Isolatsuperflouosory, a prose piece.

(I let spell-check do its thing with hilarious results) I just lost the game. Goodnight everybody! It s 2:23 and I m frigid sleepy. Get off the shit, people. Go to bed! Seriously; some of you probably REALLY need to sleep. I know I do. Why am I still typing? Why am I procrastinating? Because I feel nearly as strange as I feel estranged, and I m not sure what I m doing to the people around me. Ah, the horrible side effect to each level of enlightenment: further measures of alienation. the most fucked up level of isolatory revelation (fuck you; many of the words SHAKESPEARE used were made up loll!) you come to is where you look around and realize that, though you've only ever FELT alone, you've technically been ALONE (in the material respect) your whole life. You realize that when your mother is speaking in your direction, she's not speaking to YOU; she's speaking to HER SON, and you realize threes a difference. Then you come to understand that the same goes for you and your perception of everyone else. Here s what's funny: EVERYONE THINKS THAT EVERYONE ELSE LIVES IN THE SAME WORLD THEY DO! Bullshit. Your world is not real. The only thing that makes my perspective any more relevant than yours at this time is that, at this time, I m admitting that my world is largely made up of things that are, well, MADE UP. There s no such thing as Friday. There s no such thing as James Wilson or jimmy Twoskulls or Lindsay fucking loan. There am me (sic). There are you (sic). My name is nothing more than a series of grunts and hisses I use to describe my connection to the outside world. When I m by myself, "Jimmy Twoskulls" goes away. My name becomes completely superfluous. do you really bother with your name when no one's around? Your sense of self-worth? What the hell are you; STOCK? Why does your self have to be worth a damn thing? If you don't see you (sic) for the inherently important object or being that you are, well, how much real worth can you expect your SELF to have? The self is not also a being-- YOU ARE! Your self is only an object. By subjectifying your self, you objectify yourself