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2 INDIAN STANDARD CODE FOR ELECTRICAL WORK SAFETY IS - 5216 Guide for safety procedures and practices in electrical works. IS - 5728 Guide for short circuit calculations IS - 5572 Classification of hazardous area IS - 5571 Guide for selection of electrical equipments for hazardous area. IS - 8239 Classification of maximum surface temperatures of electrical equipment for use in explosive atmosphere. IS - 3202 Code of practice for climate proofing an electrical equipment IS - 585 Voltage and frequency for AC transmission and distribution system. IS - 3716 Insulation coordination application guide. IS - 732 Code of practice for electrical wiring installations â system voltages not exceeding 650 V. IS - 2274 Code of practice for electrical wiring installation â system voltages exce eding 650 V. IS - 6665 Code of practice for industrial lighting IS - 3646 Interior illumination: Part i and Part-ii IS - 1944 Code of practice for lighting of public thoroughfares. IS - 7689 Guide for control of undesirable static electricity. IS - 2309 Protection of buildings and allied structures against lighting IS - 1646 Code of practice for fire safety of buildings â electrical installations.