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, " "',,' ''"" Find the Hotel You Want at Expedia!
Florida'. Pakistanis agrlHl to 'adopt' Swat l own
Starr Repon
PESHAWAR: The TlI mpa- t>ased Paki stani communit y In Fl orida Is
• [ran has rOght to civil ian
nuclear eneray: OPama
• US navy shiD in f irst Libya
visit for 40 years
rape charge
• Brrtish troops TlI I b;in
luder in Afghanistan
considering 'adopt i"..' a town in tt>e battle-tom Swat val ley to rehat>il itilte • Swat clean- up to
residents fleeing the f ight ing t here. One of the lea de" of the Tampa- based
group, Dr Munir khan, floated the proposal at a fund-r;ol"" jointly
organise<! by the Human Oeveklpment Foundation (HOF), the Khyber
Medical CoII"ge Welfare Society, t he Edhi Foundat ion and t he I slamic Relief . Global re<essiQn
Fund on Sunday. woMd more violent : study
A total of $30,000 were raised at the fund-raiser. HOF's Dr Shehnaz Khil n
appealed to the participants to donate for t he Intemally
displaced persons (lOPs). Or Munir said, 'The Tampa· based community
should help in rebui ldi ng that town over t he next 5 years or so." He said
t he people of Tampa would Interact with residents of the selected town
and help them rebui ld schools, hospitals and also f inance the poorest
families. It was also decided t hat a committee, consisti ng of local
philanthropists, would start the proj ect .
Dr Saleem Afri dl , Or Rooh AI,. Alridi, Or Wal i KtKln, Dr Saqib Khan, Or
Humayun Mi. n, Or Javed Hafeez, Dr Faisal Khan, Or Amir Naw.z, Or
Chaudhry, Or Masood Ansan and Hikman Rehman were also
present on the occasion.
Hom e I Natlon,I
• VOA draws f ire ever Mehsud
• Zawahr1 :;.;tys bloody Swat
Obama's g·ft to Muslims
• US citizens asked not to
!rnvel to P!:shawar
• D1: br1s of Ajr France Diane
• How decis;ve are tIM:

Go'" claims second. t hird tier
• ludershic ofTal ban
______ , HRCProndemnskldnapping

1::1 : of cadets by Taiban
5""", this st<V)'!
President urges
• phiianthropists to adopt
conflict- hit vi llages in Swat
Islamabad Hotels

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