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Week of: Aug.

30 – Sept 3 Crazy 8 Team

*subject to change (on occasion)

Day Math Algebra Science Language Arts Social Studies

Monday Skills Lab #2: Read The Elevator Reading Day
Check up #1 Review for Volume and discuss plot.
Prob 2.3 (A-F) Chapter TEST Write a resolution In-class Work Day to
8/30 for the story. finish Colony
Per. 3 turn in Brochures
journals Due at class BEGIN
on Tuesday
Tuesday Skills Lab #3: Turn in resolutions Share colony
ACE 5,6,12,13 Chapter 1 TEST Mass for The Elevator. brochures
8/31 Turn in all work Read Raymond’s Assess knowledge
Prepare Run-Interactive of life in the 13
VoiceThread Script Reader pg. 5-16. original colonies
Per. 4 Turn in Next Current Event
journals. is due on Fri., Sept
Wednesda Measurement Skills Write around a Video: Ben Franklin
y Skill Worksheet Page 67 Check circle-Write a story (doodle notes)
Similar Figures 3,4,6-48,58 with elements of
9/1 Record VoiceThread plot about how
Reflection #2 Measurement Flash Squeaky helps Next Current Event
Cards Raymond reach his is due on Fri., Sept
goals. DUE 10
Per. 6 Turn in
Thursday Measurement Read choice read Introduce the
Turn in Inv #2 Page 77 Standard Check books. Write the French and Indian
2-42, 52 elements of the plot War
9/2 Check up #2 20-minute Reading and conflict in History Frame in
choice read books. class
Per. 8 Journals Due Complete Entrance
Vocab Quiz: allot, Slip for Tues. (pg.
aloof, amiss, 146-150)
analogy, anarchy
Friday No
9/3 School

Misc. Info.