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My weather project:

Weather records:
January 4th 2008

Highest temperature:

The week's hottest temperature was 112.8 degrees Fahrenheit

(44.9 degrees Celsius) at Mount Burr, South Australia.

Lowest temperature:
The week's coldest temperature was minus 67.4 degrees Fahrenheit
(minus 55.1 degrees Celsius) at Russia's Siberian outpost of

Spreading plague threatens frogs and


A group of scientists warned that the largest mass

extinction since the end of the dinosaur period is
sweeping through the world’s populations of frogs,
newts, toads, salamanders and caecilians.

January 11th 2008:

Record January warmth triggered a swarm of about 40 tornadoes across

the American Midwest, where at least three people were killed by one twister that
flattened homes in Missouri.
The sun appears to have begun a new 11-year cycle of activity with the
early appearance of a new sunspot causing concern that some of the most
powerful solar storms in decades could arrive in the next few years.

Downpours from the wettest December on record in Zimbabwe and other

southern African countries have unleashed flash floods that have displaced
thousands of people, swept away livestock and destroyed crops in recent weeks.

January 18th 2008:

A stork has begun its earliest northward spring migration since it was
fitted with a satellite tracking device in 1999.
United States: December 14
Humans evolving more quickly

A new study released by U.S. researchers

reveals that far from slowing down, human
evolution has sped up during the past 40,000
years, becoming 100 times faster in the past
5,000 years alone.

China: December 21
Deep well may reveal earthquake warnings

Scientists in China say a new 3-mile-deep well drilled for research in

Jiangsu province may allow the country to someday predict earthquakes.