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This presentation is based on our 2nd day of duty. All information collated

was done for only one day. Our patient is nicknamed as Mrs. Mamable, not the

real name. The patient is diagnosed with Community Acquired Pneumonia


Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) is caused by exposure to, often

causes problems like difficulty in breathing, fever, chest pains, and a cough,

causes of CAP include bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, nosocomial

infection, cigarette smoke, autoimmune disorders, and allergens; common S/S

are problems in breathing, coughing that produces greenish or yellow sputum, a

high fever that may be accompanied with sweating, chills and uncontrollable

shaking, sharp or stabbing chest pain, rapid shallow breathing that is often

painful, which were not manifested by the patient.

During the course of hospitalization, it was noted that Mrs. Mamable

condition was not easily manageable. She was experiencing shortness of breath

and difficulty of sleep, and her condition could only be temporarily relieved by


Our observations and data collection were the aids that made us finish this

study. We have been given four days for our study and to finish it by August 7,

2010. The study would act as our guide, information, and summarize our

experiences in the duty. It will provide us with the needed knowledge to improve
ourselves as independent individuals and help us succeed as future registered


The study is concerned about the disease, disease process, and how the

particular patient is given attention to. The ultimate goal of the study is to give

information of efficient care as student nurses to aid in the fast recovery of the

patient and to promote comfort based on the particular disease. The

interventions are patient-centered and needs-centered.