfortunatelv, time won't allow me to explain all'the details, so I'll lust outline the last section to yau. The main points are On this slide. I'll explain them briefly to you.

You have forgotten to say something

The basrc system will therefore cost about ,,50 000. Oh,1 should have said earlier that we .Iready have.the promise 01 €120 000 to make this project possible Let me go back and explain how Ihis money llec,me a"ilabie

Making a mistake

0·. So, if we look al18st y~ar's profit and this years pmjected sales, you can S~e that we expect salss to d(1uble this year Last year sales peaked m June whereas this year we expect sales to peak in September

0: :Sorry, but didn't sales peak.in July?

!'il: U mm c c • Yes, of c OU rse IWhat I should have said is mar sa los pe aked in .Ju Iy

You are unable to do something you had planned to do

OK As you can see. the new poster for this advertising campaign is really very clever ,! wanted, llo give you a copy hut I'm afrai~ the copies di,dn't arrive from the printer. ill tjmg lor me to bring them this morning. I will post you each a copy when they arrive



Where was 11 Let me summarise the points again before I continue.

If, as sometimes happens, you lose your place, you could go beck and summarise the octets vou have already made .. This should give you time to remember what you were about to sav. Another way of saying this is Umm .. sorry, J just lost track I'll recap lhe points so far.

... what"s the word fm lookio9 for?Let me try again.

If you forget a ward, don't panic. Use- one of these phrases and then try to say the same Thing using different words

How do you say that in Engl}st~?

Let me reonreee that:

rm sorry, I can'l find it.

If you cannot find sornethinq, use one of these expressi ons

Excuse me for one mome'n[,

I'm afraid I can't find the graph at the moment Tile siide doesn't seem w be here.

... Jet IDf1 .describ-e: tf;le hey points to -YOil.

Other ph-ases you can use in this situation fll write the main figures on the flipchart/on this slide.

Well, the key pOints/figures are.

Unfortunately. time won'tal/uw me to explain all the details, ...

If you are running out of time, you can also use one of these phrases to bring your presentation to an end:

Right_ Now t'tt conclude/end with this final point, OK. {'II just explain this fast poillt briefly and then there 'Ii be time for questions.

Other phrases used to talk about time running out:

I'm sorry but time is nearly up We've almost run aut ot time. We only ha ve a few mimHes ten

Oh, (should hsve said earlier that we already tieve ,

If you forget to say somethinq, you can always explain it by using an expression like t.t .. i,s·

Sorry I iorqot fa memlon/explain . f slwufd neve explained ...

Sorry, but didn'l sales peak in July?

Note how ~IH3! person in the audience starts by sevinq Sorry ~ he doesn't want to offend th e speaker.

What I should have .said is that ...

Other phrases you con use if you make a mistake

Sorry, what t msant to sav was ...

MV misteke. What I wanted to say was.

I wanted to give YDU a copv, but I'm afraid the copies didn't arrive from the primer« in time ...

Some other similar phrases for explaining similar problems

I oteoneo to but

I had wanted to . ., bur unforwnarefy .

British/American differences



a levelling DIJt' of visitors a le ve ling out ot visitors

Sorty, but didn't sales Excuse me, didn't sales

peak in July? peak in July?

(a lsc used in British English)

I wiN mail you a copy t'm afraid I can', find the

I will post you a copy I'm afraid I can 'I tiM the graph at the moment

Sorrv, wl,.t I meant to

graph right now

Excuse me. I meant to savthat ... (also used In British English)

saVW8S ..

Int e nuptions to your talk

O· SO. there are a number of changes 10 be introduced and I am surs they will have a positive effect on staff and customers.

€) How are you gOing ia introduce these changes?

0: 11'tiafsa gond qu.slion and one that I'll b. answering later in my talk:

You don't understand a question

1Zl: Your projected figures seem to prasuapose a booming economy. Is that correct? 0; !I'm sor(\" could yo~ rephrase your question pfaa~_e·?

0: The ligures in your graph seem to be based on a booming -" verv strong economy. €): Yes, that's right Shall I explain what rile based mv ligures on?

1Zl· Yes please. That would be very helpful.

A question that ;s not on the topic

0: Could you tell me why the management gal such" large pay rise this year?

0: I'm sorry. buUh~t's not rea.lIv p~,;tOf today'. discussion and ifm afraid it's not a question If can answer. ! suggest you speak to one of tile Directors about that.

You don't know the answer to a question 1Zl: WI1at are your protections for the second term?

€): Erm .• fmafraid I can'! give you a fullanswer riqht npw. I'll look into it and get back to you later.

An aggressive or diffieuh question ttl aJ'swer

1Zl: Where did you get your facts from? I cannot believe that what you are saying is true' O:/f)Yeli. actually. all my facts are from company records. nu're welcome to come and check the Ijgures alter the presentation it you wish.

No questions

1Zl' 'So, does anyone have any quastions?

Any questions at all? No? No questions?

That's fine. If anyone wants to ask anything, please feel fres to speak to me individually


.., I'm afraid 1 caf,'t give YOil a (vII answer right 110W.

Other- things VOLI can say if you don't know the answer or want to answer later;

rm sorrv_ J can"! answer vour question rigl'll. now but I'd be ht!ppy to email you an inlswer ietet:

That's an interesting point. Can I answer that after the preseotation?

WelJ. actually, ail my tects are tram company records.

If someone is aggressive or they ask a difficult question, YOu can use one of these phrases"

I'm sorry. I'd rather nat answer that question right now. 511811 we talk at tile end?

I'd D8 glad to discuss that with you tater. As time is sccrr, may I cotl(inw5' and we cart discuss It tater

Thank vou far four question. Could we diSGuSS it at the end?

You're welcome to come and check the figures after the presentation ...

0111131- ways 0-1 ffi<'1\o;\"i'rg a pn\i'e offer:

fd be happy to sllOw you the figures after the presentation.

Please fee! free ro come and see the figvr.es after tI~e presentatiDn

So, doee anyone have any .questions?

As\('ing 1m- questions Are there any questions? Anv Question?

AnV more questiDfls?

That's a good question and one that I'll b. answering later in my talk.

Other expressions which C8n be used when someone interrupts you:

Thank you for yuur question. Can} answer jr at the end?

That's a useftil/interesting question. If you don'r mind, ro prefer to answer it at the end.

I'm sorry, Gould you rephrase yanr questiDn pteese?

If you do not understand a question, you can just esk the person to repeat the questio 11 ustnq simpler language. Here are some other phrases:

Im sorry, could Vq.u simplify YOI_lf question? I'm sorry. I didn't understand the question ClJlJld yQIJ repe.aY(ephr.:l se ;t?

Shall I explain what I've based my figllres on?

Shall Ie. can be used to make .3 suggestion. Here are some more examples:

SIJalf I repeat my last ooirn?

Shall I find more examples and get bs ck to you?

... tbets not really part af todays discussion .

If someone asks you 1'1 question on a topic that is not related to your presentation. you can use a ne of these phrases:

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that is not reallv what I neve been ssked to talk about iodev.

We're nDt rfr&~f)l rove-ring thai topic tDdav.

Really is us.ed to sound mare polite:

T/Jars not really what we are discussing raday or That's not really what I meant.

... I'm afraid its not 8 question I call answer. I suggest you speak to One of the Oirectors about that.

lf you are asked a question, which you cannot Or should not answer, VOU could use one of these phrases:

That is nat actually within mv area. YDU should probably speak to the Finance Director.

That's a good question. } suggesl you raise it WiTh senior managemefft

British/American differences


... management got such a large pay rise thlsyear.

Finance Director


... management got such -a large raise this veer.

ao (Cllief Fiosncis:



Complete each sentence with a word on the Tight. EXAMPLE: Let me .~ I'll ".A.. ... up sa y / ro un d I do

I'd be I'm

OK Letme. Smr~,I\lY .

. to email you the details later

I can't find tile slide at the moment. ... til at

What I meant WaS increase.


sorry I agree I happy afraid I happy / regret reply I return I rephrase point I mistake I altaid probably I willing I prefer

That's a good question. I'd actually a nswer it at the end.

I repeat my question?

That's not

...... what I rnsant,

2 Match a. phrase on the left with the appropriate phrase on the right

1 I'm afraid it's not a topic ~ a later in my talk

Could you rephrase b to describe the details ot the waph.

I should have said earlier c in English?

Let me go back and explain d for me to discuss.

that we have already found an answer to that question.

Let me summarise the main points before I continue.

how we solved the problem your question please?

3 Decide whether the sentences below are correct or not. Put C if they are correct and I if they are incorrect. Try to correct them,

.... t-

EXAMPLE: t. I'd prefer to answer your question i'! the end.

Unfortunately time won't allow me How do you say that

Wilere was 17

I'll be answering that

What's the wm~ I'm looking Ql ? I'm afraid that's not my area.

I'll [ustexplain this last pcrnt shortly We only have a little minutes left. We've almost run out of time.

That was the wrong word. Let me do again. Shall we get back to you?

SorCI, what should I have 56id was pro'i\.

can / willi shall

really / probably / definitely

4 Put the following mini-dialogues into the correct order.

EXAMPLE: .. 4 and then leave a few minutes for questions.

· I. Ah, we've almost run Gut of time

· .? I'll just explain that last paint quickly.

· .2.. . ljust have one main point left to present.

Right. yes and now 1"11 outline the action points. So far, I've presented the survey results

. ,10K. Where was I Lip to?

I'll just recap the points I've already presented

I've also explained how this applies to the five-year plan

So, for now, I'll describe they key features to you.

The company has now bought a building for the new project I wanted to show you the plans but they have not arrived yet. When they do arrive, I will send you all a copy

But in May things improved.

OK. You can see that in March sales were down. What's the word I'm looking for'

There was a in fact" sharp, . um .

What's the word tor go up?

d Well, that is an overview ot sales for this 'lear.

Does anyone have any questions?

If anyone does have questions. I'm happy to talk to people individually. So, now we have ten to fifteen minutes far questions.

Any questions at all? No?

5 Match two phrases with similar mean in !I_

I should have said earlier ------........_ a What's the ward I'm looking tor? '---b 3 The time is up.

~ I wanted to bring the samples.

5 Could you rephrase that?

That's not really part of tcdavs discussion.

let me summarise the points again

lime has run out

What I should have said was

That's not rcallv what I've been asked to telk dbout

What's the English word lor that? Couto you reword that?

t Let me recap the main points.

9 I had planned to bring them.

6 Put the following sentences into the coeract order.

EKAMPLE: glad I questions /1'111 any I end I very / to I be I answer I all the

I'!l.\:>.';; yen 310-0\-o"'''SlNe~'''I''Y qv..~s.H.o".s .. 0\.1:. rh", .e".0.

conclude Ithisl me I last! pOlnt/let/with

key 118t/ you / describe I the I to I me / points

the Iyau II/ speak to / about! suggest/that/finance department

that! g oin g /I'm II ater / about / a ctu ally / to / tal k

planned /Ihe / photocopier III handouts / wasn't! to I but / bring / working

main / write I flipchart I figures I on /1'11/ the/ the

more Ilook I closely / figures I let's / these I at

Some useful phrases.

listen to the recording and repeat.

o Conc)uding -:

In my experience, customers are interested in good service I think this proves that customer care is key.

I recommend the second option.

To sum up, I began by outlirnm; the progress of the company. Then I described the possible future trends.

In brief, there are several advantages and disadvantages to this proposal We need to grow and that means increasing sales.

II you need to get in touch with me, my contact details are on the screen. Please feel free to contact me. It would be useful to have your feedback.

Well, I've covered the points I needed to present today.

Thank you for listening.

We just have time for a few questions.

As a last point,let me raise a general issue.

What we must remember is that our competitors also want to grow.

As Thomas Jefferson said: 'I find the harder I work, the more luck I seem 10 have.'

50,10 SUM Up, \ HA\JE (O~ERE{I 12. MAJOR PO~T5 IN DETAlL. FIRSTLy···· .

~-o Dialog_u_es.._. _1 ......,_ __

Making ill final point

As a final point, let me raJJi" a generaf issue. There has been 8 lot of discussion about standards of car production. If the car industry is to develop, then standards will have to be \let\e, <egulated. This will cosc us more monev tlUt it's something we will have to accept.

Giving your professional opinion

(In mv experience customers stay with a company if YOLI give them good service. Many of our customers have given liS positive feedback about our friendly and reliable service Ynu Can see the results from our latest customer questionnaires. 63 per cent said they had returned to LIS more than once because of our service. think this proves the polnt tha] good cnstemarservice ·,S the key to customer loyalty,

Summarising main points

SO,Ito sum up, - irst I outlined the problem that we lace and I gave three reasons for this problem. I then presented two possible solutions. The first solution needs new equipment and therefore staff training. The second solution makes use of the equipment we already have but requires us to reduce our current staff numbers. We now need to d_ecide wblcb olthese two options is bestfor our business.

Summaril'ing advantages and disadvantages

OK. In brief, there are ~evef813dvalltages and disadvantag!lS. !'the main d;sadyantage is the. cost to the firm in terms of labour, equipment and capitaliOn the other hand, the advantages are increased income and increased market share.

Making a recommendation

Following what.1 have said todaY,1 recommend that we buy the second hoter. Jfhere are thre., reasons why I recommend this hotel. First, it is in a good location - close [0 the beach. (Second" .~ is already a popular notell;lnd finally, ·,t we con't buy it, a competitor most

certainly will.

Stating sources and further reading

lis well as statistics from different departments in our company, I used examples from several useful professional journals such as AccQontancy Now, Business Warchdog and Economics far the Financial Planner. These [oumals have websites providing up-to-date information. I've produced a list of addresses. If anyone wants a copy, I'll leave them hers at the front.


... thfJre are several advantages and disadvantages.

Other phrases tor introductnq a similar summary:

There are several peens !](l both sides. The pros and cons are as fotlows

The ",ai" disadvantage is the eosr to th. fi'''' ..

Other words for main are key and most significant

The key advantage is ."

The most significant disadvantage is

On the other tisnd. ...

Or! the Miler hand expresses contrast. It JS usually used with the phrase on the one hand to compare LwO connacnctorv points In a discussion.

On the one hend we tie lie a large number of or.ders. On tile ather /lan.d, we do /lot na1l8 tb« staff to process them

.. , I recommend thar We buy the second hotel.

Other phrases for mar;ing your recommendation:

I suggest me: W. sl)auid buy. In my opinion we shrJufd buy.

Them are three ressom why I fccnmmtHld this. first, .... Second, ... and finally. ...

This is a summary of the reasons for your recommendation and a reminder of your main points.

As a fiual ooim, let me raise 8 gtmeral issue.

You can also say:

To conctuce, I'd like to inlraauce one final point. As a final point, I'd iike to outline the projected figures far the next quarter:

In my experience ...

Q~her phrases wnich can be waed to introduce vour views:

In my (professional) opinion

Past experience has tallght me that ..

I think this proves the point that ...

Other useful phrases are:

Therefore, it is clear tbet, Sa, I think it's obllious that, ..

... gond customer service is the key to customer loyalty.

This can also be expressed in the followlnq wavs

Goad customer service Jeads to/creates customer 10 va/tv-

CUstomer IDyafty is tne result of .Good customer service.

r •• tostJmup ...

There ere a number of phrases that can introduce conclusions, some of which are as follows:

in brief.IFinally/To cone/udel

... Iitst I ourlin.d the prublem ."

Other useful language for summarising the main points of your presentation:

( g-eve reasons for.

I tnen presented 000 possible solutions" Ftnf!/I", f recommended.

We now need to decide which of these two options is best for our business.

'{OLi can conclude vour prasentatlon by statinq what will need to be done in the near future. Other phrases:

So, we need to make a oecistcn eboot whi1t will b-eF"lafit sur E Dmpany most.

We need to introduce Ihese proposals as soan as possible.

As well as .", fused ,,,.

Other slrrnlar expressions:

In addition to "CO , I also used examplesldatal ideas (rom.

British/American differences

Sritlsh Arne.iean

car industry $uto indUStry

summarising {;j/1our

summarizing lsbor

Telling people how to contact you

A few 01 you may have questions after this session has finished> If you need to contact me, my email 8ddressa~dworknumberareonthescrean.ll.ease f •• l free to contact me. U\!m!!l!:bel ai.elul to have your feerlb~ck

A final Immmary

Finallv, the demand for this programme is increasing. Dur desira is to become the market leaders We need to continue to grow and develop[and that means imj!lovinQlcustomer care, !'Continuing to focus on quality.!i]ijl increasi"!!' our customer base We Will be the market leaders Let's pull togetherto achieve this goal'

Ending with a quot"

Today I have outlined our plans lor the future development of the company, Our plans are amoitinus and we are in no doubt that Our gaals can only be achieved by hard work,

CO rnrnitrnent and a little Icckl}lsThomas Jeiterso~ said, 'I lind ths harder I work, the more luck l.ssarn to have.' So, let's get out there and make a real rilfferenc8>

this afternoon. I hope you Will have found it usel.rl. The important thing now is to introduce these new systems and procedures into the work place.

An informal ending

Wel',f[vecDveg,d the pojn1s1 needed to p(~e.!!!t~J! •. V and the time rs nOW up Thank you for lislening·1W1l iust ha.e time leI a few ~u""tion". Woul<j anyone '''e to raise 'ny points~

Ending on a positive note

This company 11aS only been in ex.stence for tour years and yet we have achieved so much. This achievement has COme from all the hard work and the commitment of both management and staff. We han a bliglitfuture".o let:. work together and see this company achieve its full potential,

Ending with a final thought

loday we have tocused <I iGt Gn the CGm?Bnv ano where we want to be in the (utureMltia~JNe Jpust remember islhat our competitors also wantlD gr~and we need to monitor their strsteqies and prourcss.


PleiJse feel free to contact me.

Other similar expressions include:

You're welcome to get in touch.

I'd be ilappy ior you (0 speak to me.

Please email me if VOII ho re any quesl'ians.

It would be useful to have your teettimek.

If you want to near what people have to say about your talk, YOu Can use these excreselcns;

I'd welcome four comments

}'d value your thoughts an thlS presentation Please complete the feedback form

... and fhaf mea.rrs improving .. ", r::ontinlilng ... aud increas'-ng ....

When n1.aking a recommendation. you may want to give a list of key points, These points can b-e e-xpre~s'C:O US\j' .... g met means + i;,he -ing

form of the verb

We need to improve result~ and that means se!!irlg more prodUcts, getting.more customers gnd encouraging exist~'ng custamers t{l retlmJ.

. I'd like to thank you all for taking time out of

yaUl busy day to listen to my presentation.

Thanking people can be a good way of ending a talk MellY people like to fin-Ish by thankinq the audience for coming

Some simple examples:

Thank you for listening fhanK you for your &lten1ion

It was goad to see you al/ here. Many t!~8oks for camlng.

... rve covered Ih. pointe I needed to present today ...

Other useful expressions for finishing:

That sums up my descriptlon of the new proposal.

Tnat's the plan in theory, Now Iers go and put it into urectice.

lt's better not to use abrupt expressions like Thot's ir! or ThaI's aJ/!

We iust tteve rime for a few qU8sfiorrs.

If time is short. you can lei people know this by using words like Just, a few, .one or nNO or quick,

There s time for one or hvo questions

We tieve time for just one mare question, Are there any Quick ouestioas or commems?

We have a bright future, S8 lets work together, _.

Other optimistic statements 10 inspire your listeners!

This ties been a great year. j know that you've all worked hard to achieve this, Well dooei This year is ,Going wet; We still have a tot of work ro do, but we're going in the right direction.

What Wi! mus( remember is that Our cemperrtors also want to grow>"

You can use musfto give a strang suqqestion. Other ways of making suqgesnons:

We need to remember"

It is important that we don '( forget.

As Thomas Jettesson said, ...

Other ways or introducing a qucrauon: fn the words of Gandhi,

To quote J well-fawwn business leader. As Bill Gates once said ..

British/Ameri"a" differences

British programme

American program

(As Or! p11 - Brltlsh Enqlish uses programme when reterrlnu to a programme of events or a television programme but pragramfor anything

relating to ccmputers.] f hope yau will have found ir us.fuI. iocussed/iocused

i hope you have found it us.ful.


Note: focllsed can be spelt either way ln British 'i:ng~l~'n bl:;lt only with til slngle s rn American Enqlish.


Complete each sentence by choosing the correct verb from the box. Make sure the verb is in the correct tense and agrees with the subject.









EXAMPLE: To sum up. I We just

I wantto thank yOll all for

. three problems with the system

. time for a few questions. ... today


.. there any quick questions?

.. up my riesenpuon of tile new proposal.

examples from some well-known professional journals . .. is that our competitors also have a pian.

What we must.

We need to increase sales and that means ,

... customer' service.

Well, I've.

the ponts I needed to present today.

2 Decide whether the sentences below are correct or not. Put C if they

are correct and 1 if they are incorrect. Try to correct them. 0>1.

There are several points Irl both sides.


There's just Wile of one or two examples. There are pros and cons on both Sides.

As last point, let me raise a general question. On the har d, there are several advantages

In my expensnca, numbers usua.v drop at this time of year. There are three reasons for I recommend this

We need to increase sales and that means improving quality

3 Complete the following sentences with the best preposition from the box.






EXAMPLE: I want to finish ... \:ly ... thanking you oil

So, to sum , I have presented three solutions.

Let's put the plan. . . . practice.

Please feel free to get.

. .. touch.

. .. me .

4 I'd be happy

. you to speak to me,

Customer loyalty is the result.

. . good customer service

... George Burns once said, 'Con't stay in bed, unless you call make more money in bed:

4 Match a phrase or senten ce on the left with a phrase or

sentence on the right.

I think this provesth.e POill.tth. at ~a

First. I outlined the old system; b

Finally, I'd like to c

4 I recommend the third option. d If you need to get in touch With me,

That sums up my deSCription e

A special thanks I

01 [he new proposal.

fur a few quick Questions.

to the organisers of this event.

then, I explained the advantages of" the

new system.

lower pr"ICElS mean 'nigher sales There ars two main reasons lor this.

There's [ust time

my email address is on the screen.

thank you all lor listening thIS afternoon.

5 Complete the following concluding paragraph with appropriate words

from the box.

with ;;<1fii

just thank

decide time listening

up next solutions third

So, to CD .$1..\1'-\ .. ® . . . , I explained the problem @ . . . the existing system and

@). . ..... presented three possible @ . . The first solution requires new

equipment, the ®. . . solution needs more staff and the 0. . .' solution needs a

complete chonge of strategy. We now need to ® . . which solutiDn we will select. I

® . , . the third solution because it will benefit the company for longer.

Finally, I'd like to @ you lor (jJJ . . . this afternoon. @ . . .. is

recommend then

nearly up, SO we @

.. have a few minutes for questions

6 Choose the best word to complete each sentence.

EXAMPlE: I have r:;9V~.~'<-.<A the points I needed to.

a c~ti b spOKen c wanterl ti a(I"~ni~g8

This proves the point that customer service is the


.... to customer

a move

b reason

c cause

d key

As well as pros, there are also.

b. compmrnise

d l1egative

iii We have some time for a

a little b few c many


iv let's wOlk together to s~e OUI company.

a achieve b declare c reward

. . ITS potenti ~I.

d much

d succeed

a small b large
vi In the
a quotes b words
\ill Are the ta any .
a fast blew . .. disadvantage is the time it would take

c main

d certain

01 a well-known philosopher,

c murrners d said

... questions 0 r comments?

c quick d less

VIII That's the plan In .

a real b idea

c sum

d theory


Getting Started Dialogues 1

It's good to have Miguel Ferreira here. Thank you Paul. It's qreat to be back Hallo Thank you all for coming. Please help vcurselves.

Right. If everyone's ready, let's start As you all know.I'm the Head of the

Design Department.

I'm talking to you today as Ihe manager of the team

By the end of this session you'll know about the new product.

How do we avoid problems?

I read somethi"ng interesting the other day

Dialogues 2

Sam as~,ed me to pr-esent my ideas. Today I'd like to present a solution.

I hope that you'll give your ideas and comments. If there ,s anything elsa you'd like to bring uc.

we can talk about it at the end.

First, I'd like to outline the main areas of growth. If vou have any questions, please feel free

to stop me

I'll leave fifteen or twenty minutes at the and for questions.

Please taKe one.

I have a handout With the main pom.s of my prese itatmn

YOU( language

2 MOiling on Dialogues 1

We must ask ourselves these questions. I'll answer each nt thsse questions one


The first problem IS call-respcnss times. That's an overall look at the marketing


Now, let's take a more detailed look There are three options.

We can continue as we are.

In my opinion, WE' are in a strong financial positmn.

If We build now, we will be ready for the expansion.

I said earlierthat security wasn't very good last year.

I'd now like to change direction.

Dialogues 2

Unfortunately, the number of new customers we s below ta rg at

The good newslStnat we've nearly Doubleo sales.

OTe stands for over-the-counter drugs. That's the time it takes someone to answer the phone in our call centre.

In short, we need to improve our customer. service.

We will produce the new software. We may find ourselves markstinq it in

a different way

To sum up, last month's sales doubled This is excellent for this time of year

Next I'd like to move on and look at the sales.

Your language

3 Numbers

Dialogues 1

Sixty-nine per cent of male shoppers. Two-thirds of the people said that they

liked the new colours

We hope to have 1 530 in nine schools The temperature must be between 4.3·

and 5.6- centigrade.

We'll make a loss of E50 000 tris year Next vaa r we axpe rt to b rea k even We expect to make profit

You call see this number In the third co.umn: - 50000.

Around 300 people answered our questionnaire About 30 per cent were between eighteen

and torty

Dialogues 2

The chart shows a significant rise in the number of companies.

This year the number has gone up to seventy There has been a decrease in the number

of people with more than one child.

The number of children going to primary school will also fall

The number of staff has stayed the same. Sales of Brighter Smile toothpaste peaked in May.

Sales are still below prediction. Thcrcll be a dramatic rise in privata car owners.

Sales dropped drarnaticallv

Sales began to increase gradually. Sales stayed more or less the same

Your language

4 Visual Aids Dialogues 1

You can see from this slide that I'm going to

cover three points. l'lllaave this up as I talk.

On the next slide you can See the new model let's look at these figures more Glos~ly.

It's interesting to note that the increase in

sales happened after our campaign

I'll do a quick break down for you on the

flip chart.

Let me find the relevant slide.

The projector doesn't saern to be working Ones tHYY(l.'iW .. Imow haw it works?

I'll adjust it. Is that better?

Dialogues 2

This graph shows Our sales Figures The vertical axis represents sales in

Australia" dollars.

Each line on the graph features one of OUr top brands

75 per cent of pscple still lise

a car

Tile most popular form of public transport is still the car.

The apartments are atthe bottom near the beach.

First. the customer places an order. The salesperson the" sends the order

to dispatch

This table shows the extra features

The models are listed here in the top row.

As you can see, our up-to-date security system does not come with the Cheetah 1.4L

Your language

5 Problems and questions Dialogues 1

Where was 17 Let me summarise the points.

again before I continue.

What's the word I'm looking for' Let me try again

I'm sorry, I can't find it.

Let me describe the key points to you I'm sorry but time is nearly up

Unfortunately, time won't allow me to explain all tile details.

Oh, I should have Said earlier that we already have E120 000

Let me go back and explain how the money became available

What I should have said is that we have doubled sales this year.

I wanted to give you a copy but the copies did not arrive from the printers in time.

Dialogues 2

That's a good question and one that I'll be answering later in my talk.

I'm sorry, could you rephrase your question


Shall I Explain what I've based my figures on? That's not really part of todav's discussion.

I'm afraid it's not a topic tor me to discuss.

I suggest you speak to someone in the Human Resources department about that

I'm afraid I can't give you a full answer now. Well, actuallv, all rnv tacts are from company records.

You're welcome to come and check the figures afte r the p rese ntatio n

Your language

6 Concluding Dialogues 1

As a last point, let me raise a very general problem. In my experience, customers stay with the

company If we give good service.

Good customer service is the key to customer loyalty.

First I outlined the problem, I then presented two possible solutions.

We nnw need to decide which of these two

options is best for our business

There are several advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the cost to the firm.

On the other hand, the advantages are increased income and increased market share.

I recommend that we buy the second hate I. There are three reasons why I recommend this.

First, .... Second, ... and finally,

As well as statistics, I used examples from severs I u selu I professions I jou rna I s.

Dialogues 2

Please feel free to get in touch

It would be useful to hear your feedback. That means improving ., continuing.

and increasing

I'd like to thank you all for taking time out of vcur busy dilY to \;st8n 10 my presentation I've covered the points I needed to present today.

We just have time for a few questions.

What we must remember is that our competitors also want to grow

As Thomas Jefferson said.

Your language

G etti ng started

lc 2d 3g 4e 5b 6a 7h 8f

D have b present c take d like e leave f introduce a on b bv c from d at eon f 6y gas

1 j have a handout with the main points of my presentation. 2 I'm here to explain customer care.

3 Good morning. I'm Mohammed from the Malaysian office 4 I read something interesting the other day.

5 To begin with, I'd like to outline the proposal. 6 As I'm sure you know, I'm the project leader

a gel b worry c help d free e describe f focus

6 Possible answers

1 Thank you I'm glad to be here.

2 If were all here, let's begin.!lf everyone's here, I'll begin. 3 Please take a handout.

4 First, I'll explain the problems with the old process. After that, I'll explain [he new


5 I plan to leave time for questions at the end.

1 here/ready 2let's 3 from 4 know 5 glad/happy/pleased G like 7 present/outline SFirst 9 Then/NextiAfterthat 10 finally 11 time 12 have 13take


2 Moving on


Ig 2e 3a 4h 5G 6b 7d 8f

i In other words ii First iii Next; Second iv Third; Finally v For example vi As a result a What b How c Does d Why e How f Where 9 Why

1 were 2 explained 3 had 4 sold 5 mentioned

1 What do you know about our new product?

2 How can we increase sales?

3 Who is going to buy our product? 4 What is the new product?

5 When can we complete the changes? 6 Where shall w" start?

1 l think 2 In short 3 As a result of this 4 Again 5 For instance


I la lone) quarter of all shoppers

2 forty-five dollars land) seventy cents 3 sevenauruns ot all men

4 thirty-five per Gent of child-an 5 minus sixtv-fivs point Or1 two

6 four hundred and twenty-three thousand 7 two thirds of the population

8 two hundred and turtv-thrsa

a More than b than cover d Just under/less than e Roughly/around f Less than/just under

I Sales stayed the same.

2 Sales dropped dramatically. 3 Sales deGlined steadily

4 Sales peaked.

Possible anSwers

a Sales of Stay Fresh washing powder fell sharply. b Ticket sales rose significantly.

c The number of dog owners decreased gradually d (The number of) complaints doubled.

e Petrol consumption dropped steadily

f The number of private cars illcreased dramatically. g IThe number of) sales levelled DUt.

a ito ii rose/increased iii to rise/increase 'iv in v out vi was vii p9(]ked b I prediction "made iii break iv axpscr v profit

c 'I predict ii next in 'IV less vas v', tollow-Ing

4 Visual Aids

a on bin c at d oj eat jon g across

2 If 2a 1i 4h s e 6. 7b 8g 9d

a leave b ~re c bought d look e see f adjust g places h sends

Finally, II the prcqrarmne is correctly installed, it Will ask you to restart your computer.

Then, they load the new software.

First, the customer SWitches on their ccrnputer,

Next, [hey should run [he test programme to make sure that the programme IS correctly installed.

Tile I1Rxl is shopping

TI,e third most popular is plaVlIlg computer games

Tlw pie chart present, the most popular activities ior yOtll1g people As VOl] C-i._ill see, the most popular is Qojng 10 niqhtclubs and bars. Therefore vou can see that our product IS )NRll placen In lim mcrket.

In the first quarter, SHies 01 the Aztec range rose shar-pjy

IrJ tile tl.ird quarter, sales levelled out.

let's 100" B\ the (i~u'~s mQre closely.

BLit then sales took a dip ill the second quarter

YOLI COil see that the departments are listed across the top in the (",I row If ,'ou look closely you'll See that the stall did much better this year.

It shows the results 01 the company language test

Take a look at this table

and the names of thass who took the test are listed on the left in tl,e first column

l.et's look more closely at these ligures.

Z You can see the table on the next slide. 3 I'll do a break down lor you

4 You may have noticed that sales peaked last month. 5 The MAXI n IS the least pocuter model.

a horizontal b note c later d adjust "on f represents

5 Problems and questions

a happy b afraid 0 rephrase d mistake e prefer f shall 9 really ld 2h 38 4g s b 60 71 8a

a I of should be for

b C

c I sh(llllyshouid be briefly

d I little should be few

e C

I I do should b~ try

g C

h I should I should be I should

4 RlgIH, yes and now I'll outline the action puu ts SI) far, l\.Ie prese.l\ied the SIJPJBY re'wlts.

OK. Where was I up 10?

2 I'll Just recap the points I've already presented

4 I"e also ~xpl",ned 110'" Ihis ~pplies \0 the IlVe~'1~8r plan

So, lor now, I'll describe they key features to you.

The company has now bought a building lor the new project

I wanted to show you the plans but they have not arrived yet. When they do arrive, I will send YOIl all a copy.

But in May things improved.

OK. You can see that in March sales were down. What"s the word I'm looking far?

There was a in fact a sha rp ... uri

What's the word lor go up?

Well, that is an overview of sales for this year. Does anyone have any questions?

If anyone does have questions, I'm happy to talk to people individuallv, So, now we have ten to fifteen m.nutes for Questions.

Any questions at all? No?

1b 2d 38 4g 5e 6c 7f

~ 1 Let me cocdude with ttl!S last ?o!nt.

2 Let me describe the key points to you.

3 I suggest you speak to the finance department about that. 4 I'm actually going to talk about that later.

5 I planned to bring hanr.outs but the photocopier wasn't working.

I'll write the main figures on the flip chart Let's look more closely at these figures.

6 Concluding

a have b listening cAre d sums e used I remember 9 improving h covered

a I alshould be lor

b C

c I As a last paint

d I Ontheotherhand

e C

t I for should be why

9 C

1 up 2 into 3 in; With 4for 5 of 6 As 1e 2d 3h 4f 5g 68 7 c 8b

5 1 sum 2 up 3 with 4 then 5 solutions 6 next 7 third 8 decide 9 recommend 10 thank l l listeninq 121irne 13 just

i d ii a ii i b iv a v c vi b


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