OS*" ,A~:Ii I n-depth Look at 1E3

1 [) .. The Orig'~n a I p~ aysrntionl; An AM d iophil e's


1 ~ *" Birth of 1E3

1 2 t+ ad e to I n novatio n: five Years of the

N'~ ~ten do DS

1.5 *" Megamam History

1 '9 • SW'M, IH O~ GHTS ON 1E3 (0 N FER lEN CES~,


30 .. Mod natio n Ra rers (P.s3)

2'9 *" Meg a m a~:Ii Z,e ro (0 I ~eoo'o n ,DS]

2,s .. Megamam X (ol~edli'o~ [PS2, Gamecube, W~O

3.2, * ,Amimal-mothe(s Re~lro & Qu~'(k~e ~ev~'e'w

26 *' Sigma lrIa rmonics (DS)


03 .' R.e~ ease W~ rl1 d ow/lettew- to me Editor 09 *"Comi:c

1 -4 • Mod Ti P of the Mu rTht~.

08 *' We~ (Dime to .sWM Video

04 *' H ottest Topic of the M 0 m~ ht/SW ~eport :0- __ ', 0 l .. Blast from tine Past

24 .. Crackdown ,2, lrn pressio ns

02 * Meet ~ h e Crew'

SYSfEM,WARS MONrHILY' J U N E 2:f}10 . ames ot.co m



LelE! ndofN erd Shadow789

lbam I~BI,,-, JaJidu n

brl',a nfmcl dalr"kspllnE!s~lalY'er ,

1di~1If~ ma,g1c1:mdUl!l. mU91~hn'illt,

F,abz_'95 k_smroo''III'E!!


S.k)frttles_Mclee ,Stevc,_ thre_ga Inner

SWM wil aa::I!pt cement fRIm ;any

• Garmespat pa-5lef"who ''''========~~. w-ants 'to. ,EDIItribute if

it:"s of good qualityi!

ThUriI de'rd ron! , 05


E3 .• I ~'IIe heaire irr~: des'crl'bed as the ,Ia mien chi rrstmas In J1U.lwn e~, and whllille Its come a Iild S:OInl e b, mn!il', 'we ~e I!'e it Sys.tem 'Wars

M o!nthll, eou Idwn1t hi @I P but ,Be't calUlBhllt up i~1ni tJ~e me l!iI1ili@lnil[ just 1111'ke you whiU,e mesato I1'1lS dropped [III ke' d~ocolate r,ail n, B~a c~ at '~hI e batca!¥e we we ~e d ~oO'IIIl'bI rlsh~: a IO'wnl wltJ~ you a nd di~SlCUlS;S-E'd '~Ihi e b[llow by' billow ICDw!rale to dl':ssed: JllUlH for' YOlil the 'Ina I aln:S,W@1f as to ~ylho too~ tJ~e sbow, ,All tJhat lookl fll towaln~ tJhe' futu ~e dl'd 1nl1t rna ke' us $0 ~Ie~: i bO'liIrt the prs!s-E'nt, an d eve I11i the pas~: hoW\eV\er~, with re,yt'ews, on '~hl e 18 mss 'yo!1!J can:! a bout II ke' Mod niti10n Ralc@lfs,,,, Mega man Zero C'ollecticm an d m,a ny' mere, [Does thms

sou nd IllIee ,SlO lilietJ~I'ns: 'CU wou Id 1111'ke to be a pia rt ,ofl W'e' 'wolilld liJVie to see' 'w1~a~: 'OIUl ,cain do" an d so I oiffe'r up tJhe' In bO}!;: of Fa bl, to ,S@11'll d ln 8 pi~eoe 10 Iil .Just ,Ei bO'uill: a nythilli1(lla ml'ng or S,W' reillaf~edl" NI ow talke ,a seat 'w\~ne '~~@ es~e emed '$00'1,5 at ,System 'W',a rs

M o'nthlliy missale elos", b ~eak s,pl'rlts, ,iiwn d drop' a deuce i IIII O've Il" :5 kl'trltl'es I

iH IS ~[S.,., ,SYSTEM WARS MO NiH t, yrn

ArmAII: Ope ration Arrowhea d

Sn i pe r: Ghost 'Wa rrl or

Crackdown 2

Shin Megami Teasel: Persona 3 P

Tournament of Legends

Disciples III: Renaissance

Dragon Quest I X

N eM, Football 11


Arc Rise Fa ntasi a

TrackMania Wii

DarkStar One: Broken Alli'ance

Sta rc raft II: Wi ngs of Libe rty

Clas h of th e Tita ns

BI a lBI ue: Contm u u m Shift

ArmAII: Ope ration Arrowhea d

Ma rines Modern U rha n Co rnbat

City of Heroes Go i ng Rogue

r~ -


sesston, w~th caritliEg~)rT:iEis such O'IJ.iE:ra~11 G'amliE: ef the Showl 18l1eis"t iCoI11iSiOle Galmel Best '~rCIJph ics, and s wholle sllev.r o "If' ,oUller alw,ards. B .2®10 'its, :5ched !1.Jlled to be from ~ Uni,e' 14 to Ju lIIJe 1]' at it's ,or~ginaJl venuiE:, [los ,Alng:eles iOJnV1iE,n-, tlron Cenil:r'iE'.

K' ,,",,' rnowlili Iby'many,asIE3.~ lhe

..•..•.•••... ~~~r;:~~ :j~:~~=:nt

,s!h ow' '"If,"or the computer end 'V\Tdeo g,a ~l'IiE~·jj. ~'l11idlU.strv I~m=isented by the IEntertClJiln ment ,s,oftware ,AssoQTati'o:rn (IESAl rnt is used p:rimalri~y' b¥' 'V\Tdeo ~alme Oev.e,lf-, o]p;e:lT's ito showcase their 1!I pcominig: §a mles, C1Ji'lid game-rliE,llated hardware. Wid,e,l, lre,garde;dl atS, the IbTgges,t expo iln the 'V\Tldleo ,game '~nd lillS,tU"f~' [3 is a I11i evelnt thalt 'i15, packed WlTth le:lflJit,e:niainment and nlLl merous surprtses,

IE3 'wats, ~'I11iV\Ttalti on-on I:¥' ln 2®®1' allllJd :20m31 red m:iln:g: 'the lIIJumlber of ,attelrndees from ifi'iJ,®OO at IE3. ,A, se'pafate co:rnference IklllJoWirn as IEntel1:aiiln Illfllent fer An was ereated to a eeornmedate tlhe: pu blic: demand 'for ,a hugel an lfIiuaJl

" -If II,. r' "lit Ib,", ,., IF!i lit

,gamlllllJ,g evefll!l~: I~awevel II-Ulill::±il~"

bee n a ble ito repllicaJte 1E3.~s ,S/!l.I1c,..' cess.

Vid,eo ,game oompanTiEi5 tend tlo ,spend more on therr plFe.s.elnita~'OIfli.S, for 1E3 more tha Iil any other OOIi1iVelntions (incllud ~ng 'ffincy decorations alnd pvnJteonn~'lcs). M ajor 'Ii~deo g;aJme ori~t:s often Ih ave al IlBest of IE311 awerd

~DSA or'ilgJlIIJalny asked [lES for a pl11Tv,ate mle;e:tiln;g: space for 'Ii~deo game developers, b li.lIt was told th at tlhey' could lfIiOt II~mit 'the aecess to on liv ~'IfIr\fited r,e_gisIJrants. Patrick: lFeniE,1111 (lEO of ~ IDGI,s Iinfotalinm,e:lfloc Wo:rlld had sent hilS, 'Ill> Mark,e:tiilng: to tlhe: meetin~ and sfter Illfl !!.I1ch deliihe:rn-' tion,~ tme m;i3inag,le~me~lfIrit team at Iinfotalinm,e:lfbt Wo:rlld alnll1lounoed Ullalt IE'], woulld ta ke place, tIJ eedilng: to iiliSUlre the sUIPpolrt o"lf'true '~ndI1JlS,trvl Ferrelli then i'tiliE;gutiaIted a psrtnersh ip b~e,e:1IIJ ~ IDG and the I ID"SA.r wmo th,e:1IIJ co-prod Ii.I1ced the show 'for a lfIi!I.Jlmlber of yeaIT's.

lhe evelnt ran from May 11 tho IlJJgru Ma¥' 13~, 1.9i95 iln Los Angeies" lKey~' 1IIJ0te spea kers '~nduded Se,ga of Amle~l11i'ca Illnc. plresTf-' dent and [lEO Thomes

I!.':a Ilinske~ ,Sony Publlismifll~: ('om pall11iY pre.sii'd ent D~artf Olafs::5o:n; alrnd N~'lIIJitle:lflido crua'~rrn a IIIi !HI oW;iud Il.iln Dolin. Th e first: shaw was olllJe of the lalrng:est show !alundh es '~n hilS,tn.rYJ Wli'tJh over ,].2 mill~'on feet of show .s:pac:e and o!!i.l'er ,8®,~OnO people ~'Iil a1itenda IIIJce.

~r&S8n18 III:


Santa Mon~',ca area, W1Tth'~n wall kifll~ dTlS,ta IIIJce o"lf' eadh otmer. Th e l8larker lHJan§a r WGiS used fer sh owcals~'IIIJ,g: so1filtwalr,e:.

5 how· Floor'

.... ~. hle 2®OI' shaw 'WEtS, housed '~n suites an d meet]lfI~ rooms iln IlliUm'iE'ro!l.l1S hlotels Dn tjh e

Whelr'] held in ~jJ.s. Ali'l\gliE'lle..s~, tlh,e: .slho'!,I'IJ' 'WEtS, ,e,xhibuted over 'five halllls::: lKelntlia,~ So!UtJh lHIalllll [Oln'Otll!llrse: Hall II an dl the W' """'-If'!HI"' III [!];"" ""'*"1 h

a . [. I.' i: ... "::-'::'111, Ell. IIJ.'U-!.,jll

space 'W!3tS, pUlrchaSiiE: ah ead of '~'me by lPubllTtsJhl,e:lT's. So:mle~ pulblis~er.5~ iln tu rl11i,~ spelr']t mUlu'orns o"lf' do IllallT's clreartiing elabcrate d~'spllays sndstruetu Ires ito accomIllfl odate the prornene IIIJ of th elr b~'gger tritll,es.

Whijll,e: E3 w,as be;~ng IIIJO~'SV and bLJ.s,y, sound

... , Ileveis ar'iE: l11io['wlhatthev once were';: iln reoe:lfbt yealfs 1[.210®5120m~)~ pu bl~'shers such as IEleotronij',c Arts hlav'e k,ejpt tlhe\~r sound dOWirn comlpared to 'years, directl, before, At one pO~'Iilt.r soun d II,ellJels would ftl!lduaIite as exlh~bito:rs raised 'the volllU me ito competie: with ililiE~rby stands,

S!h OlJtJlng: was common art some stands, ME~~lnwhill,eJ. iln ,2.!0061' 'whelr;) ,alteln dance 'Wals, dOWirn to 10,,000, accord ifllg to 'the organ~'zer.s~, it 'walS. a plla IfIIned mOIlJliE; as industJry ,aGoredTrtaritiioln w,as ,stJnTIJIj,g,e'li'JJtliv m,e;dked.

m'ffer,e:llloc booths woulld aliSio in\l!~te celebriilti'es O!(fle:1f for si(glfl}-, ings fur th,e;~1f sp'e;di'f~c ,glam,e's. lin 2®®4!w ,AcbvisiO:r:l brc IlJ\g:mJt Sita ITh [Lee a nd ronv Hawk to promote ,X-M,ein le,g'eln ds an d Tony lHIaw1kl_s, u IIIlder,'gIf,oundl 2 respee'ttHvely whill,e: Vif\llEndi IUnTfIiler.si8J1

Gia Iilil es IblfmJght Viln O~',e'sel to

pro mote h~'s rli,ew game The

Oh ron~'dle.s, of Ridd ~ck:: Escape 'kom 18i,l!.Iltdher l8iaJy~ a p:reqll.l1el to tmle sUlmmer 211M fill m. celebn'itiie.s, were genelrflilly onl:v' awilalble 'k~r al few' hours, so I ~ne'waTJtili'l\g w,as s ,g,e:lTher,a II prs cti,ce at IE3.

lhe exJterlflial1 alpparaJtll.J\jj, that con neets the ibnggEr hans ~'s the Conco Il.I1rse Halll and su bseque:lIIJtliv~, the 'W,e'st Hall II ,a nd .south lHlalllll,oblh~es,,, The ~,oblh~es, 'were used 'ff;or re,glTstrailti'olTh, p~'dkirng u p badges and] badge holldelrs., cmd other generBI irnformaJti on. Bag: slimd.s, and the dailly ma~at~ne were arvaillablle in the lobbies, lhe lobb~',e's were

a Ilso tmle ,s{gln atulfe ~I;[IjS:5 structlJre.s, of 'the ~c'c ami 'were malssive si:lfll.l1ciulre5.

The COIn!SO ulr.se Halll genelrflilly 'feaiitl;J]red four booths and a few medTIa outlets, as well as th e Iinto the P~'):iiE;11 ,g::am,e: art e~h~'bituo n 'thalt started at IE3 2004. The Conco Il.Jlrse Halll was gene:rnillv' used as a Ilnnlk between Ihoith

lobbies ,a IThd featu Ifed ,a windi(~'w' displarV wTltml al beauttTru I 'Vtl',ew of dowlflitown Los, An1\ge~,e's.

Asia. N interlid 0 ai'lld SOlin/Is bootlh a If,e' lTho~nmallly' loeated b, '11k", D "'.II,.. IIW' """.!I- LlI ,"' II 110 ~uere. ril'e: ndJYlli'll' "e',j;iL rila

was ,a Ilso normailliv 'temp,or,a IfnV home to private mes'sag,e:

lhe lar:g:e5t slh~p of the lACi( ami trlJe lalrgest space Iby' defau It.

M iercsoft a IThd malnv' of the lal~:est We.s.tern d eveloper.s, from ~orth ,Am,eJii'ea arlid Euroipe: gene:lfalilly' founf their homes here.

rooms. Th e moms. were used by TV stuld~'os~, or llalrge tgi!llmilng: m,edial olUtJi,e:ts 51!J eml as Ei'a me·Spot, ]. ILl P",COIm.r GameSpy and ~'G ~ .

Malny' 'websKe.s. and bllo,gs mlav-e al h~'st,ory of plfoVlTd irn~ ,e:li'JJt,e:lllis~'ve cOllJlelfage off' B, wTrtm U've webcalstS., ,g.am,e: previews, galme medta and blog: ellTtJries cov.e:If'~li'I\g popular [plres,s. ,e:vents,,, Som,e: of the:

Iilil ore pop III 1113 If sites. '~ndrude, but alre not Ilimited to GameSpot:~ IGINl" ____ .. ScrewAttadk,

KotakUl~, 1UIP"Ic:om~ GamesiRadar, Galmel'ra~l:e:rrs,~ VG[:harU, and Giant Bomb,

lme ,Sie{;1JnO smallest a nd smal~~es,tt' .ship If,e'speotilvelly. fih e RM N Petr,e;e: was the iln deifnfllite home to ,Alta mT a nd M~'drw,a¥m,s massfive bOOUllS,,, The Im:MNI K,eintia was genelfallll¥, used by smaller' o,evelop ers 'who could not afford tlhe: heiftv 'ff,'e;es off' har1jjljTn1\g booth Ipllarli,e:ts:~del", As a lfesullt:, the leok of the ffitM N Kelntlia at E3 was ,s'~millar to 'that off' ,a bazaar.

lb, R' Pi;;iII M D,W' """,-If, lUI", IIIII 'w""" 1U,,,,,,,,.,;r IfUe "U!i!UU'll ", 'd,1l flIllii . .'1liI~ . ~'i::1IJI

by the: bigg,eist plU blishers from

. rJt-.", ~r- lEt

'\_ r--. . ._1

f" ' . -

.... . . ....:... l

". . . ....

< >-.~

On site, 'the ,eve nit is cOV1e:lred by projfes.s~·onal~ ~'oulma~Tls.tt5, from areu nd th e wOlrld. Proof off' clf,e;dlentiia Ils, are verirued befere the eve:nt or on-'site. Or.g'~nailly B, was

all most elntilre~v' domilrnated by lpinnt' rned i!1a jeu rllliallists, the event e!(fle:lIIJtll.Jla Illy eame to indll!Jlde ~enelrfll~ and speoTall~'st TV cr,ews.~ new,s;pa pelF' ]'ollJrillal~'st5" websiit,e:

- "",''' II-Ief..-' '" nd 11I\:[:""'lI'Iisi!l-eD

jOru If If~1iiI .;!'l.::J. ,liiIlf~.': II ",III' u .liL .

jou Ifna Ilists. ~arliy off" tJh ose '~n aitiltendanDe: carne wTrth eonsemer-level d i\g)i'tal vid,eo allllid photogJrfllplh calm eras,

On behalff' of tlh,e: organi2)e:rrs,~ lFutu Ire P!1JblnlSlh~n~ IfIiOW pub Ilismlers 'the, fr,e;e:

O'fficial,dla'~ly magaziln e,

lTha med ~'1i'IJ 2®06 as lhe 200-5 Official Show Dai~v'. Pr,ellJioustV publlished Ib¥' Ziff lIlarVli's un der "S!HI OW III Aill LY II l' the magaLi~lIIle provide's lfIiewS~, and ma ps, ,of nne show floor,

rrad~·tionallly., Imany' off" the media outlets give OIlJt" Best of E3 a1walrds in \!',a nous ,categories,,, GiJmmolTh categorie.s, '~ndudle l3,e'st off' Show, Best Traliler:~ Best Or~g,'~nall Gaime, Best P'S3 Game~, ~ est :KBox, 360 GaJme~, He'st Actiorli 'Game:!, Best Hardwalre, etc. Of 'the awards, nne most pr,e'smgjollJs is the laest ,of Show of the Ei'am,e: ![fraes, Awards.

Ei4 has a~'If,e;dllive CO!(fleirage off" E3 zoos, 2006,,,, 2:®0],~, ,2.008 and ,2.!009 DD!!Jering

th If,e;e: horu rrs a daly over ,4 days '~n the we;e:k. off'the e\rent

Aifli ep ilsode off'lhe Showbiz Shml'lJ 'ff,'e~turecl AlThorew Daliy getilting U've Dwerage from E3",

On AllJ\g)lJlst" 8.~ ,2.\0®61, Ei'elfli GiJrn an mm need that it" 'wo ILI1ld be e'xpaIIThO~'III\g lts ea ming exh~'bTIt5 'to ~'lfIidl!ld e VlTd eo ~a Iililles,,, Th e company also started tlhat it wcmld inorealS.e' venue: .space arit its. Illd~'ai'llalPnIlis 'DOnv.e:lIIJti on aln d lrelocate TIt5 ,AJn.I!lhe'~m cOlIIJverliticm to the Los An,gelles, C'o:n\l!Enilti'olfli C'ernter. lHowe\l!er~ on j a 1fIi1lJary.2.6, ,200'1, '!;J]eln iCon

alli'jjl'llilJiUflI'Ged that '~t wOlIJlld be

ea m:elilng: lts Alliahie~'m sh ow:, Gen COfll :So ['ail. lhie COIm pa IfIry cited a lack of growth ~'Ii'jj attendance and an ~'In cr,erase illi cornpetting s~ows.

lin JClJI1IU airY .5, :ZOO], mDEi' i3lli'jjlliiiJUIli,ced that the: IESA, had endorsed ,a consumer -onerrted ,SlIJl ceessor ito IE] called Emitelltail'llment '1[;or ,Alii or IE for AU ,[whidh replaces tJhe: Ei'alm,e'Pro IExpo name], The eXlpo took pl1a,oe: frorn Odobe;r 18 through October 201, 200] at 'the ws, Alfl\g:e1l,e'5 Conv1entiolli ['enter to allow pCIJrti,c'~pi3rtiilfli,g compan ie.s, to .s-e~ll thieir lholid ay releases t,o thie i3IUe:li'jjdees. The ,expo !Chia rged an entra IfIjce 'fee of lJlS[] $50 to suo, but a1tlh~flI,dla li'jjce w,as no 101fllg,e:r Ilimi1ted to lfide;o ,~am,e: dev.ellop ers, 1fe1ti3I~!er.s; an d med ia.

Accord'~n,g to Gia melnformel~~ ''!Iii',dleo lDla me COIm aa li'jjies Acti\i!i-

~ ~.

sion and Viv.eli'jjd~' Games halve

broken aWEry from IESA.llln an ilnter'iJH',ew with ,ADtil'iJii'sioli'jj Blizzard ![jEO Bolbo-V Kotiick~, wheln a15k,ed 'why the com pa li1ry II ,eft:: the IESJ\. he stated tlhat ithev II ha v.e: [:1the~d OWIli issues t~at .are not thie ilndustn'ts, 'ilSsllJIes'l allid that it~ev li'jjeed Une~'r own ,e'XHJutive to o ,era II w'irthi the gO'lJ1e:m rn ent instead 01[' th e ESAm However A.ctilVisio:rn c:olntiln ues to attead i3lmj showcase its ~:almes at the !Electronic Einte r1t'a'~nmelr:lt EXlpo 2®1l1l:9 alrn,dlIElectrof1l~"c El1'IIt,e:r1i"alinment EXlPo 20.10 w~i~,e: tlhe: other

hi3l~f ,of'1the ,oompaflly Hllnz:zalrd Elflrt,e:ntalilli Iilil.e:lflrtt no !olng:er attends th e .sJhow' and, inst,ead, hosts ~ ilJWlfIj e'lJ1e~rnt calilled IBlizz.mn.

BlAST · ~y. ' ~= .un IT

FRO, :'T6E' 2:',~=~,

i!II1,ill ......:_i . I .." I I'.

""j U ne 2008 was the. month 0!,-t:ti:~OW,5 fo·t"OP:n,re. MGS4 letHn. a P rl nIiIle 10/10 Ha d '~h e'~h ole 'f'o,rum ll.~ In.arm,. After the Illo'n&: dr.cu&h~,,.·ln~ t~E"1eHe '.

~. : of Identity cri~5Is',. the diiy ftn iny ca me 'f'pr .' + •

~:( ~e'le.nge 1'1 n other Illess I nIiI1p 0 rta nt n eW5'j! 'ces,

,,!./ '" ..il!. b h' ~

T • • N,etwor 11\5 . oug t Ga .espot •. I

As IE] draw,s; closer with eaeh pi3\Ssing moment .. what are some of nne ~:almes, and an 1fIi()IIJI ncements that you are 110 ol!::ill1l rg: 'f;orw,i3 rrd to? ~;ati311 to r,eanv' reifllv.gor:ate motion g:almilng'~, thie lIDS. to have Wi~'-!ik,e: ~)ralph{~C5 or it eou lid] ,elJi.l'en be a n~llease date for the much alntlfdi'pated Hn a II FantaJsy :XlIlIIII 'V'er.sus. WlhatEVer

hia ppelns at this yei3lrl'.s, E3\!' itl.s pretty' much ,gUi3lralnteed that: the:r,e' w'~n surprises aln d arnaz'~n,g ted'll demos, Clpllenty".

,~b!: 'f'.0i4;C 'f"J.",A i. it.p~J:j~'A&:!'il WR:I'f'iN~'

,"I~'7BII 11~lli'~'

W'WW .ga m espot.co m

IE ···1 ES

plra.antad bl lagandoiNarll ~


Womt i SO do we, sW'it'ch sides, ,air we, just pretend mt 'was like. this aM (dong?

De Urillin InAud

S IP!lUi1Ed Iby i3J InIJ.ll1I'1_belr of: alliideS'ithartt have. been IF,eliElased 'iin recent years~

1Dhe aurlltoptr;ile ,c,ommuIllIity llIas lang Ibeen dividedl !by the m'iginal PlaySti3JtiiDI1L Ae,earni:ng to re:vi:e:wers ,artt au:dli'optrlHe publlcatiOIllS ,a nd websites sudh as !Omoollls and StereoIPlllinE'" tttE: mi'gjlllal Pliay'.Statiolll. IF1!IOde11 n;lJImberr SCPIHI- ]1010'1, 0(;31111 go tee-to-tee with the, ILk.es: off the, $6l0l0l0l ,CO pJavers, that malllY setf~' Ipradlaimedl audl0philes swear by _ A Iprettty lioftt:y dlailll1 for ,al colllsole 1Dhartt canl be easiJy 1krullld anl]ne if:or aro!J.lI1Idl $30 to be sure. If yau'ire w"Crnderilllg why' ltlllis: partti(ullar madet hmitv ls praised mrer ittLe millers" irtt"s becaase IPS1s IUllldielr ithi:s, madet numberr 1Teature separate white, ,and red RCA, J)acks:" willich audiDphiles am use' to aUilplJlit:

sou III dl usilllg 1Dhei:r IlIaudiDphlle q!J.Ial'it)i'" (read:: expBnSlivel' (abies to their ex,pelllsive ,a mps, ,a nd llsten to 1Dhem 'wiiIDh their ex,pelllsiIVe llIeadIpllla:nes m evelll mme expelllsive spEakerr' setu ps.

Coloi!' ilne ru,rious.

~~ IIJIlrf:mnr nat,el;y~ do 1lI0lt hlave a P.5J, that llIaiJs, frem tne fabled SCPH- ]10101 IlJ1IDdel1iamilv,., MilllE: ~ns1tead is one of tttr,e lart,err lFIlIo:delis~ sPBDifijea 11'11' off the S-CPIlI-550'!. '!tari;elty' whi:dh aPipan~llIt~ uses th;e same hJgh-qU'ality DIA.C so.' theorencaltv. I should be aJble ro ,arihi:eve sil1l'1Jlarr' r'e5!uliB, f'mm ~t. Tille ,only IproblJE'rn'i'I 'its, that I can anl'y' use the AN'IFIlIu'lo ,ouit pmt 0111 my' P.5J, allldl 1Dhe AV (!3Jbles that (ame wiiIDh ~t. Nlo IFIlImElF;, silll(e' ~ don't have' alllV off 1Dhes.e e':Kpensive cable!5 ,Dr tube amps ro IPlug it into allld I fig!J.Ire'. 'fOr mv pmJlO5E!5 ,Q"'mereiv evaluatin:g ~ts Sl[lI!J.IllIdl ql!J.Ial'ity from tille, perspecltiive. off alll ,a udiophUe on a bu~t~ 1Dhe AV (ables" wiiIDh an adaptteF~ will do fine.., IBe.sid,e5, 1I"v:e Iheaird SlDIlIllIE:

Ir,epm1is, s;ayilng t:l'llat ex:ceUelll'l: Sl[lI!J.IllIdl q!ll!3l!'iit'lj' canl !be a(h'ievoo ttlllrn~h 1Dhe IFIlIullo ouit as: 'weill ,a is, the RCA, jacks: 50 Il,om 1lI0tt itOO wcrr{iled_

So" ~ set e:verrytDhtng u p~ tbumedl it 0111 ,a nd illlsell"t,ed tille' first: oOf malllY CD5 U w'(!ulld Ibe using: t,o tes.:tt tttrJs Ibaby auil allld sat: dowlll witttri my RECls~ wliridil i3i1fe sltiilll al1l'1,omg the Imoist llIe!lJltbF,all :5l[lI!lInrlr,ng ~IEMs ,and 1Dh!J.Is are 'll€lry weill :suiiiIDBcIi ro 1Dh'ii5, task" allldl ~a'llle iilt a !'ist,elll_

Tille so !J.I 111 dl out putt by'tille PSn. was: actualtv {Iu~te' good!" IBaiSs seems: ito be slli'g.liritlV ac(ellllteid Ibut: iilt

PI aVila Ii ilels Ore


doesn't soullld bloatedl or filabb~ illl

any' wav,., 'The low end ls :SlmJlr~sin:gl;y' weill cmrtrnlled allld has a smooth bult detailed sort of texture 'wlllkill comes across, as: dece;ntlly' defined and surpri~in~v en£lrgeitic The 01111'11' aspect of the law end Iltlllilllk needs im;pro'llement is eJlrlte'n:sian~ whidhi iSIll" parltiicurIlariv amazin:g.,

The midralllge ~s beit dli~SlDFTbed ,a is, vibralllt i31llId ","orwan:j_ VO(!3JI:S, cafllle 1Dhrnugh Da ud and dElaIr alildl hlave an ["illl ¥o!llr f:aaJ" quallitv tliiat 1lI11gM turn off some' 11st:elilef's butt waiS, rather Iplmsi3JllIt: :S!I[!I!lImditFlg illl my' experielllce'_

I FlStbr!llllllElrrts are' 'weill pla:ced 1Dhrn ugJ'liout the, stage but there is a ti ny sense of m!llddl~ness, tlllrou~hautt the rang:e' 1Dhaltt mal(es1Dhi:ngs, sound a bit less dear allld resolved[_ 1TarltUlllatetv, this muddillles:s: is antv barretv deteCitable i:n mast: cases and daesn't detract flr·om 1Dhe SOU III dl si'gJllatme roo l1I'1,uclll_ I was ~mlll1ediJatelv s!J.lrpri:sedl by'tille ,ag'l1l:rres:-' siveness 'af the midrange but aliso surprised at its: abiliilty'toO stay ~n its Iprape;r Iplace'- Yes" it dees cerne off as ["shout"," allld o ccasi 0 111 a Uy' Sl[lImewlllat g:rittty or edgy but it's not too a;lffiEirlr sive' m jarring. III adds a sort 'af' vibralllCY and vivacity to the oith;Elrwi.ie sfllloo1Dh and Ir,eli.aKlEtil so ullId that tiS, Ir,eaJlv qllJlirtDE: emjO-yi3Jble_

Tille Ihigh eflJi:ll 'ii5, ,aliso rather good~ II:ma stiirr;g: decenlt reflilllement, ,ext,elllsion am:!1 dlarit,v_ I did llIoltiice,th_at tbF,eble can be a tad Ibrri,fjht and soullIds, a bit re(es:s:edl illl (Dmp'Grisolll to tttr:e mids and Ibass butt a:n 1Dhe whoLe" it ~!5 Ini:e,ely ~nrttegraited illlito tttr:e rest ,of 1Dhe SOU III dl si'gJllarur,e_ Higihs sparrtlle allld strJne" resa:nalltiing: witttri de1tail and Ibri,fjhtllles:s: 'WiilDhoutt berom1ng: stbri:delllt_

SauIllIdsta,gilllg: ,and ima,~jng arre Ibotttri great 0111 my' P.5J, allld even 1Dhrnugh mv REO:s. 'w,hi:dh are samewhat 11mit,ed 'nn lilE1FIlIllS ,of sa IJIllIdsti3\ge width! ameli diElInlll, SlffiFml 100 lttIave opemBdlIlJP ,mmsideralily d'ue ro lillie P.5J,ls abilityt,o preselllt a somewillat expalllsii'llle and tillree dimenSlianal SOU III dista.ge,., As I said Ibefme" irtt"s also surpri~in~v easy t'o pick out where


~n:SltriIJllIllenrlts: air:e plaiOEd 0111 thesta.~E:., 'lhE: IPS] ii5, ~F,eailt at IPorttray'iing illlolllllacy while 151011 lmaJll!Ia.~ing: ta pres€rve 1Dhe lE'Xpi3JllIs'ii"!l:ellless: o1f (erttailll IF,emrdlng:s_

Tb ,anallogj2)e 1Dhils .. the sound si~nart!llre- is sort oif !'ike an arder of s~k.V bufifallo win:g5, dipped i:n a ('(!oll rallldh sauce, Tille

I il1l1lagill'le the PSl"s IpelJfbrmance as a [0 Ipl\ayerr wiml (,(!fll1'in!lle te pO~aJrire iItr,E: audlophile e,omlll1l1Jnity ,a is, it IhaiS, illl the 'vears parstt., iR!egard]es§; of 'wihether Of net 1Dhe p,s,1. is: i!II!J.Idia;pllliliE: gralde" 'Olill~ thing: ls fur ,cerrti31i:n~ tllle- PSn. is a ''l!"ef'lj' ,goodl eli) plaly:er. ror the pri(:e" i31llId is one 1Dhaltt ~ i3i1ll1 'very plea.s.m witlll_ Ilf 'ifou"re IlDoki:n,g ta buy' ,al IPS] from eEballJ~ IFIll i!Ii ke' sure 'that tille syst!elm you buy ~s om eitiller the ]00'1 Of 5,50n. mode~

fiul audi'o experielllce' 'was removed~ IlikelV to olJl: costs, If' YO!J.I'rr,e net looki:ng to rnodlfv 'the PlayS'1tattion~ 1Dhe lOO] ~s Ilikeily YO!J.Ir beg bet, as iilt sup;posedl~ sounds a bit better iltrlan1Dhe 550Cl., due to its dedicart,ed RCA jads; Wllridhi O'ITrer ~niherr:elilt advantages: wlttlelil it C'OI1l1;E!;, 'tID' 'the, (hoiDE: off ,ci3Jbles.,

witttri tttrje [PS1":s parfo:rmanDE: as a CO Iplayer and dedi(at,ed source. cabllE!5 of a l1I1;uch h.i!I:.'her 'q. ualitu,-',',

bI 'L:r, I llIadlll"t: so much as roucherlltille

I'm IE'}I)c'iJ1ied ro seejast Ihow 'thilllg beVOllld apelllin:g it !J.Ip a

much mme ~ (alll ,eke, oult of the- I ,~ - -".n.

('(!UlP e lUll 'hme!5 100 ~iIl""1 it same P.5J,ls hardware_

larttent ouriosirttiie!5 ~ had seeilllg as my'ISOI GB 1PS3 plays P.5J, ,~ames;

j!J.Ist as well as (if Inat: ben'er 'thalli) my PS1 so iilt itOOl( resi:delll(e' illl ,al dlrawe~, bUlr~edl undemeath a mes:s: off Ethemett allld ,AN (ables_ Now;, my P.5J, is siilttin:g out: '0111 a small tabLe betrJn:d lI11Ie, SlBr,ellladin:g Il'IlIe 'With 'the, sweet sounds o1f onE: off my. I1I'1lanl!{ CD~, i3JllId ,gl~mg' wU~h aJ remlE!Wed ,ien§lE: o1f ptlFpaiSe_ P'eM:a1PS 'Iii! is watSln"lt wlllat: ttille PS] WaiS 1b1lliJit 'for bult it ,c,errtaJ'iinl;y'

W'WW .ga m espot.co m

IkiclL Tillis blend of' cal 111'11 a 111 dl

ag~r'essive' keeps things ~nrltelres1tilllg_ Its srnao'lDh enough to be Ir,ella:Killlg: when 11st,elllilllg ro slower SlBle(ltiofiis, allld exdtin:g enoug.lir to be elllg~ing: fur 1iaSilteir ~ Iliveilier trraclCii_ There are filaw'S here and there, to be, sure, but: wtr:at it dees Iri'ghlt is Iblended ttog:ether itO create alll ama:zilllgtv ,goodl sound illl terms, of a pri(e-t,o-perf:orrnan(e INiIlltiio and ollie 'that: ls ]!J.Ist Iplailll ,goodl~ Iperriod_

There are also a IlIlJrmrbElr of IP!J.Ib lieized lI11Iodiillieaftii:ollls 'iItr,altt can be perfml1lloo to 1Dhe ~s..SiOl]

So" is 1Dhe P51, ",a udiophiJe q!J.Ia!'it)i'" allld can it -compete

- Ii. 1t',,"i"ii"iA;I"1"'I; I' 'il ~

Wttlll .;ju","","u. bL!' IP !ayers:, ~

Ihon:esttv have no ~d,ea_ I llIaveni't Iheard super h.~h end 0:0 Iplayers'tttr:e like!5 of whi(h whGSlE: p r~ces, stbr,et,clll i:nto 'the 1Dho u:s a 111 dis, af dollars 50 ~ Iha'llle Ino ba~is of' oom,pari:so:n ~n tttrlat Ir'e,gard!.. What: I do m)[ll'w is ttJhaltt mv [PS1 Sl[lI!J.IllIdls: 'very, very g:ood ~n rompar~son itO wliiat ~ Ihar'll:e Iheard_ CaFlSiidiE!iF'iIFIg thE: reguli3Jrr g:o:in;g: m,e fur p,s1. ('(!fliSOliEis:om

eBary aillld their e:d:reme!;'~1'" llIi!Ph a'llta'ilaJbmty~ I 'ittrJnik, tille P'sn. w'(!ulII Ibe a ,~r,ealtt illlve5i'llmelllt fur aurliDphiles 0111 ,al bud.gtet~ espaoiaUy irlf you'lr,e llool!;.illlg't'o get i:nt'(!· the my sc'ellle" wtr_idh ~s surpri~in~v a(mre' full"' tille PSi.,

W eknme t:o the rnerl genernfiorn of the Consumer IE I!ectronics Shrlow (aES:~ !be1I1t,e!F' ~HiiOII.l\Hii as EleiDNonTc: EirIibEr'iltalillil nnellililt EMPO ~1E3). IBefo.re till ere 'WiDS E3

'iltrne shctw of choice for ,g.am e de:veBop'Er'S warS the aES. Mi!iIlI1'!.i" oom palllilTes, like At~lF~ made iits their publlc deblJl'lt ail:: ,'lthiE "CES"'~ so had alm 0511: e:'Very ,ga me console nerore the IPli!iI1{sl'tarticm olilld ~11:um calme ito be, IFor 'iltrnmi:e of'VDu 'wlho do mot kllilow wn)[lrt: the am ls. lh~1ll11k E3, wuth ,eve rytmi IFlg: E:iectooll1ic added to tn e evlent~ OES serles "[me ,enibilFe electromc i1ml(]lIJstry end not julSit ,~milllg m ke 1E3 dioes.. Oom~ng from iii! Tfme ollJ1ltii:de on CES ~iIt was, s'tartBil ,ilthE 2.009' e\l\Ent: "The oonfelll"-' ence willm TlliIdud)e l".'7'OO IEMrn'i butfuo,r.s, 'ifI~unting' 'iltrnieir walf>e!1; i!iIuoss,1.1 mmoonl SlqllJa re 'Fee:tt of 'iIloor slPi!ilce at the-Las Vegi!ilS, Coffil\enibion Cemf.:.elF ,andl Sallll:ds Expo i!iImli C)::mIVelilrticml Cenfll:,elF unl itn e- Vene'ltiiJalnl CarS~n.o a md IIlI ete I. II'

SO when Segal .. SOIlliY'~ ,andl A:italru walnlt,ed 'ilto ~}Ci,iltO a r:niEW e\!'1ent: c.al~~ed E3 Ngll1tendb

a nd Microsoft: dndl r:nott. Nill1rendoi had ,sig)ned IIJP to do CIES and r:no''It E3 f'll"Om ,tthe sta rt .. lDoUgji!ils IL,owem;Jttein Plresfid)Ent: of Inil:eraiC':-' tilli!'e Dn,guta I SoFiwalre As5:ocnaibion staf.:.es: iln The U~ibimail::eHiis..itorvofVi;(]ieoGiames.as:

IN'i'IliI11:,endio heGalme TSIJ,larte,g "'Nilllrt:er:ndo IF'ec'Cl'gnTz1ed 'ibh~tt the ilFldutsl:ry haid esser:niffiial~~ voil::ed wutlh iits: 'fee\tr~ wiitm aln o'l.l':e!rwlhel mun;g' numher of oem PD IliITes, ,signing' Up' wilth the 1E3 e:'li!\ent~ IN uIlllt,en00 tlhellil e\l\Entlua~~v joined 'tme rest of the TlliIdllJsitrv' illli sn,glll'i'r:ng 1llI1P"'.,

Utile didi the peopll'E behind CES IkIll:DW that 1E3 'would 'fore\l\er change thEir iE'Ile!Frt~' The ga ming' lin a rke:t n\a;di al~wavs, been plllIshedl t,o 'iltblie side ait [ES. ,So ·ib'hey lI1e\1\Er iEMped,ed ,ilthart E3 wou~dl iE'I.i'eJniltlJlallv lead tn the iEndl ,of' ,ilthe summer OES iE'M'emiit.

lin the sp ring' ef :1[995 the wo:~d ''WOundl see'iltlme most sllllc,cess.fu~ debujt of ,a trade mow ever calmedl 1E3. Thiis was seheduled for ,iltlliie same 'weelk, as: 'tIme [ES surnrn er iEvernt. A'S ,oom pa my afiber cOliinlpany' 'UI nceled their aES :srnow~ the mow w,arS doom ed 'ito dOiSE. 1E3 first yeD r O\I\elF' 4!O .. OOIl) p:Eopne atttbend. Om May :1[~ 1995 ailt :2t30 inl th e mCiiFnlUIil:g the lPub~oc 'wCiuldi firs,'It n:ealF' frorn Tom ECal~illl\Sje IPrlEs~demiit of'Sega of the Se,giill ,SailtllJm which 'lA!\Dulld hut: 'itrne maIF~e\tt wuth ,j!I $399',.00 prfice ''ltaJg'. The bTgges!tt p;alrilt iD,ff,iltrnie news was, 'ilthough itihe svst:em n'CIJdi allhready hEeJllil mipped. Afit,elF Sega was. dcme ne'JOt 'll\l'!iJu~d !be Sony'.

AtI the- 'time 'ttmere were al Iilllllmher off IFU mor'S al~muit the Pfiavsitafilollil iilt was: going: 'ilto !be hTgrner IPIF~red 11: lhial nl the, Se~a Sa'itlJllFrll. 'ThTs wOlllllld er:nd up not being: 'ibFllJ'e and 'lA!\Du~d lead to SCi,r:nV 'wUlnlning' the mlFsit 1E3. onaf Ola)gsson was, gUvUln,g: a s{peEdll iii! bouil:

Ihow ~m pOlrianit story tEllillilg' was ~In ,~mes whenl he stopped hims:e~ ,all'dll[;?j~~edl S11:eve IRace to the stta)ge .. SIl:eve Race 'WiD I kedl IJIIP to, 'iltrne pCl!d~lIJm wuth ,a bUlnch ,of palpiErs like hE


was, about: 00' gjve some long speech .. lHe just Xiludl ene thinjg' '"$299'.,00'". Wuth thatt heunjg'said 'i'11: rug:hilt arfit,elF the Se,ga',S, pres.eiJ1tarticm. lilt W·(1!U lid be the ':filF:st nai~ into 'it:f'lIe SartllJrrn e,offiln. IN i'1liItendo n)[l)dl shownl off bn,g' ~amies. for 'iltliilie Su pier NIES IDonlkev D{ong iCCiunibrv ,2" lii:mer I r:nSlttii.md: alnd a gcllmne whfidh orTgTllila IIV IN illllte;ndo woundl r:not make caUe,g Yosrn'i 's Ils~andL

Look out: tor P,iiI rt four, whEin sever,a'i ather ffolks talle a fund hook badk, ,art! ittte ~a rnes 1Dhiilrlt shaped them.

lh Is month" ,System WI rs Mlo nth I, di_s out ~he slid es I nd gr,abs th e 'tiIls:sues, as we tilk,e I ,trl~P down

me mary [Ilaln e ..... ,




'5 IA~ <0 LD' IFOLKS" i1iH QIS,E 'WlmlH


"There iis no CDYl le'!,!\el..- 'What 9M:I'Fted aIllT as an uFbaln f.e1;le;nd in 'lfiiIe origina1 Im~br.o ~liId itlIlen made into ~ cheat code- ~1iI SlarcraJt was, fully realized in lDJ~br.o II. My day.s, flighting me IPll'il1l'1e 1E\f~~ 'were' '~rallllghl mlfiil [peril. but my true t:esl m l1I'1.etti1e oc{].JIIToBd 'men ~ mixed W[ri":s leg 'with a tome of town prlIrta~s,. oooting ,a IJor1:a~ 'dil~l ~ed ItO 1lrue Secrel Cow lL'evet /Jd 900n as ImIY IPOIIty and ~ entered, ''tile vrere beset by legions m Hell IBoVIines. each w;hom w.a1~ o~ tn'heir lWei< hillild ~egg; allild afl!l£lckied 'with 'giam: IJoieall'ms,. Ttiuough fatigue. we bauteDI 'Glliirougfiil ~h.e ltiI!JJIn!i:lreds of caws until 'WIle' were' me1i: by ttiile' Cow Ki:n.g ItiIf.mset1L AImed with ligh~:njlilg ertCltilanill1l'1en.ts" he :slew ·lfiIe mEmbe~ of my parlt!{ one by one. UFl]iI [t was, jU:31i: 'lfiiIe it'WO of w.. We ID!JJIghl and tought fur who ~1'1OW':S how loog. IbI.l1i I1I'1IY '\f~oto:ry WO!JJI[di !HoI !be denied. I ~ilitedl ImIY sword] ItiIf!l;llh ~nd unleastred a whirLw~liId 0.1' .atladks UPQmI lhilml. Mlli" 9;'IN{llrd FaTl.{Il true and just like itlha1i~ 'dile- Cow K[FijJI am:! hii~ lmIiniooB ~y defeated at my feet, The Seoret Cow lLe\fell is one of the mest bizarre levels, to el'DiSlt in ~ video Q:alme; bl1Jll I co:ttId lOOt imagine [)i~blo ~II. ml{ 'farllCi[[le game 01 all 'lime. 'to' exiiSl wJIfil Ci!JJI1 [I:.

Mill' fallQ~iite gamil'lQl lmIolmlenl ,and eaiSDy the 11I'1.osl: n.osl:a~jc lmIollrilenl is 1lrue firsit tnilmle- I aw~ed al ltiIornle co nse le . IMy' diad came in wi:tih ~ UPS booc. which II o;pened '10 find a S.o:ny Play,sitallio~" a [).ua11:lil'lll:N:k oontrollel"" ~nd ,a co;py of Spym' TIile D;ragool. I opened ,evel)litih.illilg. I1I'1l1!1" dad! p[u,gg;ed it in. ,and ~ :started IpiI~y,ililg ilil~antly. I can still Feme:I1'il.beF the, day' clea~'. ~ was (m1V IS lIBars (I~d., so' I di:dFit exaotly know whal! '1:0 00. I just F.3ln ~Wl1uml killin:g all the Sheep 'lfiiIa~ weiFe' lrunnjmlg. The~e we~,e l(ln~ af Sfiileep' and ltte-li died due to S;pyms, f1al1l'1r i~g .. ~ thougfurl [I w.3~ 'dle besit galmle el.l'er al: itlIle time . .And thelil ~ fina~~' stepIJed inro ,81 IJCIIta~ alild reali200 '.that lHi1iis is, where the game lmly began.

I ~e'rn'ember geltin.g I1I'1Y N64 Iback in 'ltiiIe ~11JI1mi1mleJ" of '97 (Imen! N!54 !kid lFem!:lIrf!l:). Go'i i1! 'W1lh wi:tih mlO' o'tlheF game '~hO[tt 'Ifile 1Fe-\!\iJIIUtiD~~~ 3D plalifiOFmeF:

Super Mario ,64. iColmlil1Ql from 'dle ol'd 2D era. ~ h_adl neVeJF p1ayed ani!l 3D Q)almes, in itlIle IJ8:31i: m pfiayin.g in 'dilis, new point of Vte'W WilS, mindbilowing fanl!asOc:. I :spe;1111Iti1e ""ttole- !S!Jlmllmier (d thal! lIeaF ~iU:nnin{l ,arou:n;i:I ouitdoo:f9. swiI1l'1T1l1'imlg ..... j!JJII1l'1IJing aiM be[1'lQ flalunch.ed inltO 'EttIe ajr by ;l;1i'IHE~~g CamimlOnB ~hen fl:!jfn;g aro!JJIlliid wililtil IlI1rY' 'Mngc:ap; aiS iMlaTio (It course! ..llU:31i: 'dle melmlories imalke me wallil~ ItO go' QIF.3b ,all 'dlose 12'0 ~aFS aga'illil.

Five Years of the Ninte do OS

The N ~mendo os turned fj'iJle' IPe'CelntJly'. H\I!"e year:s, silnDe' the ubtqu irtous hand n eld

lalulndned~ tnve 'rears, since the indus:tJry~wid[e seepnetsm

turned into. astonishment at first, and ~~[eeful d eli,ght lalt[er; fuve' yealr.s, slnee N ~mendo paved U~e 'waif for their stu nni'Ulig eorneback from the brin k o.f' death,

To(taIY .. the DS ii's en route to becoming the Ih il)'h est S'e'lllin~: sY5,tem of alII iltime .. , 'W~tlh 129 mi~ Ilio~n un iiB ,Siold" spread

eYe In I, across four iteraiti[ons, and a e.almin~: Ulna UV' the scope of whid"ll cove'lrs lite railly eve ry gen re oonceiv,ed by

hu rna nk1Tnd~ the ID'S i's aliS'o i8J haven for aim garners ,a Ilike,. At a time whe{rn the three home conso l~ei5. are sh~ I 5,truggl ung to fmd their footilng and oellirver mei::linimgIYul eXjper~ences that trufy sta nd out, th[e' OS qu uetJ1V' deli~er:s, one hit upon a other, 'Week after week.

B.,uJt it realll, is 'worth steppi'UIl,g: back, al bi'~, a nd retrnslPediilf1l,g:: how' d ~d it ever come to this'? How i15 it that the handlhe~d thai was wriUen off by [everybody as ,a rna chine destined to. fa ~I,~ th e un dlerpower[E!;dl ,gad:g:et that w,as ,goin~: up a\gElilrnst the 1rn1I~'~ht of the j ~ernaut ~lJnyl' manag:ed to emerge viotOlriOUlSl' whille the PSP 'wat5, left:: ibehilndJ bn]lng: the dust?

I-H1W' i's it that fj'iJle' yea rs lster, the [)S, has d[eHfllfered on evelry silr11:g~e promise that it had lilfI~ad e bef;ore its. lau neh? hlow i's it that ttl e D5 has

bern me the largest th lrd pa uty supported console, in N~ntendo's Ihi istmy?'

The N ~ntendij) D'S 'wat5, first alnnoun!ced at IE] .2.003 alS, a new ~alme p~atfolrm tjhat Nimtendlo was WOlrtU~,g on. Few specffic.s, welre rev.eal[ed alt tha,t tilrIl1l[e] e.x,cept f:or al couple

that managed to leak through to the pu bli'c" I nitiiall im pressiems w[e r[e not i'ln the least encoura.ging: ,alii that Nin-

te ndo had been ,a ble to state was that irt was a hand held wilt~ bllo sereens to prDvude the' plaver walh mu~tilPle perspectives of' gamejpllay'. Th at's i1t. Compare thls ito the P.Sp,IIS debut, 'where ~t was introduced as a, 'consele in the pocket, I al fig 111- f1[E!;dig[e,d] mu Ittimedia d[evice that woulld bridge the chasm that separated han dh[e~d and console g:a mirng'~, ,a nd i1t won't he' ha rd to undler:s1ta nd why eve['!fbody·s :s,ympa,thies weH~' w~th th 12' PSI!> at the tim e.

N intend 0 u IIIIve~ I~e,dl a, proito1type DIS the next year", Whi'lle the hardware it5e,llf looked flimsy' end fr,snkJly' attrodous, its capa,billitiies impressed qUiite a ,;ew of th e observers, The delilfl 0 'fbr M[e'iIro [dl Plni'me H unters for unstanCE~, demonstJrat[ed ithe ,3.0 caJpabmae.s, of the hardware IPr[etty. ni'ce~y'. llh is



Chsllrlzard 160 5

Ulnve,Uiilng' was co upll ed w1i'tih am .a nnouneement of the

ha ndh el dis com plete set of featu res, which ~ncluded a touch screen,~ a microp honel' two. dalbed p rO=DI2'.5S'or.s, and Wi-Fi capabmue5,,, This unlholy Frank[e nstein of a syst[elilfl, this mash of seem~n,glv tnecm pah1ble technolo:giesl seemed to confirm [everybody"s ~'n itia II 5t15p ifcions: N intend 0 had pan-

i eked", ~ n the face of co mpet1fttio.lflJ frem U e im nend unllr

If" lO

PSPl' they ha d Iprobablv' decide to th row' j'n evelrytjhing inch.Jldj'li'Iig the Itchen sl n k,~ an d mi'x up tJh is eontrapne n to a point that woulld l[ketV never ''l1li0 rk,

One Ii'Ileeds; to un derstan dhow' thi'lJItgs stood at' that tfrne, because th e ~mpendliln~: batt e' betw'tee'~ the D5 and the PSP rmrmred the epic contest betw'een the N 64 and th e Playstahon [~erru I,. At that 1time~, Nilntendo was on tlh e velry brinlk [of ex.1tincti'o.li'Ii,~ am d therr

ha ndlh el ds had been their on~:i' source of reven llJIe for man-y Y'Mlrs nowl' ev>e'r sinDe tlhe~r home eonscle rna rket had been taken f'ro.m them", ~flI tlhe'ur OWlnl worlls, ~'untemdo mad ,ghven tJh e 05 their alii: iff it succeededl' they would ·'ril'iie to nle.a\f.'en~,11 but

iff' irt talile~:t they would II.siln k to [he,lll. II

Uf1lfortUinait[ellv~ the DS, for ,all II appearances, seem[edl destined to ta,il.

It lau nehed ,a m udst much fanfare later tha,t 'y€ar~ en d] tts ~alrdw'i3,re: launch watS, sUlrp'Iri'sim~ly' successful, H oW'eve'r!, it 'W'at5, mi's.sj'lilg ollie key component: gla mes, You see" th e IDS·s la,unoh liln eup was surpris~nRlv poorl' and the o'n IV wortjhwhi~[e' games plaY'e'lr5. got to pllay' on the sY5,tem at that time we're Super Malrio [64 DS1 which 'w'alS, a du Imj,y. port of the N64,Ih itl' and M etroid PrUme Hunter's: Fir5,t HUln~, a, demo for ,a n ulPoomilnlg OS Metroid game that had eorne bun died with the sY5,tem. That was it.

U nf:ortu nait[e'Iiv.~ th ings d~d not umpro.ve. The PSP launched a ff:ew months labl~rl' and it had a Ilii'neujp to put severall consoles' to sha me. Tih urd palrly sup port for th e D:S seemed flegli'g~ble~, alnd aHI the sV5,tem

se em [12 d to b:e gettilng WBre hash IV' put together shallow min il-,gam[e oomp Ua'tiiolns or ,crappy GOA, ports. The P'SP~, Oln the other hand, was moving from stJ'eflgt~ to str[Bnglth", alS, j'


iff' ilt mlile~, they woull[dlll.silnk: ito heili. II

Unff;ortUlnart,eliy~ U1le IDS, WOlf ,13[111 alplPeari3llf1ices", seemed ~,estilflied to mlil.

lt lau nehed ,a rilff~dst rnuch fanfare later thst year~ a[nd its malrdwi3lr,e: launcm 'Wi3tS, sUlrpn]'silng(lv' ,SlIlJICQE!'.5sfuIL Howev.e:lf:!' it 'WEtS, m~'s.s~'n1\g: one key compofll!Elnt: ea me.s,,, lou see, th e IDSI.s lalundh ~i[ne:!l.Ilp was ,SlllJlrpfi.s~ngly pOOlf, alnd tme only wol1Jhwhill,e: games p[layoelr5 got to p I[ay on the ,system arit that tJm,e: we:lfe ,Si!lJlper Malrio 164 nSI wmich 'watS, a d1ums,y pont of the Ntl4, lh iii:, and M etretd pnme H unter.s: Firs,tt' lHIulnt", a demo 'for ,a li1i ulpaomiln;g [)S Metlfoid game that had COIrll11,e' bun died witm the sys,ttem. lmalt was it.

Ul1lff;ortllJlnarb='liy~ Hllifll:gs did not ~mpIIQve. lme IPSP launcmed a ff;ew morrths lat[e:If, and it had a 11~'l11ieup to put seve:rall conseles' to .sma me. '11h ~rd palrity" support for th e D5 ,Sie,e:m ed n,ejgU,g~ble~, and all II tme .sv,s,ttem ,Sie;em,ed to be: ,g:effilng: weTe hastn11y put togetther shalllow min if-,gam,e: 'Dom~:f~lanons Olf ,crnppv GI3A, ports. The PEIP ~ on tme ether i'narlujl was mOlli~ng 'iftmm strength ito stre ngth, as ~t llved up to its inRtlfal promise off' prov~dilng: the' gamers 'witth a "eonsele ~rrr the

, I'I !I- 1111


Third palm,ei5 ,Sie;e:med tto harve IfIiO ~'deal what to do 'witth the [)S. ~ow ooulld ithey pOS5~lbly make a touchscreen, a micre-

ph one, two lplf[oce.ssors cain d 'wireles.s, crmrneo1!i'vHly work ito.g,e:the:lf" iln tmeir ifa'iJiour~ in al ,slTIi1\glle game? The DSw it ,Sie;em,edl was just tme ,Sletli)31 ,Satulm all II ov.e:1f aea'~n~ choldk mlJllll of useleSi5 'technolo~ie.s, and tno complex fof' its own ,g:ood. !Fast losing ,glfollJlrnd and If,elle\f~linc.e,~ Tit ,Sie:em,e:dl atS, ~'f it 'wn Il.Illd fa[dle to oo:S!oo rTrty' and jO~'1fIi the 'Virtuall Boy '~n 'tth,e Ilist of

fa'~led ~ ~ntendo ,sV5,tems th at If,eined too mudh on gJTmmioo tlhatt no olflie 'W!3t5 ev.e:1f ablle to If,ealllv' umll~'se. Wij'tth shovel-

ware 1f1 oodin~ the system, and] 'few :gi3lmes wortm p I[ay~rng tlhat co IlJIldln 't harve be;e:1fIi done on th,e' much olde:1f and more 'Donv.e:lflitional'GjlBA" it alPpeallf,e:dl that ~:~ntendo woulld halve to hasten the [)SI',S, demiSie: and blf'~ng in a lfIiewerl more cOlnventi'olTha II svst,e:m that woulld alt tlhe: very least be a bletto stave ofif' the th reat of the IPSP'~ even

as the us. ~t~e'ltf lralp~'dly Ilo.st ground,

Enter tIJ inttend ogs, lhis qu~'mkv ea me wo~ lid IPlfobabllv' lfIiever lhav.e: garnered much attenticm iln the 'west lh ad it li1iOt be;e:1fIi fulf tlh e perfect score that lFam~t91lJ1 arwa Ifded Til: ,(back: wlh en !Palm irtsu"s scores COY lid a ct!lJl a II~y be ccnsidered ,clfed ibll,e':lll but once ~t lh a,d] the alud ~ences" atterntlilOl11i" a 'Douplle off' new' tlh~ngs, came tn Ili,gmrt

lmle pet s'~mullatt'O:r was ,a sUI~pIfTI.!li-e hilt fer ,evervtm:dly~, but itt' watS, aliso th,e' first fJa me to tm~y showcase how tmlii'll~s should be d one on th its, odd lfIiew handheld. With N~'l11it,e'IfIi-' dogs~, Nilntendlo prolP,e:lfily' demoli1is,ttr,atec 1:Jh e use of ,eJVery s'~ng~e iF,et(IDture u nder tlhe: 0(51,5, mood for the first tii'm'e;, and tme effect was silmlPly marv.e,ll!ous", as N~'li'IJt,e:IfIi-' dogs, tJIJIlflflied ~'l11ito an u Ii1rfor:g:eitittalble eX1per~ence 'ffbr ,a III wruo plaryed Tit. ~t was not a ~)3lme,~ stricti, spealkilng'~ tmt Tit defilnTrt,e,11v was a :gem of mUlman '~ngenYTrlty.

'siomethilng: dhalnged a1Nter tmalt .. The WlTlld success of N~'n]t,e:li1ldog:s 'wat5 'ff;olilowed


by'tth,e: 1[13 Il.Ilnm [00 th,e: ~ inttendo [)S lTJt)e;, a hardware redes~:li1i tlhat tra ru,ff;ormed lli,e: !!J\gltv dudklling ilnto a bealutuillu II swan - the D5 became ~'In disputaJblly ~'~nil:endol.s best lloolldn~ p~',e;ce oiF lh a lIow,are WlTtlh the IDS !Lite. th ird psrnes sudden IIv woke

Il.Ilp to th e reallTrty off' tme ,s¥,sttem,~ and the q ll.I1allity of ,goa me's

began impm\filng'~, .sllowly at fjjr.s,t~ but n: was an implfovement nev.e:lltth,e~,ei5s. At alny

Ifatel th'~r[d] p-arty support fOIf the ,s,ystem ilml~mJved. TihTIS, WilJS perhalps marked by !Final lF,a 1i1}-' tasy I ~~" s tiltlle that mad nevelf before been released i[n tme Wes~~ .a IfIid was now beilng: developed, and su m.eq IlJlenttly If,e~,e.,ased~ eJr:!dusivelly 'folf th e [)S.

tIJ mtendo, mealnwhTllel 'Di:mm'nU ed to show tme 'wi3ry. AfiElr N~'li'IJt[e:li1Jdl[lig51 'they If,eil,eased~ in qu~d( .suDDeiss'i:on~, Ali1iimal Cfos.silng Wild W'orlld~ Ad)vance W.a1r5[[)uall StJnilkel M,e:tJmId]lPlrii'me HlllJlntter.s~. M a 1f'~0 &13 Iftt' IDS,;!, New'Sll.Ilper Mario ittro(5" lP'Ok:emoli1i lDialm ond and Pea rl, It~re Embll,e 11111 :Slhadow' [)rE,gon ano lme le,g,e:lflid of Zelda: Pma Ii1ltom Ho tI1r~~ass,~ 0 after t~e other, and all II titll,ei5 shot IlJIP the 'CIf'irti'CSI llst as some of the finest ava~ Ila ble Olfli the mamket,

lhl~rd pa rnesl on nile ether ma IfIid1, took itme cue, from ~'~n-

~""I'" d 0' ""I ""I" ~ ,,,, I ""'"'"" 1:'1 .... ~ ~. elk", 0;)"' ""I'" !IJe: III.' ," ~ !E II ~1lI ~ UIA' 'l,~..,M iU'I::!Ej;1llI1i u

:g:eititting: ea me's that outd ~d ." ~i,nntem~'ris finest efforts, on t svst,e:m. When games lilkie:

ILaLS,tlevan'i\a: [)awifli of ,SOH[iJW1 ~'~nla Gaio,e:1i1i IDlfa,gofll SWOII01 Sh~'1fIi Mle,gam'~ l'elfli.Sie;~: [)ev'~1 Su[rv'irV~)If~, G!IJ~'talr H,e:1lD Din l;ou:r~, lFilnall lFant,asy [V:, [)lrEgon Quest V, The WOlrlld Ends 'Wiil:ml '~r:ou, ILal1i of DUtv:: Mod ern 'Warfare,~ [)emelntill.l1m::: lhe Ward" SCIf'~bblefllauts a nd G[rElna lmefi

A IlJJit 0::: CminartmlUn W'af5, be,g;ai'll to .a ppealr oln tme s.y.s.tem~ ,a li1id solid ,S'olii'd nu mbers, 'tthe IDS began to be 'tth,e: salfest bet - ifolf ,eJVerybody.

Alii tlhits, wml~le~, tme IPSP 'WEtS slow;~n~ down~ ,as 'whClJit had ,ealrUe:1f been ~'ts !ij,trength II1IOW s.tarted becom~'~: 'i1B allbatro,Si5.






lt prov1i'ded galli'lfller.s, WlTtlh eonse lie expelrielr;loe's iln their IP:ocb~tsJ' b uJt th elfli,~

PSP ,gam,e~1fS mostly ,cmlly got downs'illed PS:Z ports, Ne~'ther hardware sales, 1fIi0ir software sales, welf'e~ .stellar for tJh e platform, a nd 'tt~,e· PSP ,glfad!l.J1a IIUy tapered off ilnto tme backgrou nd. lit emerged from its, 5011 irt!l.J1de eV€lry lfIiOW and then ... 'with the release 'oT enlhelf a li'liew hClirdware iter.atlicm,~ or some h'itgjh profile fJa me:5 I~ike MOlnster HUlnter ... God 01T' War or ![ris'i[S, Core, but by a nd large ... tl!i,e~ :5ys.t,e~m beg,a Ii'Ii to die al ,s1hlW' death, Third pafty.sIU pport dWlTlflidll,ed ... the '~n-mknl'll' of ,gam,e's redeeed to CIi m~'lfIlimu 1i'Iili ... and t~e PSP ],oined the ,growilng: IlTlS,[, of unsuceessfu II contenders wlh 0

had cma Illenged N~'li'lJt,e~li'Iido!.s, hand held throne,

The [)S temed five on the 2,]st of fli4O'v'ember

'Jan no ""n...il -1;3-1\", 11."·.".",..,, "" lI,.""IIII..-..j!I' LIU!U01' illl IjJI 1'- ii Ll'c;cll ~ illl ~ ~'C 011

a ride these past few yealr.~!i" B!l.Jlt tme jluggernalut .s~ows no .s~'~]'li of stoPIP~i'lig. Ut had an extremely :!±ucc.es.s.1T'1lJI1 2[)09 wirtml t~e release of its third malrdwi!lIIf,e~ it,e~rnuo:rn ... and sev€lraJl successfu II games ... ~ncludilng: The

legem d of Z,e,llda: SIP'~rn::

Tr,adks,~ ScribblerlianJts ...

Mallf'i 0 and Luigi::: Bow,Sie~r":5

~ 1i1i.S~'de Story' alli'lid Sh~'1il Me,gam~' l;e'lilse~': [)eVli'll 'siIlJlNi\!\or. ~tls, :5ustailn ed the momentum '~1i'Ii 20]0 ... Ih.a'ii~ng dellTfIIlered 'th,e~ bi,ggest mit of the 'V\ear so far- P\ok)e~morli

HI eartGiold/S!QuIISillver ... 'wh~'dlJ has so far .solid ~L4,

m~!III~o:n cOIP'~eo5, worldWlTde ... alnd maiVifll~: seen '!re'!: snother suecessfu I hard'watr,e~ la IlJIrlidh ... that 01T' iB; fourth iter,atlion.

lme '~IJIW re seems br.gmrit,e~1f sull~, 'with :5OIm'e~ ml~ghly a IfIj'ti",c~palt,ed tutlle5,~ ,SIUtCm as Dlfa\gon Quest ~x... GoMen SUln ... Pnk.'emon Black: and Wh~te and IFour Walnriors of Li;glht I ~ned up for release, a IfIi tlhe' halrdwatr,e~ front, INlilntelndo Ifecelntlly a lso

an nou need the successor to tlhe~ ns ... tl!i,e~ 3.[15 ... a svste1m wmich promises true 3D galmilng: WlitJhout' the In eed11T;iJr 3;[) glasses,,, 'Wmlile ~t lfema~'ln.s, to be seen ~'1T' tme lIDS WlTIII be .a wortmry ~'lfIihelrit():r tthe [)SIS !l.J1n~'que II,e,giE cy~ I 'th'~lfIik Trt'~ ,S'a1T;e~ to cla'~m 'thart ,going by preeedence" one can be reasonabl, oolfiJIfti'd ent that tJhTlS, IlJInsuspectilfli,g .sUDi:es.sor to tlhe~ highest selll~'lfIi,g hand meld of 01111 time' willi ... iln its. turn,

,cmlia IfI\g,e~ tlhe: gPlm~'IfI\lg '~nd IlJlS,try permallflierutly.

~,ealnw~ile~ the leg,i3'CY' 01T' the D5 has Ileft an eilld e!ib lie ma mk on tme indus1Jry -, ~t Il,ed to tme resu rrg:efll'i:e of N~'n'Ii--' tendo, allflid the end of SOIn''fI,s; stn!llll1g~,e~mold on the market, ~ led to tme 'W~i,~ w~ich matS alr'gualbly ... '1Tor ,go()d er 1T;iJr bad ... 'Cmlia IfI\g,ed 't~e 'face of ,galm'~n,g forever", It: ls also 'the olflily syst,e'lflill so faf to de~lnfUJrlistl1Ofte mow 'CCliSlliJla II and ~iEllf,dlcore giElmilng: carli ,eo-exist" 'without one, in alnry way po.ssib!e ...

can li'liibaU'ziln,g the other.

Haplp1( Ibirtrudary N ~li1'telfli(:k~ [)s. Yo IlJI and VOU r Ie,gacy both Ilive on.

.j!md tod av~ you "If,e weill Olfli VOIU If 'W,ay to be;ooming: 'the one of the greatest sysl,e'li'Iilt5 'elVer created, f,or a hand rue!d tlhatt' 'WiIIlS lfell,ejgiElt,ed to1T:a~ I ulre status eV'eln be1T;ore it

1113 unehed ... that's a pretty' '~mp:reS'Siv.e~ ,adh ievemelnt,

From time 10 time, less experienced .. em VIfICIrriors Mil creole

-threads alking fw advice.. Shou Id I sell my Wii fur a PS3? Shoukl I buy a 05 01' a PSP? I hove a 400 dollar budget which console shoukl I buy? Most of us know the kind of response one con ~ from such questions. The obligolory .. --Go with the games,- -the seemingly M5e yet misguided, -You should choose -this for all -these fontodk: remons,. - or the tired and annoying, -ntis belongs in VOUr blog.- Regordleu of how many replies the -thread receives.. the re:luH will alwuys to be the same.


Ii System warriors I implore vou- refrain from posting in such threads. Shoukl you feel sod Ihot a moderotor is consciousfy O:Iking you not to share your opinion on -the fOf'Um? No! This should feel like sweet sweet relief. You no longer hove to wony about the decision of another .. 05 -the choice between gaming hardware is less importont -than -the choice between coke or pie.

You leave -the wonying up to U:I. We've got your bode.

- ..... icolrnoc

C al~con~ ~nce sitO,O ~ ta III iEllS, one oi, Ilf not the best 3rd

I party dE:\reI01per on th e NESw and the ,B-Bilt era was the springbo.ard fer the Ilittle robot that could, InirtialYI the games 'wee crude. very ba~1'[e glraficsl more baL5ic~, jjf [catchy music and ,gllitches up thE' Wh~llLroO. the b~'~: caiViot was the ,gam[E'plalV~ with just 'vo.u,~ ,a peeshooter and a handfu II of robot masters to mau II 'vou j' nto Sll!Jlbm il5snoln. jfj nallv tiEllkj'mg down one of these bosses thougjh 'would [Balm you there we,a pen to use iElLS, you willi!' a nd wilth ea eh b05S har'il!iing a weakness to anethers atta drs, the 'trick: was fin ding the patern, once' y'Ou were tnurnphant in this fi[e,at, you were treated to 4 iIlnall.s,talges to pl1ay tho,ugh withom: passwords inbetween befn re YDU [could ca 1:11 it a da'v. Dr. Wily struck 5 times, nli'lJ teta II on Ulle INlIES~, with each pro,gr[Eis.sirv.'e ins.tta Illment add irlg mrnor levels of polish arid new nlfl ovesl such as th e .s~ ide and charge buster. EVientualty" tough,~ a ne'w' ,g[eli'lJer:ation eame, an d Mth irt tJh e trl!Jelv [cJasSlre mega man titles

'\i!"C1ln i:sh[Ed. wruat Ire main ed welre 60 of true best, and hardest action plattormers on till e N 1Es.. and games that a lie still VE'IIY' playablle today.

[T' he M[Egalmali'lJ X series is '~he seen, n, d franch.~'se il~

the Me,~a main senes, It

'w'atS, released in Deeem her 1993 OIi1J true SN ES and i15, a contmuanon of the plot from the ori,ginal senes, The fD rst if) games in the Sierij'[E'5 are part of the MEgaman X Crollec11io n out of ;atota 1111 games iln true SlE'mi'[E:5. M egamaln X 'w'aLS, orealt[iE'dl by Dr., light sroun d 30 years after the Megalma lib SiE'mj'[E'S and is a lIbew type of robot 'Who is ,a ble to make h~'s own deoi'siems" The series, plarys pretty much identi call ~y to the ori,girnal Sie'mi'[E'5 blUrt it hats, som[e new' i:eatures, Me,gaman X can dash allo,ng the ~JrOl!JlndJ di'mg to w,aliis and wall II jump ~:similar to Mario for those who dOIi1J't know 'what 'wBlllumpnn,g isl He can aliso

ju mp and dash iln the alir at . he

same time nlflle,a lIbifl~: pi ayers ha'v1e m ore co ntrol olVer Me,gaman when irt Domes to moving. From M egamarn X3 OIi1IW',a 005, aillow.s, plafVers to p~ay as Zero, the lea der of the Maveridk H unters in Mega Man XI !He i':s. armed 'With a beam saee r lriEllther than Meg,a ma ns sta ndalrd gun,

Me,ga nlill[m released

M e,ga MaJn X iln a lib aitit)E'mpt to give the M eg:a Main sertes a new ~mag:e", The llll games in the Siemi'[E'5 are Me,ga Man XI X2 and X3 omi~jlnailliv released for the S~ IESI Megal M a li'IJ X4" xs ;[alnd )1;6 ori,g'nnally released [on the PSI M[Egalmaln 'XJ an d X8 orj'Gjna~~y released on the PSl:J! M[Ega Mallb x:: Command M issioll (an RIPG), for the GalmeO.J be and Me

~:almaln XtJreme and

X rem[e ,2 for the 6am[E~

Ittoy' Crolor", The orUgnnal1 M[Bgal Ma li'IJ X so rrdll,.,16 milli'o,l'II [copies 'w'O~rild-, w~de (: A.s, of May 2008 ) and has ,a :score of 81~[ on Garnera nk:nli1J,gs. Megalmaln X2 - X!5 were r[ecehl'ed simillalrily whHe M[Egalmalli1i "t:l - X8 r[Ecei'ved m iIXed lrevj[EW5. M[EgalmiElili'IJ Xtreme and XtI"em[e ,2 receieved mi.x.ed re V news, to witru scores ralngli'ng from sixes to, eights. Megalmaln Com ma nd mj'ssion has a score of 61' on M[e,tacriti e {Gq, a lIbid reviewers, Ih a\re complalirned that the ~ame j's teo short !l:md w,as Oli'lJ the easy' side, The series, started off 'ltery well but did 1i1i't do so weill oli'lJce it reached the 6th genelriElrnon of cO'n501Ies, (:tJh e P.Slj, XlBO~, GC ~:eflle[raHem etc). The last Me~almaln X game was M[Egalman X8 released tn .zoos. SinDe tlh en it seems as iff' [('alP com have gone back 'to the ori,gnnal series with g:almes Ilik)e M[Eg:alman 9 andll0 being released in the last COIU pie of'vea s,


e,gamaln Zero on tihe: Ei'BA '00'0 I!J1ld tu Iflili out to be beth a retern 'tto stain dent iFollow'~n,g Ulle focus i(lti'li Me,gamarll.IEXIE,~ an d somtth~'rl\g: of al refresh ing rebeet atthe same time. takjn1\g place alinm.J1t UlI® year.s 1'O~ 11owilng: the ,events, of the I series, 'tthe focus is fliIJIW on his former pertner Z,e:ffil' as he 'Vi.fl.3lk:es up to a d'llang,ed 'wo~ld" 'witth a 'ttottalit,a IfITaln ,governm,e nt

II Retti'rin~I' R"elPlo~'ds due to an enelrgf cnsls, and who would be' spea Ifmeading this brut X h~'rilfllS-ellf! 'wh~ lie itt' ~:)"r!lJ!l.I1grt garners t~e ,s'~deSicmIUiln,g: aetton they Iionged for on tlhe Ei'B~, Z,e:lfo bro!l.l1grut his 0IW'1i'Ii uraq l!J1e flalrtn the formula W1Tth a focus Oli'li dose

qlu a rters oQomtiartl' m I!J1ttpll,e we~lpons and flIew rilfl O'V-eSl' as opposed 'to Inew wea pOlns wihe:11'II you dear s s,ttage Ilike a pro, the olriginal ,gam,e: wel1'llit on to .spawlfli 3 Sle;q]uals, each ~'mprollJ~ng upon the last IlJln~111 one ,of'tttne most engagfi'li'Ii,g story aires '~n 'tth,e M,e:,gamaln series ca me to s cOll'1ldu,sirve and .saru:ffYin~ end.

B rii'lirgilng: the series ~ 'th~

, IDS~ M eg;aman ZM, d iden t

, b:nTn'I\g allot ou' c~ange to the 'tt,a ble,~ but'tthats. 1i'lJ0tt' 'to say itt' d~'denlltt' ~'l1'IIno:v,ate", IHIIlJIi'lid r,e:dis, of 'veaf.S fol h:nruilng: the ,e:vents, of Me,gaman Zero 41 lHIu mains. and lRie:plo'~ds ,a re li'Iiea ~IV' iln d istirg,llI TISilblle Ullalnk5 to robott' mortal~tv and ,cyborg: eln mall1'llCementts. the o InTe i Im!l II game U3lS,tS VO~ es enh,e:1f the treu bled tJranspo,lftter~ V'e;rn~ Olf ~is femalle co I!J1nte.rpal~' ,Ajll,e'. Oli'lle futh'~1j II daryl!' your 'throwlil '~rom a high dTiff 'witth a pad,arg:e 'to land in tme forest below. YOIiJlr a[utadk!ed bt al g:Tlalnt mec~anallo~'d sna 11::.e sfter m'Ee:tiilng you diei'litt,~ snd tlhI an ks to 'four blfal'ifery, are matched wiitlh IHlTiomett.a II Mode.!1 X that ¥n~ were dell~'vering. irlile '~'1ISt ~ame te '~ndudle hu maim" an d al female protagilnTlstt' sees 'V1(~!I.J ,gatthelnT~g: rilfllOre than Model X howevelF:~ as yOIlJl also end up ,gattheInT~g tlhe ~fi'omet.a lis, that represent Zero, and 4 otth,e:1f eharecters 'kom tme Z,e:IfOSie:Il1T,e's. 'Wnlile galmepllav Tltselu' was mueh alkiln to 'the Zero self'~es, WlTtlh a dasm of IMehoidv,aln ial tossed ~'li'Ii 'for good measure" t~e nu mber of options for you to tadklle al ,sTltllJlafii'ol1'll are a III as, fun as 'thev af,e nu rilfl orie 1lJ1S, and mark: a IP;e:lfifeet' e'(folu~ol1'll off' Hue Z,e'ffi 'formula. l~e oll1Trgiln a~ went c:mro SpaWli'li a ,SiEqjUall ~'11'11 'the 'form ou' Me,gaman LX Ad'il\ern~ ifeaiturilnrg: a 'whole ili'ew 5torv amj] nllJlmo:ni'ous

im prOV€lm,e:1i'IIt5 om 'the oIfTlgji'iliat...

lMi~lalma n U!!1B!e:nds .' IF,abz_95!

The M,e:galmalli'lJ lLe,g,e:li'liOS ,~e:ru",e's is the 3rd.s-eries lin t~e Me,g;aman fra 111-' ehise, Ws an Action 1Ft PG ,Sie:ru',e'5 and w,a:s 'the 'irst 3ID Me,gaman ,g;ame. Itt' W'alS relealS-ed ~flI 1-9'911 'for th e PS and was released later 'ubI" the N64 an d the PiC • .smn ce 'this 'WiEtS the f1ir.s,t' 31D Me-, ,gamaln game1, it 'WiEtS 'the f1ir.s,t' Me,gamafll ,game WlTtlh 3D ,gam,e:plary. M egaman travels 'thrmJ:gjh a la rng:e wOlflld and 'there alr'e: plenty OU' tIJ PCS 'to ta 1111::, to. Bl!Jlster parts oould be alppllied tn M,e._gralmans g)1!I n 'wh~',cnl 'wn IlJIld ,e:li'lJham::e ~t ~'11'11 these categories: Attack (haw' stru~g it is:~l' ffitalpid

(lhI [ow' 'ua st Tit fi res], 1m: a li'Iig,e:

(how' 'uar 'tthe shots ,g'o),~ ,a I1'IId IEnelrg'V (:mow' malnY shots can be fired lb:e:I'Ore stoPIP'~n,g). The galme receiv'ed mixed r'eV1T,ewsl att' Gialmeraln kilnrg:s 'the goa me scored IPs: 13".'1.3'I!1)IPC 3-3.61~, ~ 64: 63,,:94'1!1).

Me,g;a main Le,g:e1rnds ,2. is ,a ,Siecq]uel to M e,gaman I~e:g:ends relealS-ed GrtI .2.000 on tmle IPS and If,e,lleased later en t~e IPc. The galmeplarv of Megalma Ii'IJ ~g,e:li'lJds .2 is very 5im'~la If tD Me,gamafll L,e:g:endls. w'~tlh a

few changes, The pretd\gon~'5t is M,e;gaman V,oln uJtft ~the sa me: ,as the previollJls game} ami is plaryed '~n 3U. H,e: ,explores throu,gjh vatr~-, ous ruins, but 'tnle rums are from 'valricms ~slla I1'IIds w~erea:5 iln the p:revT ous ~fi1Ilme,~ rilfl ost ofthe IfllJlins we:re from one. M e-' gsman's behav'~ol!llf wTrt~ otmllEr characters I1'IIOW a1f:lf;ectt' h'~m depend ~n1\g on wmet~er he is good 'witth tlhe:rilfll or ~'f he malke.s. tlhe:rilfll a n1\glfV'. Alfliother l1'IIew aldd'~tJion ls an I!J1nde:lfWatter dIU IlIi,g,e,on wnlich ,cha li'I\g,e'5 the WBly M,e,gmafll plai'fS as he can I1'IIOW _]umlP h~'~helr and otii,e;cts we.gmrts,1 are Ilower. ;[orilfllpalr,ed 'to the fir.s,t ,goa me." recep1ltol1'll was ,8 lott better as t~e ~fi1Ilme has a .score of 1'6 on both rI!iIe,tta clfTrti,c aln d Gamelralnlk'~ngs\" 6i'ame'5- pot ,s:a~',dl (alp:Qom were alblle to ~'Im pr'Ov.e: tlh e ~ralme and tnlat'tthey we:1fe ablle to 'tum "wjhatt' be,g;a11l as a mere ,spin-off '~nil:o a worthy' .standalene 'ff'lfanchiSle"'.

Il3!arttllle NiKW'Orlk Sierles ~ toa rkB spllnesl a,er

ancl ho:nn{~ng attaeks ito Ikee:p them art bay,,, The ~i3llif1le has .so lid 'weill '~n ~ a pa IfIj 'with sales of

aroun d 6(];O,[l[)O '~n J apa Ii1i slone, JaIP;e.lfljese rIfI,agaiZ~'ln e F'am~'tSiUl ,~ave the fJa mle a 32:/4)0 whill,e sites Ilike Game.slp'ot garv1e. the ~me a 6 ,S'ay~ng there ,a r,e: Orll~V' rnlnor

im pravem,e:11'IIts CN'er the Ba1it~,e:

INletwork series.

~e,~a rnrhaln S,ti3lrfon:::e :2 ls 'the .sie;qJuel to M e,~Plman starferee and was i31150 released 01'11 the D5. The galme 'watS. developed by cal~mom afiid w,a:s released on .illlJlne 'the :2.4tJhl ifll :ZOOS. lhere a r,e 'itwo 'IIoe:1T'5iol11is, of 'the ~)3lme,~ Zerk:er :x: N~'lfIjja and Zelrt)er x SalUlrlafll • [[}e'sp'~te being i3n A!oo'OIi'Jj IRPEi' ... 'th,e' ,gam,e'plary ls different to most IRPEi'.s~, .s~'milaf to the 'irst ,game1, the battlel eld and enem ~es, are "if~',ewed from i311f1i isometric, v'~ew bUit tlhe. :game is pl1ayed ~'1fIj :3 II:mrli1lens'irolns. M lEg:ami3iH.s li'lf;e: its, made up of i31 h~'~p'oilnt system ,s'~milar ito IHtPGs. Llnt:mtulllatel'!(~. U'ke the first the ,game wasn't received very we·lll. ~t ,S/o!d decelnt!ly ln Japai'li w'irtJh t~e two ,gam,e'5 be'~n1\g ,8th and 9th iln the salss charts ~'1fIj 'Hue first week~

~ aW'e'V1e;r1, criitiic:all r,e;oe:pti'iJfii was not so g:ao~ as Hue ,gam,e'5 ha'lloe: a seora o'lf' 5.5'% en Metamiiltit:.

~e,~a main Sti3lnorce :3 ls the :3r'O ~)3lme iln trlle StaJrrorce series. and was re~ei3LSed in June. ,2:009 ij'1i'Jj IN!A,,, Itt was ,dleve~oped by C:aiIPoom.~ n:!·llea:sed on 'tthe rN.I ~ntendo IDS Clind lillc!e: th e plrev~'ous ,galm,e~ there were two verslons, BI1a,ck ,Ar:e and Red Joker. lttotJh games have di1filferelnt 'feattures I~'ke d~'ffer,e:li'Ilt dlJi3lrader trClIn:5.rormattons b uJt th e :Sto:rylline 'its, ide:lflitiicall in both ~)3lme.5", The baitfltle system 'its, the same as p:re'li~ol!ls ,~a me's,~ iSiometr'i e 'View 'witth the· plarver ooli1ii1:mm'n1\g: megarnan from beh~'lfIjd rnean ~ng he can oli1ily rIfI oVoe: Ileft an d lri~htt. !R!e:tJlJlrli1lill1lrg: from the pr,eiViou.s, game, this olflje has Wi IF! calpalbillTj-, ttes alk~wilng: '!fOl!l to balttle ether plla'!fe:rI's oli1i~ine'. Not onllv' is the ,galm,e:plary slrnilar ibe1:.weeln a III :3 ,galm,e'5 b!WI: 50 ,a rre sa lies, and receptuo:rn. The game has i31 score of.59 ~:lttlack Aloe} a nd 58 (IRied .ilokEr) on ~etta cr'iltii,c an d sold

w '::~:~:::I~~I:r;~G

elements intlrodluced to .a game1• it 'WEtS. the: first ''If'uIIi b~()wli1i IRPEi' snd th e first ·of hils. gSlmes. to hit the ru Itt - * * * *,c 'Giamebay

Arhl,i3 IfIjce. Set illl an ,a~telmatte itiimeU'lfIje whelre net.workurtlrg: Clind cern putersoT,e:lflice 'were fu nded as opposed to robots, ea,ch and every person ~'s eq l!.I1iped with a

II phcme I~le d,evice 'with a Nett:INli3r\fi down lloaded onto it calilled al PET. ~ser.s, can "11 ack" '~li'IIito

eem putter netwo:rlks that run Just i3lbo uJt evervtth~'1i1i,g and send there INletvi.rolFk fli4a'll'igator'ttu e.l<pllore itt. An ~'s not well1• with cern puter ''iJiTm.s-es ,a bou IfIiO the INlalVis need to de'lf;e:li1iG ili,e:m,Sie·lives. 'W,eIClIP-orll data is ,Sie:li'Ilt to the Nar'iJiT by the Operator iln th e worm of bi3ltUechip.5,,, as olflie YOl]Jf1Irg: boy lfIja med 1uaiH.~ yo u and "four lNlaiviT, M1e,gamaln .!E~,E (Inatch]- get 'wrHppled l!IlP ~i1Ito tlhl,e: operailti'oliliS. oiF welhcr'~me ,svrl~'eaite ... WWW. lEV'e:li'IltlLl1i3liy ,SpaWlfljifiig: 5 sequ ails to the 'iJr~giII1ICliI g)3lme,~ w'iiltm :3 of them halJii'li~ lPokemone.SiqJue V'e:1T'5iorn, to choose: from, Me,gamClln . lEX: IE Wlilill end up deleilti'l'lI~ the Wih os who of cybe·ri ed robot masters Ibe'lf;ore i3111 ~':s sa~',dl and do:n e a lfIje 1L~:1iIi1i jffi'IfIii3liy settlle.s, dOWir:l.

IMi{2llilma n Sta rfo !lice SerWes ~, l~aJbz~9:S

M ~~::a~t:,::!!~:~ fur

the N~'li1rt,e:lfljdo D5 ... developed by C:ai]pDom released in Au.gust :2®O1'. "The gSlme had th r'iE;e: versions subtitle~ L,e;rJ ... Pe,gatSlI!JlS, and IIlragon. Atthou\gh the ,two .sie:~',iE'S are 5~'rIfIlilClir ... th,e: series us cO:riI.s~'d ered i31 dii'ffer,e:l1'IIt one to the lbattle li1i~ork sertes, The ,galm,e: 'il.S. plaryed on an iSiomeitll"'~c iFti',e·l!dl burt the barttiltle sy,stem 'its,3,1Il but as you are contre lilifii~: ~e,ga Mal'll from behilr:ld,~ YOUi ca li1i olfljly m ave Ileft and ri,ght As efiielnn{~e.s, can move how'th,ey' 1Pll,elase ... ~t TIS d irffiru lit to eVi3lde erllelnn{~e.s, but YOUI hav.e sh'~ellds

ol!ii"er 1'14,~OOO eopies by nne eflld off' ,2.1008 ~'1IIi Japan a Ilone",

Over,a 111" tlhe~ M eg;amj3jn stsrferee sertes 'its, 'IJ.le~['1t dii'ffer,e~Ii'IJ1t to the s:t3JD'llda rrd Me,gaman :g;ames ,a I11id IU nforit~,mately tlhl,e~ series doesn't meet the Ih'i\gjh .s.tElinoards set by Hue p 1\a1tfrom~'n'l\g series. The galme seems to be .0 In I, popu liar '~n Japa I11i alli'lid ruasn11t been well-rrece~'\I"ed Iby' critics,,, lt's not a ~i3lme that ,appeal~s ito m,e but d ule to 'the sa lies",

~ I'",., <:lII're ;;!-I" ,'" ,.j!:;"n"'" 6'" 1fIil' to'

~ I1I1II ,.:1< .... 1 ' , IlL .iI, G IIII ' Ii:: !l]irill II Ie .'11

these 'who 1~lke this kmn d of ,galrmH~:.

!MifE!\gilma n .spi~n~Offs, ,~ IF,abz=95,

D espite halij]i'n'l~ ma IilIV ""Sie~ru',e'5.., thereere a 'ff,"ew

, ",gam,e's that a rre on

their own and ,a rre sp~'Ii1i-offs, of t~e ,Sie~I11T,e's. M eI,g:aman ,S,occell is based on tlhl,e: ori,ginj3j1 M,e;gi3lma I11i ,Sie~lIte's and was released on th e SN IES, ~i1I 1994L ~t 'its, a 'ff,"ootballl rg:ame (1111m BriitiisJh, 1IIIm gO~'In;g: to refer to it was feotha 1m 1 th at alUowed p~are~ll's ito IU5-e 'U',alnTo I!JlS p~arvers, from the M,e-

lI,e;I,e~sed ~'111i NA, ~'l11id~''U'idualll,} forthe PS Cbnd was a RcU:ij'Iil\l~: ~i3lme .

it is ,a lIadln;g: [gi3lme 'with a focus OI11i combat" ,s~'milj3jr ito the~ ManTo KaJut.selries. Pilayer.s. cain QomlPe~te Cb,ga~'li1lst each oit~er or ;8(gla~'lThst 'the computer '~n 'three d irfferent modes, Grand Prix: Mode,~ l~me Triall

IfIil ode and VerSiU15, IfIil ode", The ~i3lme has l[lpllayer.s, ~'lThdud ing M,e,gi3lmallTh" Proto main ,a Iilid

Htto 1m. lEadn ,crua racter hCIJ.s, an ab~li1ty that calli'lJ be used to

'!!!I"t'I'"'!!I ck oI"i.tlh' o':l.r 1l'1I1~Iil,l!!ilrs '" nd

'IJI ,,""-Ill "" " 'U', _ 0;;;; F!IJI iI'''; , '!:iIII~, '

tra eks in the game are fu III of obstacles to stop pllayers. l~e ~i3lme 'W';315, 1Th0t releesed in ~A beca UlSe tjh,e: ~ame d ~d In at lI,ece~'\I"e alpp:rova II mrom .sony ['(l:m puter IEnterffiiln ment 'fur a release in rNlA becalu5ie~ oiF a crrowded ma rket, IRle;oepti on was mixed. 111Ei'M ,said that the tiftle was entertaJiln'~ng but 1Th0t on pa II w'irt~ M;3JII'i 0 Kart or [r.ash rej3jm Ra c'~n~. Jeff Ger.stma Iilin of 6alll'lilleSl~O't .sj3jid it was one of the coo I;e'st Me-, ~almaln goa IfIille.5. ev.e~lI.

D ownlllQid~ bille ,seiM~es ~, Dilw1ks pl'neslaye r

gaman tm'if!ller.se1, some of

these beiln:g: ~e§a ma Iilil Proto Alii thats olld ls new

Man j3jnd "ii~1IiriOU5, bosses '~n aea'~n! WU'tlh th e ,S!JJ esess

the Me,gla main series. Th e ~jhat '00';31.5. i3ionic COIm-

,galm,e~ ~aiS st;alnldailid exit~bi- ma nde Rej3jrmecl~ calp'oom

tton matches toumamenrs decided to '11:.13 ke tme b Ilue

and Ileargeu,e's. Exmib~tiion born ber in mlis .originj3j1 form

matches a~ IlcJ\l'Ued plalyers to ba,ck. 0 urt of the dusty' eleset is

create a 'tea musing anv of a d ec'~ded I, d irfferent 'waif.

the 20 plalyer.s in the rg:ame M,e,gi3lmallTh 9. was an 8 lhirt retrc

and play a match, l~e tou 1I1i1i-' lI,evuval 'ff,"or ,X1BLAI IJ1SN and

rnanet and lea:g,ue~ I1'Iil odes Wi~'ware that ,saw'the bllue

merely a II~owed plal'!(€!lrs to do born ber tal~e~1Th back to h~'s the sam,e~ but pllave ln ,a 110 0 ts of ' the * * * "c series to le;8(gule or a tot! rnsment, Th e once j3j,ga~'1Th thow his wrench

calPoom Chalmp~'onship '~nto Iilr. Wil1Y5, e'U'~~ plla Ii1iS,,,

mode is al mod e where the M,e,gi3lmallTh 9. and recent

pll:are:1I 'its, ~j'lJ.le~1IIi al team of sequ 1311, ~eflla main 1[l gr,a bbed

Me,gaman Rcd:mts.a nd m Uts,t 1Th0staigic §a ll'Iillers lby'the balills,

deff,"et.at' 8 teams ;[lIn d WIrth to .sJhow'ithelm tlh.at 'whfUe

ealcm 'wilnl the plalyer §a ~ns a lI"i~'''''U\e'''' fro" m the team tbelUe 1f"1Ia J" ell . I I ,-', 1L'I::'IlJ , I ~'" ',I'

"faced", The §a me reae;irved poor scores from re'U'~ewers.

Meflla ma ITh B:a1i1i:!I,e~ and] Cruase was, a galme lFeleals-ed iln 1'998 'ff,"or [Europe (~t waSIi'lJ~

M,e,gi3lmallTh Im~erglht In at have ~:ottell'li rusty ov.e'li tlhe~ yealrs" tlhey' certa~'IilI~V mlave. ,cU1rr,e~li'IJtl, tlhe~ most lI,e;Gelnt lThew ,galm,e '~n tlhe~ series, wlh ere wm we~ see M,e,gi3lmallTh go from he~rre? en IV tifm,e~ w'~n telll .•..


,.~'<'" .... ' .,.


"'"' ~


'.. " " -, .' '. " :


rf\ a .r

· j.,. u-t''"'

Ad obeArtist Writer

could nit] liJIS,t ta ke their old

H DD an d snap it onto the llUew system to m~':gr:aJte all UlJeir content, ~'m g,y,e'ss'~Ii'Ii,g t~eylill ~av-e al ea ble crmneot.olr Inke wmlen 'th,ey first '~ntr,oGIU eed

the: 12.i(~ GB EllilI:e model and we~lnted plalvers to m~':graJte OiJntent frern tmle 201 G[B olVer to the me re specious drive", Even Sil" a more trou blesome rn eans of tra rn:lf,"e'IfIllTI11l,g wrualt lQiJu~d now be ill yea rs 'worth oif dOWin Iloads alllUd galme ,s-a'lloe' files.

Wlh elf,e: was the reported R;iue ;game? 'Wih ere was the sp!lJltli\g:rut on UJlpcoming ,X1BILA galmes'? ~ .a,crualilly love f Ii'liG~'n'I\g out alinOl!Jft true retro classics and ()iru'~ij'ln a II games releat5iln,g: on that 0 ultllet, Not only thst, after tmll2 ,shiow ~ chedkied 0 urt tlhe: Lirve marketpllace ff;iJr anv E3, \liden.s, to dOWllUloi8dl and wmlat do [II 'f~'li'Iid? A montage vid,eo off' upoomilnrg: 3rca,dle gsrnes, some realily coo IlloiJk.'~ng one's too, Not l11iex)t g:,e:1IU but REAL ,~a me's" not this K~necti]ma 115 pe:ttillU,g .sij'[nrn U1lalt,or. WHY wasn't this in th eir live E3 pre.selr:ltaraon'?

All areu nd ... weU I just ruav-e to reitelF,ate my' openiln,g Ilil1le~ t~is is th e most disa ppoij'li'Iitil11\g ,slhO'wiln:g: MS had at E3. They ,Sj,talrted wTlth ;EIi bang (Gealfs 3, a li'lid ~ea cru) and ,e:llUded witru s wml~mlP;e:lf. MS1 Y'ou owe [MI[E i31 new 3100 rn oG,e,11 fOIf Ilettiing me d,own tlhilS, rn ulch ~ !

~ I'm ,goilng: to rn ove Ofll to m, SiJny 'OJniferelnDe: If,e:\r~ew' llUext becaluSie: of Tilt's .s'~millarities to Microsoft',S. Ain d as 'i2'xpect,edl tlhe:lfe was ,a heal\lV tm:.us 01lU MOlIJe. IButt' III willi .saiV tlhilS, rnulch1, ,at Ileast tJhe .software showlil 'WEtS!n It as .slh alillow or alS, gimm'~ckv as Kiln ecfsl wnl~ch t'Olr the most part 'WEtS, a direct: r'~p-off of 'W~i 'WElr,e'.

Even so,. it w,as ]'1l.Jl_s,t alS, diS'al~ poij'lfIltil11\g t'iJ 5ie;e: tlhe: ma'~n 'ff;iJCUS o'f 'ttlieij'lf oiJfliff;e:lfeln ae: beilng ~jveli'li to 'ttli,e: tech li'liollo,gy~ Ifather than the: ~amesl whT ch 'ilS!n l't to .salY ttn,ey' ~ij',dlnl't Ihav.e:


, .

alny' at all III but I1III cirde ba,ck to that,

Arli01Jh er big k,eynote was g'fiven 00 3D ~amilng" RAJB; of malrketung tall k about how' they we'If,e g:o~ng to r,ev'OlluJti on ilze the Industry. I tend to expect boast~ng fro m SOI11lY1' but th ilS, 'DOUIPI ed W1Tth Move1, and its seems the maljolf~ty of th e~r show 'tmlis yealr was more talk~n,~ less sh,owiflig of galmes. The galme..s, tlh.at we'lfe shown, beilng: more

th Ifough 'i~deo montages than liv.e: demos. But of OiJUlr5e: it must be noted tJhat there was, a speetacuIta If demo nstratton of

&illizo n e 3,~ an d in 31D before the' .s,tud ~o aud ienee In 0 II,e'5s,,, ~f alnyt~ing'~ me re of the galmilng: portton of So ny's oonff,"e'relnoe: w,as ,gii\fen to the: PSP' plaitlJ,"orm than irt"s console bi,g brother,

So while there was ,a lot of s~mij IJalnTt.y to M terosott's oonff,"e'lfenDe: .s,tr,ate,gy~ I stilll ruave to Si3y~ Solnyl,S overalll pre..selntaltuon was much better, ibUlt what r,ei8llliv set tJhe:m a bOllJe M teroseft tmis vealf was thst tlhey actualliv ruad surprise ,a I11ifliOUI1IiC:ements,,, Wlhile it W;8JS g)realt to see ~allo Rea eh, M EiS Rising~ an d GeoW 3p tme..se we:lfe alllfeOldy e:xpeoted. So:nrv OIlU the eth er hand dropped 'the born b 'with a llUew TWDsted M etal ~:alme. ~ut: ,to top 'thart 01filf1, the b~ggest su ~pIfTlS-e of j)1I~ 'whart aibso Ilute~ In obody ooulld ruave ever seen comingp l11iOt '~n 20 E3 slhow,S,-, nOl11ie otnler than Galbe Newell II himse~f~, .aftEr bi2"~n,g .so outspolkie:1IU a~ilrnst dev.e,llop'~n,g fOIf tlhe;~r pllaritiorm" to ,e:l11Jt,e:1f tlhe' ,s,t,a~:e am~

aln IlUO!IJI nce lP'OrtaJl :2. 'Domilng to P53. Not ,just shlockilng~ but' u IlUbel~',e:\l'1a bty miliariouis temp ,e'sp e;DTa~ I, WlTth ruow ruum blV rue 'thank,ed .sonv alrnd ,Sieltf e1filfacilng: hilS, past oommelntsl ijt was ,a

rn omelnt IlikE In 0 otJh er in E3 ruistDry'.

Am~ I can't re,"~ew

So ny's .show' WliUlIout' ,dlisc!JSsing the elne:rgizing alPpeallfanDe' of l\e\filn ~utllelr", ,As .sJU IfprTlSij'l11i,g as >GIabe ~,ewalill w,asp I reany th ~nk it w,as the m,e,dlial spokesrna Ii'IJ 'who rea lIiy stole the sh,iJW. Wheln he alPpeallf,edl vou could ~ lJlS,t feel the ell,edrici1ty that ,cmla rged tlhe: stag:e,~ a IlUd ,evellilodV, from the g,u,e'st5 in 'the stu dio to the' home: .a IlJIdij'eln ae viewilng: from theij'lf NSI you just klrnow' 'we all ~ulng: on IhTLS, ,every' 'W'O rd. He d eliVle:lfed a passionate ,speech wh ~ch grew ~nto a mii'ssron statement asa visio:n ofthe gamij'l11i,g 'Dommu li'liitty. reach ~ng for 'q]uamti'e.s we eou lid alii be!iev.e ln, all11ld allll.s1houlld sbTrve 'f,"or.

Not onll¥, that, he: w,as very v.e:1fY smart iln tJh e rnle.s,sage h,e de!iv.e:lfed. Oh they cOUlIId hav.e: gone tlhe: ob~iou.s, rOlJ!t~ alol11\g tlhe: lin,e's of II'Gamij'l11ig

i"I'e' 1l'I(l-I!"Ir!iS ol"j'n' enn~J"1I1 [ll~ 'It 111'0 [!.r.'." 111 ~1.11 ~ '. Vol ,~u "f • ~:u., I r: ~I

from the: dary,s oif arm~anc.e whe'li'Ii 'they

dle"'I"" r'''' d]111'J1 ""..+ ,ii""_ ""n' ...11""""., '" ~ ~I 'C~. ."-1 ..:='Al. '!£iI1!::1 UlUc:'~

beg'~111i u Ii1Jtil 'we say ill: ,dloesll~, alnG II Pieople w'm WOIFk: extrEI hOlrd to buy ,our IProducts[]~, lKev'~n took: a m IlJIch Ih .gmer mad~ to lfalllY' J~:am,e:1rS '~rom ALL the ,camlps, II ndelr a U li'liifform ba IlUnelrp tmlat "we are ,a III ~almers,llIl. lr~is i.s. a rom-' piette reil1lv.el11laofll (rif :so:ny.s pu b!ic ~'mag:e" to cu:!lmowll,e;dlge tlhe' g)realt,e:1f :galmiln:g: oommuln itty:. of wmlich tlhey' alr,e: just.a paft 'oo~ ,a li'lid 1lU0t lI'lIec.essarily tlhe' onliv domal~flI", '¥'e,s, .


ilJlh M ~croSiO'ftt. Yo UJl halve ID~SAPpallltIJ1E[) me,

I n.OVEII} wih at III ,saw' of MGS RTlSij'I11ig~, Gea IrS 3,~ .a li'lid most espec~iailly R"e.,ad!i. The ~alme looks .stu I11Jnilng: and ],1U.s,[' 'wh,e:111J ~ tho!IJ;gjht tlhe:lfe wasn1t alRvthi ~ng thst ,can su ~prTLS-e rn 12', they pu III a ra bb~t out off' th eir hat, Space. lB;a1tli:Ies. Oh Y'ealhl SP'j!ltCE.

I3A rrUES '~n a Ha 110 galme is g'iJing to be: * bleep'~n,g* s.d!iwe;e:t:!! ~ !

lB:e;~ng a b~e to pial, ground combat aflld olrlhirtal space combat ls what's g:o'~ng 'to mOlk)e:

F(,elCldil st,a ad apart a mj above alii the other FPS tJitil,e's. W~at ~ 'w'O:rnder iSI WlTIII 'thart just be segments fin the: cam paT\gJnl or 'willi they Ihav.e a :sp<ac.e lbali1tle

mu Iftiiplarver mede aiS, weJII?' Th e potelrutJiall tlhilS, ruas to add s 'wholle new ,d/ytrnamT'c t,o the

en Ilin,e: ,e,xperience is ij'li'Iicr,edib lie.

Ain d then ... ,,' ill: 'wefllt alU oowlilhij'lll 'from there Yea ml ~ expected there to be ~'li'Iietuc cov.e:lfaJ,g~ but lH ~s much??? F(,elCllllly'?: ltit 'WEtS, Inke ol11ily ,2.!0 min off' eore goa mes.~ .a li'lid over an Ih ou If of this Kilnte~',c crap. 'Very dispro-

rnn...+;;'nn""t", -1*1.,., 1-11·"e 'i;;i'le 11 ....... *' 'il-h'" Full ~.IIU . !ill IC~ !l..,3 "-I .. · ~ 1[!i!1J~ IWIIl Il . c

o:ni'ginall vis'~oln of tlhe: Xbox pllat'folfm. Too mafllY cop'~es, of 'W~i ___ ,games. ~ calnlnot bel~',e:\re 'what I w'iitllUe..s.sed wiith tih is, ~'~nt,e:m:ats.",. so:nry, 1K]'li'Iiediimalls. f~aSiDo.

(U cou lrSe II rg:otta m,e:l11rtion the n,ew l60 "slij'mll ri'Iil ode~. Ills. ,Slnm realUy tlh,e: best mrallUdll,e: tor this new' 'ff;iJnnifaJctor'?' Maybe 36® Com pad' wOllJlld be j) mOlf,e alpt tJitll,e'. III!!: bOlks Ilike tlhey' alinalndOli'lie~ tlhe: enemall .s,WEIPlpablle

H II} Ii) modlel ff;or aln ij'l11Jt,ernrn a~ driv.eJ, thalt while :stuil removealble and p:mprieitarYI ij'snl't compaltJible 'with 'the old dirive" .so pllaverrs

'tmey are ,stilll [om petilil,g fe r th[e: m ,spot ~'1i1i peoples Ii'ii~ng rcoms, ;315 are ;3ln 'the companies, but' do;~ng it ln a more endlea r'~ng 'Wfl~'. lmlis w,as a 'very r[e:fr[ei5h~'n'I1g Uuilng: to bea r wTltme.ss to, an d rea Iltv wih at she I!J1ld be the mani'festa w1r the ind ustJrV",

Ali'lid In ow' oolrlflling ito N~'Ii'Ii-' 'te:li'lioo, 'th~'s ls 'wh[ere the sh,ow takes an I!J1nex]p'e;ct.eo tu rn of e\felnts. Beca lllSie' '~n 'the last 3 year.s, w~er[e' N intend 0 Ihad bee In r:ad!::ii'lig up ;31 who lie i'iiew audience WlTtlh games desTlg)n ed ;3lroundi c;3lSuall [el8S'f'to g:et into p~'dk up a nd pliE¥ mecharti CS~, 'tmey ma[dl set a new trend, A 'tr[e:li1id wih ieh M~'[crrosoft: and Sony 'were seramb I ~ng 'to get on board iE15 ~ Illustffiited Iby' 'the foeus off'

il-b," b,

'ILifUelr SlfUOWS.

,Alrnd it's when we: see these WO iElt tJh e peak of 'tfV1Tlng to im~tart,e: tmeir leaJd~'n'I1g: comp e:1tj'tor, tlhat' Ng'lnt[e~n do sl!lddenlly 'tl!J1rns tme tables on ,evelY'O:rn e iElli'lid brings, the feeus of their 1E3, p:reSle'li1irn1ti'olfli back to tme eore games, mtl.S, li'liot' Ia-!!::e they did 1i'Ii't halve thTts, ~'m past E3,I'S~ but ~'In tme lats,t'Mo vea rs 'whielre nne demo:r;Jstr,a1ti'olflJs wer'e: are und talilking iElbo~t ~ow tlhe'~r t,eclh no Ilo,g'f' 'WEtS, malkmng: tlh~n,g.s, eas'~er for peop lie new tn ;gElming to g;ett' into itme hobby, this was the yeiElr t~ey stopped tallk~ng, ami ,staJrtin'l1g SJHJOWI NG", And wharit:a rOoster 't~ey ma,dl ito show. Se:rtOl!lS~Yl it 'Wfl15 ~'~ke 'the elntirre miSID['1t off' iN1ilntelrndo alii ~in,ed l!lP on .s,ta;g:e~ 'with 'the fa muliar ,Sll!J1.sjpiects Iglke Ma r'~o and Zell,dla miElkilng: 'tttlie~'r expected appea ffill1lceS, only to be ~ oiln ed Iby' ,s;ome alld 'ff:aV'ol!lrites, malk'~ng t~eir lon,g ,awa~ted retllJlrn~ im::.!lu diln,g: KirbV aln d "~d ~[CaJrus, the: Ilatt,er ~a~ing had ,a 4 ,g,e:li'liera1tj'cm i3lbSie:lflice.

icons iln W,i!!I''i's, we' li'lie'iler saw tlhe:ri'ITIi before, &irb'y rook om a mew Ig'fe in an ,a rt d ~rectiion lmll ~ke any preVlTous N inteD'lido galme,~ an d Sam 1lJls, was h~tlJfn'l1g tlhe: ,a[oo'oli'li 'thei3ltrre '~n 'ff'rresh

lfIJew 'wflifs tha IfIJks to Tea m N~nJ:a,,, (1 IKr ,SlO Metroid Other M w,as aJireadv IPr,e~iewed ~n last ye;3lr!,s, E3~, but ilt was shown a,ga~'1fIi here, ,a nd '~r.s allway5 good to see Samus As 'iff that w,asnl't enough, eve In DOlflikey Kilng: COU IThtry' made at cornebaek, more vibrant than [ever before.


'I" . 'Ii ·:-t'

Sure they had 'the~'r share of boalS1ti'flIg: their 'own 'technoIlO,geca II b:realk: th roughs, 'with tlhe: 30'S sad '~ntrodllJlcing s lID galmilng: m[ediu m that set plaryer,s free from tmle need for glasses. But etherthan th at, tlhe: stag:e WaJS a pamde: of galmes, ,~a meis,~ GAM ES. And I!J1nlnke Sony, 'the~'r offerilngs we:rre Il'Iil ore baIIClii'ii'Ged between tlhe: oonsoll,e: alrnd portablle r,eil,e18Se5~ both tme 'wn and 3ns ;g,e:ffi'lng aln eql!lal spotHgM:.

:Some mg'ght say tmlis w,as Iiong: ovelF'dl!l>e~ b uro:: tJh is ysa r N'~nitendo had tih e .s,trolng:est showing of ti1J'I,eis 'ff;or ,gamers ~rn alollJlflld aln ae~ wih'i ch ~'s 'why they diealrlly' 'w'O:rn E3 2®10i"

]S:4l:xc ham,p wf,Wfer revi'ewer


Th~'s my fTiei'iids~, TH ~s 'iIS, tihe: lNiilntelr;Jdo ~ remembe:r, 'the one III ,grrew I!J1p Wlitlh, the N'~ntendo thalt dernlflJeo ~almilng: 'ff:or two generflr-' 'itiion:5~ r,e.fUI1lr1l urng to ~'ts fOl1lm,e:r ,gllorv", '~f'ou coulld say fulr tlhe: mO(5.t part Tit w,as ;!II rus~ of flIO.s,'rnllgja,~ VEt tmey sliillllmaJflIage to revitalliZ!e .some of' tmese 'ilifllta~


M [em.soft cain be

sum med IU palS a 2 ~:ame show 'with Gean, of War 3, and HI a 110 Im:ea[c~. AftEr that tlhey' 'focl!J1Sied 0 n noth ~ng

but Kij'li'Iiect an d it was dreadfull", j UI_5,t lrealily not an

~mp ressiv.e' !ihowilng'~ a nd the' best: stuff was a bum[cml of galri11l es we a[1 rready klnew about

Sony's co rference WaJS Ulnev>eli'li and poorlly paced, but Kevin Bu~ter brought iln so me hu Il'Iil or. irWlT5ted M,etal WaJS;8 lfIJice surprise, and little Ittig Planet 2 its, the onlly' ,Sle;qluel shown ail: thls E3. th at' aetua IIIV I,ooks, progreSlSi!jJ1e' from iJts prede;De'5:sor, The rest: of the Iline IlJ p though? meh, 6T 5. and ~nlFAMOUS :2 were a trailer, Sorcery Ilooked [I ~ke a g:enerii',c piece of *'*'*:*, and Killizo n e 3 look,ed lilke

&;:illizo r;J e 2(ar.s, ~n Iloolk,ed good, but w~y should ~ be '~mp:ressed],. IIIt"s esselntJiallly' Ilike MIcro.softs liln eup of been 'the re, dOli'lie that. EXlGept Tit ma dllmiOir,e' to smrow arid 'WiEt!±iln 't as awkwElfd.

N intei'iid 0 pr,e:tty mueh ,r::il-l 0' I'" -F-b.,,,, ,r::JI,., ...... ~. Th e ~'In,.t:'" ~Il.·· !C II ~ c: ~I ~ U'Ii!I.!. II ,~LI~

mad a stron'l1g: showing_, and tlhe: ,a I1'Iil ount [of d eveloper.s, worklTln,jg: on ~t Tts ~'IfIiSi8Jn,e'", ,SillJlre Tro:: mats, 't'Oo malny console ports.lr,e:11'Iil a kes but it looks good, Z,e,lldal is well Zelda.~ and Metroid !ooked good, but' that just W,aSi1i11t shock'~ng enol!J1g~. DOlflikey I{n:rng C'01lJ ntry ~etulrIi'liS, IK~rby IEp'~c Yarn~ alnd Ejpiic, Mlick,ey' 'were tlhe: f>iE·all su ~prTlSes off' tJh e show. With Ep'~c Mickey ,a m:l Kirby EpiC Y'alfli'li lrealUv tCiiJmilng' out iE15 'the most crrearoo-e ~iEj mes, showm alt tlhe: event tIJ ot to d ilSClreOgt N~n'tend[o.s, ~edorv but the IliEj,dk off' new' II[P,s was dii'saIJlpOii'!i'lJt:in'l1g, and ,s-ee~'n'I1g: Zelda. 'iE'SSie:lThtia~ Ily he;~n,g Zelldal wasn't' v-ery ,aw,e,_inspirilng ,e'Tf1jh er.

OVerEl1i IE] Ih a,d] al bllJ li'lich of good ea me.s, ShOWlfIi, but Tro:: was far too safe and sequ ell dlnT~en ,to rreallly' be

memolriElblle", Ninten do, fllalt out ran way w~tlh it, but that's not 5a~TIi'Il,g much mow its ~t?

writle',' nev,iewl'e.r

Ilea nsa s d ude'200 9

l,e'lfIJjoyed M~'[cm.soft:!'s E3 press eonterence, I knOW' that I aim cme of the few'who d~d~ but III [cain li'liot d,e'Ii1Y the, [0001 appeal ,Of' Kiln ect, Bult fUr5,t,~ M ~croSioft sta rted as tlhey needed te w~tlh ,a

~a mdff'UlI of mature t"UtII es ,d]isplaryed for alii of ~,ew York. to see iln l~me

SqlU are", ~ was laugh~'1fI\g at tlhe fa et that ch~lldrerli we:rre w.atch~'1fIi,g as

Ralid,e;n I.S, blade 'from M,etal Gealr Sollid Rising: [cult bod les '~n slow

I1'Iil otton as iff'tmey were 1l'Iil.a,dle off' butter", I got [cmliliis 'wtn,e'li1i II SiElW the o[)(s-r padi s~oot th rough the atmosphere to reveal space b<attles from whioh ~ ]hav.e: w,a lfIoc,e;di 'kol1'lf1l tme

:starlT:o:x franchise for y-ears. ~t tnJlly Tts, a dream [Dome true. :Some e~cll!lsiv.e: dowmloadab lie eontelr;Jt'ff'or ca~11 off' Duly, some Gj,ears of Waif ,3 ao1tio:rn, a it,able ] teaser, and a new Crvtek: galme teaser aJlII ,ad ded to tme sense 'tmralt MT crosoft TIS, lfIJot ,goiln,g to fo:rget tlhe:~r [Dore baS€~, eveln if ~ iffit [ol!ltsT.dle thart

for _ XBOX 360

'WWW. am espot.clD m

llhis is t~e pOifllt 'wh,e~re ri'IfI nst 't~mJl:gjht: tlhe~ QOrllff,"er,e~li1iCe took ,a nose d ilve ~'li1lt,o a dee[pi he I[e fro m 'whielre M~"Cirosoft: eeuld lfIJot retulrn. 11, howevEr~ diS'a~ree'. 'Vo~',ae aotuwit,e;di ccntrols are ;j3J v~'sil[)ili1i of the rernotless future ,t~iElt ~ thi 1fIJk: M~"GIf050ft: ~'s sma rt to expelrim,e~li1Jt in" 'Vid'iE;o chat with 't~e TV 'whl~ I[e it ifOUOW5 ''lfIOIlJ alroulmd ylOiur room ~'s also s eoel 'realhllre. Goin~ througlh menus 'with ymJ r rua nd ~'s a naturiEll ext,e~lfIJsTliJrli '00 modem IJ..IlSie'r '~nter'iface. Fa'De~ r,e;c)og)n ittiion is, an iE,d)varmem,e,nt thst can ~o miles 'for ,easv~ naltulr,a I[ ~f1ItterifCllceos, that demit requ'~r,e~ ,a li1ry hassle, K~nect is a piEln: ,of Utie future but III ,a m saddened by th,e~ IJ..Ilfll~'li1t,e~r,e'5tiin,g ,mfi.WClJrE presented. You a~ reaJ0Y kIm ow' of this 5oftWOire" 50 ~ wonlt ,g'o ilnto it

I'-m posim''!Ile tlhat MiCirosoi ls 10iJkil'n1\g: '~nto tth,e~ future WlTth IKlTinect and 'WE WlTII[ eVElnrua[llty ~e some cool uses, I do not 't~iln k it is 'wise Tor 1!J1S, tgiElme rs t,O dlsrmss Tit as.a mere 'Wli'~ ripoff. I 't~iln k it is a leo'irtimate st,e~n iln

,9 n--'

,g;aim~'n'l\g that we wm not s-ee ~:o

away. Alccept tlhat rlIOWI but 'wi!llit to embrace it and 'VOU wiilll[ saVoe~ YolJ..llrs-e[lf some stress, Ws just unfortulnatte that M lcrcseft doesn't h ave tIJ iflltendlo to produee .software Tor Tit.

~ IOflo!ledl N~'li1Jt,e~lfIJdo's show'~n.~ snd the best part 'WEtS, tlhat, ' off' trueir bu·tm:eo!5,t alnfllounCie~me~li1its ca me ,after thetr ,oonrerelrJIDe-. .lus,tt lii'ke 'their show '~n 2005 'whielr;l Hiley ann ou need SUlper ,S(mash Brothers ittriElwl after tihe~ ,s!h owimg: of Twi[lT\gjht Pr'~noeS:5." IPrim,e~ 3." aJnd SMG.~ Ullis time 't~ev demenstrated Z:eld a: Sky'wBrd ,Slword~ D-onk,ey' Koli1\g Country Retufnsl Kirby".s. IEpflc

'Y;a rnriIl Mettro~'d: Other M" cain d K~d ~'C8Jrus 31D'S ollUly to lalt€~r allflJflIOUfll'Ge ~alFio Kaln: 3JDS" PalP;e~r Ma r'~o 3IDS~, ,Af!f~ma I[ Clfo5s'~ng

31D'S~ St.a nfox: 641 ,3;051 Zelda: 0011' 3D'S" ,a IfIJd more! lflhTIs. '~ncredi[ble iElri'IfI ou Ii1lt of '~niformafjjon WClJS on[lv' malde be:ft,e~r by sOlmetth'~li1\g lN1ilnielmdo l!J1Sua[llty doeslfIJ't halve::: 3n::l Palrty SU[pipo:rt.

Nilntelr1 do TlS, ;g:etrtifllg .Siome ,sweet el(dus~''lJes, oomirlillJi un. ~ ~.

IN1BA JaJm ~'s ;j3J f1I rDe ,ad diij'oli1J 'ff,"or

. XBOX360


~ng cOlnfer,e~li1ice but NOll beca use of the casus I[ tows! I h ave no problem wmatsoeV1e r wiJljhi eompalIUies 1Jry~ng ito mainstream tJhe;~r business, [I[n

fact, i completely agree wTJt~ this d~'recmn n.

Cn nsol es are tOy5,~ boxes t~i8Jt can pro/ji~de us. wiil:~ a pretty versaltil[e form of d ilg)Ttal stimulla-· tion, ,a IfIid [I ~k.e any other bi,g console rna ker,

M ~cro.s-oft walnts to ru I e· the Ii'il~ng room wNh their ,own prod uct, arnd to do that they need t,O please 'CiN1talin demo~r.a phics that the 360 .s~'mply did lfIJot ester to, A Ita rger focus OIflJ 'ffim~lly' '0 rrii',e-li'llt,e,rj prod uets is iEl no bramer at this poifllt and i hav.eIfIJO ,dlou bts that this will be TH IE: business, model adopted by the Big :3 from IfIJOW' on.

Pr.olbl[em ls, the"brniln II seemed to be the 'Ofll~"i" o:rea IfIJ not used iln tJhe~ develop ment of the Kinedl,s .soft,ware liln e-up [.at least li'lJott crEait!ivetv]. ... beea UlS-e al~ i .s;aw was a carbon copy of 1:\I~'Ii1)-' tendo's 'W~i arnd IDS

1113 IlJlnm stratte,gy:~ ri'IfI asked by'tth,e- lfIJewness. of the perip:rn era[I's cOli1ltroUelr-· free- g;aJmepltay.

Wiii' SIPorh;?, !ChJ,edk.

Wi~· Sports ~e'so:rt? I!Jlm ~um. IN1mnt'e'r1 dogs'? Yup. ~:alriO Kart WiW? 'You betdlla" aJnd bestdes my

.,. til", t

'!3WII1I 0plllnllD:1l1 I(~al, some

'00 these ,gam,e's leek teo much I[ike many of 'the Wir's erElpp~ third pa rty a1itempts alt ,cas~ilng: ~'1fIJ OIflJ

·~dl'M···f d

IIUln lIcflI 0 S .... II oc::use,

fr,aln chisel' 'tth~'s ~'lfIJiaa I[ l[iflle-lJ..Ilp oT IlIlme ttooll pmd-

I1JlcB ,Sie;e~1l1fll to be~ a pretty IJ..Iln~'li'liSjp;~red artiltempt art

ilih U lila Elirdrofli Ell I[urilng: ~'1fIJ ithe Wii Clmwdl. ~

wrlt,er, crapJdc. aS5lu med tthail: to do SOil eld~o.rdi1:l~JFe lfIJew ide..as UlmdelF'the

tor Airca de [lovers" and t~e Goldeln Eve exc!usiv.e· wil[1 defilnill:,e-Ity be tJhe FPS to ~et forthose scared of Th e (n:rn duTIt ,2., also roo ming this fa 1[1. However~ ill: its, lE!p[c

M [ckey that shou lid get the most attenne 1fIJ. m'sneyl':s; great ruero~ M ick,ey is 'Dornilng: for an e p[c game~, lEipic Mid;)ey'! Howeverl '~t: was true :3 DS that ste I[e the show. M,etall Gealr so I[id~, Res~dent E'!I~II ASS'i3SS~·IfIJ'S Creed1, Su per .street Hghter 4, PTOfeSi50:r lLaryto n, Ghost Reco:ml Splnli1liter 'CeI[I: Chaos Th eory~_ allflJo so rnlllJch more. Tn!!I" tmle.s-e anli110ILJ IfIJcements, are u IIUprecedelnted for aJrliy laluflloh let a Ilone- a ~'~ntend,o lemln cml. ~ intendo plarnlrJIe:d1 to support t~e sysi,e,m a l!orli'~ I[ike tlhey' :allway5 do 'withi am ifllCired'~ble I[ine-Ulp~, brut 3lfd perties ~ave created a l[il1le-ulp that a[lreaJ0Y el&ceeds ]iO 'itiItl[e.s,,, 10 titJ'I,e's W1Tthout any hlVlpe from any' almj~',e-li'lJee! lnered'~ble",

N iflltefll,dld's cOlnference ruad al few [low' [P:Oifllts" such as l,elldal's, 'ff'rT\gjhteln ifllC deblU~, some sales ta I[k and casliJ1alllbr'~d,ge titlJ,iE's. Ho1W-' ,everl the sheer amoliJlnt of '~nformatIion about!: tmle ma~jc;all 3 [)S made me 'ff,"e;e-I[ I[ike I 'WELS, ten yealfs ol[d", Zelda ill rned olJ..llit to cO:ll1tlfol just fiflle and 'we will II ,Sie;e~

ri'Ifl ore ,Of it arnd we' will become mOIre and ri'Ifl ore ,exeTrted. Mettro~'d: Other M" IDoli1ikey KO:Il1;g", and Kirby a 1[1 hJave me extremely e'.>:!ciit,ed as well... 1P~'kmim ,3; is .smlll on the~ hO[1TzolfIJ alS we[lll. ~I-.Sg:o'~n,g to be~ aln e'.>:!cian,g yealr for N~'IfIJt,e~lfIJdo:l! 1E3 TI5 ]lJ..Ilst'tthe beg:'~lIUflIii'li1\g.

S'o:n(,s ,QJiIi1Jifelrem:e was just ittOIR~ ~'~:I!

SiElme p:remTl5e of a cae'ssiiibil~ty .a IfIJd ILJ IfIJco:m pro-

Mliausoi: Prettv de~pre.ss;-' mised gameplay' 'wn IJ..Illd

'WWW. am espot.clD m

be CIJ gondl p IlalC€! to sta Iit~ instead 'we ,g,et the: same ,s;tJuflf 'welve seen beff:ore but WlTtlh a ... ,~i-cheesy-[jtS-,glood ... SIOI',S, tov~I~'ke name aritlt.adlled to Tit [GO ~]INlIE(THVIAILS )

W'e Ih ave come fulll c'~rde. ,Alfit,e:1f yealrl's of ,s~mililar eenseles 'wrth CIJ simililla If focus ... aludierme: alli1Jd so1fi!twar,e: lin,e:-up fi,gmrtiln,g fOIf mJlIf w.a Illets,~ th e ind ustJry rualS, 'tllJlrneo ba ck: to the liJne Icompe:ttt'tor that offered so:mle:th~n,g d~ff:e'If,e:li'lJt sn d de;c'~ded lfIJot DlflJ1V to 'ronOW' its, basic Ipre mTlS-e1' but

'['", "" r,e-,f' ·III:'~ 11""'lilldlo!"'i'~"'n- .. dh-,"';-e-'t .... 4=

IlU' O!JI _-, u II" CIJ:r ,- ..... '!I~I ' .... ,:Jl_ C _- .. , uU

ca rben palper and trace down 'true 'Wiln niln:g: 'fformUlI\a to a tee",

My advice:?' Use 'ttt~e salli'lflle ca I11rVCliS Tff you mU5t.~ demit c:op!!f' true damn paintliln:g: too.

NllltlJllE~ II}O: Whalt can I salV 'trualt has not been salin allreCIJdy?' ~t was per.sonallly ... and dare i say ob~edively ... the Ibe.st IE3 conference not .ol~a lfIJilled by KOlflja m~.

The palcii'li1i,g a In d focus w,as pretitv much spot on ami 'for true 'tfti'rst tim,e\. fl{~ntend,ol,s, b~g w~gs. hai\i!iTli'l\g fUln on ,stag:e and on vil'deo,~ ,as 'wen ,as proudlly- em~:rralcifllg color and IlJIpll'irflii'li1i,g 'trueme.s in the'~r bigg,e:1f g;almesl, ended up 'w'O:rlk'~ng in tlhe~r 'fuvcmr. ~ say truis because even truougjh n~'lntle~n dOI~ joie die: vi V If€!: 'ifiillosophy is not a palm'cullalriy new one" true "iIil'olel'llt~ grey allfljdlor Ibrown 'm'nted shooter ss a ma,ljo:r ICClJllnn,g ca rd is ... ~' tlh~nlk... ,g,e:ttili'l\g: a bit 101i1i,g: '~n 'the t.o:otru 'Of 'tme died icated garner, lrue entire 3D'S presentation ClJl1Id games

lilke Epic M~'lckey~ Donk,e!'f' Koli1i,g CountJrv Rehlrl1ls, Zelda Skyward Sword arne Kilm¥' IEpic Yarn1' pr'OlI.r.~dled ,a much needed dose off' p05ritilV€ ,e~n er~,y ... lTinvel1lm'v-e: des~glflj alnd ,oomfortab~,e: hlmil~'arity.

~t waSH ,a perfeat cOlnfer-, ence 'themgru,~ M irvamoto w,as dealrl, Ih ~dd ~ng h~'s ulfges to .strarnglle 'whoever 'wa,s, reSpDIi'Ii-' ,Sli'ble 'ff;or ,st'.a\g:,e: testirl\g: tlh e'~r cOlnfereli1iCe 'with ruis tIJ un,oh uck cord aln d ZeldCIJ Sk,vward SWOIM IS expected ~'mpa ctfu Iness, was lalrgelly' de1i1l ated by Tits velry DIU 1fIJcil1lemattit" a IfIjd galmeplaiY 'fncmed plre.Sie:l11rtam'o:n. At'th'il5 po'~nt~ ~Im lPe:rI'50lnally 'tfti'lfIje 'with

tlhe:~r eho ~ae or forusilng: em concept ~'li1iS,tea d of

gOD.5-eib urn IP'- iflid uciln:g'~, flamboyalnt tJralilers but it does elflJd up dowfll plaly1lng th,e: ~amel,s ~mportanlice somewih at.

Sp,e~k~ng off' dowrll piaiViT lfIj,g shrff~, true 'Vita lliity sensor w,as 1fIj0'iMrn,e'If'iE' to be seen. N intendc's expllaln amoli1l 'W-aLS, that ,e"",en 'though ~t was Ifleady to be presented, E3 wa:~mt the be£.t efliviro'mlent to reveall itt. Th e press procla ~ms tlh is as ,a "wise deC!Ts~oIfljD an d ~' die CIJ Ili~Ue lTin.s~de !!I15 the absollurt,e,l, diSlglusang ca mpali,gli1i 'Of pressUlnTli'l\g: compan ~e5 to mide alnytruilng: 'ttt~art might fulll ~nto the easual end of itme spectru m eonnn U1esJ' b ut '~ dii'glress. Alii ~'m all, it w,as eme of tIJ ~flItendlo"s most en]loyabllle: preseflltaltioflls in yealll's and i'm ,extJremelly' intelrested in many or their IlJIproming 'tiritlle.s,,,

Whait mDrre ,oould i IPn:ssi-' bly walnt? Olh yealh~, Pilkmii'li 3, .... ,a IfIjd a b'i\g Pdk,em on Wi~' ol'llinne IRPG!

SON!¥::: tIJ ott' much ito sayruere ... III 'wamted O~ IE th ~ng from this cOl11rifelrem:e",.,j d ~d IfIJOtt' ,get Tit.

Fu mito Uedals next pro]ect was disappo'~nanglv absent and we 'were left 'wrth amazing hii'gh Il~gnrts such as: 'GilrElfll 'iruIfTlS!mO 51s rellease date1, a palylTin,g ,onlnne 'vle:rrsio~rll of P'SNI,~ .sOIi'Uy'IS e.l(peln.s~'ve alnswer ito 3,1I} 'technology '~n galmiln:g'~ more dHps from g;almes we: a Ilrlet.aey' kli'liew about, a In d [)a\l!id Jalffel,S wor.st keptt' ,SieiCrett' eV1er",

~O'w:~ Tit w,asnt' s BAD confer,e:lfljce per se ... Tit was D'll.:Ist al boriln;g: one 'that ifnCll.Jls-ed too much ,on stllJlifiF no-one calre£ about' 'ff:or w,ay' ,too IO:Il1\g;" Deall wTrt~ Goc:a...i(olla to prom ote Move? SOli1iVIS PSP mCIJrketti'ng lcalmpa~'~)n{? IButielF' p Il.Jlmp~'li1i,g up tlhe: clfowd w'~tlh .s,tereo1tflpT ca I~ lfIjerd elmlPoweriln:g: d r'fivel? Yeah~, not so ruott'. ~rut'~ do IlJInde:rf'staln d wihy theV did tJh is", so:nV ~'s re-ii'rilillagin'~ng true Pllaystam'oli1l blfemd allfljd w'm pusm tlhe:~r new' malrt)e:ttilng: d e.vices at' amy :gu'ven dhanoe'. liB not

Sys.rEM,W,ARS MONrHILY' JU NE ,2.010

leasy to "re-brand" a popular prod uct ruallifway th rrougml its Ilie...lspan and IE] was tlhe: perfect eond uit

But Ilets ta Ilk about what Ifleal~y' matters, the ea m es, Gran Turisme 5" Killllzoli1Je 3" Uttlle B ilg Pia net 2: arnd 'irWlTsted Meta II allf,e' all II look~n,g good ,a Ii1Id St,eam on 1f'S3 its, a neat add irtion on a systlem that ruas b-e;e:li1i ... appallfle'Ii1i'tliy, cff GClJbe ~Iewle,lllls raear up t1li1itill now. Re,~ard ~ng IMollloej. lt really is the' doseost repreductton of lfIJil'lltendo"s eorttrellers, both physically a nd sp~'Il1TtJuallliy, tlhel!.l' could eerne 1lI II) 'with

, ,~ ~.

wTitruo~t Ih laving ito send am army off' I awyer.s, 'flyimg to the courthouse, and even though, a15 a COli'li.SlI.H'lTIerJ' th~'s oompll,ete lack or Icrreartiiviit'!( on th,e~r part its, CIJ bi\g:

dlisapoilntlmlent., ill m

allm ost sure n WlTlll 0 1!JJtIliv-e~, outsell and outperform I~ r,eview'-WiTse)

M [clflos.offls IKlTli1iect.

lmle 'foll.Jlrlld atiiOli1i for the: Move i15 a solid one ... it rua:s be;eli1J hi ed and tested by'thle' Ilead COIm pe.titOIf and SiOfily has. ruere true oportu li1Jity to :5.k~p the wmloll,e' tJni'al-aln d-errer phase M [crosoft 'Cll.Jlr-

Ifle ntl'y' f nds rts-ellf in.

To fin i15 h tJh is oifiF~ ruerel.s, the fa mrm'ar and

pO~'l11rtlleoss ol~]ectificaltiion of someth~'li'Ii,g su b]emv-e by you rs trll.Jllly,; ~ he'lf,e'by ,dlecialr,e SonY's eonter,e:li1Jce true (d is,talnt) second beos,t cOl1'lJference of the b.g three. Extr,a distance givelflJ o~er true lack, of The Last 'Giuardi!am!:!!!

'WWW. am espot.clD m

C :~~I:~~~~ :;r;~~~s~he:

In othiln(g" lFor most of tlhe: g.a ming 'w'Ollild" !Era ekdown ls more likeliy CiJS500Tated w'~tlh Hue H;!Illo 3, beta th at wa.s piE eked '~li1to it, lFilJlr me I1H}wever~ ICra ekdown was sn a mazilng: eX1per'~ence mn 'Mgjhtin1\g: !crlTme !El15 a sert of SllIpeli Hem '~1i1J 'tra'~Ii1iilng;" lho IiJJgjh this eX1per'~em::e 'wn I!J1ld lster be su 11- passed by :games 5l1J1d~ ;!ILS, Illnffamous a Ii1Jd P.nltiQ'tvple,~, 'the g.a IrIflle',S; d efin~'lTh,g fealtJu r,e: w,as the CIlb~(lliity' tn take thTlS, dhalillen,ge. on withl a buddy OIi'Jj 'y1our side", ,So 'whelr;l I 'ff;cmln d eut thatthe demo of CradkdmMini 2: W'aJ.S, being: made: aivaillalhlle with 'H~e fulll 4 pllaye:1I c.u0p' support I call1,en up a few good fans of the ollTgD'li1ia II ,a Ii1Jd we: dove stra~'ght ~'Ii1J. Whartt 'we found was a gElme that was ;!II healthy mToctulre off' li1Jew' a,nd old that kept us coming back we,1lI lb:eyoll1ld the, d ern o's 30 m~i1Iurt,e: time: limit,

Iljle the 'irrst game~ Crackdown ,2, willi pmli~de you wTlthl al sma,IlIITLS,[, of u[p~ra,da,ble alh~liilti'es ,_, Agj[nty, Strrelng,tth1, Guns" Explosives, and IDllirvilng~, Dff' these, Strrelng,tth ~as ,Sie;e:1i1J the least ammJ1rlitt' of change ... prmi~dilng: 'tttlie sa me .set of improvem,elrrts

~ljh II'OW cars, g)m Ulnd po I!J1nd, berserk rush, ;!Ind so on] w~th the add ed abi Ilitty' of he~'n1\g: ablle to Inn:: turrets [more OIi1J that later].. Aigj[nty ,still[1 lets you jump h~'rghelr aflld run faster as '~flcm ~'mpro~e nne abmttv~, bUit '~t 'Domes wirthl a

In e'IN perk ,_, at II,e~el 5~, yOI!J1 get a

~ - . 1l..,1- '-.'11 'i;J' !l-h-' -!I- ""'~ I

'1ll1.gll"UL .sWill,,; res .. 'IL . ~s ,SlIlJlrIL 'llt::e s

more Ilike th,e: w~ng ca p frorn 's!!J per Malr'ro 64 ~except a thousand times, more ulnw'~eloy),~ but wii'tJh t~e r~ghJt amou Ii'Ilt of skilll you g~lill1l a new appree~ation of the game's verti'CaJI~tYI soaf~ng ito places yo U1 cou lid In ever dim b to and ma,kiln:g: places y.ou cou lid d ~mb to fa r rn ore aDDe's_s~'ble.

Unll ~ke Strrelng,tth and ,A,g'~li11y~, IDr'iivilng', Explosiv>e'5" a,li1Jd 'GiIU ns no Iblnger lrn pro'(f.ie: yOll1f' power. Illnstead1, they

un Ilock new' ,ttoy:s for 'ycm to p~ay WiUII. []riving un lodks powell vehi~'de5 hom the ,A,g,e:li1Jcy1's, ars.eln 13[1, ~'Ii1J(::lud ing s ,S!!J peres r that's halrJtdly for 'Hue ,g.am,e',s e~ecklp'oint races, alli1J s~v th at can jump a Ii1Jd drive a Iiong: v-e:m'call surfaces, almo at lev-ell 5~, ,a tan k

'6alpiablle off' stea rilflr-rd Iling your opponents, We 'were U li'lia ble te tlry out the Ih elicopt,e'r; however, as ~eve~ 0 a,billTrti,e'5 'were not

ava~ Ilabie in 1I:~e tril13 II. With the gu IIhS, abUittv~ new ttn¥.s, ~'li1Jdude retu rnn ~ng 'rn'lforiit,e'5, sueh as the ma rpooli1J ,gUfll, and tih e game~.s.

"In eVil hotn e5Sr~ '" the UV shotguln. Surpassed ornliy' b¥' the eXlpllosTl\I"e pottentil'iIlll of the 1Fil0ddrt

[_;au ncher, th e U1jJ slh o~g1Un's dla~'rnl t,C!! 'ffame Tts. the a[b~li1i'V te seflld ,a lTh'!fllh~'n1\g: fUYii'n1\g aeross 1:Jh e screen ail: ,a Ii'Jj ilnsane speed", ~rom the first 'til'me you lalli.l1I1Idh ,a tlmdk alt a group of escap~'n1\g: ,e'lfliemies ... you~'11 fa III iln love with tlhe: weapon an d inelJJer let it

g:o ... art lea15t mot Il.J1ntill you get you r malnds OIi1J the eXlpllod'~ng dudk [The [I,e~el ;) eX1plo5uve Uln~oek.)", Ra~'silng: these albi[ITItiE5

ori,g'~nal ea me. Sbe ngth, []riv'~ng. EX1plosrves ,a Ii1Jd GIU ns are stilll pnTrn a mfl, increased bV kil[nli1J,g yo tJlr oppen ems. wTrthJ the ;[Ijb~e albi[1 ilti,e'5. ICombat rnasn't changed much; you w'm stilm ta lIg:et ,e:li1Jemies by lodk'~ng onto speoTfic, body palITs. Me[I,e;e: combat is .s1tiI[1 rather u nsattst,i'ln;g: Ulntill you cain go lntn berserk rn odej. art whidh po'~nt yOlu litter,a Il~ rUIi1J thre U\gm your ,e'l1lemies. PaoTfie C~ty a ppar:._ ,e'lfIltliy eX1ports 1fI am ma ble obj,eds, though, as there are ,e'lfmugih or tlhe:m to lFep[lay t~e 'Greartt ,dh~cag:o ~ire. lhiese' cans maiY be your oli1Jly way to '~ncr8ase you ,explolSiv1e'.5 ,skil[1 at flrst though, because 'your sta m'ng: grenades .are pr,e:tty baedl. lme o:nly th~ng WOlr51i2' than ., [(5 the

ea me's .sell,e;ctiiolfli of ea rs, Put simlPltv~ if ymtre iln one, y.ollre not plaryilng ttn,e: game InTght. As~'de from the ,Agency ears that ;Eir,e: ,adualilly usefu II ... 'the maK oritry of the calme's v.e:mlides i3IIf,e: mea I1'IIt to be 'throwli'li,~ li'liot' d If'fiveflL, 'The five of '~ou wlh 0 Inked ,dlrhfiTn1\g: in Cr,adkJdloWlrn 1 Wlillll'feell IfTtgjht at horne Iher,e:, wiith tlhe game~'.s, longer t~alli'li i1I,e,cessarv dh eci!;;,,point races to comlP~et,el, insane stunt InTlng:s. IFrea ks, also rnake a li'liice ,Slqju~'shy

SOIU I11id wmen rou Il1IJ n OVEr them too.

SpeaklTIi'Iig of IFrea ks, the fJa me's most su Ifpris'~li'Ii,g new' add iitiiOfii TIS Tits inclf,eaSied ifoc!!J1s on s:tcuy'. Pla¥er.s of the ori,giIn all {)ra,ckdown wii'lll rernernber a v1a~ue: hit n'st 01[' clf~mimd 'ti3lr~:ets, being the gist of the stoll' ~'1i'Ii the ~a me'. Here ...

d ~eloper R.l!Jlffian Ih as tr'~ed to orei3111:,e: a 1Jm~y' terlf'~ble sitllJat'iJtiOIi'li ... wTrtm a t,e:l1lrolf'ilS,t ,glfOUp Iknowl11i i3(5 The rCell1 lful!ilng: the streets dUInTIi'I\g tlhe: dary~ ,a ad zorn bie-lnke mutated creatures ca Illed Freaks, Ih a ffiSi5ilng: 'the dtlizeflls alt li'Ii~g~. Withiln 'the deme, however~, tlhilS, arttttempt art a ,s,tolry on~y' res!!J1lted ~'1i'Ii a 'few scattered aud io Ib,gs, 'that 'we fii,e:ver bothered I ilS,tEn~'lfIi,g to a I11id an u nskippa ble wtsoe:li'lie that only ,s-erv\ed to make !!J\S frustrated a nd d tstra ded us from 'the fun ,e,xperiernce we: we:If,e:


[Iif y.iJu~'ve ihe;e:111i p<ay'~n,g artttteniJti'o:rn so far; yorullll l11io1ti'ce my' p:reff;e:lfelnoe: fer 1U.s~'Ii'I\g: "we:~ ~'IfliS,tei3ld of the proper ,i\llI) •

That's not a mis,talke - 'thIlS

fJa me is bu'~1it fer the: oooipelfa'tiV1e: ,experience", [Evervtth~'li'Ii,g riJU~Ve seen de'sclFibe.d 'Wi315

d isrovered by ,4 '~li'Iinoceli'lrtt 'ff'If'~elflids aLS, we attempted to save PaJci~',c (itry 'from 'the

m urtalnt '~nfei()1ti'o:rn. Any of 'tt~,e· ea mes, mTlssUo:n.s, (:wmlich '~n the d eri'lfl 0 oonsiilS,ted of attadkifllg a (ie,111 stnDli'li,gmolld amd defelrnd-, ~'Ii'I\g: bea oems) cam be complet,ed cooper:altn\l'eiy~ i3(5 can alii oif th,e: game~s ch,e;dkpo'~nt

lraces,,, Most of you If ,ooolp:e:lfa-

'm-e 'ff'Uln w-on~t be flmm t~es-e structured missicmsl hH1Vllevelr~ but from the sa I11idlb:o:x: itsellf. Fro:m th e mo:m,e:1i'Iit yo I!Jl UV .smo~g:Uln youll fr'~end into tme 'wi3lt,e'lf ,[,al11id lnu'~n nile car

h~l'5, d rTrviIn,g)1 y.iJU w'~11 ~njo¥' evelry ,explo(Sicm~ ,e:\l'erv lralid ... ;!illi'li(j ,e""ery' stu pid ,a,e'ru'all stunt yO!lJ1 p Ulil becaus-e someone e!Sle: was there to see it or ,g,e:t blown up by Tit. By comb~'li'Iiifiig th~'s sandbex 'with a develr set of am ie'VemeflltsJ' ,SlU eh as. ,causilng: 30 explosions iln 50 ,S'eDiJnds,~ 'Oi3 ckdown 2. performs artilt5 best 'wheln yo urre ar\foid~'Ii'Ii,~: th e repeitUtive missions 0 If the lsme alttempt at a stOll',!; alrnd lUs.t try'to Ihav.e: fun 'with 'voUlr.s-ellf and YOIU If bud dies.

Based on 'the demo 'we've pllarv\ed ... r[r,adkdowlTh 2: ls, at uts, Ih ealrt~ mOire of the Oracbk~'wH1l YOlu lovedl 011 hated :3 yeallS i3go. The gllJl11iS i3IIf,e: sail ri'IfI o.s.tllv' lalme,~ th e driving is .siJtilll uflIli'liece'5sarYl all11id tjhe: misslons IfIiOW mave two flavors instead of oli'lie. H'!J'wevelr~ if YOIlJllre ln t,own 'rolf th e best ,ooope'rraitiJ!lle ,XlJflIdbox experience tjhTLS, ,g,e:li'lier.aiJti'oli'li,~ tlhe'li'Ii tt's time to ,g,e:t busy~ Ag:elnt~

'The as a nd As.,

Q" W~Ni!ltt Is thWs [l1lew daMk:err' 'ttom2! a II albout?;

True, YO!!J1 alr,e: g)Tven a sellection '00 choices fu:r ~ow you walnt you If agent' to leek whelr:i YO!lJl fir.s,t start tmle ea rIIfllpal~gli'li. Siln ae:

YOIU If ,d'lli3llfaiDter wea lIS i31 hell me't fer the rest of Ih ~s career arft,er tJhe: first 'iJti'me you level lIlp an ab~!i1ty~, t~O!IJ~h ... tJhilS, ls silly to tlh,e' pe ~m of just beilng: ~'li'Ii

beca liJlS-e the ,ori,g~nal galme had irt.

SaldlYl your Cl\g,e:li'liC¥ vehidles ne Ilofii~lEr transform as you !evel !lJ1P", hl oillestl, thougml" did

alnyon e realll, m'~no I os~ng tmle batmob~ lie' desi\~n off' th at sup e:lfcalr:?

Q. O'n ,I sea Ie of TIc .. Tac-Toe' to EVIl: Onill[~le', ,i;lbo!ut ho,w dl'ffIell I~: Is th!@ n~lht 5~llt '~o mas~e'r?

c, A!~e all of tlnle' ilre'nades 1[1 the Illmle bad?

~~s not: as hard as irt fir.st: seems, but be: prepalred for Uffim'li'Ii,g wTrtm .styll~) fer y'ou If "r.s,t co Ulple of Ih au lIS 'with it,

~ot real Ilv~ just the .s.talrtili'li,g: 'ones.

To cOl1'lfllplem,e'l1'IIt th e new game's story of ' terrorism b¥ dary and £Dmb~e ,a pocalyps.e b¥ nigtrrtt:~ th e color pal~ette off' Orackrl'!J'wflI TlS, allot hei3rver 0111i the ~afker colers tha IfIi the o:nTgilnall game. This 'feell~'Ii'Ii,g off' darkness TIs. supplemelnted b¥ Pi3 cTfie Citv's new looi!;;,~

fu III of ,sm!a 1i'Iirty' towns and destroyed bllJ~ 1!d1ilng:s. mhTLS, TIS, ,SJ1ti1111 Pi3lcTfie CilV~ howelVerl i3IIi'1iO yOIU willi veil' q !!J1idd:y' kJrnow' wlhe:lfe YOIU ,a Ife '~n 'the citv Iby'the Ilall1ldmi3lrks left Olll>e:1f from the first ,game".,e:ven 'th(llse Ip.ralm'arlly bUlIf'~ed ~'li'Ii rubble nmlV'.

Sys,rEM,W,ARS MONrHILY' JU NE ,2.010

, , t




o \0


Ln r-,

W;e dm!li"t if'!Ielill rate evay simgle game_ SaJrt15 iure' IDeaIil-mgiess ... 'dIe)!' do oodlimg otfilelf'thiln tJ:! diSllilct the rreaderfF!Jf1IlI reillllimg the Iff'lliew_

W;el1~ not all soorres;are IlDeal!limgiess ... sill~_ Bwt ~I!te' games,1mt lreceive'these srorif5 iilli'e'jmt IPta- FAIL

iIbesf g~m~ are deIrent. iilnd WE like tbern_ Blilt itne'ir bwlts d~a!Nil)' itoo mom fmm'lhe game ito make' Wli !really'rke' them,

We reily lit.e these giIIDe'.!i ... 'Ih~ hiI'IIe t.I~r but tMir pros Owtweigl!tl tl'leir coos b1 a goodl IDiIrgin.. ThI5e,iR 1Ny

!JWI1: games..


S·· .'.' ~'~maJ Ha 11m ontcs ~'s a D'S , . ~alme re~ealSed ~n 2008

" ..•..•.• 1 only in J1alpan. It klillow5

the story [of Sigma &urogalmi,~ an ord~'ln a II'!f h~'gtn sehool student wih ose falmily gUla rds a [h ug[e' clock whidh seals tme

d emon Duma." UnfoITUlnat[e,ltv one day, as t!he wOlrld .sudldelnltv [lay in ru ins, 50 yean, h ave mY.Soterio Uls[ly ,gone by and his [past r[ewllilut)e'lill me ''iI'I.fo,rllc5 WlTtJh [h[s, friend Neorn fSUI[kiylumi ito solve the 'V'aJrio UlS, [case's so h its.

[I irfe can return to nOllma[l. Seeing ss h ow' this ~'s al Japa-

In e:5e g,a mel III 'will II do mv be.s,t ito eX1pla~n it from wlh at III understandl.

Sil,glma Harmo nics its an adventure ,gam[e' th at 001111l][bines with RPG elem[e'lilIt5. It IS [played UlSU'rug the' D5 iln the book stt "fe to rmet (simillar to Bra ~n Age i:llind Hotel D UlS k) iln wih ich the touch scree'lfIj is your ma~'n'li !fOIlI111li ou' ~nteradilng' WlTtJh Si,gl111l a or Neom. :Si,gma is a [pecUlliar fell ow~: he's al "SO und user", m[ean~ng he can use

SOIU nd to snoop to II d ues, to see certain events in the paLSt and rnuch more. Neo n on tme eth er hand is YOIlJ II fighter to r this g,a I111l el throUl,ghollt the' random [battll[e;s 'you encounter, Neon WlTlI be who YOIlJ r[el, on.

ma Ha monic S'"

. ", .. ".. .. "' ".' ..

. ' .'" ." I . .

:.... . .... . . ' .

. ',: . ',' r .' ' .

she ilSnl[t as bright aLS, Si,gma1 but she makes up fOil irt wirtm [iE'l:)Qe,li!ent demon fighitili1i,g style. lou rn a'~li1Jly explore wirtmifll the: rna lfIiSi[Ofll;!, this ea Ii1i ~:eiI: a li1tli:le borilng: as yo UlIIi be [e,xnloru'li1ia th e same areas 6

~. ,~

times in a III the chapters, the . . wealrs ,a little.

fh e game breaks down ~nto separate e~[e:m[e'IfIJt5,~ the adventure ell[e'l111l E!'IfIJ1t5 wih teh YOll use' Sii'gmal and th e' R,P'G

[e,1 ements which YOll use N[eun for. lme adve ntu r[e'

[e,1 ements are es.sentifal[ly

sim~'1 a II to othe r detectilve games sudh as Phoe n i[X Wri,ghtl you Ulse' :Sigmal to ifi nd d ues, 'With the' .s1tyll!JlS YOIlJ cain tap away ail: 'vario UlS obJeds that m~'ght tri,gge r an ~mportant due' or an ~l111lipontant eventl irt wm also aUow you to trnvel th rough tim[e us~n,g the cI oek in the midd Ie of the I111l a nsion, lime travelli'ng its



s i l VU Rcross

an ~'mpoTtalnt ,asp ed to solvilng: the v,a lIi,ous mu IIder cases, youl~ II enco Ulnter. EX1pllolrilng the mansion iln di1IT[e'lre nt parts, of the days, offers, up ~Mffer[e'Ii'IJ1t itmings an d opens up mIDII[e' dlues to r Si,grn a to use and :50 live later. Thi[e'lre are

SCIF,atm1 'you can't remove those pieces once YOllJl1ve placed th em rn a l1::ing it a Int~,e sn noying. Not

to mermen ,g[etIJi'rug an meorreet 50[1 uritiiol'll will tlhe'lfli prompt 'with a mlalld boss encounter, an ~nd~c:ation that VOUl've done it rigrut its wmen Si,gm a has a [posirtive look, IIIII!IIIIIIII!II!IIIIIIIIIIIII on th its, faee and iu' a Circle appears 01i1i oli1ie of tme pieces. It [can be frustrat ~n,g to do this hi 13[1 a Ii1Jd ,enroll esp e;Qi'allliy wh e'lfIj

th e'lI,e' are so malny' clues YOIlJ I'll [have to p~'[e,Qe' togethe r. As we,1111 the 6 cases "fQl!Ill[111 be sollving: can get a int!tll[e' ted i ous and] boring a,s, th[e¥, tend to o'i/\ellilap a nd are q Ulite sim~ I a II at times, lt's just unfortunate tJh at the re oClou[ld nit be I111l ore 'varied eases as we,I've Se,e'lfli iln oither detective a dv>e'lfIrtUlre g~lmes SUQh as P'hoe n itx 'WmTght.

W1h ile Sigma its d olng alii the th ~nk~n,g, Neon's do ~n,g a II the f1i,gmting. Th l'iuUJgho ut tJh e game th ell[e, wm be ra ndorn enco unte rs with vanous demorn,,, II1li a random eneouater, enemies wm surrou nd ~eorll,,, There is no [dlirect control of f/i4[enn;r instead 0111 the touch screen~: a se nes of' ca rds 'wU I .s how' up" each one

a~ I owi ng: you to pe rforrn a

drffe rent action, usi ng: these

ca rds 'will a Illow you to alttaClk directliy i'n front of you1 ibehilnd you1 90 degrees ito the lri'ght or "eft or the cI osest ene my and even h eal, all depending' on the ca rd. Irs im po rta lilt to memolIille wihat these ca rds do (seeing: as how it's a J a pa ne.se ga me).

lhe cards a re so rted i'li1to 3

diffe rent 001 u m ns, makl ng nice I iittle stacks. You can swa p

th lIOugh the stacks by' s~mply flickin,g the ca lids dOWinwalrds.

main vita II clues 'wh [em 'yi() u.l [I I need to 'ifU nd, these giant

slla bs of black sto lfIjel which are calli ed SOUl I Shad ows1 are ealS~lly spo1ttabll[e' an d requ ired iln eaoh chapter ito ,ga in a h iglh rank, 'When you I've gathe red ithe In e-oiE'~sarv d ues, you II I then naiUe to logi calliy piece it togeth er,

Some of these logic thin kers are quite challe ngilng';r a nd being that it's i'n

Ja panese does n 't rna ke it any ealSi'e rIO, The mai n problem 'with th its i's the fact that maki'ng a mi.stalke means you'll harve to sta IItt from

\W/W .ga m esp .co m

OverilDi'l!ner the' bar will dkEntg:e allowingl'you to ,execuU:!! wha~ever and you drag and plta,c,e ~'Iril the ~op cenlte~' spot, 'yo u {an quelll,e .atrttadks by draggilng them ~'Iril 'whate-ller mder' YOIllI 'w1:sh ilDhe ,aoliionl W Ibe exec1utM i1n" Now 'while this :~ems. mdilna:ry, whalt":s unique is. the tact ilDhailt the Iralt'e in whi'chl the' ({llumns dharge' i1nl is. dependenlt on ilDhe batilDle theme. lou can {hange u;p' ilDhe battle'lmlll6ic usilrilg the card skill tab, :Si;~lm.a will then proceed ilto (ha'rilge' the ~une' a'rild your columns: will {hange ,aocordilngly' so iilt's. important to know whichl column ilto IP1i'oritizem ,Another aspeCiII i!i; ilDhe fact' that Neonl GIn (}hange jobs, she Ihas 3: jobs, her ordinary dual blades ollJtfit. another whidh resembles more of like, a ma,ge IlIser and 'fin~lly a gunmff dass (:ilDhi!ii one just hap ... pens ro be mast distinglllishablel, job (jhanging changes her personaliilIy:, skill set and eYeIlI her dialogue, ill rut5{ene!ii" iilt give§: 'YOU different card opliion§: and in wlhi(jh columm they are stacked, ilDhis adds another elennent to baUles which YOlllili have' to mnrsider,

The combat is pretmy easy and ilDhe encounters arenrt tricky" ilDhe main dDwruid~ of the' encoonter!ii is that ilDhere i!iin"t a lot of V"ariety, W:hi(jh I den't Illla:me; ilDhe RPG el:e;ments while, 11'ght still provide a 'fair amount' of depth to compenrsate fur the bland and odd enemies ~ combat makes it interesling. RemerJlllxlring what die cards do W11 allow you to easily overcome most mallenges. Of COUr!iie there are ~pecific enemies which appear on your map (as this odd chess piece dling)~ and ~m~ .. it'~ just impos:5lDie to iilVOi:l. it's frustrating to elKounter a game over while you're searching for dues, sending you back to the stan of the miIIJ-



The mU!iic in this game is quih! fantastic the composer is MaSll§hi Hamaueu, the same one wIlo did tile §OlIndtrad for Final Farrtil§), XIII and FIIIiiIII Fanta!iy X so you know to expett .... il'KJedible SOIrldtmk. Many of tile §0095 have more efa modern feel with various; GJtdJy beats fur the batik!

tunes {mrY perSional favolllrites Ibei'lrilg IlBeginni'lrilg of a Ni:gJh®m.ar,e

·n~,",,,,,,,,, of "" C'1l.""""p {""'~d'" and

- UdJI .... !c - i!I .:l111!C19.' rgu ,i!I I;JI

Hope Gillen - [n~ance of'.a i[)ogis. IHowl"'" look, them Up~l'. ,AlIII the songs fii't ilDhe' mood quite, ni'c,ely a'rild HIlIM me 'when ~ s.ay'you"111 be' givingl them Sie\!\e r.a I listens.. 'The, graphi;cs are nicely' done, us.i1ng a Ipre rendered badkground slty] e sim ilta:r to Sui~oden Tli:ed:1ries wirthl,a very 'well d,one an MtI!!It They' .ar,e dear BrilOlllgh to make ~'t easy to dilstilnguis:hl dues. t(us.IlI\8l1y' wirthl,a I1l.ue' 'g lowl, while the character models en :S[gmal,andl Neon are f:air., good. 'The' (Illtscenes are' done 11 ke ,a slideshow~ piCilDures uanSJi'ti'oning to another withl mnne ra mera panning and !iilllch~, there' is Ihowever a lot' of ~ex:iIt to swallow' amd if you donl"t understand any of iili" well ~'t cam get looring to simply' tap away alt ilDhe tou(jh screen W progres:s., furounately there are !iiOITiIe Scetlles with '!toice' acting to rna ke it' a bit [j'vell'er" nette mentiCllll the voice acting is dlooe' fairly well.

Overall this game is excelleIlIitt; it' offers a great aJili: !iityl e fantastic medem like m usi(. uniqlllP rnmhat and qood setting, jlllSilt like 'The, World Ends W"rdl You, whi'ch roincidenltally i!ii done by Square-Enix as well. I iii: does have' its dOMlside!ii wi'th IOngJ texts,. annoying leqic solv~ ing medlan;j'csr wearing scenef)" and re<hlndant cases. Eut the fun of sOMng the mysteries never wears and die combat never gets old, especial)' when you'll be h..:nming to SmIle great tunes. Sigma Harmonics is a great DS game that ~OW~ Square-Enix olKe again trying to do something II lnle different in terms of both JRPGs and aliven-

M,e.gElm;EIiITh has been am I!J1nd Ulle block a ff;ew

tfim,e's" an d under q Ulite I

a 'ff'ev.r revisiolns" from the dassT c hlmilly fr~end ltv lrobot Olfll the SNIIES. to th e ea rth DO'!f mer~~d wTJt~ alUelr1 rad i 0 WOlves forrn on t!he: D51 th,e blue: born ber has. :gElrnered a w1eilll e;;ulflled pla De

among ,gam~'IfII,g'~ most If,emtll1n'ilSOIbll,e: c~;;uader.s\"

,Eli I

lmle X series begaln I

on th,e SINIIES '~n an ,e:ftmt to ma ke ;31 dalrker:~ rn ore mature meg;a ma ifill that (OiU id stull be ,e:lflljoyed by ea mers of alII Cl\g,e's. Other than 'th,e: sh~'flt from ,e,llementa II robot masters and 'Wi ltv to Al11iimaU's,tiic replolds allflld Sigmall In at much changed betweelr:l the two self'~eoS, of ,~a me's. that's not to sai\fthe galmes. IfII eve IF' eVDlved howe~erl WlTt!h l11iew ideras lillce t~e dash, armor IIJpgra,d]es an d v.e:mlicles beilng If,oUed out: 'ff'l!J1l1 force 'with the: added power of ,]6 bit

The 'Dolleotiioln yo u can il11id on Gamecuibe a nd P-'S2 talk:es yOiU tmlrOlagh to of th e5e '"Ues~, ;3llo:ng wTrtJh one: hid den tmllockablle alblng: 'the Ilil1les off' t~e two iFti'ghtlilnlg: ~)3lme.s, fou IfIId on Ali'lJrll~'\i"er.scIiiY roll~em 0111. ithol1J\g~ the d irfficullty talkie's a nosed ilve w'irt~ 't~e q U1a Ilily in !aJt,e:1f p.sx ported titles, all six tmes a Ire' sd'~d g;3lmes, that callfll be: feu nd en lliTlS, one d its!k for d'lJea p. orally' problem Tts, the fact 'that tmle 613 mecube controller doesn't lend itSie,llf alU to weill to 'th,e: sid,e:-'soro lililng: am o I'll ~Elmes, iff' at 01111 p05.S~'ble" find this for PlalySt3tuoi'll.

The advent of the collection brought on by God of War has been a godsend for

g~ mers, 'with more de vel 0 pers

ruo ppilng' ~'1ilJ 0 IilJ ithe trend, old ga rnes are Inew ag~ in a nd fans and new' plaryers all ~ke can play some 0lJ Itt

d asslcs of 'veste r'!fe-ar. M e,gaman Zero ,oolleotioln is th e resu lit of Calpco m r,e'pa,cka~Ji'n1ig: 4 of the' best g)Elmes '!Jrn tlhe' Eialm,e hoy advance OIilJ a DS cartridge and addilng: ~'1ilJ some fa lfIi Sie'N~ce in tih e form of ,e,xtJralS,,, Should yo u ,girve 'th~'s goa ri'Ifl e a sp ~n~'

lhe Me,galmC!lln Zero Series cronicles the ad%!\e'IflitUlre.s, of Zero, wruo sea lied Ih ~mSie'ltf arw,ay ln a 113 b sometime after the ev\elfb'5 of Meg)i;llmaln X ,a In d UlO yealfs later us aWCllkened b~i' s soj',e'lilrtist named Ceill and] a ,grr,C!!up of iFtesilStarnce fighters on thi,e' mn from a COll1nIJ I1W ,i:lIoYern-

tf' .. Itli

ri'Ifl entl ru lied Iny none ether Ulla IfIi al ,oopy of the origirllal X! Th rrough Ih is,

il-.."'ttl ""., 7"" 'n;ri,ilJ1n""'",U., -ill rom ,." ]1,.11 an III 1lJ1l:iI, _ ,cj;,~ L'c, 'lJ' b' 'lJ'.n..ii 1111'lJ' illl ILh o[JI I!.

slate, Ikmer 1f;or h~'rre ~nto a 1f'UlnotiiIDn~n,g member of sodtV;!' arnd UlI1ti'maUv sees tlhiE' le,g'iE'lilJdary hero ta ke s well esmed rest, irrue story on o1ffer

th rrou~h 'the series 'ilS. rui,g~'IIU'~hted IilJO better tha IfIi in UIJ!S iQolllec1tiolfli alnd

tlh its. dla n"1k tske on tih e M ~gamarli

~ lfIiiverse o1IT,e rs the most COIm pe!-, Iling storr)" Sle-iE n in th e series as a who~,e.

'Gamepllay is more or less 'what its. expected. Wiith '!four weapon of ,cruo~'c.e~, ,go 0 ut a In d 1m Ulrder 8 robot bosses, giv\e, or take a few' de'pend~n,g on true ,g::am,e'~, and ruea dl1fbr a final epic sruowdO'wilI wirtJh a bi~ OOSS'OI QJ,Ueotiioln 01f' 'OrJUlrsle has tJh its, done to ulrfIDlldl and ''!flour eatsHv abll,e to ,al'ell 30 elus hears of ilJl~lmetiime"

It!),~' !I:l ,f'

depending: on how much 'Vou wamtt to get into it The coll ecnon throws ~n a eaLS,y .se nalni'o me dle fer neVil plaryers, 'wh'iE'rre you platy the ,g;ames from begjrlfliin~: to elflid as one tom~: title", tme b uffs '~n 'th~'s mode are 510 sub.s,ta IfIftiia II truouglh, than 'iE'Ven niEW

player5 may feel a little emasculated when the final boss

ba rety scratches. th em. Playi ng in title sel ect m ode will allow you to play the games ina Ifby order wi'th all there own .save files inta ct, a no ~n the re ori,g)i'na III pu n its h ing dii'flrucul1ty",

For true most part thr01ugh, wruat you rr getting: CIlre bare bones IP'OITs of these gameboy advallflice ttlle..s,,, Music is touched up 00 talk,e' ,a,dvalnlla~:e of llhe IIlSI'.S, stereo sound, but oitrueMiSiiE' V'O:u halve the same Uighll cOlflilrrols, same ooardelr5 as i'if you wer,e ,adualy pll:av~ng a GIBA, 1tttle" and the sa ri1il e g:rnfti,cs. the IIDDk. Df these games is l1'Iioth~'rI\g, sp e-~'all, b ut whill,e' th e Ilater 'tuUeos, stain d up b iE'1iter than othets, none of them were

pa rnou I a ~Iy u~ly in the first pla,ce. as yo til pllay Uuou~h the g~lmes, 'V1cm'llllls-ee stock: art displaryed om the teuch screen that is than U IilJliOd::ed ~'1fIi the g)!llllelr'!{, alS, WiE,111 alS, eharecter bios ss YOlu pia,!! th rrou,gh easy rnode and a SiiE'Il1i',e's Df mndlm'cations to r Zero 3 th all welre pre-v'iQUlsliy J epa IfIi exclusi%!\e IE-Ii',eade'rr cards, IJj Ii'lJlilJcka bles

rn ay' learve some diS'alp:!Jiillted, and the lack of work. en the ~)Elmes th eri'lfllSeh~eos, II,eav>e' mudh to be desired, burt ave Ira III tlhe: g)!llme remains al 'ver'!!'iE'lilJ]oyalble ,experialnce.

:SID~, has th e le,g,e'lflioary her,o rr'iE'tull1nedl?, orr should YOUlleatve Zeru ~n Ih its, ,oh am bers, for tJh e $.30 'roli' 4 rea Iltv ~reat: actiiolnplaUorri'lfl ers padkage~ ~lfbil:O a silng~e IIlS gplme1, its, Ih a rd to not rr'eccori'lfl end M,e-g)Elmarn Zero Colillection to th ose who tlh ~nlk tlhey' cain Ihandlle llhle nla rrdcore action a IfIid pulsepoUlnd ~ng ~)3lmepllay prolllioed bV Zero and

SCORE lI;lI;J!; ".:: .. ·:::.A.A.K

2'9 SYs.rEM,W,ARS MONrHILY' JUNE ,2.010

I 't. was ba 'dk du mTn1\g [3, ~(]9 'whelr;l Hue 'womld ftrst got a ,gllimlpise of Mod tIJ at!folTh

IRacers. [lit promised to expand OITh lLiitiltleB~gINanee.s, 1IIIIPIIaYI

Clrearte ... Sh;iueD Il'Iil alntffi.~ a In d 'k~r the m05tt' part ... n~,e: ~ame does, an admirab I:e: job of do'~ng so (de'.5IP'~te a 'f,'ew mod cr,e~tti"olTh ifeaiture .. s ~ WUll.Illd I've Inked to see iEldd,ed). OveriEIIi though, Hue ,gaim,e'.5 fau nts I~',e: IIe.ss irll the ereiEltion teols a nd more elSiewmere.

SmmJlld VOIU g)Tve. Mod 1Thii1lltion IR'acers ,a test drive or pass Olili bf?' ~ea,dl em.

Galmepllay at' irrst gila In De: iElppear.s to be Un,e: sta Ii'lldafd ·fialre for tme. ,g·elThre ... ailid it~e ,~am,e: ifee~s Oli'll many levells Ink,e the l~ech~!ld of UtttleB.gPliElnet ... M;i:lir'~O Kalrt and [)~'ddy Ko ng lR;aoTli1\g:. IPlla'!ferr.5 cain 'talke their !p~ref:alb 011" custom 'tiEI~lor,ed chara eters, ksrts a In d ·tr,a,dks. 'for al spin wTrtm s·~mpll,e: controls ilnvuilv:-, iln~: IHlttie more than tme left .sfjjd~ ILl and H1. Att'·rru·rrs:D::. iBecall.llse as you aov,aln (le: in tlhe' career mode iElddTrtional m,e;dh a lIIJics. Ilike the !power .5lnde,~, .sid e,5w~'lpe ... boost meter a IIIJd shl~',e'lld are adlded into the §all'lilleplary Il'IilTtx. A~m()1st ,131m of itheSie' ma Il'Iieuv.e:rf'S iElr,e: governed

by a beest met,e:r VOIU b~iUd

th rough d rIfts.., jumps~, trIcks ... and atta cks, [I[n 'fact there's ~ittle ymJ 'Gain do tlhat WOlflilt ea rlfli you extra boost 'whelr:l acted out, a IThd

1113 IThd~'ng a ]000 .5(pin off a mOITh-· ster ju Il'IillP and th rO'wilng: IU p '!f0ulr sh~',e:lld just ~'1Th time to stop a ~,evel 3; !ightn~'n'I~ poW'er-ll.Ilp from man~U'li1\g YOIU r ridef,'e;e,lls, '~lfIicredib~ r,eward~'IIIJg. [I[n cOlflJdlJlsioli1i ... M,od~ati'olflll.S, :g:almepllay mechamcs work: Just: as well ;[IJS VOIU might of mOlp:ed and bring a fresh 'talke to tlhTlS, weilll·w()~nn gelnr,e'. A breath of fresh a~'r.

Allorn~: wirth tlhe' mulltiplaver and the rest of the featu res, M,odlna1ti'olfli Racelr5 has a v.e'ry' we,111 b llJIilt calr,e;e:r mmj,e: wTrtru a Il.gmrt _s,to:ry told we,ll! thruugjh short out -scenes and a pa'~r of' mUlm,orous annOUlnDe:rf'S that w'm ~ive yo Ul pll,e:IfIlty' of chuckles witru tlh,e'~r banter. mt'.s, d uVlTded ~'n'IJ1to jfu've 'CUlPS" Wli'tlh each r.a'Ge mlavin~:

th r,e;e: ob~·,e;ctJiv€'.5 Clind fiv.e' hidden tokens to GO ned. LllI1Illike other 'Gareer modes, tlhTIs. TI5 more tmallTh just a simple excuse to pllay tmle ~)3lme OITh your OWIfII,~ snd it can be Ileg)Ttimate~y fun ,a IfIid elnga,g'~n,g. Th e Plroll'lil ilse of add iaoiliall pa ITs and the ab~;llitv to fr,e;e,ltv custom


'ils,e you r ka n1: pllav.s. a Ilar~e part The one downer WlTtlh th is

'~n [pl!.lltting the career mode: ,a ,gllorioli.l1s silrngjl,e plaryelr ~'s the

notch above -nne rest, burt 1Jh e ,A]. Des:pN,e the fact you

races are, 'f'll.Iln~ and 'Donstarntlly har\f"e a sh~·elld.~ Mod Nartuoln is

,cma Imen~e you ,to brealk cut of home ito some ·of thie larg'-'

yolU r comfort ZOlflie iEllflid trV lThew est ru bber bands th e comtlh~ngs\" for e.xa Il'Iillple~, one: of the purer can g:eit its, ma nds on ...

obj,edjj"v.e's '!fOUl may be giV1e:1Th and IfIiO matter hcnl'l,,·far

woulld be to aeeu mullarte 15000 ahead '!fou th ~nk VmJ a re'I'

tt'~r-:s,pin po~'1fIft5 d Il.Ilring al f,l!mej. you'lll a liw,ay.s.lh ave one: or

and by the seconc lsp '!f0Y two Ira eers OITh '~our six'. 1m is

reaU'se there is iIIO obvious ramp is ,a ITh especia.lliv an lfIiofin~ to be f,'oundl. lin fact, the rBmp issue fer the OC[)-p Ilaver ¥OIU need t,o h~t ~'s h ~ddeln j1ust o1ffithalt lfIieed te flii1l~'sh all II tme

the bealt,e n path d Il.Ilrin~ the o;ptional dhaliliengE5 before

second tum of the: traekl p~rCiig)re.ssiolTh (alwarvs requ'~r-

'WWW. am sspot.co m

ilng: you comp I;e~te the~ obi ectJfve and Dome ~'n'li first plaice).

As ,solid a Ii'IJ effort aJS Mod NaJ'itii01n:5 Career mode ~'s.., tJh e reall

fu Ii'IJ be;gjlns.. wlh,e~lIIi you ~,e,a\!\e~ Ulle All be~t~nd and ]oin th e rob llJ\_st

en line~ eommu niltV,,, IEdW~'ln:g: both iKaJrts aJnd M ods (you r avatalr:~ is .s'~mp~,e·; users cain choose to dellve alS d eep ~'Int,o the ecHmr as they waln~, 'with tools lik,e~ stucker laI,!{erilng: that e\feln ri'il3l 'the depth off' FOlflal~.s, and Utrltleb i,g:pllane·fls equ iwlents. 'Ira ck creation ta kes a s..imii Ita r role atS, you can ,e~'tlhe~r d'lloos-e to 'OJu~',dk~y pu mp out aLS, main¥, 'wi3d~,y tracks aLS, YOlll walnt wruile Ilettilll\g true IPS3! haJnd le the d ~rty~'w'O~rlk off' ale..s,the1ti'cs~, or ruave '~IJIII~ cOlflJtroi off' everyttll~'lII\g from balli'lJk of 'the track to the Ip:o.sii't]on 'the IIn_grut [5, com ~ng from. llltl~ 'truly ln y'O!U r haJnds, how dirty' you want'to get 'with th,e~ cT,eflftiioln tools and it

ta kes so ri'IfIlLIlch II,e'ss time to pilot OUit a plaryalblle ,c'~r,clLllit tha Ii'IJ it ever teok to ma ke a decent Il,evel 'with Sa,cktmv'.

Oml~'ln e is pu Illed off 'without a hitch - al ,SlTmple melThlJl awaits, you, with catSJUal1 ,a md IEx[p:e~rT'e~lIIice races, wTrtru or wirJ:jh out 'b'~ends ... and wTJtJlI or w'jrJ:jh out spl~tscr,e;e~m. lLag: ls InoneXlTstenit a mj corrtent is ,Sier.amll,e'5sliy down~oaded to you r IPs3! beu:ore s race, IPllayoerrs calm ,g;a~'lIIi XP bats-ed on th e'~r performanee ~'1i'IJ the rs ce ... and ,g:a~'m al ,skilll rain kilng: on 'theii'r WHCk: record ,e'\l'en from CaLSllJ all matd'Ue.s", Gontent is eveln more end less than 1Li1i1l:1I,e~BigPlaJnet:~ a In d the Madlnaltuol'li eommu nitv ,Sie;e~rIIfl(5 ]llJlst aJS ,occulP'~ed Wli'tJh fecre.a~'i1Ig: Inae~mced materiall ;IlLS, 'the esteem,ed platlorrner, users calm d,owrlllloa,dl anytlh~ng pu bI~'s..hed, aJnd iif tJhey' 'wish they cain make a 'u:ew crualng.e!s aJ~d put ~t back ILIlP", Thalnllcfu~lly .. ~ the' originaJl creator w'm still flla'~n cred ~~, atS, 'weill as Ulle remi::()er", lf tmere 'walS, ever a good 'Wi3iV to ha mdll,e~ ILIlSle'r created eentent properlY1- 'their:! 'this is it

&-Iowe:\l!er there alr,e~ ,a few oli Iispillis.. ()im 'the IhypotJh etlitaJl tracks, ,a md wlh ile the stylised ,gralPruics ,are Ihy no means hard

0"'" 'il-b,.." """IilPS 'kl'''''!U ......... "" I't b'e 51U b. 11,1 lllj h:::: C II!'!C .,. .r o· 'I.!Ii! 0. ~ ., u , . IJI-

],ected to ,aln'y IUncrua rted-level

deta'~1 herem dralw-iln is ,a r,e;g,ullalr occurrence and the defa IlJllit music, ,g,e'ts ever so sli.ghUy inita~'ng: after a few bT'e's om a track {tlh ough to counter tlhTIS, U1le ,game d)e~erlv alillow.s PS3, .oWfll,e~rrs to pltav' any M 1i13;',s 'iJi'lI Ulleir hard drive ~'1i1i the offline' mode's}", The b~gg:est ~'s..Sll!.l1e howe!liler is th e load sereens, easily !als~'ng m~'mute.s~, lood screens ca IfIj ,sllo.g on for much! lo~rn,ger 'than they' should,

til ob(~dy w~111 blame '~f\OU ~'f 'Vou halve a book at: 'the ready' in betv.IIe.eln raees.

All II in allll ... the merTJt5 of Mod lIIiat!i'on ~a'De~rs fur outwe.gml its fa I!Jllts~ allllio tlhe fe\1'I1' ftalw's, s..hould 1i1i1t keep YO!J mmm en],oy1ln,g: the~ tli~ht comtrols,

a mazin~: customlsanon, ,a md oVI~rEJlll ~lreaJt t]m,e~ pfol'i~ded.

Saddle !Up,~, tiri'lfle~ to r,]3'De:"

Hlle M R(:: 'W)Ellnts, YOU!:li

31 SYs.rEM,W,ARS MONrHILY' JUNE ,2.010



[It"s rare that: a video, game Is ani essenttal sequel to a book. W,ell in 1"998. sqaure created the '1Ilc.inematic RPG'~ Pa rasite eve .. an essenna I sequel to the book written bv Hldeeki Sel'lla In 1'995>_ lra!kjng place II'lI the hub ofthe cultural universe NYC~, PiE fo.Uows IN!ew Yorik,clty cop ,Ava Ilkeal_ Durnng a fateful ChrIstmas eve ,at the opera heuse .. the' lead actress; mutates ~nto a h.onlffic creatu F,e a I'lId

causes ,everyone to spontaneo.uslly combu5ti: bUlt a'ya_ Soon aflt.e1f that A:v,a and her partner li)al nle I chase the creature across NYC for the, next six clavs_

P,arars;~ Eve' is mo. re of an action ,ga me then ,an adlJla~ IRPG_ Though 1ft: does have a le.ve~ system ,itlhat IJIpgrades your stats a nd a we:a pon custornization sy:s.1:em it~s almost m::e' a

hi med !based shooter _ y'ou wait for ani A"f~ ba r to fill up II'lI order fo.r VCi'1JI to att,ack with al wide, a resna I of weapons 'or pa ras.It,e pow·ers.. After'itlhat pen,di'l'lIg on the weapon, you have an AOE in the ferm of a sp here. Normally the closer YClU are to a I'll enemy the more damage and hIgher chance of a uiticle hit'vou can do. 'Your Par,asDte powers aillso get unlocked by ~evel, lt seems though by the end of th e' ,g:a me you should hilt level 30 0. r h~hef ,i!mdl wOlJlld IJIlnllock a II th e· palf,asiite powers_

As F,ar the sto.ry and! days goz the first: 3, days YClU seem toO vIsIt pnace:s. that ol'lliV last f0.1 ,an ~'1Our oOr MOr- but by clays 4,5,6 .. you r tr,avenng

ttl wu.ghourti: most of [NYC. Viis.Iting an aIT,av' of places;_ SlJIch as. ,central p;an'k,., the

M IJlseum of Natura I HIstory., calrnegJie halliz ,and! so 0. " Tne story is qunt:e soiel'llcey as we~1_

Presented by:

Animat- other

Being: based around mm:hdhond'ria a nd some s.dien)[.etmc facts" the soorv s.t:ays true to what these oo~ nisrns are and doz though more t:ow:ards; the end it,gets a falrf.etdleD for :story purposes and! as a video eame iit:'s oieM far as the graphics go you can tell the:vVe aged, but: thetr very bareehle, lit: used [I guess, what are p re-rendered !bad:: rounds and! they look good, as does the OGI,.

[I wcm Id say if you n!arve an old IPSllaryfl'llg around or a PS3 "fry' and fii nd it_ It's re~.atively well priced, finding a decent: used coopy from al'llywhere from ,S,15~30 do.~~a rs. [It's also sort .of standard ~ength for what games are today 9-1.0 hours, "fhou.gh irf VCi'u like repl;arvIl'lIg go mes it: does n.alYe' an E':lC,-hard mode ,av.aila!ble aft,elr you beat: the game_ ,And as far as IRPG"s go .. there Is ON IE s~dequest for the most powerful w·eatpon_ I wou Id say ence ycm get past the slow rUlnl of ,aIiHaY., th e ,g:a me, is a pr-,etity gooo a nd fun, If's len,gibhv ,enou;gn an dl te~~s a good storv, and good ,gameplay,. So gIve it: a whIrl, ilt may be older tnalll1i so. me, ofthe players om these boards, but ill: doesn't: mCllk,e it al'llY ~e5S fun due to irs age.


lH'Elio tlhis, is, ilIlI1imal~ repo mOl[ from [Lol'llg GuyJa nd New york~ heme of the two most arwesome Gamespot members Champ and mvs.e~f_ Also h.ow w,as, e\fleryones. lE;:r~' GOCld I presume, Quickie Co.,mew Hlatf off shsrpies tll:mngnrli: ,AIhlIbl H HHHIhlHHHHHHHH_Ohh I have a I'll am,de to wriiilIe?' Yeah_

Sam:e it's sum mer time, I thought fd pick som,e:li:hill1g wirth ill bea ufifu I summervibe. So, [I Choose a game from last y.iear _ ff,ow'er_ WhIch iis. just: such al re~a:Kfl'llg Clllllid hell e'llen iii p[f,e''Iiity gillme to bD,k at ,andl

p~av _ fliiJwer is int,eresting" it: takes the premise on that: the land has. been a~mo<st d rained of all 'if IS color, and you as iii 1i1I0.·wer pedla~ must coO~ned: all sp;ecIfic f1\o.we1f IJ'Edals, in ,a level 'i'l'lI creer tt,o 1f3.1:or thE lamt Just from the music toO the' CoOl'lItro!s. flIower Is somBthIl'lIg tnat just needs to be experI'Encedi b·V everyol'lle_ Leycl de:s.ngll1i Is great alnd takes you far alnld wide, alnd makes you feel ,as, if VOU r iiJin a ]o.umey' to do so.me:IIIhIl'lIg with a pUIf[pOS!2'._ The mt!IJsi\C, is, top notch too and ~ just c.oUl!dll'll"t belie-ve how well11 the game ,came to.ge·b'her_ [EsP:Ecial~y the endnn'g_ I felt m~:'e I w,as, 'fufiHhl'g the purpose that the ,g:a me ultim ate~ e.iin,I\e· rne. [I wadd s,ay if. you Ililk,e sometihing l'lI~ce' eas,y' and re[iDrIlllig try out: flIo.wer. for U]l Ibux It i~m"t bad repBayabiflTty 'is a little lew _ But I'd say ~t's worth ev,ery perltl'llY_ W'elll[ ju\SI:: recIeved ill mEssag)E from Champo_ It;I!e 'W'a nts me te do an ,/Upma PT,moool !l:IIuI&dkie corner, lD\Ouble the trouble ~

W,e~~" [I"'m :gon rna be briief with a~pha pmto.coOl ,as. 'tlhis, is, a quickIE corner andl the ,g:ame is. o!kny ..

,AI p ha PlFotooo~ has some gOCld core Ideas., but: some pr,e'1iity bad exewtion of them_ BlJlt He't me Siltei!lrlt from the ,g:e1i: g,D<_

YOUI e.eil: toO choose a type oOf' ~eflt you 'would! ~-ke to be a nd pen,dn'rng 10111 ''Which hackmued you clrnlOose 11I:'III se'1t !JJI[P differ,ent: dia lag iOjp'itiiOlmii, from the get go for VO!J.IIF cha racter, Aft,er ¥{)o!JJI

fij l'lI~slh the ~I'lIIfial mission in the mid~dlle east set free to v'isiit:3 different leceticns ,gjobalhl_

IftnI y" IitlJJlssIal alnd Taiping in airilY o.fdliE'r_ Ol'llc,e you ge1i: there you Ilria\!ie a maTI'lI objectiil'lle b!JJI'lt s~d\e i[)~h!]ec1Iiiflies; ,(ill'll a rise GIS well", and VilJU can de-aide toO dJo., them or to not due them, The Idea of the choice being 'compBet:elly up. to VilJU is. ''What makes the game shlne .. and ill~s, nfice that decesTo.'lllis earner TI'lI the :game may enme ~dk. 'Ito. heunt you .. sn ¥,O!JJI a~ilIYS' try' to choose what you thin:k is best fur satd si'tuaitiion_Thou.gjh due to some l'adklusiter c'ombat" g~phk,al hiccups and a pretty' bad mouse pf"ohlem for PC cause the gamE toO falter a li1i:iUe bg-I:'_ Alls:o I kn.ow T1l:"s ,i!ln RPG blJlt ser DOl]s,1 v,, If' [I p'i\ck a tr;aim::d mercenarv who"s traveled the world" beea use he's j)O:j'l'lIedi allphal pretnco doesn't mean hens. goTl'lIg toO be ,abne- to, complet,ely' forglEit how to ire a gUI'll_lhor the first 2-,3 hours Even when I had my r,e1'1:iiC!IJI~e· on eneml~es. the bullets WCiu~d sil::m c:omple1t,e~y mTss_ I mEan fur most of the game YClll can ju\SI::

Itarate dmp everyoe 110 death. lLemme mindl YCltl due to, some o.f the nl&ccups in the stats that thns. i15. .a vRabl E' option, SiteaHh is. sod of hOITudl" I d!on"t klllio.w Iv' flL wasn't bec:,iiiluse I[ had enougm s1]:eaOOh p;o.TI'lIB .. bUlt 'Evel'll around comers enemIes could :see me" anid it just teok .aW'ay wom the experTence_ overalll Alph.a pmito.~ co~ iis. ,a dee,ent gal me .. And! it endls._ Is. it worth the $£0 ao.~la rs, definI1I:'e~y not~ jB,1JI1t Tf' you hiFI,re a 1]:oneiFn.c:e roT lames, 'wii'IIm a fEW btlgs" l'lIothIl'lIg game bll'ie'a kil'llg mindi" you. Iit:'s, somewhat enjoyaf}le at the' el'lld_ EI,ut ove~1I Tf:s jiuslt .a me-d nocre RP.G_

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