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June 2008

MARKETING NEWS PrimeActivation

is conducting a
How many youths n a t i o n a l a c t i va t i o n
connect school work campaign for the DSTV
with having fun? What is product range following
often forgotten is that enjoyment stimulates the the success of the 2007
learning process and fuels learner participation – campaign. Boosting
making it a crucial teaching tool. Furthermore, with sales and increasing
the bigger picture in mind, enjoyment in learning is awareness of the DSTV
essential to building a nation of inspired young South packages, the promotion commenced in early March
Africans. The Pick n Pay School Club was started in and is scheduled to run until late November. Click
2004 by leading retailer Pick n Pay, and youth market here for more.
specialists HDI Youth Marketeers, as a way of
enriching the teaching experience for learners across Three Ring Circus recently announced that
the country. This programme aims to ignite a Standard Bank, current title sponsor of the
generation of inspired learners, which will ultimately Rocking Future Roadshow, has renewed its contract
set the stage for a country that is led and for the second consecutive year. Standard Bank
characterised by inspired and motivated leaders. In sponsored the Roadshow for the first time this year
2008, the programme will reach over 1.2 million and has agreed to continue this valuable relationship
learners and over 50 000 teachers in South African through to the end of 2009, not just as a business
here for more.
schools. ClickLhere agreement but also as a commitment to the
here for more.
community. ClickLhere
8 Ink Media and Tagon Media
have joined forces to sell in- New media
store media for cult coffee c o m p a n y,
company, vida e caffé. In a C a t a l 1 s t s
breakthrough alliance announced launched this week
recently, the partnership includes initiatives such as w i t h a
loyalty cards, take-away coffee sleeves, stirrers, comprehensive range of design services, aimed at
serviettes, tags, vida-fi (free in-store wi-fi), as well as bridging the gap between print and online product
a number of new initiatives that form part of vida e here for more.
cataloguing systems. ClickLhere
caffé’s ongoing expansion into the local coffee
market. ClickLhere
here for more. Two factors have recently dramatically changed
the playing field when it comes to building brand
The latest trust, and not all marketers have adapted their
results of the strategies to compensate for the challenges arising
SAARF AMPS study from the new environment. So says Added Value
reflected a rise in Europe’s director of Responsible Marketing Practice
readership which left Leslie Pascaud, writing in the 2008 edition of The
circulation figures unaffected and as such, Encyclopedia of Brands & Branding in South Africa,
newspapers seem to have taken on a ‘life of their own’ which is scheduled to be launched nationwide in
in South Africa. How is this happening? Market here for more.
September. ClickLhere
research company African Response, co-contractor
on the SAARF AMPS study, explored this trend and RedCube
found out why more people (particularly black South P o r t e r
Africans) are reading, but not always buying. Click Novelli and Vega,
here for more.
lhere T h e B r a n d
Communications School, announced their
With eleven media partnership on Wednesday, 17 June, to implement an
platforms speaking entrepreneurship - encouraging skills development,
to South Africa's 20 here for more.
project called InCube8. ClickLhere
million strong commuter
market on a daily basis, On 30 and 31 July, the UCT Graduate School
ComutaNet arranges for regular 'audits' of different of Business will introduce a brand new Mobile
media in its bouquet to cross-check the ongoing Marketing course. This two-day programme will help
effectiveness of each. Star Radio is the latest people get to grips with mobile marketing, and to
ComutaNet medium to be placed under the here
develop a mobile communication strategy. ClickLhere
microscope. ClickLhere
here for more. for more.
A Newsclip Media Monitoring Initiative Marketing & Advertising News

When Avusa recently launched its Wealth M a r k e t i n g

Measure Index, a top industry player i n s i g h t s
commented that since this was the first time the c o m p a n y ,
survey had been produced, the industry would not K n o w l e d g e
yet be able to track the growth of affluence among the Factory, has
black middle class in Gauteng. However, South released a report on property price growth rates for
Africa's oldest wealth measure- the SAARF Universal South Africa's major cities. Entitled 'Report on South
Living Standards Measure (SU-LSM)- can provide this African Metropolitan Areas: Property Price Growth',
background, as it has been tracking the changing face the report is based on data derived from the
of South African society for the past 15 years. Click company's popular South African Property Transfer
here for more. Guide (SAPTG). The report presents an overview of
both historical trends and predicted property price
The three international jury growth rates for South Africa's major cities. ClickLhere
chairmen of the Loerie for more.
Awards will open judging week
with a seminar on 30 June. Promise
Attendance is free due to has recently
sponsorship from the SABC, and completed its
the seminar is open to everyone latest ‘corporate
in the communications industry, interior brand
including agencies and marketers. Click Lhere
here for experience’. The
more, and Lhere
here to read more about the jury agency was approached to create a restaurant brand
chairmen speakers. experience from the ground up. The chef's menu was
used to draw inspiration for the marriage between
The board of The John Caples International food, décor, restaurant name, logo and interior
Awards has unanimously agreed to partner with design. ClickLhere
here for more.
Haymarket Media, parent company of DMNews, to
manage, present and advance the global annual Volkswagen South
Caples Awards. Proximity#ttp's Managing Partner, Africa, South
Nici Stathacopoulos has been invited to be The John African Breweries and
Caples International Awards Chairperson for another Clicks have all chosen
five year term. ClickLhere
here for more on the Awards, and brandalive, the brand
here for more on Nici Stathacopoulos.
Lhere relationship company,
to develop and express
Internation their employment brands. brandalive completed and
al hotel delivered the VW and SAB projects during May, and is
group Relais & has finalised the Clicks project during June. ClickLhere
C h â t e a u x for more.
walked away with
a Gold Award for Pure Communications, an independent public
Stand Design at relations firm, has announced its merger with
Indaba 2008. The Indaba Productions, a brand development and
s t a n d w a s advertising agency. Indaba's CEO, Tumi Ndaba, will
created by join Pure as a Director, sharing executive
strategic brand agency Arctic Circle, in association responsibilities with MD Gregory Serandos. ClickLhere
with Leg Studios. ClickLhere
here for more. for more.

A Newsclip Media Monitoring Initiative Marketing & Advertising News

Primedia@Home's Every Easter,

Intersect Direct team was millions of
recently contracted by Game to South African Zion
aid the successful launch of two Christian Church's
new stores in Richards Bay and members journey to
Potchefstroom, and create a hype Moria in Polokwane
of awareness around the retail chain's opening to worship together.
here for more.
specials. ClickLhere The logistics involved in transporting such large
numbers of worshippers hundreds of kilometres
In September 2007, Limelight - on behalf of requires the organisers to hire 80% of the Putco Bus
Amka Products - approached Red Cherry Company's fleet. Recognising a superb marketing
Media to extend a promotion for Sof n'free into an opportunity for millions of like-minded, captive
above-the- line (ATL) format. The concept devised by people, ABSA and ComutaNet took the opportunity
Limelight was the 'Spoil Yourself' campaign, which to brand buses, with the ABSA micro loan's clear and
here for more.
ended in February. ClickLhere here for more.
succinct call-to-action. ClickLhere

Red Cherry recently completed Following its great

Lasher Tools' first foray into the mobile successes in the
space with a brand new mobile site, Australian, South African Lasher Tools realised the need and Middle Eastern
to communicate with its consumer base on markets, indoor media
its own terms, across all spectrums of the expert The Letter
media. ClickLhere
here for more. Corporation has opened its doors in Kazakhstan.
Already off the mark, TLC has just secured a two
Santam is walking the proactive risk month campaign with aviation giant Air Arabia. Click
management talk with a new campaign from its here for more.
long-standing marketing partner, Draftfcb Cape
Town. Titled 'Alternative Energy', it comprises Determined to encourage calls to action, leading
several different media initiatives and certainly international shooter brand Jagermeister has
approaches insurance product advertising from an again extended its support and endorsement of
here for more.
alternative angle. ClickLhere washroom media, by securing talking frames and
mirror media advertising space with TLC. ClickLhere
ComutaNet has for more.
o n c e a g a i n
partnered with long- Young talent, Warwick
standing client FNB to Allan of Velvet Films,
raise awareness and recently completed
drive usage of its three new Smart products, aimed at directing the latest Shield
here for more.
the commuting market. ClickLhere commercial, “Power Life”.
The commercial was shot using techniques and
suggestions that Allan thought would give pace and
here for more.
energy to the final composition. ClickLhere

Mercury has just launched its first 30 second

television commercial, and it gets to the crux of
the matter in a clear and very succinct manner:
“While there are 48 million people in South Africa,
here for more.
how do we reach only you?” ClickLhere

Following on the huge success of its 2008 Media

Diary, Primedia@Home has added three new
corporate page-a-day diaries to its 2009 line up.
These target the finance, information technology and
here for more.
operations sectors. ClickLhere

Magazine advertisers can now capture the

imagination of their audience with a brand new
interactive product called Promopeel. Produced by
Lithotech, the promotional label page is making its
debut in Migrate, the official publication of the Loerie
Awards. Readers will be able to peel away labels to
here for more.
create their own storyboard. ClickLhere

Street Pole Ads Sales

M a n a g e r, K a r e n
Mittermayer, handed over a
coveted trip for two people to
attend Cannes Lions 2008, to
copy writer James Cloete and art
director Dana Cohen of The
here for more.
Jupiter Drawing Room. ClickLhere
A Newsclip Media Monitoring Initiative Marketing & Advertising News

When the C h a m p a g n e
bottlers of flowed in Cannes,
popular thirst France, on Wednesday,
quenching Twist soft 19 June, when DDB
drink wanted to (South Africa)
boost awareness and scooped the Grand Prix
sales in the Kwa-Zulu at the 55th Cannes
Natal and Cape environments, they tasked mobile Lions International Advertising Festival for its client
media operator ComutaNet to boldly brand 17 Energizer. The campaign was rewarded in the Press
different mega buses that each crisscross major category of the advertising awards, which received
arterials and urban roads in the target area. Click more than 28 000 entries from 85 countries this year.
here for more.
Lhere The Energizer campaign includes a series of four print
ads with the payoff line ‘Never let their toys die’ and
JWT Cape Town’s depicts some of the naughtier antics children resort to
poster campaign for when the batteries in their favourite toys die. The
Jabula Wigs & Wefts has won Energizer team was led by DDB (SA) Executive
a gold medal in the design Creative Director Gareth Lessing: “It’s just beautiful.
category at the One Show Sometimes you have a plan, but every now and again
Design Awards. The largest the outcome exceeds your expectation.” ClickLhere here
and most prestigious for more.
advertising awards in the US
and one of the global Caxton and CTP Publishers & Printers are
industry’s top shows, the presenting the Retail Advertising Conference
ceremony was held earlier this month at the Chelsea (RAC Lite)- a one day version of the American Retail
here for more.
Art Museum in New York City. ClickLhere Advertising Conference - to South Africa for the first
time. The conference will take place at Emperor's
Palace Convention Centre on12 August, and at Lord
This year’s Design Achievers Charles in Somerset West on 14 August. Confirmed
Awards have emphasised the speakers include Ruby Anik, the Senior Vice President
marked talent inherent in young, ‘up of Brand Marketing for J.C. Penney Company, Inc.,
and coming’ South African designers. one of America's largest department stores; Bob
This is according to Jan Badenhorst, Thacker, OfficeMax's Senior Vice President of
Brand Strategist for Psitek, and a Marketing/Advertising; Manny Paloma, Best Buy's
member of the panel of judges for this Group Creative Director; and Dr Byron Sharp,
year’s Design Achievers Awards. Click Director of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for
here for more.
Lhere here for more.
Marketing Sciences. ClickLhere

Creative media
AMASA’s annual a c a d e m y, S A E
Media Planning Institute, is searching for
workshop will be taking the country’s most inspired
place from 21 to 24 August, students. Opening its doors in
at Little Switzerland, Cape Town this July, SAE
Drakensburg. Marketers, Institute has launched a
media owners, ad agency comprehensive scholarship programme which invites
staff, media planners, strategists and anyone prospective students to submit their creative
wanting to better understand our diverse media credentials for a place at the world-class academy.
environment and the art of media planning is here for more.
here for more.
welcome. ClickLhere
“Although there is a
Shopping centre revival of Afrikaans,
a d ve r t i s i n g there is still too much
specialist, Primall emphasis on English
Media engaged its mall advertising. By investing in
communication projects like Pendoring,
framework to launch and RSG is investing in
create interest around Afrikaans. In this way a
LG Scarlet, the hot new powerful medium such as
range of the world’s slimmest LCD TV’s. The radio is utilised to support
campaign messaging centres on the concept of a the Afrikaans advertising
twist on words promoting “a hit new TV Series”. profession and encourage it to be creative in
However, the TV series wasn’t about a new broadcast Afrikaans,” says Louise Jooste, marketing manager of
production, but rather referred to LG’s Scarlet TV RSG. She says Pendoring is unique in that it is the
here for more.
range. ClickLhere only competition of its kind where the participants
have the mutual aim of promoting the Afrikaans
Red Cherry’s choice to further diversify its one language and giving it its rightful place in the
stop media marketing shop and enter the here for more.
advertising world.ClickLhere
mobile advertising arena has paid off less than a year
after entry into the market. Until recently, Red Cherry Newsclip Media Monitoring - managing
was best known for its added value media campaigns media intelligently.
across television and radio. ClickLhere
here for more.
A Newsclip Media Monitoring Initiative Marketing & Advertising News

The Loerie Awards, which Nando's latest campaign

take place every year in which includes outdoor
Margate in July, has donated R10 advertising, is centred around
000 to the Ugu District Council ‘thighly’ topical Vernon Koekemoer
Mayor’s Fund to help out in the wake to promote its double thigh special.
of serious floods in the area. Click The outdoor advertising creative
here for more.
Lhere execution, making use of Clear
Channel Outdoors’ Citilite
Entries are in for The Loerie Awards, and time format, demonstrates the creative
is running out for bookings for the Loeries opportunities that an ‘out-of-the-
weekend. The Festival Weekend will run from Friday, box’ mindset can provide a
here for more.
25 July to Monday, 28 July. ClickLhere marketer. The campaign was conceptualised by Black
River FC, and co-ordinated by The MediaShop in
Draftfcb here for more.
Johannesburg. ClickLhere
South Africa
came back from the Creative Vision
French Riviera this was one of only six
week with one Silver Lion in the Radio Campaign South African production
category and a draft of finalists across the board. The houses to have made the
lauded radio campaign was for SC Johnson’s Raid Lions Film shortlist.
here for more.
Mosquito Killer. ClickLhere Director of Animation - Brenton Green masterfully
brought to life the concept of Draftfcb's creative
King James capped a team: Rob McLennan, Mike Wilson, and Byron Liatos
celebratory week on Saturday for Mag-Lite. ClickLhere
here for more.
night by winning a Cannes Silver Film
Lion for its most recent Allan Gray TV While not a pleasant topic,
commercial, “Beautiful”. The awards crime is a reality in the lives of
won by King James at Cannes place all South Africans. This insight and
the agency as the third highest t h e r e l e va n c e o f Tr a c ke r ’s
ranked South African agency group, involvement as a force for good in
behind heavy hitters at least three times its size. Click the country, led agency Joe Public
here for more.
Lhere to create a campaign that is intent
on turning around the thoughts,
Based on positive research actions and lives of South Africans, effectively helping
validating the efficacy of its them ‘Take Back Tomorrow’. “Our previous strategic
initial six month corporate comic focus for Tracker has been mostly functional,
created by Mamba Media and differentiating the company from its direct
featured in the Daily Sun, satellite competitors by highlighting certain powerful USPs,”
television broadcaster DStv has explains Pepe Marais, Executive Creative Director for
chosen to renew its “Stay Tuned” Joe Public. “As an agency that prides itself in the
campaign for a further six months, to exploration of relevant consumer insights, we felt the
inform readers of DStv’s Compact time was ripe to evolve the Tracker brand’s focus and
here for more.
channel offering. ClickLhere appeal to consumers on a more emotive level”. Click
here for more.
A merger has been announced between public
relations firm, Pure Communications, and In shooting its new
Indaba Productions, a brand development and station identity logos,
advertising agency. Indaba's CEO, Tumi Ndaba, will SuperSport became the first
join Pure as a Director, sharing executive company to use the much
responsibilities with MD, Gregory Serandos. Click talked about Phantom camera
here for more.
Lhere to film sports for commercial
use. The camera is unique in
Mike Gatti is one of many top international that it captures the moving
speakers that will present at South Africa's first images at 1 000 frames a second, as opposed to the
Retail Advertising Conference, on 12 and 14 regular video format of 25 frames a second. The
here for more.
August. ClickLhere special slo-mo camera was integral to the concept,
which saw elements of nine different sports being
Mascom, the shot. ClickLhere
here for more.
leader in mobile
communications in In late 2007,
Botswana, has Primedia Face 2
secured massive Face became one of the
impact with Clear companies behind
Channel Outdoors’ Primedia’s Crime Line
boundary wrap, which has been erected around the I n i t i a t i v e . A
building site of the new SADC headquarters building fundamental arm in
in Gaborone. The sheer size of the wrap dominates ensuring this is effective
the landscape and endorses Mascom's stamp as the is to engage communication at a grass roots level. As
company with the widest coverage in Botswana, a company that has a stronghold in townships and
largest dealer network, and the most service centres rural communities, Primedia Face 2 Face was an
countrywide. ClickLhere
here for more. obvious partner in the initiative. ClickLhere
here for more.
A Newsclip Media Monitoring Initiative Marketing & Advertising News

Concerned about the An inventive

current tragic xenophobic b i l l b o a r d
movement, the Leo Burnett recently developed
Group pooled its resources and by Draftfcb
secured numerous partners to Johannesburg for
create a unique advertising pro bono client Drive
campaign, with the view to Alive, had motorists
curtailing the violence impacting across the country. "automatically
The television commercial features a variety of local braking and driving
here for
celebrities spreading a simple message. ClickLhere more responsibly when they saw the flashing blue
more, or to view the ad. lights,” said creative director, Gerhard Myburgh.
Comutanet generously donated the trailer and
A massive ten-month taxi generator, and Buzzy Wilson of Call-A-Crew, secured
campaign to drive the police permission for the thought-provoking and
consumption of eggs began in successful initiative.
April, and ComutaNet's
A p p l i c a t o r Te a m e x c e l l e d Boom Town
themselves in meeting the Advertising has
marketers' deadline! It normally truly mastered the art of
takes 45 days to applicate 100 taxis with new producing creative
branding, and the “Eggs Are Magic” campaign advertisements for stock
required 200 taxis to be branded in just 22 days - a standard masonry
tall order requiring precision timing and cooperation products. Through witty
of taxi owners and drivers, as well as that of the copywriting, clever
applicators. ClickLherehere for more. imagery and creative
flair, the agency has given clay bricks a new lease on
M-Net recently life. According to Andrew MacKenzie, Design Director
launched the much of Boom Town Advertising, “Clay bricks possess a
anticipated science range of interesting and unique selling points, which
fiction action series, the became the focal point in advertisements and led to
Sarah Connor Chronicles, the conceptualisation of thought-provoking, yet
based on the Terminator humorous, designs”. The agency began its quest for
movie. Leading up to the developing creative advertisements for clay bricks in
first episode airing on our 2006 with Makana Brick and Algoa Brick, both of
television screens, the which belong to the same group of companies. Click
broadcaster made use of TLC's dynamic cinema here for more.
mirror decals and nightlife mirror media, to boost
awareness of the series in highly frequented cinemas, With the world
here for more.
restaurants and bars. Clicklhere waiting for the
UEFA Euro2008 to start,
Starcom media strategist, SABC3 is set to own
Cindy Pienaar, has just viewership of the 18 live
returned from India as one of the matches to be
triumphant winners of's broadcast between 9
'Mumbai MBA in a Day' and 28 June. To publicise
competition. hosted 24 invited the event, SABC3 turned
guests to travel to Mumbai to to Masters & Savant Worldwide to create a promo
attend this life-skills course. The delegates, which that would generate massive excitement for the
included media specialists, clients and event and promote SABC3's broadcaster position.
representatives, were divided into teams of three and The promo depicts the identifiable landscape of
here for more.
set an apprentice type task. ClickLhere Europe and its various cities. Massive rock titans then
appear dwarfing mountains, and soon begin to play
Ireland/Davenport and Frieze Films have
soccer against one another. The soccer ball is kicked
won the Creative Circle's Ad of the Month for
from country to country as each participating state
April in the television category. Aimed at heightening
enters the game. Says Masters & Savant Worldwide
awareness for the Soweto Rugby Club (SRC) and
MD Roger Smythe, “ To properly do justice to the
titled 'Practice', the ad was directed by Steve Tanchel.
excitement of the event, the promo had to invoke
The commercial was up against stiff competition and
wonder, awe and excitement. It was therefore vital
subject to a tough judging panel, which makes the
that the concept capture the audience’s attention
first place even more rewarding, according to Frieze's
here for more.
immediately”. ClickLhere
Jo Barber.

A Newsclip Media Monitoring Initiative Marketing & Advertising News

Ogilvy South Africa’s To communicate the financial

CEO Mike Abel recently services offered by Regent to
teamed up with Morgan van South Africans from all walks of life,
Heerden, Head of Art at particularly the emerging middle
OgilvyOne Cape, to create market, Regent recently
children's book Canoot and commissioned ComutaNet to
the Pickle. ClickLhere
here for more. brand 15 buses. The financial
services company elected to brand buses traversing
areas where they seek to expand. ClickLhere
here for more.
The 2008 SAMRA Conference, which took place on
27 and 28 May at Sun International's Royal Swazi Sun Lesedi FM, the SABC
and Spa, was, once again, a success. The conference S o u t h S o t h o ra d i o
brought together 170 researchers, research users station with a large Free State
and marketers from all over southern Africa. footprint, commissioned
ComutaNet to display its
The three international guest speakers: Nigel Hollis call-to-action on 16
(sponsored by Millward Brown); James Fergusson megabuses used by, and
(sponsored by TNS Research Surveys); and Rory among, its targeted listeners. The creative minds
Morgan (sponsored by Research International); behind the campaign leveraged images of several of
presented informative and thought provoking Lesedi FM’s radio announcers for the promotion. These
papers. A number of stimulating and inspiring papers included a smiling, good looking Motshogo inviting
were presented by local professionals and leaders in listeners to “Bua le Yona” or “Talk to Us” on his show,
their fields. In recognition of the high standard of and pretty Mphahlolle saying, “Sibili, Always
papers presented at the conference, a number of Entertaining”, referring to her late night slot. Click
awards were given to speakers in various categories. here for more.

The categories and winners are: NEW ACCOUNTS

• SAMRA Best Overall Paper 2008: Lydia Rolando for
'Health Harmony and Happiness- vital new JWT Johannesburg has
ingredients in the employee commitment recipe?' recently been awarded the Glen
• SAMRA Best First Time Speaker: Lydia Rolando for Tea advertising account following
'Health Harmony and Happiness- vital new a two-way pitch against DDB.
ingredients in the employee commitment recipe?' Glen Tea is renowned as the archetypical South
African tea, and has for many years held the high
Outstanding Conributions for Best Overall Paper 2008 ground as the country's biggest black tea brand. Click
went to: here for more.
• Joanne Campbell and Nicky Liddle for 'Why Brands
Succeed: Luck or Skill? ' Burns has announced that it has
• Ian Durbach, Jan Hofmeyr and Gillian Drewett for recently added Indutech, Honey
'Doing away with Respondents: Using computer and Capitec Bank to its blue-chip
simulations and agent based modeling to derive portfolio of clients. It has also re-
marketing lessons’. signing with four clients for new
projects. These are: Santam;
Brandhouse; Allan Gray; and
Bishops (Diocesan College). ClickLhere
here for more.

The Eastern Cape’s economic development agency,

the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC)
has awarded a nine-month marketing and
communication contract, worth R10 million, to local
marketing consultancy, SMG Africa (Strategic
Marketing Group), which was effective from 1 April.
The contract was awarded after a rigorous tender
process, adjudicated by Yardstick, a strategic
consultancy specialising in performance
measurement and evaluation within the marketing
and communication environment. The contract
incorporates the full ambit of branding, marketing and
Pictured are: Rosemary Henson; Leonie Vorster; and Erik Du communication activities including a brand audit of
Plessis. the six-year old brand. ClickLhere
here for more.

A Newsclip Media Monitoring Initiative Marketing & Advertising News

The Fearless Executive has PEOPLE ON THE MOVE

been appointed by Cell C as its
agency partner for customer DQ&A SA has welcomed Shamima Ahmed and Nur
e x p e r i e n c e . T h e Fe a r l e s s Saban to its online trafficking fold.
Executive will work hand in hand
with Cell C to enhance the Cell C Pieter, Phillip, Sarah, Ranisha, Neil, Kesaven, Jackie,
customer experience across a Bianca and Bronwyn are new additions to Tequila’s
variety of key customer contact here for more.
innovative team. ClickLhere
points. This will be done by
applying its expertise in three stages, firstly by Strategic Cape-based brand agency Arctic Circle has
prioritising the key experiences that customers have made several new appointments to accommodate the
with Cell C. Secondly, in designing a branded increase in demand for its services. The new team is
experience at each touch point, and finally, now headed-up by Kim van der Linden as Client
developing and driving the implementation of that Service Director, reporting to managing director,
strategy for each and every touch point. The Fearless here for a list of the other
Reghard Goussard. ClickLhere
Executive has defined itself as a brand agency that appointments at Arctic Circle.
fully understands the importance of creating a
continuum between a company’s external and Aligning its vision of liberating brands and talent
internal branding. The agency has assisted many top within the agency, Ogilvy Johannesburg has
South African brands such as Hollard, Reliable Music announced three senior appointments. Sharleen
Warehouse, Brand South Africa and Neotel in building James takes on the role of Director of Account
their brands internally. Clicklhere
here for more. Management, and continues her role as Business
Director on DStv. Business Directors Caree Ferrari
Redline's financial advertising and Tracey Edwards have been appointed to the
division has been appointed to here for more.
Johannesburg board of directors. ClickLhere
design and produce AltX-listed
Silverbridge Holdings's annual ComutaNet has long been recognised as a company
report, and develop a that respects its employees and rewards dedication,
corporate finance ad for Labat commitment, and hard work - all attributes leading to
Holdings. The agency recently beat the big guns in
the promotion of Andrew Mnune to Assistant
this specialist sector to the most prestigious prize
Manager, Field Operations.
awarded at the Business Day Financial Advertising
Awards this year - first place in the Year End Financial
JWT Johannesburg has promoted Davren Moodley to
Results category for its long-standing client, Impala
the position of DTP Manager, and has promoted
Heather Smith to the position of Head of Department,
here for more on Davren,
Print Production/DTP. ClickLhere
After a three-way pitch, ZOOM
here for more on Heather Smith.
Advertising - Ogilvy’s expert
retail advertising and ‘brands at Grant McMullen and Natalie Edwards have joined the
retail’ agency - has been awarded Dynamation team as Junior Multimedia and
the Jordan Shoes account and will Interactive Designers. Kate Simpson has joined the
handle 360 degree marketing company as Traffic and Production Manager.
communications to create brand
awareness, support product listings, develop sales Mortimer Harvey has promoted Jacque Matthee to
promotions and implement an ongoing PR campaign. Design Director, and has made three recent
“We’re media neutral”, explains ZOOM MD Steve appointments:
Massey. “This, coupled with our broad view of their •Baron Marshall as Interactive Creative Manager;
business, meant we could be really targeted in our •Kirstin Cheetham as Motion Graphics Designer; and
approach and really creative in our tactics.” ZOOM •Helen Smith as Graphic Designer.
used this kind of innovative thinking and strategic
development for PEP when it negotiated the retailer’s Primall Media has appointed Tanya Brown as Multi-
inclusion in the storyline within South Africa’s most media Designer; and Herman Netshisumbewa as
popular TV soap, Generations. This tactic not only Graphic Designer.
won the agency a Roger Garlick Gold Award in April,
but it has also significantly helped PEP strengthen its The following appointments have been made at Boom
re-branding focus over the last year. ZOOM’s branded Town Advertising:
entertainment unit has also just been appointed by •Paige Burkette was appointed Media Liaison Officer;
CareerJunction to produce a TV series about jobs on •Jesse Sharkie was appointed Designer; and
SABC3, once broadcast details are finalised. Click •Lynne Niemann was appointed Communication
here for more.
Lhere Strategist.

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Tips for effective email marketing Content

By Stefanie Jason The content of the email should be a direct reflection

of who the company is and how it markets itself, so
With the continued growth of the online audience, it’s being consistent with your company’s identity is a
hard to find people who don’t have email accounts in good way for recipients on your mailing list to forge a
the business world. The amount of commercial emails relationship with you. Heinz Tschabitscher, who runs
have automatically increased as a result of the, goes on to say, “Of course, as an email
increasing number of user profiles, but most marketing marketer you love HTML messages. But the
emails have done nothing more than simply flood our recipients, your customers, may not like them that
inboxes, resulting in their diminishing value. The much. They may not even open them. That's why you
negative connotations of email marketing have made it should put them in control and offer a text version of
quite a challenging form of advertising for many all the mailings your recipients can subscribe to
companies who have or are planning to embark on such instead of the HTML version”.
a campaign.
Plain text is a good way of maintaining consistency
According to search engine marketing services and executing your marketing campaign effectively; “Email plays an increasingly
provider, across different platforms and software, but HTML is
important role in all aspects of today's marketing and a much more complex format, and sometimes not
customer relationship management strategies. In suitable for the recipient’s inbox. But because most
fact, email is becoming so accepted that consumers email software is compatible with the HTML format,
would like to see it replace some of the more being creative is certainly important as a way of
annoying traditional marketing strategies.” captivating audiences- but going over-the-top should
be avoided, as it can prove too much for certain
As one of the cheapest and most flexible forms of recipients, or could even distract them from the
advertising, if done correctly, email marketing could be as message at hand. As more and more people become
effective as any other form of digital marketing in the familiar with the internet and its many different
industry. Besides understanding your target market, facets, inserting different forms media and
feedback to the campaign, or email services that can be multimedia into emails can also be effective if
utilised – making sure that the recipients of your executed correctly.
marketing campaign do not disregard the email
marketing as spam, and actually acknowledge and read Laws of email marketing
the email, is the most important aspect of an email
marketing campaign. Rules and guidelines of the correct way to execute
email marketing should not be overlooked by the
After receiving several emails with the subject line ‘Come marketer, and making the recipient feel at ease with
Out’, I finally decided to open one of the emails, and was your campaign should be a priority. In the email,
surprised to find out that the source of these emails was there should be a clear opt-in or unsubscribe option,
just a holiday resort with a poorly executed email whereby permission to send further campaigns
marketing campaign, trying to advertise a ‘get-away’. should be optional for the recipients.

Here is a list of creative guidelines companies can use to Placing the unsubscription option in a visible part of
effectively execute this low-cost form of marketing. the email (and not right at the bottom or in a hard to
find location) can prove beneficial to not only the
Target the right audience recipient, but to the company too. According to Heinz
Tschabitscher, “There are at least two good reasons
Knowing your audience can make email marketing a lot (even from the perspective of the publisher striving
more effective for many companies. If recipients are able for high subscription numbers) why you should make
to relate to the product being marketed by the email, or if it easy and fail-safe to unsubscribe: Subscribers who
the recipient is familiar with the brand being advertised are not interested and never open your message (and
and is able to relate to it, chances of them opening the who would unsubscribe if they could) are worth
email are a lot higher than if they receive the email from nothing to you and the resources for sending them
an unknown sender. mail are wasted. Subscribers who - for whatever
reason - want to unsubscribe but fail to do so
Subject line (because the instructions are not clear, or require a
lot of effort on the subscriber's end) will turn to you in
Four or five words should be good enough when trying to the end, which means high, unnecessary
captivate the audience of the email marketing campaign. administrative costs if you have to take them off the
With so many people and companies utilising spam list manually”.
filters; emails with subject lines containing tricky
wording, exclamation marks and symbols are generally Lastly, make sure to go through the rules and
overlooked as spam and might not even reach the regulations of electronic mailing marketing before
recipients inbox. Technology journalist and contributing embarking on the campaign, to ensure that your
editor of PC Magazine, Jamie Lendino suggests that company follows the correct codes and conduct of
marketers, “…use e-mail marketing tools judiciously. Go email marketing.
too far with your e-mail marketing campaign, and people
will think of it as worthless spam.” Inserting the name of Useful resources
the recipient is a good way of personalising the emails
from your mailing list, and if done correctly, can
strengthen ties between the recipient and the company.

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ABSA's targeted ad campaigns ABSA has also

d e v e l o p e d
By Leigh Andrews m a r k e t i n g
strategies aimed
ABSA was voted the Top Banking Brand in South at family banking,
Africa in the 2006 Sunday Times/ Markinor Top and recently
Brands Survey, as well as the Coolest Bank in this embarked on an
year's Sunday Times Generation NeXt Awards, voted Islamic banking
for by urban South African youths between the ages training initiative,
of eight and twenty-two. This is proof that the bank to ensure staff are
has literally 'pulled up its socks' in recent years and aware of how to treat clients of different cultures.
decided to become a truly recognisable brand,
through an innovative new marketing strategy that For each market segment, the company employs and
sees the bank targeting specific demographic and engages with people of the specific age group, to
age-related sectors of the market audience. ensure its campaigns are hard-hitting and relevant,
and that it has the right target 'audience member' in
Paul Coxhill of ABSA spoke at a recent Village Pro mind. The ABSA challenge as a brand is to be all
event sponsored by ABSA, held at the Johannesburg things to everyone (overarching the specific
Country Club, Woodmead. He emphasised the demographically targeted ads)- to find an idea we
importance of understanding not jus twho the market can all connect to, regardless of our differences-
one caters to, but also the specific people one's generational or otherwise. ABSA's current unifying
proposition is aimed at. He elaborated that the branding theme is 'Hopes for the future'. This is
challenge lies in balancing what one knows and what evident in their latest 'Put your best foot forward'
the audience knows of the topic, with what one is campaign, which enters a space where other banks
trying to express. Different generations have entirely are not traditionally found. ABSA has embraced this
different mindsets, and are therefore addressed as trend by launching a Facebook profile page, where
individual market sectors, as opposed to a general customers are able to interact with the company by
'ABSA customer base'. leaving comments and messages on ABSA’s
Facebook page.
Despite the population’s generational differences,
Coxhill described various trends common among all To embrace the kids and 'tweens' market, ABSA
age groups. These include a need for instant sponsors the World Knowledge Olympiade, and is
gratification, virtual social interaction technological strongly promoting investing in what comes next-
literacy, big brand associations, and being perception teaching parents that it's never too early to start
driven. Coxhill adds that companies need to take saving for their children's future. ABSA has a MXit
advantage of these psychographics by embarking in platform, which is an innovative way of reaching and
conversations with customers in the new social interacting with the youth market. ABSA's mobisite,
mediums, as opposed to waiting for customers to Mibli, will be launched in the next few weeks. It offers
contact them through a more traditional route. a potential market bouquet, through an exciting
portal filled with services and a chat feature where
Coxhill adds that South Africa is patriotic; users can 'stay connected' and interact with friends-
entrepreneurial; creative, and future-orientated, and of course, learn to manage their finances. Adding
with age as the least important psychographic to its presence in the youth market, ABSA is also on
variable. In addressing customers, ABSA takes their the virtual reality world, Second Life, thereby
income and attitude into account, as people of engaging in a fun, interactive new medium where
different ages can have similar mindsets and they can connect with young clients in an original
lifestyles. He feels marketers should not assume way. The bank has adopted Idols winner Jody
anything based on what they see. As opposed to the Williams as a brand ambassador, to create a young
typical market research method of holding focus 'face' for the company.
groups, he explained how ABSA's researchers hung
out in bars, visited older clients at home, and asked Professionals are catered to with various products,
questions while standing in banking queues, in order specific to their demographics. This affluent market
to get more informal, useful responses. Results were will most likely be attracted to the new Centurion
surprising. For example, the over-55 group has branch, where specific technologies and channels are
become the fastest-growing group of internet-users. used as a platform for customers who aspire to be
Advertisers need to keep in mind that stereotypes on treated differently. The branch has a more upper-
the page are different to the reality. class look and feel, for this specific niche market.

ABSA realised that as a financial institution catering In an environment where banks are now struggling, it
to the mass market, not every message would be has become important to offer a range of focused
well-received by all people- but simply having a strategies, and offer several options in one
presence in the audience's wider awareness would advertisement. Coxhill ended his talk by stating that
create awareness of the bank. As a result, it tailored technology is a massive enabler, particularly with the
its advertising messages and services to reach new trends of social and mobile media. It's essential
specific customers. For the entry-level market, to try understand the technologies one's company
there's a new pre-paid banking style, similar to employs, to create a level of understanding within the
loading airtime on a cellphone. Stokvel communal work environment. Coxhill concludes that the
banking appeals to the older market, while general question to be answered is, “How do I take what I am
ABSA branding ads appeal to the core, middle and applying externally, to my company internally?” Click
niche markets. Lhere
here to read the full story.

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SAMRA Conference highlight-

From icons to iconicity

By Daniel Munslow, Swaziland

What makes an iconic brand and how

can such brands be measured, asks
Rory Morgan, Strategic Projects
Director for Research International UK. He was Communicating icon brands
speaking at the annual SAMRA conference at the Royal
Swazi Sun and Spa at the end of May. Iconic brands can fail and fall from their pedestals.
Many find ways to resurrect themselves, but
“Iconic brands function like activists, leading culture. companies who produce iconic brands must not
They prod people to reconsider accepted ideas about believe that their status exempts them from
themselves”, quoted Morgan. Iconicity is an indefinable communicating the brand and managing it correctly
thing, as it is almost impossible to measure it. Before to position it in the eyes of the public.
one unpacks the term, one should ask whether brands,
people, and places can be icons, and whether it matters As a result of the elements and strengths of iconic
if they are. Think of Mickey Mouse, the Eiffel Tower, the brands, market researchers need to learn to measure
Queen's Crest, Santa Clause, Elvis, and the London and quantify them.
Buses these are all icons of our generation. There are
also iconic brands in our environment: Swatch, Apple, Once one knows the specific attributes of iconic
Nike, Marks&Spencer, Coca Cola, Rolls Royce, BMW, brands, they can be quantified. The brand needs to be
and others. compared against others in the category and those
that play in the multinational scene. There seems to
Interestingly, some companies have become such icons be a general correlation between brand energy and
that even after they cease to exist, people still iconicity status. Some of the strongest and most
associate the logo with a living brand. Pan Am is a good
energetic brands in South Africa were found to be
example of this. Brands touch millions of peoples' lives
Coca Cola, Toyota, BMW, Woolworths and others,
and so are in a prime position to express the spirit of an
including Castle, Omo, Levis, Nike, and MTN.
age. They can symbolise deep-rooted cultural
aspirations and tensions. Iconic brands transcend their
commercial context to form strong connection within Icons operate effectively across markets and in the
the culture they operate in. This makes them more than global village. Brand icons can be located on
just brand references. Contemporary/Classic and Populist/Exclusive
dimensions these axes are global, making
It is a well known fact that some people and brands comparisons possible.
achieve iconic status. But are all icons the same? And
how does a brand become an icon? We need a The location of a brand across countries provides one
framework for the evaluation of iconic brands, and a with insight into the iconic footprint of the brand.
way of measuring and tracking iconic status. Sometimes, these form insightful groupings, such as
where Coca Cola is positioned internationally versus
Signs of status domestically.

One of first markers of iconicity is massive market Measuring icons allows one to measure a brand's
awareness... not just 'I know the brand exists', but power to form the cultural and social links that make
more to do with brand presence and the belief in ones' it an icon. It also allows for a better description of the
mind that the brand means something. Category brand's strength; provides a model to guide
ownership is another such marker. When a brand is able international positioning; allows for a metric to assist
to say 'I own the category', it has achieved iconic b ra n d d e ve l o p m e n t , a n d t h e s e t t i n g o f
status. Take iPod as an example. communication priorities.

Iconic brands have a sense of permanence. Marmite is

a brand that has captivated the minds of the British It allows one to see things beyond the category,
nation and has become part of the country's culture. allowing for wider consumer trends.
Oreo biscuits in the United States are another iconic
brand example.

An icon is an indicator of identity for those who

consume it, such as Adidas and Nike. Strong iconic
brands also hold 'tribal loyalty' - brands that unite those
who consume them. Iconic brands have the ability to
reinvent and reinterpret themselves. The British
Lucozade is an example of a brand that had the
strength to cope with a brand repositioning in the mid
20th century.

No-one owns an iconic brand... such brands become

co-owned by popular culture. Coca Cola is an
example - they are so powerful that they cannot
make changes to their brand unilaterally, as people
would question the change and protest the deviation
from what they see as their “partner in life”.
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SAMRA Conference highlight-

Beauty: In the eye of the

By Daniel Munslow, Swaziland

What influences what we find

attractive? And how can this be used
in marketing? These are the questions Candice From a local marketing point of view, this is critical in
Blumenthal, a strategist at Ogilvy, asked at the the analysis of a given target market, where
annual SAMRA conference. It is a well know fact that fragmentation among consumers is already at an
consumers shop with their eyes and packaging advanced level. Upper LSM groups are looking for
carries an important brand reinforcement. The aesthetics that reflect their desire for positive
question is, can we predict what consumers find individuation and differentiation.
attractive? This was debated at the annual SAMRA
Conference that was held in the last week of May in Among the race groups, it was found that black and
Swaziland. coloured respondents were significantly more open
to express aesthetics than white respondents, who
If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it would be were more likely to look at aesthetics in simple and
very difficult to predict what people find attractive; minimalistic terms. A similarity in the aesthetic
but if the same beauty is socially and culturally- preferences of white and Asian as well as black and
based, it would be easier to assess what beauty is and coloured respondents have been noted. This leads
how companies can reach specific markets by using to a possible implication for our ability to feel more
packaging aesthetics. confident in generalising aesthetic studies.

“The approach makes use of an architectural theme Gender emerged as the weakest demographic
due to the parallels that can be drawn between the influence. Men and women were more similar than
aesthetic values that are present in architecture and dissimilar with respect to aesthetic preferences. Men
those present in packaging design (for example did however rate the aesthetics associated with
modern design values are relevant to both modern luxury living significantly higher than
architecture as well as the packaging design, and so women.
on and so forth). Our model itself is based Geet
Hofstedes' National Cultural Value model, which Example
looks at the values that underpin culture. The 14
architectural aesthetics are mapped on two In introducing a premium salad oil, the Organic brand
dimensions that look at the extent to which an attempted to modernise category aesthetics (which
aesthetic is progressive versus conservative or are usually nostalgic due to perceptions of
upholds collective versus individualistic values. The wholesome freshness). In moving from nostalgic to
architectural designs are themselves also time-based modern aesthetics a number of fatal errors have
representing aesthetic values of relevance to the resulted in the packaging being perceived as
distant and recent past; the present as well as the futuristic/strange! These errors revolved around the
future”, says Blumenthal. use of the colour “black”, which raised concerns about
the fit of the product with the food category! It
Aesthetic styles created perceptions of the pack as being a household
cleaner (with links made to Jeyes Fluid); a medicine
According to Blumenthal, there are several different or a personal care product, such as shampoo or hair
types of aesthetics that can be categories as follows: dye, rather than food.
1. Traditional aesthetics: draw inspiration from
historic styles and are timeless and authoritative, Over and above demographics, there is a crucial need
rather than new and experimental. to take psychographics into account, allow market
2. Nostalgic aesthetics: reflect a sentimental researchers to look at values, attitudes and
yearning for the past and a wish to recover some past expectations.
3. Cultural aesthetics: are associated with a people
or a place.
4. Modern aesthetics: are contemporary aesthetics
that simplify form and eliminate ornament.
5. Expressive aesthetics: tend to convey their
intention or emotion in a vivid way. May also refer to
individualistic self expression.
6. Futurist aesthetics: are aesthetics that appear
ahead of their time, innovative or revolutionary. Can
also be other worldly or strange.

What does this mean?

From a South African perspective, this means a

simultaneous drive and appreciation for aesthetics
that evoke modern upper class living and those that
promote simple authentic living.

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Draftfcb Johannesburg
appoints strong team
to lead creative

An 'all grown up now'

quartet of highly
experienced and imaginative employees who honed “For many outside of the agency, this appointment of
their creative skills over many years at Draftfcb four ECDs will be regarded as a bold move. For us who
Johannesburg has taken control of the agency's know and respect these men, it's a dead cert.
creative product. Together, they form a formidable team, and I look
forward to seeing to what new heights they can take
Marthinus Duckitt, Grant Jacobsen, Gerhard Myburgh Draftfcb Johannesburg,” he said.
and Adam Wittert- with a collective 21 years at the
While Duckitt will look after the creative interpretation
agency- have grown with it, and been partner to both
of all the marketing communication the agency does
its and its clients' successes.
in the alternative media field, the other three will each
be responsible for all the traditional media
Included, for example, are conceptualising and
communication requirements of a client 'cluster',
developing 'Mo the Meerkat' for Vodacom, a character
billing more than most medium-sized agencies.
that has starred in four 'Top 5 Most Liked Ads' since
2005 (Source: Millward Brown Impact) and was Duckitt has more than 20 years' experience in the
named 'Brand Marketing Campaign of the Year 2006' industry and has worked on accounts such as:
by Finweek's AdReview, securing the 2008 Gold Apex Spoornet; Eskom; Technikon SA; South African
Award for Effective Advertising in the 'Launch' Tourism; Southern Sun; SAN Parks; Sun
category for Toyota Yaris, and winning Golds at International; Telkom; South African Breweries;
numerous international and local creative awards MNET; KTV; Nestlé; Nation Foods; Mazda; Sun Air;
such as Cannes, Loeries and Pendorings. Vodacom; Toyota; First National Bank; Samsung;
Siemens; Clover; and the SABC. He started his career
Now, however, the time has come for them to take on as an art director at Young & Rubicam, then worked at
new challenges, and the responsibilities of executive Meridian and Kuper Hands; Grey Advertising; Lasso
creative directors. Communications; Ogilvy; Mather Procam (where he
became managing director in 2000); and The Agency;
Asked to comment on their collective appointment, all before joining Draftfcb's promotional campaign
the quartet quipped: “South Africa's most liked ads? and experiential division as Executive Creative
We're behind them. Effective Ads? We helped make Director.
them. Great relationships with our clients? We've
been the guys on the ground- talk about continuity of Jacobsen joined Draftfcb Johannesburg as creative
relationships. We're now ready to take over. Watch director. While his primary responsibility at the agency
this space”. has been guiding the Vodacom account, he had
previously- at Ogilvy and Grey Worldwide- worked on
Group Executive Creative Director, Ashley Bacon accounts for: Audi; Nokia; Hansa Pilsener; Heineken;
added: “When seeking a replacement for the Captain Morgan; National Brands; and the
Executive Creative Director who had just left the Johannesburg Zoo. He has never worked on a
agency, the fact that the job is actually bigger than Vodacom ‘Mo the meerkat’ commercial.
one person hit us- total billings exceed R1-billion, far
more than many medium-sized agencies in South Jacobsen's major clients will include Vodacom
Africa- and we asked ourselves why go along with (corporate and branding), First National Bank and
industry tradition of appointing one ECD, why not Lexus; Myburgh takes on FirstRand, Toyota, Tiger
appoint more than one? Brands, Ramrod and Rapport, among others; and
Wittert will look after the SABC, SCJ, EA Games,
“Indeed, why not appoint four people who not only Eskom and City Press.
helped build our agency, who not only believe in
creative excellence, who not only have the trust of Myburgh has worked on a wide variety of clients at
those who work here, but who already have their Draftfcb Johannesburg, developing through the line
names on the stationery? solutions for clients including: Vodacom; First
National Bank and FirstRand; Tiger Brands; EA
“To a man, Grant, Gerhard and Adam, have grown Games; and Toyota; as well as Edgars; Aardklop Art
Festival; Ramrod Products; Sasol; SC Johnson;
with the agency, while Marthinus joined us a far more
Telkom; True Love Magazine; Netflorist; Adcock
seasoned adman; all have been a critical part of its
Ingram Pharmaceuticals; SABC; Sunday World;
success over the years”, he explained.
Rapport; Imperial Car Hire; and SA Scouts. He has
also travelled to Moscow and New York to work on
Managing director of Draftfcb Johannesburg, John
projects in the worldwide group's offices there. Prior
Dixon said he was looking forward to reaping the
to joining Draftfcb South Africa, he worked at TBWA
rewards of promoting from within.
Hunt Lascaris and Strate Advertising.
“Our four new executive creative directors are Wittert joined Draftfcb South Africa as creative
already very familiar with the agency and clients. director after stints as a copywriter and senior
Given that their responsibilities have been aligned copywriter at Lowe Bull, TBWA, and Ogilvy. Over the
according to those clients they've worked closely with years, noticeable accounts he's worked on have
in the past, there will be no 'familiarisation' phase. included: Toyota; Tiger Brands; Dulux; Castle Lager;
They'll be able to invest more time in their client and the Hospice Second Hand Bookstore.
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EDITOR’S CLIP: Tequila\ relaunches with a

view to the future

By Daniel Munslow

Wednesday night saw the official relaunch of Tequila\,

which realigns an already cutting-edge agency with
the latest digital developments. With a view to the
future, Tequila\ is already offering the latest in Tequila\undergoes changes to accommodate
creative solutions to its clients, focusing on digital, new developments
design and conceptual design methodologies.
Bawa says, “It has been a wonderful year of change
Managing Director Rizwana Bawa says Tequila\ has and hard work which has brought us to this point...
a pedigree of its own, and has already established a One of the key insights for me has been that the
reputation for itself in a changing and dynamic catch-all description of ‘through-the-line agency’
environment. Indeed, the media environment we does not describe our capabilities and specialist
operate in seems to be in a continuous state of flux, skills.”
and one must change in order to remain relevant to
one’s respective market. For Tequila\, this means “Recent developments in the international
re-reading what consumers need and want out of a advertising industry show that digital is exploding
particular brand. Justin Wright, Tequila\'s Creative globally and South Africa is catching up with the trend
Director, says communications cannot simply be as our broadband improves. The time is right to bring
pretty; while looks are important - they must also the mix of top-end creatives, design, technical,
have insight and substance. digital and mobile knowledge to the market”,
concludes Bawa.
From a cost point of view, in a pressured macro-
economic climate, many clients can no longer afford Wright adds, “part of the new strategy is aimed at
to simply take the traditional above-the-line providing clients with more than traditional media.
advertising approach. They need to look at applied Tequila\ offers more than just advertising, we
design, engagement and involvement rather than investigate the best possible ways of targeting our
simply speaking to the public. It is a global shift clients’ consumers. Our core offerings are digital,
from the likability and persuasiveness of design, and conceptual design, and some creative
advertisements to the connection the ads make work that can’t be categorised. For example: media
with their relevant target markets. In other words, arts”.
one needs to make any form of communication
relevant to consumers. for case studies, contact
details and more.
Creating touching points with consumers

Take for example actions that generate human

interest media stories- a traditional ad is substituted
with creative thinking, that leads to the generation of
editorial content. People are then less disrupted in
their daily lives, and more likely to find a connection
with the campaign. Of course, there will always be a
place for traditional advertising methods, but the
integration of creative thought processes now needs
to rise to centre stage.

The problem is that traditional advertising is now

'clutter' to many people, and with the advent of PVR,
consumers have the option to simply fast forward
through ads that are not of relevance to them.

Change is already happening

Many companies are already embracing these new

developments. In the case of Tequila\, some clients
are already approach them saying, 'I want a big idea',
rather than providing a specific brief. Indeed, for an
agency, client buy-in is important and early adopters
will help establish the new digital creative solutions.


Of great significance to digital campaigns are the

measurability options they provide. These range from
a simple website that can be tracked by page
impressions, to sales returns, and of course
monitoring of editorial content generated from
adaptive creative ideas.
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EDITOR’S CLIP: Newsclip’s Pendoring Awards


By Daniel Munslow

Newsclip Media Monitoring is happy to announce its

continued sponsorship of the annual Pendoring
Awards for excellence in Afrikaans advertising. As a
monitoring company, Newsclip provides Pendoring
with year-round monitoring and constant feedback
about the exposure the event is receiving in the

The Pendoring advertising competition and project,

established in 1994 by the most important role
players in the South African media world, focus on the
promotion of outstanding Afrikaans advertising.
Pendoring has over the last thirteen years developed
into a continuous campaign with the aim of creating a
greater awareness among the public of the
importance of Afrikaans advertising and marketing,
although the Pendoring advertising competition
remains the highlight of the year.
Pendoring is unique to South Africa because it is the
only competition where competitors in the media put
Although the profession and advertising people are
aside their differences and work together for mutual
overwhelmed by advertising competitions of every
aims - the acknowledgment and awarding of
hue and colour each year, Afrikaans is becoming
excellent Afrikaans advertising, and the emphasis on
increasingly prominent. Pendoring is the only
the importance of Afrikaans marketing messages.
competition of its type that focuses on the promotion
South Africa can boast with the best creative and
of outstanding Afrikaans advertising and is therefore
executive artists in the business, and the
playing an increasingly bigger role in changing times
international awards that local people in the media
to let Afrikaans take its rightful place in the
profession annually win, is a testimony to this.
advertising landscape.
Pendoring is therefore - for the fourteenth
consecutive year - offering the opportunity to
Gone are the days where Afrikaans took a back seat.
agencies and companies who realise the value of
Afrikaans is experiencing unknown growth presently ,
Afrikaans to show their mettle and become the cream
and everything from music to the media profession
of the crop.
are experiencing a blossoming. The Afrikaans-
speaker has broken through its cocoon and is buying
However, Pendoring is also a proud member of the
in on its first love - the language. Other language
South African landscape, and annually awards the
groups are starting to take notice of Afrikaans, and
campaign that best embodies this pride. Greater co-
business people are realising that they have to take
operation with advertising representatives of other
cognisance of the Afrikaans buyer.
indigenous languages is invaluable for Pendoring and
therefore it is making provisions for a special
category, called Genuine South African, for the
indigenous languages. The role of the Afrikaans For a fresh perspective on the
consumer is just as indispensable in the advertising Marketing and advertising
value chain. This is why the public also has the industry,
opportunity this year to let themselves be heard by
voting for their favourite advertisement for the Lvisit our totallyMAd blog - COMING SOON
People's Choice Award.
The Pendoring advertising competition has, since its
inception, grown to a prestigious event on the
advertising calendar with considerable cash prizes for
category winners, bursaries for students, and a study
tour abroad for the Prestige Award winner.

Pendoring is therefore much more than merely a

competition. It is a light-beacon that is shining more
brightly each year to give direction and to ensure that
the future ship of Afrikaans advertising can moor
safely in the harbour. From the creators of the
message (agencies) to the messengers (media) and
eventually the heartbeat (the consumer), all are
taking hands, providing an Afrikaans anchor without
match. Let your mouse glide through the wonder
world of Pendoring.

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EDITOR’S CLIP: Newsclip continues its

sponsorship of the annual advertising Oscars!

By Daniel Munslow

About The Loerie Awards

The Loerie Awards were first held in 1978, as a

mechanism to support and grow television
advertising. Since then the Awards have expanded to
encompass every area of brand communication
including radio and print advertising, design,
architecture, direct marketing, non-broadcast video,
live events, and digital media. The Awards are now
regionally focused on Africa and the Middle East, and
entries from outside of this region are not eligible. The crucial details

'The Loeries' has become far more than a single The Loerie Awards festival weekend is the most
awards ceremony- since 2005 it has grown to anticipated event on the industry calendar and
incorporate activities throughout the calendar year, with good reason.
including a bi-annual magazine, and the hard-cover
printed annual and DVD of the year's leading brands From Friday, 25 July until Monday, 28 July, the
and agencies. The annual has become a major who's who of the industry will gather in Margate
reference amongst marketers and agencies, and for the 30th anniversary of The Loerie Awards.
includes an index by brand, agency and individual
credits. Whether you've got entries in or you're looking to
be inspired by the awesome work and entertaining
The Loerie Awards stands by its founding values- the ceremony; or would simply like to rub shoulders
company is all about recognising, rewarding and with the industry hot shots, it's simply the only
fostering creative excellence. The Loerie Awards is place to be.
now a Section 21 company. This means it's a non-
profit organisation serving the best interests of the
industry; so all funding goes right back into the
industry to be put towards promoting the industry
and nurturing potential creatives, especially in
disadvantaged communities.

Recent news

The Loerie Awards, the Oscars of the brand

communication industry, recently announced the
sponsors of the 2008 Loerie Awards.

The major sponsors of the 2008 Loerie Awards are:

The SABC; Media24; The Zulu Kingdom; and UGU
South Coast Tourism.

“As a proudly South African brand, the SABC is

committed to nurture and grow local creative
excellence. It therefore goes without saying that the
National Public Broadcaster should be the broadcast
sponsor of The Loerie Awards: the most prestigious
brand communication awards on the African
continent.” says SABC: Group Marketing Director,
Jerry Mpufane.

“We are proud to, once again, be associated with the

prestigious Loerie Awards. Creativity is the lifeblood
of our business and nowhere is it celebrated more
than at the Loerie Awards,” says Lutfia Vayej, head of
corporate communication for Media24.

“Margate looks forward to welcoming the Loeries for

its 30th anniversary. The UGU District has hosted the
event for the past four years and it is hoped that the
continued investment in the Loeries by UGU South
Coast Tourism will benefit the people of the district,”
says UGU Mayor Stembiso Cele.

A Newsclip Media Monitoring Initiative Marketing & Advertising News

EDITOR’S CLIP: From sponsorship effectiveness Therefore, simply getting exposure in the media to
to sponsorship appropriateness promote a company's association with a brand does not
mean as much as the relay back to the strategic
By Daniel Munslow objectives that were determined from the outset.

Alida Jansen, Head of Collaborations at TNS Customer As a media monitoring company, Newsclip has often
Equity, and Enrico Tronchin, Head of Research and produced sponsorship reports that have shown event
Development, say that historically, measurement organisers that companies have represented themselves
techniques have been advertising-centric and naive. as sponsors of events they were not sponsoring; and
equally shown the media exposure obtained by
Advertising and sponsorship communications aren't
legitimate sponsors. This is a measure of sponsorship
processed similarly - advertising effectiveness
effectiveness - the outcome and media exposure of a
measures are still be used to measure the sponsorship
sponsor's involvement in a campaign. Effectiveness, on
effect. A largely unexplored area is that of isolating the the other hand, can only be assessed against the brand
effects of sponsorship in various areas. objectives of the sponsoring company and its
involvement in the respective market place.
Measurement techniques are progressing and some of
the current principles involve the definition of One of the key assessment criteria is relating the
benchmarked objectives, the measurement of exposure back to the sponsor's objectives, which is
attitudes of target audiences towards sponsors, the determined internally at a strategic and tactical level of
slicing of the data and the measurement of behaviour. business, based on the desired outcome and association
with an event.
There are several big events coming up that are leading
to a need to ensure that sponsorships are both effective The suggested way forward
and appropriate, not least of which are the China
Olympics and the 2010 World Cup. Jansen says it is Assess sponsorship appropriateness before assessing
time to shift the focus from effective sponsorship to sponsorship effectiveness. This can be done by knowing
appropriate sponsorship. the relative brand equity in order to understand how
cluttered the environment is - and therefore how loudly
Attitudinal Equity (AE) you should be shouting.

AE refers to the strength of a brand in a person's mind, When assessing appropriateness, researchers should
which allows researchers to determine which brands use metrics that relate back to business results
stand out, and which brands need to 'shout louder'. In (attitudinal equity correlates better than traditional
advertising metrics). Results need to be filtered to get a
the paper presented by Jansen and Tonchin, they
nuanced understanding of the sponsorship environment.
suggest using a proprietary multidimensional measure
of attitudinal equity, based on three inputs.
When assessing effectiveness, one needs to be aware
of possible pitfalls when making causal inferences, and
Marketing efforts in companies need to be geared clearly state what assumptions are made.
towards business results. It is the belief of the duo that
AE correlates better to business results. Good market
research and analysis has to be founded in strong and
transparent methodologies. Tronchin says “…the effect
of sponsorship activity on attitudes and behaviour has GET TO KNOW THE TEAM
to be interpreted against the backdrop of the brand's EDITOR Daniel Munslow
strength in consumers' minds”. DEPUTY EDITOR Pat McClelland
Case Study: Fakeland local soccer series EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Leigh Andrews
The “Fakeland” sponsorship arena is fairly cluttered, MARKETING MANAGER Vanessa Evans
but one brand, Hamptons, stands out above the rest
brands such as Milkmart will have to shout louder in totallyMAd is published by Newsclip.
comparison. While the brands that sponsor the event
have some exposure, do they have any association with Daniel is a member of the Advertising Media Association of
soccer? South Africa (AMASA) and a Pendoring Awards Committee
Using Roadstar as a sample brand, respondents were
asked if they had an interest in soccer and if they had a GET IN TOUCH
close attachment to soccer. The research showed that Want to make a contribution? Want to share your opinions
only 19% of respondents said they are attached to and stories about the media industry? We want to hear
Roadstar as a brand and are interested in soccer. From from you.
this, one would have to decide whether the brand is an
appropriate one to be associated with soccer. Brands or call
You can email us
us on (011) 288-6600.
that feature low on the attachment scale and that are
not associated with soccer should reconsider their
sponsorship, as it is high attachment brands that are WE’RE ONLINE...
Media Update
likely to appeal to their target audience.
Publicity Update
totallyMAd -
Other brand associations are Castle and PSL, Standard
Data is provided for information purposes only. Newsclip shall not be responsible for any
Bank and cricket, Pick 'n Pay and cycling, and so on. It is direct or indirect or other damage of any kind whatsoever suffered or incurred by you
likely to be argued that these brands have achieved related to your use of, or your inability to access or use, the content of this publication.
Although we have taken all possible steps to ensure the validity of our sources, reliance on the
their objectives, as they successfully chose events that information contained in this update is used at your own risk.
represent their brand, and whose consumers can relate
the two together.