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Tutorial Chapter 4: Work, Energy and Power

Tutorial Chapter 4: Work, Energy and Power

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Published by: Sahida Ishak on Sep 01, 2010
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MAÞ 2412ť Þhys|cs

Cbapt¢r Ÿ: Work, En¢rgy and Pow¢r

Answer all quesLlonsŦ
1Ŧ oose Le correcL answer ln Le brackeLŦ
lŦ Work ls Le producL of applled force and (dlsLance/dlsplacemenL) ln Le dlrecLlon of
Le applled forceŦ
llŦ Wen Le work ls done (force/enerav) ls Lransferred from one ob[ecL Lo anoLerŦ
lllŦ 1e work done ls equal Lo Le amounL of (LemperaLure/enerav) LransferredŦ
lvŦ 1e Sl unlL for work ls ([oule/waLL)Ŧ

2Ŧ llll ln Le blank wlL Le correcL answerŦ
lŦ klneLlc enerav ls Le enerav of an ob[ecL due Lo lLs ŧŧŧŧŧŦŦ
llŦ CravlLaLlonal poLenLlal enerav ls Le enerav of an ob[ecL due Lo lLs ŧŧŧŧŦŦ ln Le
aravlLaLlonal fleld
lllŦ 1e prlnclple of conservaLlon of enerav sLaLes LaL ŧŧŧŧŦ can be Lransferred from
one form Lo anoLer buL lL cannoL be creaLed or desLrovedŦ
lvŦ 1e prlnclple of conservaLlon of enerav explalns LaL Le LoLal amounL of enerav
alwavs remalns ŧŧŧŧŧŧŧ

3Ŧ SLaLe or false for eac of Le followlna sLaLemenLsŦ
lŦ Þower ls Le raLe of dolna work (1rue/lalse)
llŦ 1e efflclencv of a devlce ls Le percenLaae of Le enerav lnpuL LaL ls Lransformed
lnLo useful enerav (1rue/lalse)

4Ŧ SLaLe Le LransformaLlon of eneravŦ

LlaL enerav
CravlLaLlonal poLenLlal enerav
Sound enerav
LlasLlc poLenLlal enerav

MAÞ 2412ť Þhys|cs
Cbapt¢r Ÿ: Work, En¢rgy and Pow¢r

SLaLemenL lrom 1ransformaLlon of enerav
1Ŧ urlan falls Lo Le around ŧŧŧŧŧŧŧŧŦ klneLlc enerav + sound enerav
2Ŧ A bulb connecLed Lo a drv
cell llaLs up
LlecLrlcal enerav PeaL enerav+
3Ŧ A bell rlnas wen Le swlLc
ls pressed
LlecLrlcal enerav
4Ŧ 1e moLlon of an arrow
wen an arcer releases Le

klneLlc enerav + sound enerav

3Ŧ laarams (a) and (b) sows a bov puslna a load and a welaLllfLer llfLlna a load of 60 ka

laarams (a)

laarams (b)

alculaLe Le work done
lŦ bv Le bov
llŦ bv Le welaLllfLer

6Ŧ Azman ls pulllna a box wlL a force of 30 n aL an anale of 60
from Le orlzonLalŦ
alculaLe Le work done Lo move Le box Lo a dlsLance of 3 mŦ

lsplacemenL ƹ 3 m
MAÞ 2412ť Þhys|cs
Cbapt¢r Ÿ: Work, En¢rgy and Pow¢r

7Ŧ Samv releases a 2 ka meLal ball from a bulldlna 40 m la (1ake acceleraLlon due Lo
aravlLv as 10 ms

lŦ AL Le elaL of 40 mţ Le meLal ball as (aravlLaLlonal poLenLlal enerav/klneLlc
llŦ !usL before Le meLal ball lLs Le aroundţ Le maxlmum enerav LaL lL as ls
(aravlLaLlonal poLenLlal enerav/klneLlc enerav)
lllŦ alculaLe
aŦ 1e enerav of Le meLal ball aL Le elaL of40 m
bŦ 1e klneLlc enerav of Le meLal before lL lLs Le aroundŦ
lvŦ WaL ls Le prlnclple used ln c ll)?

8Ŧ A moLor llfLlna a welaL 1 ka Lo a elaL of 4Ŧ0 m ln 4 sŦ 1e lnpuL enerav supplv Lo Le
moLor ln one second ls 20 !Ŧ alculaLe
aŦ power of Le moLor
bŦ Le efflclencv of Le moLor

Metal ball
40 meter

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