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Altius Invite and Rules

Altius Invite and Rules

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Published by: abishek7 on Sep 01, 2010
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Dear Sir/Madam, We would like to cordially invite your institution to participate in “Altius- HR Culturals 2010”, organized by the

Madras School of Social Work (MSSW) on 20th, August 2010. It aims to provide a plethora of exciting activities to bring out the HR managers in our students. Madras School of Social Work is the first Institution for Social Work Education in South India, MSSW is well known for its pioneering efforts and the high quality of education it offers. Its alumni provide top-notch leadership for global corporate and civil society organizations. In 2010, a survey by Outlook magazine placed MSSW as the third best Institution for social work education in India. The registration fee, including lunch and refreshment expenses, is Rs. 50 per person. We request the colleges to register with us as soon as possible, to facilitate the finalization of all the necessary arrangements. A detailed rulebook is attached, to elucidate the guidelines for the various events. All queries regarding the events can be e-mailed to altius.mssw@gmail.com. We look forward to your participation here at MSSW. Sincerely,

Mrs. Mary Angeline
Assistant Professor and Head, Department of MSW (SF) Convenor – Pegasus Forum Madras School of Social Work


The colleges are requested to complete the same and sent it to altius. We will be providing lunch and refreshments. Mr. Pegasus Student Forum for MSW {SF} . The registration fee is set at Rs.com on or before the 13th of August. and will contribute to covering for the same. Bharathi 9884107256 Student Coordinators.9962453118 - .A form containing the list of the events and the number of participants has been attached below. Alti us – HR Culturals 2. Manikandan President. They would be required provide a proof of enrolment in the institution that they represent.mssw@gmail.9585093359 . 50 per person. Vasanth Babu Ms. All participants are requested to be present MSSW on the 20th of August before 9 am. CONTACT DETAILS 1. Mr. August 2010. Attractive cash prizes await the winners! The last date of registration is 13th.

1.00 12.00 12.00–1.00 11. 8.00 12.00–1. 5. 12.00–3.00–12. 11.00 2.00 11. 7. 9.00–12. 14.00–3. 15.00 3. 10. 6.00–5.00–2.00–3.00-12.00–10.00 4.00–1.00 11 . 2. 3.No .00 2.00-4. 4. 13.Events Schedule S. Name of Events Inauguration Corporate Quiz {Preliminary} Best Manager {Round one} Sector Insight HR JAM Collage Block and Tackle Ship Wreck HR Battle {Round one} Lunch Stress Interview Best Manager {Rounds two and three} HR Battle {Round two } Corporate Quiz {Finals} Valedictory and Prize Distribution Timings 9.00–1.00 11.00 1.00 12.00 2.00-12.00 .

2. • • • • • A college can send any number of teams Team members must have their college ID cards as a proof. Rules • Each team consists of 2 people. The decision of the Quiz Master will be final. the tie will be resolved in a tiebreaker. And only 4 teams will make it to the finals. Other Rules • The participants are expected to be attired formally • They should also carry resumes for interviews 3. In the event of a tie. Here. Corporate Quiz The corporate quiz is aimed at testing the knowledge of the participants on general corporate issues among other topics. Best Manager Managers are the cornerstones of any organisation and are bestowed with responsibility and power to run it successfully. 10 minutes will be given Objective type questions Number of Questions: 15-20 Round 2: Group discussion • • • Topic will be given on the spot (Case studies) 7 min per team (5-6 members/team) The basic rules followed in a GD will be followed. Sector insight . So you wouldn’t want to share the prize with another team. There will be a written preliminary round. Round 3: Personal Interview • • 5 minutes/ person Interview done by Recruiter from a well-known organisation.The Rule Book 1. Rules: Round 1: Written round • • • • The participant will be required to respond to a series of questions on aptitude & organisational behaviour. Both of them have to be from the SAME College. the participants are expected to clear 3 different rounds successfully to gain their prestigious “Best Manager” title.

Magazines. Lot picking system will decide the order of performance. The decision of the judge is final and there can be no claims made against it. . for example. "without hesitation or deviation" from it. Every team performing must have a team name. newspapers and glue will be provided. Points will be awarded for going the full 60 seconds without a challenge. the participants will have to come up with their message on the given HR topic Rules • • The topics will be provided on the spot The participants will have to bring absolutely nothing with them. The judges should be treated with due respect and no offensive answers against judges will be entertained. 4. the challenger gets the remaining minute to speak on the same topic. They should also be aware of the limitations of their topics. Topics will be given on the spot and will also test the knowledge of the participants. If the challenge is successful.In a game akin to Ad zap. HR JAM The object of the game is for the participants to talk for sixty seconds on a given HR subject. There should not be any kind of vulgarity or abusive language in the performance. Collage One of the earliest art forms. which they will be given on the spot. Rules • Each team will b given a total time of 7 minutes which will b allotted as o o o o • • • • • • 2 minutes for preparation 5 minutes for content 2 minutes for questioning During the questioning session the next team will be given topic and asked to prepare. Mike will be switched off at end of 5 minutes Any team performing should have minimum of 4 members and maximum of 7 members. Rules: • • • • Participants are to stick to the topic. Audience may raise (sensible) questions to the participants. collage can be used to convey powerful messages from practically nothing. participants are to establish the roles of a HR manager in a particular sector. The sectors can range from IT to public sector. Here. Speakers are "challenged" by their opponents when they slip up on any of the criteria. for every correct challenge and opposing a challenge successfully 5.

This event is to recognize who is person who keeps his cool under pressure and responds well to it. Stress Interview Stress interviews are a deliberate attempt to see how you handle yourself under pressure. 7. Block and Tackle In this game. And how he convinces the judges to give him the solitary life jacket available by stating how his life is more precious than that of the rest. 8.their organization facing a problem! The participants taking up the role of a new HR would have to come up with strategies to combat such a situation! Rules • • • • The situations will be given 5 min before the event Time allocated per participant would be 3+2 minutes The participants maybe required answering questions posed by the judge.• • Use of scissors is prohibited. Ship Wreck! The traditional Shipwreck is the event where the participant is to take up a role of a famous personality who is about to die in a capsized boat. the participants are to think of new strategies to combat their sinking ships. the participants are to successfully talk for and against a given topic. As several jobs require employees who thrive under pressure. Participants will be judged on creativity. Rules • • • • Topics will be given on the spot with 5 minutes for the participants to prepare There must not be repetition of points Each participant will be given 3 minutes on stage The participants will be given a maximum of 3 seconds to switch sides. On a more HR note. aesthetics and the message 6. This event is intended to test the depth of understanding of the participants on various HR concepts while simultaneously assessing their spontaneity and presence of mind. To participants are encouraged to think creatively in using traditional HR concepts while enhancing the ability of the participants to convince. Rules• • • The participants are required to carry printed resume during the interview A basic knowledge of HR practices would benefit the participants in the interview Participants are required to be dressed in an attire that befits an interview setting .

the team will be given a new topic. . Rules • • • • There can be two teams from each college with 2 persons per team There will be two rounds In round 1. on the spot. This topic will be sent to the participants a week ahead of the event. HR Battle The participants are to fight their way through and show their verbal talents to reach the final destination. Decisions of the judges are final and binding.• • Use of any indecent or vulgar actions or words are strictly prohibited. each participant as an individual has to speak for or against the given topic within the given 2 minutes. 9. The participants will pick lots to decide if they are going to defend or talk against the topic. For this round a preparation time of 2 minutes will be given to the participants. Corporate Quiz Team 1 1. The participants are to stay clear of abusive or foul language of any sort All topics will be given on the spot Decision of the judges are final and binding • • • Note: Rules are tentative and are subject to change. In the 2nd round. Participant List 1.

2. 2. 2. 4.2. Team 2 1. 5. 2. Collage Team 1 1. 2. 6 7. Sector insight 1. . 9. Block and Tackle 1. HR JAM 1. Stress Interview 1. 6. 2. 3. Ship Wreck! 1. 5. Team 2 1. 2. Best Manager 1. 4. 2. 8. Team 2 1. 2. 7. 2. 3. HR Battle Team 1 1. 2. 2.

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