Industrial Application & Mechatronics

IA01 IA02 IA03 IA04 IA05 IA06 IA07 IA08 IA09 IA10 IA11 IA12 IA13 IA14 IA15 IA16 IA17 IA18 IA19 IA20 IA21 IA22 IA23 IA24 IA25 IA26 IA27 IA28 IA29 IA30 IA31 IA32 IA33 IA34 IA35 IA36 IA37 IA38 IA39 Automatic railway level crossing controller Car Parking yard information system PC Interfaced solar tracking system Solar Tracking system Microcontroller based pick and place Robotic Arm Using RS 232 Serial Port PC Serial Port based Electrical appliance controller using micro Controller Traffic light controller Automatic main gate controller Path Finder PC Based Pick and Place Robotics Pick and Place Robotic Arm Spot welding Robotic Arm Chart recorder Robotic Arm Multifunctional Robotic Arm Automatic D.G. Starter and Change over system with auto load protection Microcontroller based IC tester Microcontroller based system to operate device for physically handicapped PC based IC tester PC based Logic Analyzer PC based CRO Anti-Tank Mine Detector Angular position moment and control of Shaft Bending deflection measurement of a Shaft Line tracking Robot Hospital cleaning Robot Astronomical timer using RTC Field programmed Robotic Arm Telephone based timer controller Ethernet protocol design for PC to PC communication Smart card based Access control using IIC PC based DAQ using RS232 interface Multistoried Parking yard controller Automatic parking yard controller RFID based parking yard controller RFID based Internet Café Time Machine Wireless Patient Monitoring System PC based multichannel DAQ system using PC serial port Colour sensing Robotic vehicle for Auto piloting. Automatic Fire detecting and extinguishing Robot.

Price code *** *C *D *C *C *C * ** *B *B *A *A *A *B *B *A *B *B *C *C *B *B *B *C *D *B *D *D *C *D *B *D *A *D *D *E *D *C *C


[Price Code] *=9,500/**=10,500/***=11,500/*A=12,500/*B=13,500/*C=15,500/*D=18,500/*E=20,500/-