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Hagerman Feb 10 Newsletter from Paraguay

Hagerman Feb 10 Newsletter from Paraguay

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Published by Ken and Christie

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Published by: Ken and Christie on Sep 01, 2010
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tapé (tah PAY), n.

a way or path

Many peoples will come and say, "Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD... He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths." Isaiah 2:3

The Hagerman Family
Carapeguá, Paraguay

February, 2010

Greetings from sunny Paraguay! February has been a particularly hot month this year, but we’ve been enjoying all the photos of the snow in the United States. This month we have learned a lot about the public transportation system (the buses) and walking around town, as our truck is still in the shop. We also continue the legal battle concerning the title, which we did not know had liens on it. Please keep the resolution of these issues in your prayers. Being without our own vehicle has hampered our normal ministry schedule a bit, and we look forward to getting the mission-mobile back again. This month, we also wish a happy birthday to Saúl, a vital member of the Tapé Missions team. He is practically a member of the Hagerman family now, having lived with us for the better part of a year. On another note, we have finalized our dates for the visit to the US later this year. We’ll be there for all of October and November, 2010. We would love to reconnect with you to share what has been happening and the vision for continued ministry here.

Scenes from La Hora Feliz (“Happy Hour”)
Sunday mornings are an energetic time, as the neighborhood children gather in our front room for Bible stories, coloring pages, and refreshments. The recently donated flannelgraph set was a big hit this month! (PS-THANKS!)

LEFT: Hollie and Caroline place the flannelgraph images while Camille reads the story; ABOVE: Hollie is hiding in this group of kids, who just finished their coloring pages. Can you find her?

A Vigilia, a Campaña, and Some Kepis

This month we attended both a vigilia and a campaña. What are those? Well, a campaña is what we’d call a revival. It took place on a soccer field beside a playground, in a neighborhood here in Carapeguá, for three nights. The campaña was geared toward attracting the families of the neighborhood, to come out and hear the Word of God preached. Many children came to hear the music, stayed for the message, and responded in the altar time. A vigilia is technically a vigil, which is an all-night service of prayer, teaching, preaching, and music. The vigilia was a time of refreshing and refocusing for the church family. We also attended a community-wide Christian concert/event that included a hat contest, called Night of the Ballcaps (Noche de Kepis). Caroline’s fish hat, Camille’s multicolored cowboy hat, and Ken’s foam pig head all brought home prizes!)

Upcoming Seminars
The past several months, we have been working with Dr. J. Gordon Henry (www.jgordonhenryministries.org) to plan a series of Prayer Seminars for the countries of Paraguay and Uruguay. Dr. Henry is in his 30th year of presenting these seminars, and he travels all over the world to do so. We are honored to be hosting him here and accompanying him to Uruguay. The theme is “A Day in God’s Courts,” and the seminar deals with basic instruction on developing a prayer life. We feel this information will be very useful to the believers in the areas we’ll be presenting the seminars. They will take place the last two weeks of March, and your prayers for the travel, the seminars, the attendees, the translators, and the presenter are all very much appreciated.

Young Ladies’ Bible Study
We continue learning about how God’s truth from the Word can dispel the lies the enemy tries to tell us, and how we should live according to the truth rather than these lies. Most of these teen and young adult girls work and study full time, so they don’t have much opportunity to just “hang out.” A batch of brownies and some homemade punch always gives us the chance to share Godly fellowship and mentoring time with these young ladies after the study. This past week we all escaped to Camille and Caroline’s room, where there is an air conditioner, to giggle and talk a while.

As always, we pray you are continually blessed, as you have blessed us and those here we minister to. We appreciate so much your encouragement and support as we follow God’s lead in Paraguay. You are a part of every work we do for the Kingdom, and we’re thrilled to be your partners in God’s plan for this country.

---Ken, Christie, Camille, and Caroline

CONTACT INFORMATION Telephone in Paraguay: 595-985-782-928 Skype number: 864-343-1731 Donations are received through our local church: Carolina Heights CoGoP 2900 Anderson Road Greenville, SC 29611 (Please write “Hagerman Missions” on check memo. All donations are tax deductible.) Email: hagerman100@yahoo.com Webpages: www.hagermans.blogspot.com www.tapemissions.org

God bless you! ¡Dios le bendiga! (Spanish) Ñandejára tanderovasa! (Guarani)
**(If you are receiving this through the US Mail and have an email address, please send it to us so we can get our newsletter to you in that way. It is much quicker and more efficient. If you don’t have an email address, or if you just prefer the regular mail, don’t worry. We’ll keep sending it to you that way.)

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