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Act A

Act A

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Published by: arungoutham on Aug 31, 2010
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The task is to find a suitable shape for the air gap surface of an induction motor. This is tested for

the minimisation of the EM losses and the maximisation of the locked rotor torque. The tests are

made using a sinusoidal voltage supply and an asymmetrical slot shape. The supply frequency is

50 Hz and the voltage is 380 V. The rotors rotate counter-clockwise in the simulations.

In optimisation, the boundary nodes of the mesh are allowed to move. Smoothing is based on

averaging, and statistical tests at a 5% risk level. The population sizes are 350 or 700, and the

number of variables is respectively 38 or 66 (nodes move in one or two directions). The locked

rotor current is limited below 260 A. The breakdown torque must be higher than 1.6 times the rated

torque. The EM losses at the rated point and the locked rotor torque are not used as constraints.

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