Mergers Horizontal Merger Vertical Merger Market Extension Merger Product Extension Merger Conglomeration Purchase Merger Consolidation


Acquisitions Share Acquisition 
Assets Acquisition Demergers, Spin-Off, Spin-Out 

First Wave Merger End Of First Wave Merger Second Wave Merger End Of Second Wave Merger Third Wave Merger End Third Wave Merger Fourth Wave Merger Fifth Wave Merger 

Asset Stripping Black Knight Dawn Raid Carve - Out 

Greenmail Grey Knight Hostile Take-over Poison Pill Or Suicide Pill Defense 

The Global Perspective The Indian Perspective More On Indian Merger And Acquisitions


Increased Value Generation Increase In Cost Efficiency Increase In Market Share Employee Benefit 

Across Indian Sector Latest Trends In India Major Merger And Acquisitions In India 

Familiar Achieving Significant Growth Strategic Benefit Ensuring Efficiency 

Market Based Method Income Based Method Asset Based Method 

Start With An Offer 

Target Response 

Closing The Deal 

Advantages Disadvantages Restructuring Method Sell-Off Equity Carve-Outs Spin-Offs Tracking Stock 

Flawed Intention 

The Obstacles To Making It Work 

Expand Through Merger and Acquisitions Cutting Cost Mergers Can Fail

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