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Specialty Coffee Association of America Green Coffee FOB, C & F, CIF Contract Contract Number: Gontract Number. MEYB1 Selle: YACH'IL XOJOVAL CHULCHAN Buyer, Cooperative Coffees, Inc 20 de Noviembre No. 36 302 W. Lamar St San Cristobal de Las Casas Americus, GA 31708 USA Chiapas, Mexico TeltS14-907-8853 extioee 3 Telfax (0052) (987) 878 84.65 Fax +514-221-2611 FLOID FLO ID 1341 All parties represent that they are familiar with the provisions, terms and conditions of the contracts of tha SCAA in effect at the date hereof. Bate October 17,2007 agp 4, Quantity Two Hundred and Saventy Five (235) Bags of 69 Kilograms Net Each. (Total of 18.875Kilos / 41,632 pounds) 2. Quality Mexico Altura Euro Preparation (EP} Organic Certified Washad Green Coffee. 15 screen and above, Class 1 Specialty Grade. 2. Pree To be fixed at Sellers call betore the first day of Abril NY°C" Contract May 08+ .05 quality differential +10 Fair Trade pramaun + 20 Organic premium = May + 35 per pound, Minimum price = U per pound 4. Weight Basis: Net Shipping Weight ree 5. Payment Nat cash upon Receipt of Documents 6. insurance Te sh, covered by Sal, From Ship te Newark, account af yer. 7. Shipment Apsil, From seaport of Veracruz. Mexico. & Destination Newark, NJ, USA 4. Remarks 1. This coffee was traded according to Intemational Fair ‘Trade criteria as established by FLO. 2. Arbitration-Friendly, California # any 3. Pre-shipment Sample Required 4. Cortificate of Grigin documents requiced. 5. Organic Certification documentation required before final payment can be made, 8. Bags marked with the words "Organic Certified" and the ‘Yachil and Cooperative Coffees logo ‘Cooperativa Yachil Cooperative Coffees, inc E October 17, 2007 _ Faz f'n samed ‘Signature ‘Data Monika Maria Firt YACHIL XOJOBAL CHULCHAN, SOCIEDAD DE SOLIDARIDAD SOCIAL R.F.C. YXC-010815-TCS COL. EMILIANO ZAPATA SIN PANTELHO CARRETERA LAS LIMA PANTELHO, CHIAPAS, MEXICO C.P. 29880 TELS. 01 967 678-90-49 01 967 678-20-04 rea BAGS OF COFFEE GoD |\<90 EUROPEAN OF G9 hILOS usp /iB | ORGANIC COFFEF CERTIFIE By CERTIMEX TOTAL Kilos BRuTOS 1%#500 TOTAL DE hikes NETOS 11,250 N.LOTE 016-251-001 NUM. DE APROBACION DEL SISTEMA DEL CONTROL DE IMPRESORES AUTORIZADOS; 11193351 LA REPRODUCCION NO AUTORIZADA DE ESTE COMPROBANTE CONSTITUYE UN DELITO EN LOS TERMINOS DE LAS DISPOSICIONES FISCALES. de MEDITERRANEAN SHIPPING COMPANY S.A., Geneva Copy - Non Negotiable | - MSCUMMS73665 | SRR TORTSERERT —[ | caioneo earoTToMRET? ae | eee Sout os ‘YACHIL XOJOBAL CHULCHAN.S.S.S. COOPERATIVE COFFEES, INC. CONOGIDO SIN LOCAL|DAD EMILIANO ZAPATA 302 W LAMAR ST. SUITE E EMILIANO ZAPATA CHIAPAS 29880 MEXICO ESTADOS UNIDOS AMERICUS GEORGIA USA 31709 MEXICANOS ATN: SEBASTIAN CRUZ PEREZ TEL:019676788465 ATN. BILL HARRIS. TEL. 1229-243035 FAX: 12299246250 ‘TAXID: 58 250 5600 txcetco rezone LeU spc conac 11a. E566a7258 | ireatrenre Sure 1x0 tier native Gur NEW YORK,NY U.S.A 10004 DESTINATION AGENT ADDRESS: | Geonce amrsioe terarm ernest) eit FLOOR Tec arzucer a oa4 8723 Nw von Ny Tooteoree ec ec a Re ROSS Eicon Sees Ee ako ey ee {00000000 OHXXXDOOOK 300000150000 090000000 ~ ERE Renee Seaton yeaa] Seem | eee rica oe | 1 1120" GNTRS) 016-2511-0001 OF COFFEE GOLD EUROPEAN OF 69 KGS. ORGANIC COFFEE, CERTIFIE BY CERTIMEX MSCUB332605/ 200" TARE: 2200 k 250 BAGS NET WEIGHT: 17250 kgs 17500 000 kg Sea:302367 VCamers seal TOTAL TARE: 2200.00 «g | TOTALS: | 17500.000 kg (05 FREIGHT & CHARGES ( spin NTENTON, Cra nal be tna ans FSO Chev 6 9H Freight Collect FREIGHT 8 CHAY mass mare PAYABLE at EIGHT & CHARGES POL POD ELSEWHERE BUNKER ADJUSTMENT FACTOR - USD 250.00 - COLL SEAFREIGHT - USD 1000.00 - COLL SECURITY MANIFEST AMENDMENT PEE - USD 25.00 - CbLt ISDS - INTERN. SHI AND PORT SEC. CHARGE ISPD -] SD 6.00 -| cout STUFFING CHARGES - USD 400.00 - COLL sri cmon yanmar ape ren no cr eon rah tt pe a er ret pe mart tac Sty. wet ce sowngs to rae Recncane sn ns woke ae eroen dt cesby ag our onc areas Cons ra seer Sorenson ssa Sete pts magna hops acres Para eas ee ae ass Ss oes ea Ngee ON esta nenet he Parveen ch rhc tas Sessa Saat aspen eee hapa ean Se aa | es a a in tt namin ne et i pie TG ett tony verre ga apn neha ACE OF ISSUE ‘SPE ON BOATO is Rens forthe Carer VERACRUZ, MEXICO, 5/6/2008 are 5/9/2008 MSC VERACRUZ,