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Fat Digestion

In Mouth: No digestion occurs.

* Lingual gland secretes lingual Lipase. Which is then

mixed with saliva & food bolus.

In Stomach:

Fat splitting enzyme Gastric lipase

(Inactive in acid media)
Lingual lipase
Small amount of triglycerides Digested

*10% digestion occurs.

In intestine:

Action of Pancreatic lipase & Bile salt:

1.Bile salt first emulsifies the fat globules and broken into simple form. Thus
increases surface area.

2.Then, Pancreatic lipase

Emulsified Fat Fatty acid + 2 monoglycerides

Bile salt has two parts: 1.Polar or Carboxyl part.

2.Nonpolar or sterol part

* Sterol portion dissolves in fat then decreases the interfacial tension and agitation
occurs. Thus fat globules are broken into minute particles.

Prepared By:
Name: Khalid Mahmud Arifin