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The term is derived from the name of a town in Belgium called Spa, where since medieval times illnesses caused by iron deficiency were treated by drinking chalybeate (iron bearing) spring water. In 16th century England the old Roman ideas of medicinal bathing were revived at towns like Bath, and in 1571 William Slingsby who had been to the Belgian town (which he called Spaw) discovered a chalybeate spring in Yorkshire. He built an enclosed well at what became known as Harrogate, the first resort in England for drinking medicinal waters, then in 1596 Dr. Timothy Bright called the resort The English Spaw, beginning the use of the word Spa as a generic description rather than as the place name of the Belgian town. At first this term referred specifically to resorts for water drinking rather than bathing, but this distinction was gradually lost and many spas offer external remedies. There are various stories about the origin of the name. A Belgian spring of iron bearing water was called Espa from the Walloon term for "fountain", and was used in 1326 as a cure by an iron master with such success that he founded a health resort that developed into the town. It has also been suggested that the term Espa may be derived from the name of the resort, and that its source could be the Latin word spargere meaning "to scatter, sprinkle or moisten". It is often suggested that the word is an acronym of various Latin phrases such as Sanitas (or Salus) Per Aquas (or Aquam) meaning "health through water", or Solus Per Aqua meaning "water in itself", all of which seem to have modern origins. Although such explanations are widespread, they are almost certainly backronyms ± words formed from acronyms are very much a twentieth-century phenomenon.



2000 BC - Massage is an ancient art; its earliest documentation dating back to 2000 BC the art of massage has greatly evolved over time. 3100 - 300 BCE Egyptian civilization practices water therapy and herbal remedies, similar to those used in spas today. 1800 - 1500 BCE Babylonian culture establishes bathing in rivers and the application of hot and cold µcompresses.¶ 1000 BCE Earliest knew writings on Chinese medicine, much of which is still practiced. 700 - 200 BCE Greeks practice cold water bathing for Spartan warriors. 600 - 300 BCE Persians introduce steam and mud baths.

William Winternitz. 1861 CE Dr.300 BCE Greeks introduce water treatments to the Roman Empire. 800 CE Ottoman Empire builds Turkish baths. Hubbard.´ the first modern recognition of thalassotherapy. the Hubbard Tank. and exercise. 211 CE Romans discover the thermal spring in Baden-Baden (Aqua Aureliae) in Germany. Richard Russell of Brighton publishes De Tabe Glanduri in which he claims ³The sea washes away all the evils of mankind. Roosevelt. Germany. 76 CE Romans build a principal spa in Bath (Aquae Sulis) in Britain. cold water. 1750 CE Dr. mixed bathing profanes God¶s ³holy gift of water.e. developed by American orthopedic surgeon L. by Thomas Guiddott. Johann Mezgner. 100 BCE Thailand¶s (then Siam) tradition of massage and healing dates from the time Buddhism first arrived in Thailand from India. 1449 CE Bishop of Bath proclaims that nude.1540 CE Henry VIII of England closes hot baths and holy wells due to their implication in the ³superstition and religion of Rome´ (i. especially Germany and the United States.. 1880 CE Father Sebastian Kneipp starts practicing hydrotherapy for the benefit of the poor in Bad Worishofen. 1669 CE Natural Bathes. . W. famous for treating Franklin D. His treatment center still operates today. known as the father of scientific hydrotherapy. 1826 CE John Arnold of Rhode Island opens the first US ³pleasure resort´ in Saratoga. New York. Catholicism). which becomes accepted in many countries. Austria. 1870 CE a Dutch doctor. 1536 . lists the minerals contained in water for the first time. opens a clinic and Institute of Hydrotherapy in Vienna. iron-bearing spring is discovered at Spa in Belgium that proves to be a spring used by the Romans before 100 AD named Sulsu Par Aqua.´ Bathers made to wear smocks while taking the waters in Bath. 200 BCE Hebrews practice purification ritual by water through immersion in the Dead Sea. in Graefenberg. uses massage in rehabilitation. with a health package of treatments involving fresh air. diet. Saratoga is a Mohawk Indian word for ³the place of the medicine waters of the great spirit. 1924 CE The first facility for remedial exercise in water. 1806 CE Modern massage techniques known as Swedish massage are developed by Swedish physiologist Per Henrick Ling. who suffered from polio.´ 1829 CE Vincent Priessnitz establishes the first modern hydrotherapy spa. which are still in commercial operation today. Germany. 1326 CE A curative. 1336 CE First ³shower´ developed in the baths of Bormio in Italy.

the healing potential of the mountains was confirmed 1910 . a gentle massage carried out while the body is assailed by fierce jets of water. although whether these were a matter of great concern 100 years ago is unclear . and compared these natural sulfur mineral fountains to those found in Belgium. and here the known massage movements were studied scientifically and systematized by Per Heinrik Ling (1776 ±1839). was established with the foundation in 1894 of the Society of Trained Masseurs. In the English coastal town of Scarborough in 1626. The first rolling bathing machines for bathers are recorded on the sands in 1735. He built an enclosed well at what became known as Harrogate. This eliminates toxins. This was deemed to have beneficial health properties and gave birth to Scarborough Spa. as a Remedy in Fever and other Diseases. In 1797 in England Dr. During WWI patients suffering from nerve injury or shell shock were treated with massage.When Mark Foy opened the Hydro Majestic Hotel at Medlow Bath as a hydropathic spain 1904. the first resort in England for drinking medicinal waters 1596 Dr Timothy Bright called the resort The English Spaw. This book stimulated additional interest in water cures and advocated the external and internal use of water as part of the curing process. the Saratoga Hot Springs began offering both spa treatments and accommodations to visitors. a Mrs. Father Sebastian Kneipp developed holistic herbal and water therapy in the German spa village of Bad Worishofen. Physiotherapy. In the 1890s. the Royal Central Institute was established in Stockholm. James Currier published The Effects of Water. the latest thing was a "douche de Spa". the first scientific book on the Czech Karlovy Vary treatment for disease was published in which a regimen of baths and drinking the waters of the springs was recommended. 1904 . England. Elizabeth Farrow discovered a stream of acidic water running from one of the cliffs to the south of the town. In 1813. originally based on Lings methods. and Scarborough became Britain's first seaside resort. beginning the use of the word Spa as a generic description. Cold and Warm. Sea bathing was added to the cure. This innovation increased the medicinal benefits obtained and gradually physical activity became part of the European bathing regimen. In 1790. William Slingsby discovered the sulfur springs of Tewhit near Harrogate. Sweden.Around 1550.In 1910. This was the most important single development in the field in modern times and it is because of this that the most recognized form of massage is often called "Swedish". David Beecher in 1777 recommended that the patients come to the fountainhead for the water and that each patient should first do some prescribed exercises. Dr. In 1522. It was one of the first commercial spas in the New World. Dr Wittie's book about the spa waters published in 1660 attracted a flood of visitors to the town. 1571 William Slingsby who had been to the Belgian town (which he called Spaw) discovered a chalybeate spring in Yorkshire.

defined a spa as a place where mineral-containing waters flow from the ground naturally. the therapist proceeds to customize the treatment to remove or alleviate such imbalances. domains. is the oldest and the most secret art in the Philippines. In 1950¶s the Jacuzzi whirlpool. or inherited from their forefathers. On the other hand. was invented. most Filipinos are exposed to the curative methods of Hilots. founded in 1980. III. . the therapist identifies areas of energy imbalance in a client¶s body through touch diagnosis.The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. is a massage therapy school with locations in Newington. Wherever you visit in the Philippines. M. NC.1932 . or to which they are pumped or conducted. Sam Gould opened a small hair salon with the objective of creating salons that offered upscale ambiance. illness. a central fixture in many modern spas.In 1932. reflect. the Filipino healing art. Most Hilots in the Philippines are either teached from relatives. 1980 .. numerous new generation Hilot masters failed to document the origins. facts. Due to the fact that there is no written history of this healing art. the International Spa Association (ISPA) was founded for spa providers. Hilot apprenticeship is taken seriously by the young "hilot" to absorb as much of the knowledge as possible from her "Hilot Priestess.´1 The ISPA Foundation engaged itself with research into the education and benefits of the spa experience and explored spa types. Swiss Showers. clinical massage and spa massage. more Four hundred years later in the 1950s. Like other systems of natural health care. In applying hilot. It trains students in the fields of massage therapy. nationwide.According to the International Spa Association ISPA the number of spa visits per year increased 60 percent between 1997 and 2000 in America the number of spas also has increased In 1990 ISPA reported there were 1374 spas in the country by 2000.. discomfort. In 1991. and disease are the results of imbalance and disharmony. dates. carried by the Filipino Hilot. through hands-on practice.D. ISPA began to identify itself through the ³spa experience. relatives. 2002 . The healing art survives through family interaction. where the healing art was originated and who developed this effective and intriguing healing art. and several years later the ISPA Foundation was organized for the general purpose of spa research and public education. Connecticut as well as Charleston. revitalize and rejoice. and Vichy Showers. Westport and Groton. the basic concept of traditional Filipino healing is that health and wellness are maintained by balance and harmony. LOCAL HISTORY Hilot. followed by Hydrotherapy Tubs." Hilot records date back to the first civilization of the Philippines (approximately 5th century). There is no doubt that Hilot was practiced in the Philippines to varying degrees or levels. but now it is found in many parts of the world. superior customer service as well as. Jun 2. Sidney Licht. Due of the secrecy of this art. and are therefore used for therapeutic purposes. very rarely Hilot Masters teach this art in public.. Scotch Hoses. a founding president of the American Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology. and friends. passing the healing art from one generation to the next.´ defined as: ³Your time to relax. From here. lifestyles and culture.

Built in 1996 on a 2. The oil does not only lubricate the massage but it also keeps the manghihilot's hands warm. Singapore and Indonesia but was yet to be developed in the Philippines. Each of these branches has been designed by leading interior designers to create the look that is reminiscent of renowned international spas: Tropical theme in Alabang. this four-story health facility became one of the pioneering health facilities in the Philippines that offered a complete array of the following services: massage therapies. This only attests to the company's leading position in the health and wellness industry. Makati In the mid 1990's. This opening ritual also acknowledges and invokes the natural power of the natural surroundings. . (SAPI). 80 E. lot along Acropolis Green Subdivision. foot and body care treatments. Quezon City. Coconut oil is essential in all kinds of hilot massage to maintain warm hands. mind and spirit that The Spa was born. It is in the light of this high standard of excellence that The Spa has become an accredited member of the International Spa Association (ISPA) and the Spa Association of the Philippines. the person is usually warned not to bathe for approximately twenty four hours so the oils can absorb into the skin. Cosmopolitan Minimalist at The Fort and Safari at Trinoma. After a hilot session. Hagod. Haplos and Magagamot Famous Spas in the Philippines  The SPA. the company has evolved from a single branch in Acropolis to six more in Alabang. Moroccan theme in Bel-Air. Filipinos suddenly became more conscious of an alternative lifestyle that embodies the ideals of healing.At the beginning of the session (pre-hilot ritual) the manghihilot invokes Divine power to provide the energy for healing. Meaning: Hilot is a "Tagalog" word and means Ätouch with love and care. Oriental Thai theme in Greenbelt. facial. This type of lifestyle was already popular in other Asian countries. rejuvenation and fusion of body and spirit." There are much more other names used to refer to the Hilot healer like: "Manghihilot. Bel-Air. ultra-hip Gym Center located at the second floor with the latest gym equipment plus a room for aerobics. Then it summons the sick person¶s inherent self-healing powers to action. Manghahagod. It is the company's way of service and dedication in helping push the Philippines forward into the future. Minimalist Asian theme in Acropolis and Monastery in The Podium. Through the years. A modern. yoga and pilates classes completed the physical set-up.m. Libis. Inc. particularly Thailand. The Podium and one soon to open in The Fort. It is in this philosophy of bringing about a holistic well-being for the individual and providing for a place to heal the body. Greenbelt.400 sq. Our therapists and aestheticians are trained to provide the kind of treatment that each guest deserves. The Spa continues its commitment of bringing about this healthy and holistic lifestyle through its continuous research and development and expansion. Avenue. Rodriguez Jr.

foot spas etc. Nurture spa signature therapeutic oils are of the finest quality. the garden can accommodate up to 400 people. Mandala Spa & Villas. Tanglad Bistro offers an intimate setting for couples and features nonvegetarian and vegetarian options. MD. features a children's area as well as an outdoor spa area for head & shoulder massages. Nurture Spa (now renamed Nurture Spa Village) Tagaytay was established in 2002 and is an award winning Dept of Tourism accredited spa chain. allowing guests to discover the joy of eating "Healthy Comfort Food". Medical Director of the Institute of Natural Healing. prenuptial shoots. in cooperation with Dr. are trained for a minimum of 2 months to the highest standards by internationally licensed trainers. in accordance with global eco-friendly standards. fresh juices. Hardin ni Eba is an exquisite garden setting for romance: breathtaking weddings. Dr. Sam Dizon. Nurture Spa therapists. Mandala Spa has touched the life of many people and has grown from a four-villa Day Spa to a full fledged Wellness Resort and Destination Spa.  Nurture Spa. Nurture Spa's cuisine surprises and delights guests with its variety of dishes which are not only wonderfully tasty but a feast for the eyes as well. Nurture Spa Village offers its guests exquisite spa and wellness experiences in natural tropical settings in Tagaytay and Pampanga. offers its guests Joyful Health Programs: a full range of wellness programs. intimate and personalized wedding proposals. Mandala Spa and Villas is a sanctuary that provides leisure and health for body and soul. Excellent for teambuilding activities and other corporate events. Nurture Spa offers newly renovated modern deluxe overnight accommodations with a choice of forest view rooms or garden view rooms. prepared by Chef Jasper of Josiah's catering. hired from the local communities and selected on the basis of their healing attitude. designed for health enhancement. Boracay According in its website. in addition to the tried and tested Nurture Spa favorites. Proudly Filipino. Tan'aw Bar overlooks the swimming pool and garden and offers a delightful array of salads. The more adventurous guests can cocoon themselves in authentic hundred year old "ulogs" or native Igorot huts imported from the . Tagaytay One of the pioneers in the Philippine spa industry. sandwiches perfect for the barkada in an al fresco. disease prevention and sickness eradication. Our ideas and designs were trendsetting and recognized with many prestigious wellness awards. Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay. Sam Dizon has over 19 years of experience in Alternative and Complimentary Medicine and studied and trained in the United States. Each wellness destination boasts of a unique Nurture Spa treatment reflecting the indigenous customs and healing traditions of the region. perfect for families on a day out. created from age-old healing recipes that have been further perfected to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. The Salo Pavilion. Planned and designed with nature in mind. Dieter Schrottmann who is a Shiatsu healer and visionary. For those who wish to linger. informal setting. It was headed by a German national. pizza. the Mandala Spa and Villas established in Boracay since year 2001. Different choices of settings await guests who wish to sample Nurture Spa's delectable cuisine.

In 2006. a form of deeptissue massage using virgin coconut oil and performed by an authentic medicine man. Manila Whilst other spas in the Philippines try to copy Thailand. bars and karaoke clubs. Bencab. locker rooms. It is truly an urban escape that prides itself of its heritage and culture. It was also nominated for the Baccarat Awards of Asia Spa for Best Spa Treatment in 2005. South Triangle Quezon City. an Indian massage room and an outdoor villa with private massage rooms. Nurture Spa Village packages offer a choice of Pampering. Romance and Well-being and range from half day to longer staying packages which include food. What makes this wet area different from the rest is that it is unisex and clothing optional. Jomar Fleras. 1 Spa in the Philippines by the Consumers Choice Awards. coffee. and café and massage rooms. Manila. The house is decorated with antique furniture and a cornucopia of tribal idols and Asian decors. therapies and concoctions handed down from generations. nuts and vegetables are used in body scrubs. Sanctuario Spa was chosen as Asia¶s Most Innovative Spa by the Global . With spa and wellness therapies inspired by Asian and Filipino healing traditions. body wraps. owner of Sanctuario Spa has consciously established Sanctuario in 2004 to showcase Filipino healing traditions in a spa setting. Organic herbs. Its signature treatment is the Filipino traditional hilot. The spa is like an oasis that pleasantly stands out amongst rows and rows of cafes. The back garden has an outdoor swimming pool and two Jacuzzis. fruits. Nurture Spa Village was created to provide its guests with the Nurture Spa Experience: a blissful combination of healing and pampering at its best. spa and wellness treatments and accommodations.  Sanctuario Spa. Sanctuario Spa was voted as No. in the bohemian district of Malate. An ancestral colonial-style mansion built in the 1940s was restored and converted into a spa. In 2005.World Heritage Site Banaue Rice Terraces for a one of a kind overnight Filipino experience. Indonesia and Japan. Sanctuario Spa uses indigenous Filipino as well as oriental treatment. facials and herbal bath treatments. There are also concept rooms such as a Turkish hammam scrub room. Linens are made of hand woven Abel iloko fabrics. The main house includes a full service salon. we offer a selection of wellness celebrations using techniques perfected by healers and healing sciences throughout the world. throughout time. The front garden has overgrown trees and vines that instantly create a provincial tropical feel. To complete the wet floor is a dry sauna and a steam room. Luz and Joya. At Nurture Spa Village. On the walls are works of art by such Filipino national artists as Manansala. Sanctuario Spa is proudly pinoy. Sanctuario Spa is a founding member of the Spa Association of the Philippines and is accredited by the Department of Tourism. native chocolate. Sanctuario Spa¶s main branch is cocooned at 1829 Jorge Bocobo Street. Another branch is located at 30 Esguerra Street. There is also a wide collection of antique lithographs showing the life in old Manila.

That same year. but important. (Notice. The range of spa services includes: ‡ Skin care and beauty ‡ Prevention and wellness ‡ Fitness and exercise ‡ Assessments and evaluations . massage. This small.´ Tools. Spa principles include traditions.Excellence Awards. IV. techniques and technologies are human constructs. through a plan for a person. earth. sciences.´ In fewer words. low fat and various balanced diets ‡ Meditation. with processes. arts. air. Spa procedures include numerous methods. procedures. regulative therapies and lifestyle patterns 3. including agents. A few examples: ‡ Contrast foot baths and herbal half baths ‡ Swedish massage and reflexology ‡ Herbal teas and juices ‡ Mineral waters. Jomar Fleras was nominated as Spa Personality of the Year by Asia Spa Magazine. beauty. temperatures. applications and treatments: ‡ Hydrotherapy. thermometers and hands) utilizing nature¶s primal elements: Water. nature. QUALITY CONTROL / PROCESS Integrated Processes Fundamentally. Spa services are wide in range and type and can span from simple skin care applications all the way to major restorative therapies for chronic illness. knowledge and understanding within the basic fields and systems of spa services. over a period of time/space and energy of nature. 1. point will take on clarity as we proceed. crenotherapy (drinking water therapy) ‡ Kinesotherapy. protocols and modus operandi required for the systematic administration and skillful application of the spa principles. yoga or walking the labyrinth 4. physiological and psychological processes. In a few words: Spa is integrated and regulated processes of time. In 2007. I am not including the word ³technology. is created and constructed by the Earth. activities. harmony and wholeness of nature. prayer. Fleras was given a Presidential Award as Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year by President Gloria Arroyo. spa is a place with a purpose. balneotherapy (bath therapy). bodywork and movement therapy ‡ Phytotherapy (herbs and plant therapy) and herbal formulations ‡ Nutrition ‡ Mind/body meditation. wellness and social well-being through a specific plan for a person by using physical. Spa agents include nature¶s primary elements and resources: ‡ Water and flow ‡ Air and breath ‡ Earth and minerals ‡ Fire/heat and light ‡ Ether/energy and electricity 2. a spa is an eco-socio-cultural learning community and civil institution that attempts to bring together and truthfully integrate all the dynamic dimensions of time and space. services and time/space and energy of nature. temperature and touch (clocks. Sanctuario Spa was nominated for Spa for Men of the Year and its CEO. modalities. universe and cosmos. on the other hand.) A spa is a place with the purpose of facilitating whole human healthcare. touch and therapeutic treatments within a supporting context of goodness. fire and ³ether. principles.

saunas and Jacuzzi¶s. Destination Spa . Holistic Spa . put your feet up and do not worry about the stresses and strains of the world just sit back and relax while you take a trip to heaven. Rehab Spas ± Rehab spas are a great place to go to help you with things such as stress and addictions. most places usually have professional doctors and nurses that can perform treatments such as acupuncture.In Holistic Spa Spas focus is aimed at nutrition and healing methods which mainly include vegetarian or macrobiotic holistic healing methods. chiropody and more. you are bound to get better within no time Stay spa ±the best spa out of them all because of the fact that no matter how long you are due to stay. Wellness Spa ± A wellness spa consists of professionals teaching you how to have a better and healthier lifestyle. .Provided as a facility at the airport.‡ Clinical and therapeutic treatments ‡ Rehabilitation and restorative management Types of Spas Health Spas ± these sorts of spas are places you go to get the ultimate relaxation. Sports Spa .Cruise ship spa is provided aboard a cruise ship. Some people go to a day spa for manicures and pedicures. providing you with mind and body fitness. rather gives you a chance to lose yourself in a new beautiful world. Cruise Ship Spa . thermal or seawater for providing hydrotherapy treatments to the spa users. Airport Spa . you can get a massage and facial. Day Spa . where no troubles and tensions are allowed to chase you. It is something that people can indulge into everyday.A day spa offers spa treatments on one-day basis. along with making you indulge in healthy eating and ensure complete relaxation. it encompasses fitness and wellness components and spa cuisine menu choices. It's not a one-day experience. they will also advice on how to avoid diseases and illnesses Medical Spa ± This is somewhere you would go when you have had an accident or injury. Some of the most common treatments are 15-minute chair massage and oxygen therapy. while others prefer it for facials and body massages. With high professional nurses treating you.Destination spa is designed in a manner to rejuvenate you at all levels. a mineral spring¶s spa makes use of natural mineral. they will teach you how to control your mind and body with techniques such as yoga. you will also be able to take advantage of all the offered activities such as swimming. Mineral Springs Spa . for two to three nights.As the name suggests. you will always be pampered for the duration. an airport spa is aimed at providing short treatments to the travelers.In sports spa therapeutic baths and body treatment are offered along with sports and outdoor adventure programs which include anything ranging from golf to fly-fishing to skiing to marathon conditioning. Apart from the typical spa treatments.

 Aroma therapy . you can inhale them. relieving tension.Manipulation of tissues. or energized. and salt glow are among the techniques used in conjunction with ingredients including grape seed. usually manually. and improving circulation. but your spa treatment could include a combination of ingredients to exfoliate your skin.a combination of salon & spa. Dry brush.Ayurvedic spa . Exfoliating not only removes the dead layer of skin. it also boosts your circulation. and moisturizing. hotels. y y y Body Treatments y Body Scrub . to improve health and well-being by relaxing muscles. Two commonly used products to exfoliate are sugar and salt.Exfoliation is essential for glowing skin.A spa owned by and located within a resort or hotel providing professionally administered spa services.Aromatherapy describes treatments that use essential oils to make you feel calm. exfoliating. steaming. Dental spa ± A facility under the supervision of a licensed dentist that combines traditional dental treatment with the services of a spa. fitness and wellness components and spa cuisine menu choices. sugar. bathe in them or be massaged in them.Procedure to slough top layer of dead skin cells off the face or body. A body scrub gives you a complete body exfoliation using a multitude of different ingredients. Skin exfoliation . Body Wrap . clay. Waxing/hair removal ± application of hot wax to the skin and then press a cloth strip into the wax. or wherever you are.Treatment in which strips of cloth are soaked in herbal teas and cocooned around the body. Club spa . and salt. Spa Treatments Face/Beauty Treatments y Facial .A spa which provides services at home.A facility whose primary purpose is fitness and which offers a variety of professionally administered spa services on a day-use basis. cleansing. relaxed. Salon Spa . Aromatherapy oils work with your sense of smell. Mobile spa . Resort/hotel spa .A spa in which all treatments and products are natural and it's often used as alternative medicine. toning.Generic term for treatment of skin in the face that usually includes massaging. Manicure & Pedicure ± a procedure done in nails of hands and nails of toes. Massage . loofah scrub. y y . They then quickly pull off the strip along with the hairs captured by the wax.

Relaxing.  Thai Massage . ease muscular and joint pain. deep-tissue.Treatment using water therapeutically to aid relaxation in a variety of procedures such as underwater jet massage. stretching and kneading the muscle and Zhi Ya ( ) which focuses on pinching and pressing at acupressure points.Hydromassage is a water-based spa treatment which uses high pressure jets of water to massage your skin and stimulate your circulation. and the water used will be hotter. smooth stones heated in hot water or hot spring pools are placed or stroked with light pressure on areas of the body such as the back. holistic treatment that combines acupressure. different types of showers.  Balinese Massage . and improve flexibility.  Hydro massage . Thalassotherapy. Cold stones may also be used.Ancient Chinese technique that uses pressure-point massage. In combination with refreshing cold showers.Traditional Chinese healing technique based on Taoist philosophy.  Traditional Chinese Massage . reflexology. ease muscle aches and tension. therapeutic treatment in which dark.  Swedish massage .  Shiatsu . to restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body. stretching and aromatherapy to stimulate circulation.A Balinese massage is a full-body. using seawater for hydrotherapy. has long been a staple in European spas. and bring a sense of wellbeing. or pinpoint massage (acupressure). A hydromassage is much more powerful than a Jacuzzi or a whirlpool bath. and between the toes. relieve tension. a full-body treatment that involves passive. It can be administered by using needles.  Acupuncture . Reflexology .Traditionally done on the floor.Two types of traditional Chinese massage exist Tui na ( ) which focuses on pushing. Bathes  Hydro therapy . calm and deep relaxation.Bathing process that consists of periods of perspiring in the heat and steam created by throwing water on heated stones. with client dressed in loose clothing. usually on the feet (but also on the hands and ears). sauna therapy is said to enhance the body's immune system and relieve stress. Meant for relaxation and to improve circulation. in the palms. low-voltage electric current (electro acupuncture). and mineral baths. .  Sauna . yoga-like stretching and pressure-point massage along the body's major energy channels to release blocked energy.Classical European massage technique of manipulating muscles with the use of massage oils.Massage technique developed in Japan in which therapist applies pressure to specific points in the body to simulate and unblock "meridians" (pathways through which energy is said to flow). This is a treatment rather than an experience. and increase awareness and tranquility.  Hot Stone Massage .

Any sustained rhythmic exercise (such as brisk walking. Gym can also refer to a physical education course or a metal frame support used in outdoor play equipment. Balneotherapy (treatment of illness by bath) is good for circulatory. Meditation . cultivating compassion. A good spa massages help to calm down the nervous system and promote a sense of well being and relaxation. Dance Classes ± classes wherein dance instructor teaches dance lessons. normalize dysfunctions and prevent illness. Massage delivers nutrients to the cell. The physical practice of yoga involves performing postures (asanas) and using controlled breathing and meditation to stretch and tone the body and improve circulation. GOOD BENEFITS AND BAD EFFECTS GOOD BENEFITS: 1.Practice of using mental skills to perform such feats as focusing attention on a single object for a long period of time. Gym ± Gym is a shortened form of gymnasium and refers to facilities intended for indoor sports or exercise. body tissues will not have enough oxygen and energy to perform routine functions. gynecological and skin diseases 8. good circulations can prevent a lot of conditions as well as treat conditions that are present. Spa massage improves the circulation in the body. 2. . and creating a state of pure awareness of thoughts. Meditation is said to increase emotional well-being and is being studied for alleged benefits to physical health. musculo-skeletal. running. y y y y V. 4. diabetes. 10. 7. menstrual disorders and so on. constipation.Wellness Treatment y Yoga ± Ancient art and philosophy that involves both mind and body and is aimed at selfdevelopment and self-realization. Massage helps to reduce anxiety and tension 3. nervous. 6. it has been seen to be very effective against muscle pains and even other forms of pain. or dance) that uses the large muscle groups of the body and increases the heart rate from 50 to 90 percent of its maximum. such as arthralgia. which involves the transforming of negative events. chronic skin diseases. Aerobics . Hydrotherapic baths are known for their healing powers for rheumatic. emotions. A spa massage therapy can be used to treat pain. It helps the emotional. pains and diseases. and sensations without reacting. mental and physical well being 5. People believe that a good soak in hot springs heal aches. It treats illnesses. Therefore. Hot springs therapy maintains health. When the circulation is not right. gynecologic and circulatory problems. 9. Many people have found relief after a good treatment and.

8. The Naegleria fowleri amoeba which lives in warm waters and soils worldwide and can cause meningitis. The muscles are toned with a youthful and glowing complexion.11. Reducing weight and weight-related problems 22. which may lead to residual pain. as the clot can become loosened and move through your body. 3. It improves the removal of metabolic wastes and toxins from the body. Acanthamoeba. balances acid-alkaline levels in the body. blood circulation is improved. 7. clients will discover that their mental faculties are left at ease reducing any stress that might be present. Reduce the effects of ageing. lowers the cholesterol levels. reduces aches and pains of the muscles and joints. depending on the severity of the injury. Athlete¶s foot fungal infection. Who could forget the headlines that nearly wiped out the cruise ship industry: Hundreds of people stricken with Legionnaires' disease. or blood clotting. Eye and upper-respiratory symptoms are the most common side effects from chlorine. It increases the metabolic rate. according to the U. bacteria. boosts immunity. 15. Several deaths have been attributed to this amoeba. Detoxifying our body 21. Toning and nourishing the skin. 4. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 5. They do the same thing to human mucosal and skin tissues. 17. improves the flow of lymph. Reducing insomnia. Stress can prove to be a killer and through a good treatment. Enhancing spiritual awareness. Legionella bacteria. Check with the therapist to make sure she uses hypoallergenic oil. Therapists can irritate nerves or damage muscle tissue. a common anti-bacterial agent. Many massage therapists use aromatherapy for relaxation. 16. molds. This works really great. While many therapists use scented candles and oils. 11. 19. yeasts and other microorganisms. 18. 9. causing pain that can last for a few hours or days following the massage. enhances the mood and improves the digestive system. 14. 20. a potentially deadly pneumonia traced to a heated spa whirlpool bath located aboard a luxury cruise ship. 13. Improving flexibility of our body. all indicating that communal pools. Spa chemicals typically cause an oxidative reaction that disrupts the cell walls of algae. . medical literature has been teeming with studies on similar situations. It enhances the oxygenation of the extremities and joints. 12. 10. It normalizes the blood pressure levels. some apply scented massage oil during the massage. which can also spread through hot springs. which have been documented to spread through hot springs 6. Shiatsu and deep-tissue massage use pressure to relieve pain and tension. which enters the brain through the nasal passages. and other water-related spa treatments hold not only the potential to transmit this germ. you may be at particular risk. enhancing the power to burn calories quickly and promotes weight loss. Another great benefit of a spa massage treatment is the fact that it reduces fatigue and deals with stress. Over chlorination and the use of certain chemicals like sodium persulfate can also dry and irritate the skin. saunas. If you are susceptible to deep vein thrombosis. Since that time. 2.S. Theses oils may cause an allergic reaction. but a host of equally threatening organisms. stress and fatigue BAD EFFECTS 1.

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